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Foster Care Discards

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*Author’s Note: Any and all persons engaging in any sexual activity are at least eighteen years of age.

Blaze Huggins locked his suit and gym bag into the trunk of his immaculately restored 1970 Monte Carlo. Fully loaded, the four speed coupe would have cost just a shade over five thousand dollars in 1970. Just the other day, he’d had a sixty three year old man offer him thirty thousand for the powder blue automobile.

Blaze walked to the edge of the St. Elizabeth Parish Courthouse parking lot and started along the paved walkway on a brisk pace.

He could have just used the treadmill in the Courthouse’s gym, located on the third floor of the building. But Blaze really felt that there was something inherently wrong in exercising in an air-conditioned space. He’d done the free weights the gym offered, but for his walk, he preferred to walk twice around the two and a half mile track.

The August sun bore down on him and the air was thick with the humidity of Southwestern Louisiana. But over his right shoulder, a quartet of teenaged boys was playing an energetic game of basketball.

From this distance, it appeared to be two African-American youths, a Latin youth, and a scrawny white male.

Blaze shook his head and smiled. The sun was brutal, the humidity making it almost unbearable, and yet the teenaged boys played as if they did not notice the heat.

Part of the path took him parallel to the court and Blaze saw that his guess had been right. It was two African-Americans, one Latin, and one white male.

Blaze was on his second circuit when he saw the two African-American and the white boy leaving.

The Latin boy looked around dejectedly and Blaze recognized the look. The Latin boy had nowhere to go.

For the few moments they’d been playing basketball, the boy had been able to think of anything but the fact that he had nowhere to go, nothing to call his own.

A drop of rain hit the ground and sizzled. Then another, and another and Blaze sprinted to the covered gazebo. The Latin boy sprinted for it as well. They both reached the structure just as the bottom fell out of the typical afternoon thundershower. They both laughed at their fortune to have escaped a severe drenching.

“Hi, I’m Blaze Huggins,” Blaze said, holding out a hand.

“Tony,” the young man said, offering no last name.

Up close, Blaze could tell that Tony should have walked a little slower; he was in need of a shower. And soap and shampoo. His brown face had wisps of black hair and Blaze could tell the young man wasn’t trying to be macho, wasn’t trying to grow a mustache and beard for appearances.

“Live around here?” Blaze asked and Tony just shrugged, looking toward a clump of bushes.

“Work around here?” Blaze asked and again was given a shrug.

“Well, I work at the courthouse,” Blaze offered.

Blaze Huggins had been trapped in Arkansas’s Foster Care system. Linda Huggins and Doug Brewster were never married but did manage to have seven children together. Whenever Doug wasn’t in jail, or twice in prison for petty crimes, he’d get Linda knocked up.

When Doug was around, he was an unreasonable, overbearing disciplinarian. If the child was too young to punch, Doug would use an electric cord to administer discipline.

When Doug was locked up, Linda would mete out the beatings. Or, she’d just leave the oldest one in charge and disappear for a few days.

This would have been fine, except for the fact that the first time Linda did this, the oldest was six years old. Rebecca was a sweet, intelligent girl, but certainly was not equipped to care for three brothers, the youngest just three months old.

So Rebecca went next door and told the neighbors, who in turn called the Oldenburg police department.

Blaze was too young to remember that stint; he was just three months old.

But he remembered many of the subsequent trips through the foster care system. And because both parents were still alive, and neither parent would relinquish their parental rights, Blaze and his three brothers and three sisters were not eligible for adoption.

The moment Blaze turned eighteen, the latest foster home had unceremoniously dumped Blaze and his few possessions onto the front lawn.

What he could sell, he did, what he couldn’t sell, he gave to Rayne, his baby sister who was still in the same foster home, then joined the United States Marine Corps.

One year to the day after he joined the Marines, a group of Islamic terrorists hijacked some airplanes and flew them into some buildings.

Afghanistan was so desolate a place, Blaze was sure even Satan avoided the miserable land. The people were angry, bitter people, there was no way to tell who was friend and who was foe, and Blaze just kept counting down the days until he could get out.

The Marines were paid well, they were fed well, and they certainly kept their living quarters as clean as humanly possible. To Blaze, this was slightly better than some of the foster homes he’d lived in.

His off-duty time Blaze spent in their meager library, Şişli travesti reading everything. He’d been an average student, but it was hard to be a good student when you had to either avoid Linda and Doug’s anger or keep other foster kids from stealing your shit.

Blaze spent no money on extravagances; he preferred to save. There would be time for extravagances later. When he was released from this little slice of Hell.

