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First Rendezvous

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This is the story of a fantasy that became a reality because of a story I wrote and published on

I had been writing down my fantasies and submitting them them to Literotica for the last couple of years. It seemed that with each new story, I received an increasing number of favorable responses, many from lonely and very horny women.

The last story I published was titled “Breathtaking”. I formulated it during long months of taking the monotonous elevator ride to my 19th floor office. I watched countless sexy women enter and exit during that time and fantasized about what it would be like to stop that elevator just once, and have an erotic encounter with a hot slut, cleverly disguised as a respectable professional woman.

So “Breathtaking” was born from my flights of erotic fantasy. Soon after its publication, I received many emails, especially from women who confided that they had enjoyed the story and had had fantasies of being on the receiving end of a hot elevator encounter. I was surprised to learn that there were so many women who longed for a man to stop the elevator in mid-ride, strip her naked in that confined space, and proceed to fuck her senseless while her throaty cries of passion echoed off the close walls.

One email in particular was from a fellow Literotica author, who coincidentally had written a story about a tryst she had imagined enjoying with some construction workers in an elevator. I read her story and enjoyed it immensely, literally. She and I began a correspondence that gradually heated up and eventually, some very personal revelations were introduced.

I learned that this woman, whom I’ll call Cindy, was trapped in a very unfulfilling marriage. Whereas her sensuality had reached new peaks after turning 40, her husband, contrastly had experienced a complete loss of his libido. While reading the confidences she shared with me about the frustration she felt at her husband’s lack of sexual attention, I began to feel that maybe our correspondence had started for a reason. Examining my own situation, I realized that my own marriage, while satisfying for the most part, lacked an aspect of uninhibited passion and experimentation that I needed.

In one of my letters, I took a chance and broached the subject. I suggested that if we ever got together, I would make her feel like the woman she was. To my surprise, she responded very favorably to the suggestion of a rendezvous, and the sensual content of our email reached new heights. Our electronic relationship deepened when we shared pictures of each other and, finally, exchanged phone numbers.

We began to talk frequently and formulated our plans to come together for an brief affair. Everytime I talked to her, my cock swelled in my pants at the sound of her sexy, southern drawl. I was further enticed by the contrast between her torrid letters, describing what she planned to do to me, and her demure, and even shy demeanor over the phone.

I became increasingly resolved to meet Cindy in person, and give her the long fucking that she so desperately needed and richly deserved.

Over the course of several months, we planned our tryst. Neither of us wanted to risk our current marriages, regardless of how unsatisfying they had become. We both love our spouses and merely wanted to meet each other for a quick rendezvous so that we could fulfill our mutual fantasies. I waited until my wife was taking a trip with her sisters. At the same time, Cindy told her husband that she was attending a three-day seminar through work. The plan was coming together nicely.

Finally the day arrived, and early one Sunday morning, I dropped my wife and kids off at the airport. Rather than heading back home, I headed south to meet my fantasy woman. Both Cindy and I drove 6 hours from opposite directions to reach our agreed upon meeting place. I had booked a hotel in a mid-sized town at the halfway point of our two homes.

Sunday afternoon I arrived at our destination. I went to the bar as planned and looked around. There only person in there was the bartender. I retreated to the payphones in the lobby and called Cindy’s cell phone.

“Where are you, baby” I asked.

“I’m here,” she replied. “Where are you? I thought you stood me up!”

After some discussion, we realized that she had gone to the wrong location of the same hotel chain. I gave her directions to the hotel I was at and waited patiently. About fifteen minutes later, I was beginning to wonder if she had gotten lost. I turned to the payphone and was about to dial her number when I felt a tap on my shoulder.

Turning around, there she was in all her womanly glory, decked out in a button-down-the-front dress just like I had fantasized about and described to her. She was taller than I expected from her picture and, with her sexy heels on, we stood eye to eye in the deserted hotel lobby.

We drank in the sight of each other for a moment before reaching for each other. I pulled her close as she wrapped her arms around my neck. Our mouths met in a deep, lingering kiss. Our escort bayan gaziantep tongues explored each other’s mouths and savored each other’s taste for the first time. Slowly pulling apart, we looked into each other’s eyes. where a deep trust seemed to form. We had planned to share a drink together upon our first meeting because I wanted her to feel completely safe before I spirited her into a closed hotel room.

“Would you like a drink,” I asked, “Or would you prefer to go straight to our room?”

