Mayıs 16, 2023

For Valentino

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We hadn’t been talking for very long that night. You’d been busy and I hadn’t wanted to disturb you. You’re always so busy when we talk online, sometimes it’s hard to have your attention. Teasingly, I ask you to give me some parting words of wisdom, something to think about before I go to bed.

And you say “Think of me, fucking you from behind. Hard.”

Well, that certainly did the trick.

I strip down to a tank top and my undies, as I normally do when I’m off to bed. I climb in and get all settled down. I’m laying on my back, with a heavy blanket over me and the fan cranked. I’m tired, my limbs are heavy with exhaustion. I’m burning in other areas and I know I won’t be able to sleep until I take care of that urge. So, I let my mind wander…

I imagine you kissing me, the feeling of your mouth against mine. I can feel the softness of your lips, the urgent pressing of your tongue, and I sigh. My right hand reaches up and brushes fingers along my cheek, down my neck, over my collarbone to brush over my breast. I imagine it’s your hand that comes to cup the flesh and squeeze it gently through the thin fabric of my shirt.

I close my eyes and bring my left hand up to my left breast, then I tease my fingers over my nipples. I can feel them harden rapidly beneath my shirt. I pinch them, roll them between my thumb and forefinger. My back arches and a sigh escapes me. I have to bite my lip to keep from making more noise. My roommates are downstairs, the walls are thin. I don’t want them to Bahçelievler escort bayan hear me.

I tease myself like this for a long while, pressing my legs together, feeling the heat growing in my groin. I imagine your hands, your lips, your teeth on my breasts. It makes me writhe slightly on the bed. I slip my hands under my shirt, pushing the fabric out of the way. I throw the blanket off so that I can feel the cold air of the fan blowing across my rapidly heating skin.

My left hand is glued to my left breast, pinching the nipple, twisting it ever so slightly, rolling it between my fingers. I grip it and pinch it hard, harder, till a jolt of pain works through me. Meanwhile, my right hand is running along my inner thigh, brushing against the flesh there.

I pause long enough to wet my fingers, slipping the first two fingers of my left hand in my mouth, then the thumb, all the while imagining it’s something else sliding against my tongue. I take those fingers and run them over both nipples, the cold of the fan over the wet flesh sending a shiver through me.

My right hand glides fingers across my mound, teasing them lower on the outside of my panties, brushing against the already swollen lips of my sex. I can feel a spot of wetness on the fabric. I can smell my arousal. I kick the blankets off and spread my legs wide, giving myself more room to work with.

As I’m teasing my fingers against the fabric I imagine you between my legs, my Escort Bahçeşehir fingers as your mouth caressing me through my panties. I can feel you taking the flesh gently into your teeth through the fabric, tugging on the lips. Your tongue is slipping along my slit, nuzzling into me. A soft moan escapes my parted lips and I bite down hard on my lip, giving my left nipple a savage twist, chastising myself for making a sound.

My panties are soaking wet, the fabric clinging to me. I raise my hips and slip them off, letting them dangle from my leg as I spread my legs even more. I glide my left hand down my body, dipping a finger in, sliding it up and down my wet slit, feeling the slickness. I let it slide deep into me, giving a low groan, and then I add another finger. Then I pull them free and bring them to mu lips, sucking them into my mouth, tasting myself. The scent of my body strong. My right hand dips between my legs, a single finger seeking out that swollen, hidden nub, pressing down on it firmly.

I imagine it’s you feeding me your fingers again, making me taste myself, and it drives me wild. I can almost feel you, feel the heat of your body over me, feel the tip of you pressing against my soft folds, feel you parting the lips there but not entering me. I whimper, my hips rise, and I plunge two fingers of my right hand into myself, the fingers in my mouth stifling a soft cry.

I pump my fingers in and out slowly, feeling the muscles of my body gripping Bakırköy escort them, trying to draw them further into me. My fingers leave my mouth and go once again to my breast, cupping it, pinching the nipple. I’m biting my lip again to keep from crying out as I drive myself further on. I’m growing impatient again, the need to give myself release growing rapidly.

I focus my attention on my clit now, pulling the hood back and flicking it with my index finger. My hips buck slightly as intense pleasure jolts through me. Then, I press my fingers over it and start working slow circles, building up speed rapidly, pushing myself to the edge.. I’m close now.. so very, very close…

I can feel myself about to spill over the edge and I stop everything. Stop my fingers from their rapid circles, stop my hand from tormenting my breast. I let myself teeter for a long moment, feeling the exquisite ache of an orgasm denied racing through me, a pleasure so intense it’s almost pain. And I can imagine you over me, inside of me, smiling at me, reveling in my torment.

The image is too much. I let my fingers move again and in three short circles I’m cumming hard, hips grinding into my hand, my head lolling on the pillow as orgasm crashes over me. It’s long, intense, and when it’s finally over I collapse onto the pillows bonelessly. I’m exhausted, my mind reeling. I shift slightly and can feel a puddle beneath me, my juices having flowed out of me enough to wet the sheets.

I let myself lay there for a long, long while. Before I clean myself up, I let my fingers travel between my legs again and bring myself to orgasm again, a smaller one this time, just to relax my body. Then, I clean myself up, take off my tank top, and snuggle into my pillows without bothering to put any clothes back on.

And I dream of you… Valentino.