Blaze was released and declined to re-enlist. In Oklahoma, he got off the Greyhound bus and decided, he really had no reason to return to Oldenburg, Arkansas.

Oklahoma State University gave Blaze Huggins a four year degree in Civil Engineering with a minor in Political Sciences. Blaze’s blind landlord sold him a 1970 Chevrolet Monte Carlo that had not been driven in eighteen years.

“Kept meaning get around to fixing it up,” the blind man said. “Then finally had to just face the facts; my eyes ain’t coming back, you know?”

Blaze gave the man three thousand in cash and spent another three thousand on parts and what labor he could not do himself, including the paint job, then drove east to DeGarde, Louisiana, for his first job in Municipal Engineering.

And five years later, the six foot tall Marine stood under a wooden roof, watching the sheets of rain drenching the park.

“So, how long you been homeless?” Blaze asked the Latin boy.

“Who said I’m…” Tony hotly denied.

“Clothes do, hair does, smell does,” Blaze said.

“Couple of months,” Tony sullenly admitted.

“Want to tell me about it?” Blaze asked.

Tony looked at the handsome man, with his short brown hair, deep brown eyes, and muscular build and started to angrily retort. Then he just shrugged.

“My padre had him a little meth lab, fucking cops came and busted it up and me and my sister had to go into foster care,” Tony said bitterly. “Minute, I mean the minute I turned eighteen, God damned ass holes kicked me out.”

“Where’s your sister now?” Blaze asked.

“Got married to some ass hole,” Tony spat. “Mother fucker said I can’t come live with them.”

“Yeah, well, I was in foster care too,” Blaze said. “Arkansas. Then minute I turned eighteen, joined the Marines.”

“No shit?” Tony said, again looking at the man.

“No shit,” Blaze said. “Ran in and out of a bunch of caves looking for some rag head mother fuckers. But gave me a future, you know?”

The rain let up and Blaze looked at the young man.

“I’m going to Clark’s; all my pots and pans are already packed. Want to come?” Blaze offered.

“Uh…” Tony hesitated.

“I’m buying,” Blaze said.

“You buying, I’m flying,” Tony agreed.

The smell of Tony’s body had been harsh under an open gazebo. In the cramped automobile, it was close to intolerable. Especially in an automobile that had been baking in Louisiana humidity for hours on end.

A cute blonde skated to a stop and Blaze ordered a double bacon cheeseburger, regular fries and a regular chocolate malt. Tony ordered the same thing and they both watched the blonde’s round ass in her tight red shorts as she skated away.

“Like I said, most of my gear’s already packed up,” Blaze said as they were finishing their meal. “But you’re welcome come take a shower, scrape that stuff off your face.”

“Why’s your stuff packed up?” Tony asked.

“Shipping out; got a job in Oakleaf, Texas,” Blaze said.

Blaze stacked the remains of the meal onto the tray hooked to his car window. He gave a satisfying slurp to his malt and put it onto the tray as well.

“Friday’s my last day,” Blaze said. “Start at Oakleaf’s County Office not this coming Monday, but next. Wanted some time get myself situated.”

The girl skated up and removed the tray.

“Oakleaf’s about half the size of St. Elizabeth,” Blaze continued as he pulled out of the parking lot. “But the county wants to grow; they just discovered a vein of copper in Great Oaks and need to expand.”

They pulled in front of a small home; Tony could see a small sign that announced ‘Sold’ on the front lawn.

“Bought this house for thirty nine thousand, five years later got eighty one thousand. Believe that?” Blaze said as he unlocked the door.

Tony gratefully availed himself of the first shower he’d had in months. He also used the razor and shave cream to scrape away the wisps of hair on his face.

He panicked when he stepped out and all of his clothing was gone.

“Hey, Amigo, uh, where’s my clothes?” Tony asked, peering around the bathroom door.

“Washing machine,” Blaze said, and pushed slightly on the door. “Come on; you done in there?”

“Uh, yeah, but I uh, what I’m going wear?” Tony asked.

“Birthday suit; it’s just us guys here,” Blaze said and pushed Tony aside. “Come on; need to shower too.”

Tony saw that Blaze was completely nude and his eyes opened wide.

The man’s chest was muscular, his arms were bulging, his abdomen was that washboard type you see advertised on exercise commercials and his legs were also rippling with muscles.

The Taksim travesti man’s cock was only about four inches long in its flaccid state, but was about as fat as a soda can and Blaze’s balls were the size of large eggs, hanging down in their flesh sack.

Tony had not had time to look around when Blaze hustled him from front door to bathroom. Now he did and he noticed there was no furniture, except for a bed, a small bedside table, and a floor lamp in the bedroom. There were two bar stools at the kitchen counter. But there was no couch, no chair, no kitchen table and chairs.

