Haziran 10, 2023

Fucked My Stepsister Pregnant, Paid for Abortion

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Fucked My Stepsister Pregnant, Paid for AbortionIn high school my stepsister and I constantly found ourselves with a lot of idle time alone together. We’d come home from school and it would just be us for a few hours. Both of our parents (her dad, my mom) traveled a lot, so we often had the house to ourselves on the weekends. We’d throw parties, have friends over. For the most part we got along.Late one night following al party, she came into my room just as I was getting into bed and asked if she could sleep on the floor. A friend of hers had gotten wicked drunk, puked, and passed out in her bed. There were people sleeping on the couches and in the guest room. She had no place else to sleep. I offered to give her my bed and sleep on the floor. She told me to move over and crawled into bed with me.We talked for a little while, laughing about the events of the evening, and smoked a bowl. Both of us had struck out with our respective crushes; they actually ended up hooking up and leaving together. I was making fun of her crush, because he was a fucking tool, and she made fun of mine for being a “superficial cunt.”At one point she dropped the pipe as I was passing it back to her, Bostancı Escort ashes spilled all over the sheets. She got up and wiped them off while I teased her for being clumsy. She was wearing a t-shirt and these hot little pajama pants that made her apple ass look great. She got back in bed, I packed another bowl. She was moving around, trying to get comfortable, when she slapped the sheets back. I had a raging hardon tenting in my boxers.She giggled and laughed at first, then she made a comment about my size. She flicked it, playfully. It responded.“It’s not you,” I said.“I know.”(It was.)She turned away from me, curled up a little. Her ass was hanging out of her pajama pants and pointing at me. Every time one of us shifted, we slowly moved closer to each other.After a minute or so of silence she said, “We could do stuff.”“We could,” I said. “But we shouldn’t.”“Should we?”“Probably not.”By this point I was almost touching her butt. She moved and felt me. “We’re not blood,” she said.We talked about it a bit, about how we could do stuff, some stuff, and how we shouldn’t do some other stuff.“No sex,” she said. “Just fun stuff.”“And no kissing,” Bostancı Escort Bayan I said. “That would be too weird.We had established the rules. She was practically grinding her butt against me.She turned and grabbed me, pulled me out of my boxers, and started playing with me. She was a little rough (we were both pretty inexperienced) and was doing it all wrong. I tried to correct her and that’s when she said she wanted to watch me. I said I wanted to watch her. So we watched each other.We didn’t cuddle or anything after and she was gone by the time I woke up the next morning. I didn’t see her all day.That night, after all of our friends had gone, she came home and found me swimming me in the pool. We talked for a few minutes, but not about the night before. She went inside, said she’d be up in her room doing stuff. There was a look she gave that I would come to know.That night we went down on each other and 69’d, and that was what we mostly did every now and then. At first only when our parents were gone, but then it became more frequent, eventually it was almost every day after school.The first time we had sex was an accident. Escort Bostancı She was giving me a massage on my bed and when I flipped so she could work my front, I was tenting like mad. She teased me with her butt at first, and kept sliding back and forth across my body. I was poking out of my boxers and just kinda slipped in.She asked if she should stop.I said she should.She asked if I wanted her to stop.I said no.From there sex became as regular as oral. There was a period of about two weeks where we fucked every day. That was when we started kissing and sleeping in the same bed.That was when she got pregnant.She didn’t tell me at first. I noticed something was different about her. She was getting fucked up almost every day. She denied it, but I think she was trying to miscarry.Once she told me I offered to do whatever she wanted. She asked for the money, which I gave without hesitation. Her friend took her to the clinic (she told her it was some random guy she had hooked up with).We stopped fooling around after that. Things were only awkward for like a week or so before we got back to our original stepbrother/stepsister relationship. I started dating a girl she didn’t like. So she dated a guy I didn’t like. We were passive aggressively trying to make each other jealous.We’re both dating someone the other doesn’t like now. We only see each other a few times a year, but when we do we’re careful, take precautions. She’s on the pill, I usually pull out. Unless she doesn’t want me to.