With a mischievous grin she replied, “Let’s go straight to our room.”

We kissed some more and I felt my manhood rise, pressing against her thigh. She sighed during our kisses and reached down to lightly stroke its length through my slacks. Pulling apart, we caught our breath and I led her to the registration desk. I gave my reservation information to the clerk as I felt her expressive hands roaming over my butt. Reaching behind me, I explored her soft thighs through her light dress material. I cupped her warm mound with my left hand while signing for our room with my right.

After receiving two keys from the desk clerk, I took Cindy by the hand and led her to the elevator. As we moved hand in hand across the lobby, I said, “We can bring up our stuff from the car later, hmmm?”

Mmmm, hmmm,” she replied.

The elevator door opened and, thankfully, it was empty. I quickly pushed the button for our floor before we locked into a tight embrace, kissing passionately as the doors slid shut behind us. I know we were both thinking that I could stop the elevator and take her right then and there, just like in the stories we had both written, but why bother when we had our own private room and large bed to enjoy moments away?

The elevator dinged signaling our arrival at our floor. We pulled away from each other and straightened out our clothing as the doors glided open. Once at our hotel room door, I could hardly get the key to work because she was pressing up against my back, reaching around and rubbing my engorged cock through my pants.

At last, the door opened and we burst into the room. Closing the door behind us we returned to a passionate embrace and kissed on the inside of the door. We were so ready for each other. After months of planning and anticipation, we were finally together. She was everything I had hoped for, sensual, sexy, and horny. I was hoping that I met her expectations, and from all indications I did.

We crossed the room to the large windows that looked out our over the town. The only windows from which we could possibly be seen were in a large office building off to the left. Cindy had previously confided her exhibitionist tendencies, so she didn’t object when I moved behind her and began caressing her full breasts while smothering the back of her neck with kisses. I knew she was feeling a combination of nervousness and incredible arousal, because the slightest trace of the combined scent of her sweat and her pussy reached my nostrils, fueling my fire for her.

Standing before the large window, oblivious to anyone who might be working on that Sunday afternoon, she gyrated her luscious ass against my throbbing member while I began to unbutton her from behind. Glancing out, I thought that if anybody is in that building, they’re probably there on a Sunday because they’re getting some action, too. If not, they’ll be alone so they can pleasure themselves while they feast their eyes on Cindy being stripped in broad daylight. While I unbuttoned her to her waist and slipped the dress over her shoulders, she reached behind to unzip my pants and release my fully erect manhood from its confines. Her fingers glided smoothly over the taught skin and I could no longer restrain the urge to take her right then and there.

I lifted her dress and pulled down her panties. She leaned forward onto the window sill to grant me better access.

“Oh yes, Sam,” she encouraged, “Give me that hard cock. I’m so ready for you.”

I slid my engorged meat between her slippery pussy lips, and reveled in her heat and wetness. The pungent aroma of her inflamed pussy reached my nostrils and caused me drive deep into her snatch.

“Oh baby,” I breathed, “Your pussy is so wet already. It feels so good wrapped around my cock.”

Her only response was to utter a deep sigh and press her ass harder toward me. I stroked in and out firmly while her cries increased in volume and her grip tightened on the window sill.

“Mmmm, baby,” I continued, “We’re just getting started. I just had to feel my cock in your pussy after all this time we’ve waited.” I slowly pulled out and she gasped in response. “Let’s get these clothes all the way off,” I suggested.

There in front of the window, she let me slowly pull off her dress, revealing her sexy black lingerie beneath. She turned to face me and bent to removed my clothing, smiling, kissing my abdomen, thighs, and the tip of my cock. We smiled into each other eyes because we both knew that the moment had arrived just how she had pictured it would be, the first time we really came together.

I guided her toward the bed and pushed her onto her stomach. She quickly brought her knees underneath her and raised her delicious looking ass into the air invitingly. I crawled up behind her and assumed a kneeling position. Moving the thin layer of panty material covering her steaming snatch aside, I pressed my achingly hard cock back into her deep, warm pussy.

“Ohhhh, mmmm,” we both exhaled as I sunk my pole into her depths to the hilt. I began with long, slow, smooth strokes in and out of her hot pussy, gradually increasing my rhythm until she was dripping. I was giving her a good, hard fucking, my balls and lower pelvis slapped against her creamy smooth skin. She moaned in ecstasy and encouraged me.

