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Doggy Style

I hadn’t seen Lorna in fifteen years. We were best friends at college. Well, she thought we were best friends, but I wanted to fuck her senseless. It never worked out that way though.

After class we would always head back to her parents’ place to do homework together. Then we’d hang around watching tv until one of us – usually Lorna – would be heading out for a date. She ALWAYS had a boyfriend, so I was always confined to the friend zone.

We had been friends on Facebook for years, and had watched each other go through a marriage and divorce. I mentioned on Facebook that I was making a trip back to my home town, so she suggested we get together. I showed up at her place with a pizza and a bottle of wine. She gave me a long hug.

The years had been kind to Lorna. She was still slim, and had a fantastic rack. The hug made me think of all the times I used to beat off thinking about that body.

After supper, we sat on the couch drinking and shooting the shit.

“Hey, Steve. Remember how we used to watch my parents porn on their couch.”

Fuck, did I ever. The wine helped me along as I thought there was no use denying anything now. “Dude, do I ever! Do you think it was easy for me to watch that stuff while sitting beside the hottest girl in my class?”

She Bahçelievler escort turned to look at me. “Well it wasn’t easy for me either, you know.”

I laughed. “Yeah, whatever! You were usually on your way out for a date with whatever idiot you were dating at the time.”

She lowered her voice. “You probably didn’t notice, but I always had to go to the bathroom after a few minutes of watching porn. I was really sneaking away for a minute to … um … release some tension.”

I had to be misinterpreting that. “What?”

She rolled her eyes. “I’d go into the bathroom and beat off, you goof!”

Oh. Well now I was hard as a rock. Might as well go with the flow here. “Yeah, I used to do the same.”

She smiled. “I know. Your jeans were kind of tight back then.”

And now I was blushing. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d blushed.

She reached past me for the remote, and turned on the tv. Larger than life, there was a woman on the screen, blowing two guys. She giggled. “One of my favourites.”

We watched for a while, then she turned to me again. “Here’s the thing: I’m too old to be sneaking off to the bathroom to beat off standing up. I like a little comfort.”

I didn’t know where Bahçeşehir escort bayan this was going, but I liked it. “I was just thinking the same.”

She leaned back in her seat. “We don’t have to worry about my parents catching us anymore. I’m going to leave my clothes on, but I may feel a need to take care of things right here. You should feel free to do the same.”

That sounded good. The porn was getting more involved. The woman was on her hands and knees, blowing one guy while getting done from behind by the other.

Lorna leaned back some more and undid her jeans. Her right hand went inside her panties. As she connected with her clit, she arched her back, thrusting her tits into the air. Her nipples were huge!

More than anything, I wanted to grab those tits, but I was afraid of breaking the spell and ending the fun. I decided that I would have the most fun I was allowed within the rules she had stated. I undid my jeans and released my cock. I grabbed my balls with my right hand, and started stroking with my left.

I couldn’t take my eyes off Lorna. She was writhing back and forth, stroking her clit harder. Her left hand came up and pinched her nipples. I couldn’t even believe this. This was something I’d Escort Bakırköy wanted to see for years.

I could feel the tension rising in my balls, so I backed off. I wanted to watch her cum first.

Then the moaning started. “Ah!”

I almost came right then. I had to totally stop what I was doing.


Fuck! She was hot. She was thrusting her hips into her right hand. Her left had worked its way up under her t-shirt to those fantastic tits.

“Ah! Ah!”

Her head was pulled back. Her mouth wide open. Her bare stomach was thrust higher.

“Ah! Ah! AH!!”

With that final scream, she sank back onto the couch, still touching her clit and her tits. She was still panting, as she looked at me and smiled. “One of us has been neglecting himself.”

I started stroking again, leaning back and closing my eyes. I had the picture of Lorna coming in my mind.

As I pulled harder, I squeezed my balls tighter. I was getting close.

Suddenly, I felt hands on my chest and her mouth against mine. As her tongue parted my lips, I came hard. I shot my load straight up my shirt, spraying Lorna’s left arm and hand.

I relaxed, letting go of my cock, and loosening my grip on my balls. I brought my free hand around onto her perfect ass. She licked her arm and hand clean, and then put her tongue back in my mouth. I’d never tasted jizz before, but off the tongue of a beautiful woman seemed the perfect way to do it.

Lorna giggled. “Your clothes are a mess. Maybe we’ll need to take them off you after all.”

I had a feeling the night wasn’t over yet.