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friend exam me

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friend exam meI had not been dating Dave very long when I learned he had a strong desire to play doctor, and he wanted me to be his patient. Over a lovely dinner out one night, we had been talking about sex and our wildest ideas. He told me he had a friend who was a doctor and asked me if I would indulge him in his greatest fantasy. He wantedto do a complete gynecological exam on me! From the look on his face, I knew he was serious and that he really wanted to do this. Nervously, I agreed, and he told me he was so very happy that he could not wait. He kept tripping over himself, excitedly reassuring me that he would be gentle, and that his friendwould be there to make sure nothing went awry. I had to smile. He was like an over-excited k**! He excused himself to use the mens’ room just before we left therestaurant, and when he came back, he asked me if we could do this tonight. Dave and I had not even had sex yet! His eyes begged me to keep my word, and I nodded my head.I felt that old familiar reluctance come over me as we drove to the outskirts of town. We parked at the back side of a medical building and walked up the stairs. Dave knewexactly what door was open, and we stepped into a dimly lit storage room. Dave escorted me to the waiting room and had me take a seat, just as if I was a real patient. Hehanded me a clipboard with the standard questionaire, and told me to fill it out while he got ready for me. There were a couple of other women there, also with clipboards. We nervously exchanged glances and went back to work on the papers. The forms were pretty straight-forward, dealing with medical history and a very long sexual references questionnaire. One odd form was an adult activities consent. It basically said that I was an adult and agreed that I may see or experience a wide range of adult activities, up to and including penetration vaginally and anally. It further stated that all precautions would be taken for safety and prevention of disease transmission. The consent ended with a clause that I agreed to allow photographsand/or videos to be made of the sessions. I gulped at that one, but signed it anyway. The look in Dave’s eyes made me want to do it. Now I knew why everyone was a bit nervous.Finally, my name was called by a uniformed nurse, and I was ushered into the all-too-familiar exam room. I was given a gown and told to remove everything. The gown was to be worn with the opening in front. A flimsy towel was given to me to help cover myself. After the nurse left, I got busy with getting undressed and ready for Dave’s fantasy. I didn’t have too long to wait before a quiet knock on the door signaled the arrival of the “Doctor”. “Hi, Melissa,” the white-coated doctor said as he entered the roomn alone. No sign of Dave. “I thought we should meet for a few moments and talk about tonight first. Dave has always wanted to examine a woman, but has never found anyone who would let him. I am happy you are going to help him fulfill his dream. We will be doing a normal annual exam, with me showing Dave how and then letting him do the actual work. I will be here the entire time. Do you have any questions?””No, not at this time.” “Good. Let’s see how Dave does. Let me go get him.” For some reason, my heart started racing. I had never had sex with this man, and yet here I was about to expose myself totally to him. He must have realy wanted this so bad. Escort bayan My mind didn’t get a chance to wander any further before Dave and the Doctor returned. Dave was now in scrubs with a mask on. I could see his eyes dancing with delight. “Hello, Melissa. I am Doctor Dave, and I will be doing your exam today,” he stammered quietly. Let’s start with your blood pressure…” He helped me move to the exam table where he sat me on the side. He was actually quite good with the blood pressure, wrapping the cuff around my arm gently. His fingers grazed against a gown-covered breast and he blushed. “We will take your temperature both orally and anally today, Melissa. Open wide…” he did a cursory exam of my mouth with a tongue depressor and then inserted the thermometer. I could see the real doctor hovering in the background.Once he had recorded my vital signs, he stood up and eased the gown from my shoulders, letting it pool around my waist. The real doctor came over, and the two began to discuss my breasts quietly. He came over, and showed Dave how to do a very preliminary exam by cupping the breast in his hand and squeezing gently. He then told Dave to look again at how the two mammaries looked against my chest. Did they hang evenly? Were there any dimples? I was eased back into a lying position on the exam table, and the flimsy gown adjusted to cover my genital area. “Arms up over your head, Melissa,” the real doctor ordered as he continued his breast exam. He stood on one side while Dave stood on the other. Dave watched and then did exactly as the doctor did. I have never had two strange men play with my breasts this way, and it was very very stimulating, especially when they examined the nipples. The doctor had Dave pull up on the nipple, then pull the entire breast to one side, then the other. He mentioned again that they were looking for any dimples. When he was satisfied, he asked Dave if he had any questions. As Dave had none, I knew it was time for the exam to move lower. Dave could not help grazing my erect nipple with his hand as he untied my gown, and laid it open. Cool air danced across my naked flesh as I felt two sets of eyes take it all in. I don’t consider myself to be fat or thin, but in between. I do have some flesh covering my curves and I do work out. My breast still had a nice perky bounce to them that most men found very attractive. My belly was pretty flat, with a soft line of hair pointing down at my pussy. I kept my dark curly pussy hairs neatly trimmed, and tonight I was glad I had just cleaned that line up. I knew Dave was pleased by what he saw. The two men did the abdominal manual exam first, poking and probing to be sure I had no hidden masses. As the fingers got lower, I felt my excitement level rise. Soon, the doctor was guiding my legs into the stirrups, and then gently pushing my legs apart. I blushed as the cool air hit my wet pussy. I knew the doctor could tell I was aroused, but could Dave? As they talked quietly, I knew the doctor was telling on me, and instructing Dave on what was to come. He let Dave do the outer manual exam, pulling the lips apart and inspecting. He showed Dave how to grasp the clit and retract its hood. Dave worked his way to the inner lips, and opened them as wide as he could. He slipped a gloved finger inside and began to probe, following the quietly issued Bayan escort orders of the real doctor. Dave