“Oh yes, Sam, fuck my pussy! Mmmm, it feels so good, baby. Oh, yeah baby, you’re fucking me so good! Don’t stop!”

“I’m gonna fuck you and suck you and lick you and eat you for three whole days, baby. We’re just getting started.” I slammed it in hard, making a loud squish. “Is this how you like it baby?” I asked.

“Oh, yes, Sam, fuck me, mmmm, mmmm.”

Her cries became unintelligible grunts and groans as she succumbed to the first of many orgasms she would experience over the next several days. I gripped her smooth ass firmly and settled into a steady, hard rhythm of doggie-style fucking. Cindy had decribed how she had wanted to be taken upon our first meeting, that there was something particulary hot and sexy about the feel of her ass up in the there while a big, hard cock drilled into her from behind, and I was only too happy to oblige. I continued fucking her hard from behind, thoroughly enjoying the fact that I could bring her so much pleasure.

I fingered her ass hole lightly and fucked her with long, deep, firm strokes into her dripping pussy. She clenched the covers beneath her and grunted gloriously, “Oh yeah, baby, you’re making me cum again! Ohhhhh! Ohhhhhh! Mmmmmm, yeah, fuck that pussy baby.”

I was in rapture at her filthy talk. That was one of many the things that turned me on the most about her, because that’s the one of the many things my wife won’t normally engage in. Dirty talk, sexy lingerie, cum swallowing, and actually liking to suck cock are all things that my wife avoids dearly. Sometimes she’ll say things like, “Ooooh, it’s so hard,” or “It’s in there so deep,” but that’s about the extent of it. I’ve never heard her cry out, “Yes, baby, fuck my hot cunt!” like Cindy did.

After helping Cindy’s love-starved pussy to achieve multiple wrenching orgasms, I felt my own stirrings build. As the head of my cock engorged, I grunted, “I’m about to cum in your sweet pussy, baby. Is that what you want?”

“Oh yes,” she cried. “Shoot your cum deep in my hot pussy, baby!”

Well, that was all the encouragement I needed. I slammed my hard pole into her one last time, and grunted, “Okay, here I cum!”

My cock erupted deep into her snatch, coating her velevety walls with my warm jiz. She moaned contentedly in response. I shuddered as waves coursed through me, soaking her insides. After one last shiver, I collapsed onto her back and pushed her flat onto her stomach. We lay like that for a little while, my softening cock gradually pulling from her drenched pussy.

“Ooooh, baby,” Cindy cooed, “That was wonderful.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it, baby,” I whispered, and kissed her smooth back.

I pulled out the rest of the way and crawled to the top of the bed. Cindy snuggled up to me and we pulled the covers over ourselves. She lay nestled in my arms and we kissed softly. Our kiss grew deeper and hungrier. Soon we were devouring each other’s mouths again. I reached behind her and unclasped her black satin bra, freeing her full breasts. I caressed them, tweaking her nipples to hardness with my fingertips. She moaned and sighed into my mouth as I massaged her beautiful tits with one hand while drawing her into a deeper kiss.

I molded and shaped her angelic tits. She swayed against me, causing our nipples to graze. My right hand squeezed her soft breast and gave her nipples one last roll between fingertips before sliding down her stomach. I caressed her stomach, then moved my hand to her swollen mound as she explored my nipples. The skin around her pussy was as smooth as silk.

“Mmmm, baby, your pussy feels so smooth,” I whispered.

“I just shaved it for you this morning,” she murmured.

I reached lower and found her delectable pussy lips, warm to the touch. Our combined fluids oozed from between her swollen labia. I ran my finger up and down along her slit, accumulating our juices for lubrication. Then I sank my longest finger into her warm folds. She jumped in my arms and declared, “Mmmm, that feels so good.”

Her hand, meanwhile, strayed from stimulating my nipples, down to my flaccid cock. She gently manipulated my spent manhood in her sensitive hand. As I slowly stroked her cunt, I felt my cock begin to swell. I was surprised at how quickly it grew ready for more.

She glanced down, then smiled at me and said, “Oh, look at you.” She kissed my chest and worried my nipples by softly sucking on them and running her tongue over them. She took them between her teeth and gently bit them. I jumped at the sensation. She kissed her way slowly down my belly, causing my finger to slip from her dripping pussy. I drew my hand upward and when it neared her mouth she captured it and licked the juices from it hungrily. “Mmmm,” she murmured.

