Ekim 3, 2023

First Time

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It was a pretty warm night in July of 2002. I had just gotten back from physical therapy to find the entire barracks empty. My unit had gone out to the field for a week and I had the place to myself for a few days. I was technically on leave because I had just had knee surgery a month ago, so I really didn’t have to stick around, but a hotel out in town was just to expensive.

I went up to my room, and finally being able to enjoy a little private time between my cock and I, I went to my stash and grabbed the latest penthouse I had bought on my last excursion into town. I sat down, lowered my zipper, turned to my favorite spread, and pulled out my little friend to get reacquainted. I got nice and hard and was enjoying myself when I caught the sound of the shower running in the bathroom my room shared with the neighbor. I didn’t think too much of it, I figured even if he had stayed behind, he would have no reason to come in my room.

I continued to slowly play with myself, enjoying the fact that my roommate was gone, when what should happen, the guy using the shower opens the door to my room, peeks in to see if I am here and catches me with a handful. Quickly I shove my now extremely hard dick back into my pants, hoping he didn’t see to much and hoping he saw enough to go away. That wasn’t to happen. Here I am, shorts tenting out, copy of a porn mag in my hand, and this guy walks in with nothing but a towel talking to me like nothing was going on.

He explained his shower was broken and my neighbor gave Bakırköy travesti him the key so he could use ours. He then proceeded to tell me he had been at the gym, and his muscles were very sore, so he would consider it a favor if I could rub some lotion into his back for him. While things were certainly starting to subside, I still wanted to get back to what I had started so I consented, anything to get rid of him. I probably should have figured by now that something was up, but my brain was just a little cloudy.

He went over to my bed, laid down on his belly and handed me the bottle. I started off a little slow, lotion into the shoulders, forgetting for a moment that I still had quite a bit of chub, and if he hadn’t figured it out before, there was no way he couldn’t tell now with my midsection inches from his face. He kept asking me to go lower and apply more pressure, so I had to climb on the bed and straddle his back. In this position, my still sensitive cock was rubbing against his back with every move I made, and I am sure he could tell what was happening. He kept urging me to go lower, and pretty soon I reached the top of the towel. He pulled it off, so now here I am, raging hard on, with nothing between his naked body and I but a thin pair of shorts. This situation may have appeared to me as awkward as it really was if I had enough blood flowing to my brain, but I wasn’t thinking to clearly. Even with my blood reduced foggy mind, I knew this was much much more than a simple massage Beylikdüzü travesti when he reached behind him and started tugging at my shorts. To this day, I am not sure why, but I continued to go with the flow, and before I knew it, I was kneeling on top of another man, completely naked.

I had never been in this situation before, nor had I ever given it much thought. He could tell I was completely lost at this, because he rolled over with me on top, moving so I wound up on my back with him on his knees between my legs. He wrapped his hand around my cock, and gave it a couple pumps. At this point I was just to damn horny to stop any of it. He slid back, leaned in and put my dick in his mouth, sucking on it and playing with my balls. He went all the way down, deep throating it, before sliding back up, letting it slide out of his mouth with a plop. He then spit on it a little bit, and sucked it back into his lips, sucking on just the head. It was an amazing BJ and I was just getting hornier by the minute.

The whole time he was sucking my cock, he was slowly moving down the bed turning his body so his cock ended up by my face. I had never done it before, but I was caught up in the moment, so I reached over, wrapped my hand around his 6.5 inch meat. Slowly I turned my head, he pressed it up against my lips, so I opened slightly and pushed in. I tried to repeat everything he was doing to me, licking the underside of the cock, working my lips just around the head, giving what I assume Bomonti travesti was a decent blow job for a first timer.

I was ready to explode it felt so good. That is when He stopped, looking back at me with a mouthful of his dick and asked “Have you ever had a cock in your ass?” I shook my head no, so he asked “Want one?” I thought about it for a second before the hornieness overwhelmed me and shook my head yes.

He pulled out of my mouth, resumed his position between my knees, grabbed the now forgotten lotion bottle and began to generously lube my asshole and his cock. After a few minutes, I felt a finger go in, and it slid in with ease, he began working lubricant into my virgin hole, and then the finger came out and was replaced by something much larger. I could feel his condom covered cock pushing against my hole, and slowly I could feel it going in. It slid in with a pop, and he held it there for a moment, allowing me to get used to it.

Soon he begin to piston his hips, thrusting deep into my ass, and it didn’t hurt like I thought it would, it felt really good. I could feel his cock massaging my prostate as he thrust deeper, as well as the sensations of it sliding over my nerve endings in my hole. He continued to fuck me for a good fifteen minutes, stroking my cock with one hand, the other holding up my good leg to keep me open. I soon came all over my self, and shortly there after he pulled out of my ass, straddled my chest, pulled the condom off and shot his cum on my chest and into my mouth.

That is the story of my first and only gay experience. It was something I enjoyed, and if the opportunity, timing, and other participant(s) were right, I would try it again. Perhaps performing for my girlfriend, who actually inspired me to write this out for the first time.