There was also no television or radio. Blaze’s clock was a small windup alarm clock that ticked noisily in the small bedroom.

“Ah, much better,” Blaze said as he walked, completely nude from bathroom to the kitchen door.

Tony looked at the man’s broad back, narrow waist and tight backside. Blaze opened the door to the garage and Tony peered in. There was a large U-Haul trailer inside of the garage; Tony guessed that this was where all the other furniture was packed away. There was also a washing machine and a dryer. The washing machine was humming merrily.

“Few more minutes, put your clothes into the dryer; them shoes even fit you?” Blaze asked.

“They a little small,” Tony admitted, holding his towel a little tighter around his waist.

“Dude, what? Quit that; looks like a dress,” Blaze laughed and whipped the towel away from Tony’s waist.

Tony shrieked and tried to cover his genitals with his hands.

Blaze smirked at the young man’s antics.

Tony’s face burned hotly; he’d had an erection. His four inches stuck out of the small patch of pubic hair. The more he tried to will it down, the harder it seemed to grow.

“What size are you?” Blaze asked.

“Uh, what?” Tony asked, still trying to hide his cock.

“Shoes, what size shoes you wear?” Blaze asked, looking at Tony’s feet.

“About a seven, maybe seven and a half,” Tony said.

“Nope; I’m a ten,” Blaze said. “No way would none of mine fit you.”

He pushed Tony back into the house and directed him to the bar stools.

Tony shivered when the cool wood made contact with his bare buttocks.

“So, uh, no television, man, what you do around here?” Tony asked.

“Mainly read,” Blaze said. “Got me one of those Kimble devices; right now I’m reading a novel about the Korean War.”

Then he leaned over and kissed Tony softly on the young man’s plump lips.

Tony did not pull away so Blaze kissed him a little harder, then wiggled his tongue into the young man’s mouth.

He reached a large hand down and rubbed Tony’s chest, lightly pinching Tony’s dark nipples.

Tony let an involuntary moan slip and Blaze reached down and cupped Tony’s testicles

“Or, I fuck,” Blaze whispered. “I read. Or I fuck.”

“Let’s fuck,” Tony agreed.

Blaze bent and took Tony’s erection into his mouth and very easily swallowed Tony’s cock down to the root.

“Oh, oh, Amigo I’m ’bout to…” Tony whined and Blaze’s tongue slithered out and licked at Tony’s testicles.

Tony shuddered and ejaculated a forceful stream into Blaze’s mouth.

“Bedroom’s a lot nicer than these stools,” Blaze suggested and kissed Tony again.

Tony had never been with another man. He had never even thought of being with another man. But Blaze’s kiss had been soft, exciting. His touch had been soft, exciting.

And his blow job, the third blow job Tony had ever received, had truly been magic.

Tony followed Blaze to the bedroom then clambered onto the bed.

Blaze twisted Tony around to where the young Latin boy’s head was at the foot of the bed. Then Blaze slithered onto the comforter with his head toward the headboard.

His fat, hard cock was right at Tony’s mouth and Tony’s resurging cock was at Blaze’s mouth.

The two men lay on their sides and sucked each other’s cocks. Tony had to stretch his jaws wide to accommodate Blaze’s impressive girth. His gag reflex kept him from taking all of the man’s thick meat into his mouth and he used his small hand to jack what did not fit into his mouth.

“Uh, oh, and here, it, comes,” Blaze grunted and thrust short strokes into Tony’s mouth.

Tony wanted to spit out the nasty tasting, unpleasant substance. But Blaze had a large hand on the back of Tony’s head and Tony swallowed what he could.

Then Blaze easily pulled the young man around and kissed him. The two men rubbed their nude bodies against each other as their tongues wrestled.

Then Blaze rolled on top of Tony, pinning him to the soft mattress.

“This is how I like it,” he husked into Tony’s ear. “Face to face; I want to see that pretty face when I fill you up.”

He reached into a drawer on the bedside table and produced a tube of lubricant.

“Oh, hey, wait a minute,” Tony protested.

He’d barely been able to put his mouth around that monster between Blaze’s legs; how in the hell would he manage to take that fence post up his virgin ass?

Blaze ignored Tony’s complaints and greased up Gümüşsuyu travesti two fingers.

“Uh!” Tony protested as Blaze reached down, picked up Tony’s left leg and held it straight up.

“Uh!” Tony barked when Blaze jammed his two greasy fingers into Tony’s ass.

Blaze fucked Tony’s ass with his two fingers, twisting them and jamming them in and out of Tony. Then he began to scissor his fingers open, widening Tony’s rectum.

