Aralık 6, 2023

Fun at Wal-Mart

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I am a freshmen in college at a state university, 18 years of age. I’m a pretty average, I have brown hair, brown eyes, thin and I stand about 5’10. I’ve had a slew of girlfriends that have mostly been unsuccessful.

It was a pleasant day in late fall, my friend approached me after my last class of the day and told me he had lost one of his contacts at a party the night before. I knew what he wanted. I had brought my car to the first semester of college, unlike many of the other underclassmen around campus. I got these kind of conversations all the time….I’m out of this, I need a new one of these….My friend of course needed a ride to the nearest Wal-Mart optometrist so he could get some replacement contacts.

I looked at my watch – it was only noon. What did I have to lose, it was nice enough outside for a ride I guess.

We got in the car and drove the 15 mile distance to the Wal-Mart. Surprisingly the town we were in didn’t have one of these stores so we had to drive to the next nearest one. The town was nice, you could tell it had more money than the city in which our campus was a part of.

We walked in the Wal-Mart and I sat down in the optometry office while my friend went up to the desk to see about getting himself some new contacts.

The look on his face told me that this was not going to be the quick stop in and leave visit I had expected. He came and sat down next me.

“You need a damn appointment. She said she could fit me in sometime in the next hour but she has no idea when that will be.”

Jesus. I was stuck in Wal-Mart for at least an hour. I hadn’t brought anything to do – no homework, no books, no music, nothing.

I looked out into the store, the Wal-Mart was huge at least. I could waste some of my time walking around. I turned to my friend, “I’m going to wander around the store, I’ll come back in a half hour or so.”

I escort bayan gaziantep walked off. For about the next 15 minutes I moved aimlessly around the store. I looked at the CDs and electronics and went through all of the magazines they had. I had made may way through the store twice when I came upon her.

She was my height, dirty blonde hair down to her shoulders and very bright blue eyes. At first glance she appeared only to be decent looking, so I walked on by. Since I had nothing better to do I decided to stop and circle around for a better look of her, in the hopes that maybe she could occupy my attention for awhile.

I was definitely pessimistic the first time over. Her ass was absolutely gorgeous. It was not too big or too small and from the looks of it had just the right firmness as well. I gathered that she knew this fact to be true because the jeans she had on couldn’t get much tighter.

I moved into the aisle she was in and acted like the footrace products were of interest to me. Out of the corner of my eye I watched her move around. I watched her reach up and grab something off the top shelf, the movement pulling her shirt up enough to show off her stomach and belly button. I was definitely interested; she was very fit and had some slight ab definition.

I realized I was staring about a second too late. She turned at looked right at me as I was drooling over her great looks. My heart jumped in my throat and I felt like a dick all the sudden. I decided my fun was over and I turned and walked out of the aisle.

I walked over to the snack place and got myself something to drink and sat down. As I was watching the people go by, the girl I had been watching passed by and looked to be headed toward the restroom. I, of course, watched her move pass me and admired her toned body. As she got closer to me she looked me dead in the eye…

..and smiled. Not just any smile but a “I know what you’re up to” smile. Her eyebrows perked up for a second as she just continued to flash her teeth at me. I was enthralled and of course had no plans to look away until she did. She kept walking past, never taking her eyes or her smile off me.

Once her back was to me I saw she was putting a little extra effort into her walk to the bathroom, as well. Her butt cheeks were moving up and down and her hips were swaying ever so perfectly.

As she pushed the door to the restroom open she turned and looked back at me, flashing me a look that sent chills up my back.

I stared at the bathroom door as it shut behind her, I wasn’t even worried about the tent in my pants as I just sat there and thought about what to do. The restroom was one of many in the store, a unisex restroom for one person with a lock on the door. I decided to take a very big chance.

I got up and adjusted my crotch, walking slowly toward to restroom door. I moved up to it and thought to myself – well if she wanted me to come in she wouldn’t lock it, would she? I walked up and turned the knob, waiting for someone to say “stop” or “taken”. Nothing.

I figured I had reached to point of no return so I quickly stepped in and closed the door behind me.

She was standing with her back pressed against the wall, looking right at me and smiling still.

“What’s your name?” she asked.


“Lisa” she grinned.

We were on each other as quickly as possible. I grabbed behind her and grabbed an ass cheek with each hand. Getting a grip, I pulled her crotch up against mine and began kissing her. Our tongues were moving in each others mouth at a feverish pace, our hands rubbing up and down each other’s clothed bodies as our breathing increased.

“Oh Jesus, John,” she moaned. “This can’t be happening! I want you to do it to me!”

I wasn’t going to protest. I jumped out of the rest of my clothes and helped her get out of her jeans. She was standing completely naked in front me of now. I couldn’t move fast enough…my hands went back for her ass and I pushed all 7 inches as deep as I could into her.

“Ahhhggggg-ohhhnnnnnn!” She sighed as it got deeper and deeper inside her.

Remembering where we were, I decided to pick up the pace. I moved in and out as fast as I could, causing her to go wild with humping.

“Aiiiieeee!” she screamed, her body convulsing under the driving, hammering prick of her new lover. “God, yes! Ohhhnnn! Ahhnnggiiieeeee! Ohhhhhh yes, yes,

baby, annnngghiiieeeeee!”

I was getting closer and closer as our fucking began to get even more and more frantic.

“Awwwoonnnggg!” she groaned as I fucked her more and more roughly. “Ungghh! Onnggh! John, I’m going to cum! Ungghhh!”

I remember that I had just met this woman, and I slowed down since I wasn’t sure if it was OK to unload inside her.

“No no no no, don’t stop, I’m on the pill cum inside meeee…”

I went faster than ever as soon as she said this, reaching my climax at nearly the same time she did.

“Anngghhh! Ohhhnnggeeeee! Ohhh….” she squealed into his ear, panting and gasping for breath.

This pushed me over the edge and I unloaded my cum inside her, pushing my cock in to the hilt with one big long shove. She was still realing from her orgasm, shaking and moaning and grinding her cunt against my cock.

“Ohhhh John!” She sighed. “You made me cum so much!”

With a groan I pulled myself out of Lisa’s cunt and started to put my clothes back on. She grabbed her watch and looked at it, “I have to meet my parents outside in 2 minutes, I’ve really got to run…It was fun.” She grinned at me again.

We put out clothes on and she left the restroom first. I took a minute inside to get dressed and catch my breathe, then I left and returned to sit next to my friend.