Enjoying the liberating feeling of being able to talk so dirty to my partner, I asked, “Baby, you’re going to suck my cock now, aren’t you?”

“Mmmm, hmmm,” she mumbled as she released my finger from her mouth and continued kissing her way down my abdomen. Her warm mouth found my growing erection and drew it in slowly. She lowered her mouth over the swollen head and bobbed up and down a few times. Then she raised her head enough for her smiling eyes to meet mine.

I smiled and encouraged, “Yeah, suck it baby.” She returned her concentration to devouring my hard meat. Her tongue swirled all over the head, licking every drop of our combined juices from beneath the sensitive ridge of the head. She explored my length and captured even the drops of moistness that ran down over my balls. She nibbled and kissed her way back up to the tip where she lavished glorious attention on the swollen, sensitive head. “Oh, yeah, baby, you’re sucking me so good. You’re getting me so hard again so we can fuck some more, aren’t you baby?”

Her only response was to suck my pole deeper into her mouth until the head hit the back of her throat. I watched her in awe as she swallowed and drew in my full length, exerting wondrous pressure from her neck muscles. She began to bob her head up and down in earnest on my stiff member.

I encouraged her further, “Oh baby, you’re getting me so hard. Oooh, Cindy, how do you do that? Oh God, baby, you really know how to suck cock.”

I relaxed onto the pillows behind me and settled in to watch this wanton slut devour my achingly hard cock. Every now and again I uttered additional encouragement, but for the most part, I just lay back and enjoyed it. I watched her mouth move slowly up and down my length. When the head was almost out of her warm mouth, she swirled her tongue around the head, causing me to jerk with the distant stirrings of another impending orgasm.

Having cum just moments ago, and as much as I wanted to blow my wad into her throat, I started thinking as I watched her. She had given me a nice, long, lingering blowjob, artfully keeping me right on the edge of orgasm. I decided that she warmly deserved having her pussy filled again. I slowly drew her up to me. She released my cock with a pop and smiled, knowing that we were moving into what she had described as her second favorite position.

She crawled up toward me and smothered my face with kisses, the musky scent on her breath intoxicating me. She positioned her steaming pussy over my hard member. I could feel its heat on my rod as she whispered, “Ready, baby?”

I nodded and smiled as she lowered her hot cunt over my waiting pole. We both groaned in ecstasy as my cock filled her gorge and I felt her wet pussy walls squeeze my manhood. Just as I was almost all the way into her glorious snatch, I thrust upward, burying my meat in her to the hilt.

“Oh God! Yes!” she gasped, and like a bucking bronco leaving the stall on the edge of a rodeo ring, I began bucking her furiously up and down on my stiff pole. I met her wild gyrations with hard upward strokes and urged her on, saying, “Oh yeah, baby, this feels so good. Your pussy is so hot and tight and wet.”

“Mmmm,” she responded, “Your cock feels so good inside me, Sam. Yeah fuck my pussy, baby!”

We continued in that position for what seemed like ages. While she concentrated on burying her cunt on my pole, I reached up to suckle her ample tits. I strained for them like a starving man and sucked them feverishly while she intensely fucked my throbbing cock.

“Oh yeah, Sam,” she cried, “Suck on those tits! Mmmm, baby, mmm, it feels so good. Ohhh! Nnnngh. Here I cum again!” She arched her back and slammed her cunt hard onto my pubic bone. She ground her pussy lips against me as she leaned backward and screamed, “Oh God Oh God Oh God, yes! Fuck me, baby!”

Then she collapsed onto me, panting. I caressed her back as she lay on top of me gasping for air, and rubbed the smooth skin of her back. My cock was still completely hard inside her steaming cunt and ready for more, but she needed a quick breather.

“Oh, baby, you are so hot,” I said soothingly.

She nuzzled her face deeper into my chest and began nibbling my nipples. Wrapping my arms tightly around her I rolled her gently onto her back, keeping my cock firmly embedded in her. I searched out her tits and noticed how flushed the skin just above them now appeared. My cock swelled in response at the sight of her, flushed and panting, and ready for more. I gyrated to feel her wet walls from this new position. My hands roamed the smooth skin of her thighs, and gently maneuvered under her beautiful ass. I coaxed her long legs straight up into the air and guided her to drape them over my shoulders.