Then he squirted some more lubricant onto the palm of his left hand and began greasing up his cock.

“Please, Amigo, please, I suck you, all right?” Tony begged as Blaze pressed his flared cock head to Tony’s tightly clenched anus.

“Shh,” Blaze soothed, leaned forward and kissed Tony softly.

Then he jammed his hips forward and Tony howled as his ass felt a searing pain.

“Shh, shh,” Blaze soothed and lifted Tony’s right leg too.

“No, no, please, Amigo!” Tony sobbed.

The pain was unrelenting and he was sure he could feel blood seeping out of his bowels. Blaze grunted in pleasure and drove more of his fat cock into the spasming rectum.

Blaze felt the young man’s anus stretch to accommodate him. He felt the rectal muscles clench and ripple, trying to force the invading cock out.

This was bliss. Especially when he looked down and saw the cute face of his lover, twisted in a silent scream.

“Ah!” Tony did scream as Blaze gave another lunge.

The lunge forced roughly half of Blaze’s fat cock up the boy’s ass and Blaze wiggled his hips from side to side. Then he pushed in again.

Tony was in agony. He’d never experienced such pain, not even when his mother had caught him smoking and had put the cigarette out on his hand. That had been a hot searing pain, but it had soon dulled to just a throbbing pain.

This pain just continued to radiate and radiate, throbbing with a white hot pulse.

“Oh, fuck yes,” Blaze hissed as he was all the way inside of the hot tight hole.

Then he kissed Tony’s gasping, groaning mouth.

Tony suddenly jerked violently and his hard cock squirted semen between their sweaty bodies.

“Oh fuck!” Tony cried out and Blaze chuckled.

Then Blaze began to pull his fat cock out and Tony jerked in a spasm of painful pleasure.

“Whose ass is this?” Blaze demanded as she drove his cock back in. “Huh? Who owns this ass?”

“You do, Baby, you do,” Tony grunted.

“Damn right I do,” Blaze laughed and pulled out again.

He fucked Tony for several strokes, then stiffened. Then he shuddered and Tony squealed as he felt a hot sensation in his guts. He realized Blaze had just ejaculated, had just filled him up with his man-juice.

When Blaze pulled the hard cock out of Tony’s guts, Tony shuddered again in pain and again, his cock gave a squirt of semen.

“Come on,” Blaze ordered and picked Tony up.

He carried Tony into the bathroom. Tony was glad for this; after such a hard fucking, he wasn’t sure he could walk.

Then Blaze showered them, even lathering Tony’s long black hair in between hot kisses.

Then he dried Tony and carried the boy back to the bedroom.

Tony lay in the bed, dimly aware of the smell of sex as he drifted off to sleep.

The smell of coffee woke him the next morning. Blaze was already up and dressed in suit and tie, eating a bowl of cereal and drinking a cup of coffee.

“Morning,” Tony mumbled.

“Hey, here’s my sleepy head,” Blaze said cheerfully and kissed Tony.

“Coffee’s right there, cereal’s right here, bowls in that cabinet and spoons right there in the first drawer.

He kissed Tony again, got to his feet and quickly washed bowl, spoon and cup in the right sink, then put cleaned, rinsed dishes into the left sink.

“When you’re finished your breakfast, wash them here in the right sink, put the clean dishes into the left sink,” Blaze ordered and walked to the front door. “Clothes are on top of the dryer, see you later.”

Tony poured himself a cup of coffee, then had a spasm in his guts. He barely made it to the bathroom in time. For the next twenty minutes, he grunted, sweated, and cursed as his guts emptied.

Finally, shaking, sweating, he entered the kitchen again and finished making himself a cup of coffee. Then he ate a bowl of bland cereal.

He found his clothes, now washed and dried, neatly folded on the dryer and dressed.

Then he remembered to wash his dishes and did so. Then, bored, he returned to bed and napped.

While he napped, he dreamt of Liz, his girlfriend for all of two days. She’d smuggled him some food out of her parents’ home and agreed with him that her parents were ass holes for tossing him out.

“Like I’m fucking garbage, know what I’m saying?” Tony had said bitterly.

Then she’d given him a blow job. After that, though, for some reason, she did not come back to see him.

He’d tapped on her bedroom window after he’d not seen her for a week. But, to his horror, her mother had been the one to open the window. Tony had barely escaped Liz’s father’s wrath.

He dreamt of the rich woman that had slowed her car down as he was walking along Brookwood Drive. In the back of her car, he’d learned how to eat pussy. Then the rich woman had given him his second blow job ever. Before she pushed him out of her car, she gave him a fifty dollar bill.