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Further Instructions

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Firmly planted in front of the computer, naked, legs spread apart and bound to the bottom of the chair, Maeve waited. She’d been here for almost two hours now, just sitting here, waiting for Teagan to come online with further instructions. The seat was damp beneath her, her wetness slick between her legs. The utter control she let him have a complete addiction for her. She knew if he allowed her to indulge, she would cum quickly. Her clit was pulsating already. She sat there in perfect stillness, and waited.

A bit later the messenger blinked orange. As per instructions she moved only her hands in order to read the message.

“You are to get up, shower, and put on your black corset, black lace undies, garter belt and black stockings. Over that will be your black button down shirt and red tartan skirt, also black wedge heels should complete the outfit. Then you are to get in your car and go to room 6 at O’Malley’s Bed and Breakfast. Wait for me there.”

Maeve undid the restraints on the chair, and slowly rose. Her body ached slightly and her joints didn’t want to move. Moving to the bedroom she gathered up the clothes she needed for tonight and headed for the shower.

The water felt good against her skin, the heat worked into her muscles, pushing the tension out. After making her body ready for tonight, she began to dress. After that came the finishing touches, her long copper hair fell in tousled waves around her shoulders, and her brilliant blue eyes shone. Applying her lipstick, the paleness of her skin was accentuated. Smiling she turned and headed out the door.

Thirty minutes later Maeve arrived at the B&B. Walking to the front desk, she informed them of what room she needed and proceeded to it. Turning the key in the lock, she opened the door and stepped inside.

As her eyes adjusted to the light she jumped. Strapped to the bed lay a woman. Her flaming red hair fell across her bare breasts and her dark green eyes were staring straight at Maeve. The bright pink ball gag moved slightly and the girl strained against the restraints at her ankles and wrists. She feigned a since of fear, but in her state Maeve could tell she was aroused. Her bare pussy glistened with new wetness.

Maeve felt a twinge in her gut, and she stood there not moving not istanbul travesti knowing what to do. Quietly the door opened, Maeve felt Teagan’s hand on her back. He whispered in her ear, “Meet Blair, she’s going to be joining us.” Maeve’s eyes widened and she could feel warmth growing in her panties.

“Strip for me, Maeve, down to your lingerie.” ordered Teagan.

Maeve did as she was told…sliding the shirt from her shoulders and shimmying out of the skirt. She stood there, still and waited for Teagan to continue. “Make her yours, Maeve, wholly and completely, but do not allow her release, not until I say.” informed Teagan. Maeve nodded and she walked towards the foot of the bed.

Once there, she gripped Blair’s ankle and ran her nails across the girl’s flesh. Each time she got closer to her sex Blair would shift slightly, arching to try and get her to touch. Maeve licked her lips, and moved upward towards the girl’s B-sized breasts. There she trailed soft circles around the nipples, flicking her thumb across each one…

Maeve leaned down and breathed hot breath against Blair’s perked nipples. She felt the girl shudder and noticed the growing dampness underneath her. Maeve darted her tongue out of her mouth, and slowly traced a circle around Blair’s breasts before placing the nipple into her mouth. She began to suck softly, leaving lipstick traces against the flesh. She bit down gently and heard Blair moan against the gag.

She ran her hand up the girl’s thigh, and very slowly began to trace trails around her clit. She moved her finger softly into the folds, and finding Blair’s clit began to rub softly. Her fingers were already soaked, so she worked two of them into Blair’s pussy, rubbing her thumb against the slit as she fucked her.

Blair soon began to moan and Maeve reached up and slapped the girl’s clit hard. “NOT YET.” she forcefully spoke. Maeve looked over at Teagan, who had by now stripped down and slowly stroking his cock. She could see the precum glittering on the head, and even though she wanted to taste it so badly, she knew she had such a willing person to attend to and would not be allowed such a taste until the task was complete.

Maeve bent down, slowly working her mouth towards Blair’s pussy. Her tongue left istanbul travestileri slick markings across the girl’s skin. Once she reached her destination, she began to kiss up the lips, and avoided the clit. She did this for a few moments, with Blair struggling to get her to touch the clit, a moaning barely breaking through the gag.