was a bit on the gentle side, afraid to hurt me. The real doctor could tell that Dave was a bit afraid and told him he didn’t have to worry. Most women experience some discomfort during the exam, but that it rarely ever hurt. When the two were satisfied that Dave had explored me completely, it was time for the speculum.The doctor took a fresh speculum out of the drawer and ran it under cold water. He then put it into Dave’s hands and guided him to the inner folds of my cunt. Dave parted the lips slightly, then gently pushed the cold hard instrument in. With the doctor’s guidance, he got it into the right place, then turned it 90 degrees and opened the bills wide. They then moved the light in for a closer look, and Dave was shown how to angle the speculum so that he could see everything he wanted. Dave’s touch was tender, and I found myself really enjoying the entire exam experience.”Melissa, you are a fantastic patient, and a wonderful example of what a healthy woman should look like. I do have two other trainees here tonight that should really see this. Would you mind if I asked them to step in?”The question caught me off guard completely. I couldn’t spoil this for Dave. His eyes showed his approval and excitement. He nodded his head as if to urge me on.”O-o-o-kay,” I stammered, embarrassed to be seen totally naked by so many. At the same time, it excited me.The door opened, and two more men dressed in scrubs and masks came in along with a woman similarly dressed. The foot of the table faced the door, so that the first thing they saw was my spread legs and exposed genitalia. I didn’t notice at first, but they didn’t close the door after they came in. The polite group gathered around, and listened to the doctor’s quiet narrative. They all had to have a look and take their turn at moving the speculum around. The woman stood closer to my shoulder (blocking the door), and at the doctor’s direction, redid the breast exam. Apparently, she had never had anyone allow her to examine their breasts. Her touch was cool and light. One of the men asked if he could remove the speculum and reinsert it to feel what it was like. The doctor agreed, and thought they each should try it, since I was such a willing patient. They used a fresh speculum each time, making sure it was cold and wet before inserting it. The woman went last, and she repeated the manual exam first, taking her time to carefully check everything out. She lingered over my clitorus, flicking it with her finger and watching it grow. Her touch was sure but gentle. As she moved on to inserting the speculum, the doctor had her check for signs of arousal. He told them to look at the cervix and note the color and shape. How much fluid did I seem to have? Did they think I was ready for penetration? I knew the answer, and hoped they did, too!He then told them that a good annual exam was more than just a checkup for the vaginal tissues and that it included the anus, too. He had me get on my elbows and knees for this part of the exam, spreading the knees far apart. This was when he decided I needed to have my temperature checked anally, and lubed a nice cold one for me, then inserted it gently. While I was in this position, he had each of them come and feel my breasts, Escort telling them that they should always include an exam from this inverted aspect. Dave (or I think it was Dave), gently pulled on my nipples as he checked. From this position, it was very hard to tell anyone apart. I wanted them to finish so that I could get home and have Dave fuck me long and hard.The thermometer was removed, and reading noted. The real doctor put on his gloves and lubricated one finger well. He readied it at my anal orifice, and gently pushed, telling me to push back at him. It slid right in, all the way to the last knuckle with no problem. He felt around, and then slid three fingers of his other hand deep into my pussy. Using both hands, he felt the thin wall separating my cunt and ass, checking for any defects. When he was satisfied, he guided the other three men and women into doing the same. The men were all gentle, but the woman had the softest, most respectful touch of all. I could tell how much she was enjoying this experience and I was so glad I allowed her the chance. I almost wanted the men to leave so that we could continue in privacy!A smaller speculum was removed from the drawer and lubricated well this time. Its cold hard bills pressed against my anus, then slid in all the way. It was cranked wide open, almost to the point of discomfort. The doctor did his visual exam first, then took out the speculum and had each examiner insert a new one. One of them asked quietly if two specula could be inserted, so that the examiners could view both openings at once. The doctor said yes, but that it was tricky in this position. He would be glad to do it for them, though. He did tell them it would be a better view if I was on my back.He removed the anal speculum and helped me up while he adjusted the table. He wanted the foot to be elevated so that it would be easier for everyone to see what they were looking for. Then he had me lie back and put my legs into the stirrups once again. A couple of final adustments, and I was pronounced ready. He got a fresh, large speculum was removed from the drawer and rinsed it before handing it to Dave to insert. Dave reached over and parted my lips, confidently inserting the instrument deep. Expertly, it was turned and opened wide. Dave was living his dream, and his smile could be seen plainly through his mask. Then, Dave took a fresh anal speculum from the drawer, lubed it, and slid it right in. He opened it as far as he could, then stood back for the doctor to check. I heard the soft click of a camera, and blushed deep. I held still, allowing the doctors in training to record their memories, letting them probe, touch, and enjoy. My turn would come soon….When they were all done, the doctor shooed them out of the room and lowered my legs. He covered me with a clean sheet. “I can’t thank you enough for tonight, Melissa. The other guys had been promised by their girls that they could do an exam but they backed out at the last minute. You were the only one brave enough for tonight. You did a great job! If you enjoyed it, I wish you would consider coming back here for more exams… I could make it worth your while. Just let Dave know. And speaking of Dave, he wanted to finish the exam in his own way. I told him he could.””Thanks, Doctor. I enjoyed myself, and wouldn’t mind coming back here again.””You’ve got it, Melissa….” he said as he left the room, closing the door. Dave came back in a few moments later. His mask was gone but he was still in his scrubs… he lifted the edge of the sheet, and began to do my annual exam, his way.. mouth and tongue included as instruments along with his hard cock….