It was then that Maeve thought of something, and rising upward she reached for the gag to remove it, but before doing so, she looked towards Teagan. His brown eyes gazed at her intently, and knowing exactly what she was requesting he nodded. Maeve removed the gag and whispered in Blair’s ear. “You are to talk dirty for me, loud enough that Teagan can hear, nod if you understand.” Blair nodded slowly, working her jaw back into position. “Good girl.” whispered Maeve.

Moving slowly back down, Maeve began to lick along Blair’s clit. Working her tongue in quick circles she alternated between licking and sucking softly. Blair moaned, and began to push upwards as much as she could. “Oh, god Maeve, Lick my sopping cunt!” Blair screamed.

“STOP!” Teagan bellowed. Maeve froze, her face still buried in Blair’s pussy, the girl shuddering with each escape of breath. “Rise up, slut.” said Teagan. Maeve arose slowly, Blair’s juices running down her chin, pooling in between her breasts. “Come here, on your knees.” Maeve left the bed and she crawled towards Teagan. “Remove everything but your corset.” Maeve did as she was told, letting the lingerie drop to the floor. Teagan reached into the bag that was under his chair.

Withdrawing a strap-on, he ordered Maeve to put it on. “Now, go back and fuck her.” Maeve returned to Blair and crawled on top of the bed. “May I undo the restraints?” Maeve questioned. “Yes.”, was his only response.

Maeve quickly undid the restraints. “Get up, on your knees.” Blair moved slowly, her body adjusting to the new position. Maeve pushed the girl down, turning her around so that the girl’s ass was to her. She rose and grabbed one of her stockings from the floor, returning to Blair, she tied the girl’s wrists behind her back. “Face to the mattress, cunt.” Blair did as she was told, her pussy juice dripping down her thighs with each word Maeve spoke.

Maeve istanbul travesti placed the head of the strap on dick against the girl’s opening; she pressed it in, working it all the way. She began to fuck her slowly, soaking the dick down. Blair moaned against the bed.

Maeve quickly withdrew the dick and sliding a hand against Blair’s pussy, she quickly slathered up the girl’s ass. She pressed the dick against it and entered, slowly at first, but as Blair opened she began to pump faster. Reaching forward she knotted her hand in a fist of Blair’s hair. She began to pound into Blair’s ass, fucking her over and over. Each time she felt an orgasm getting close, she’d stop.

Pulling out until just the tip was in the girl’s ass. She’d then pinch the girl’s clit hard and say, “Did I say you could fucking cum, whore?” Blair would moan a guttural response and wait.

When Maeve had worked the girl hard enough, she undid her wrists and ordered the girl to lie on her back. Wiping the dick of the strap-on on the bed she entered Blair’s pussy and began to fuck it furiously.

In her haze she heard Teagan rise, as he climbed on the bed, she could feel his hand against her cunt. “Stop.” Teagan ordered. Maeve halted and waited.

She felt Teagan began to enter a finger into her cunt. “My how hot you are Maeve, already so very wet.” He removed his hand and spread the wetness against his cock. Sliding a finger back in he soaked up some of her juices and spread them on her ass. “Lie against her.”, he ordered. Teagan rose and entered Maeve’s ass hard. “Now, start fucking her again.” said Teagan.

Maeve began to thrust in time with Teagan. Every time he fucked her hard, she fucked Blair. The three of them moved in motion with one another. Maeve could feel Blair’s orgasm and her own rising quickly to the surface. Teagan grunted against Maeve’s back. “On my command you both are to cum.” Maeve and Blair both nodded in understanding.

With that Teagan began to thrust faster, pounding his dick into Maeve’s ass. Maeve fucked Blair’s pussy hard. “NOW!” screamed Teagan. Maeve felt Blair go first, hot juice gushed against her thighs. It was Maeve’s turn, she felt her pussy contract and the orgasm reached breaking point, and she began to drip. At that precise moment, she felt Teagan cum. Hot cum spurted inside of her ass as he pushed against her. He withdrew slowly, and the cum soon began to leak out of her ass.

Teagan rose and moved towards the bathroom. Once finished he returned dressed. “Both of you. Get dressed. Go home. Await further instructions.” The girls both did as they were told.