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Getting Her Through It

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He was tired of the whining and complaining of never being able to move on. Every so often she went on a tangent of wondering if she was enough for him. So he had a plan to make her realize or hopefully realize she was all he wanted. Knock. Knock. Knock. The plan had arrived. Now he waited for his babygirl.

Riley was to be at her Daddy’s house in a half hour. He was still made at her for her outburst about not being enough. She had doubts but sometimes Daddy just didn’t get it she thought. She had no idea what Daddy was about to put her through.

Riley arrive at 7:30 wearing the cute black dress she promised Daddy she would wear. Her red hair was tied back loosely, almost enough to just be undone. Her cheeks were rosy and her eyes glistened green. She was nervous and she had no idea she had every right to be. Daddy was going to make her see.

“Well hello there princess”, Daddy said.

“Hi Daddy. I came when you told me to.”

“Come in and go fetch a drink”

She sauntered off to grab a glass of wine. She was a fan of red wine. Slowly she sipped their wine. The had a brand that they both enjoyed. When she turned the corner, she saw her. The small blonde at the table. Riley eyed her intensely. Her face became scarlet as she ran straight to her Daddy.

“Who is she and what is she doing her on our night?” she demanded as she swallowed the glass of Merlot.

“Darling I believe you forgot your manners. This is Sophie. She is her to help you tonight and you will behave nicely. If not, you will be punished. Do you understand?”

She hated istanbul travesti sharing. She couldn’t stand it because of her past. She didn’t like to share attention but Daddy said she had to behave, so she turned and smiled as she said, ” Welcome, I’m Riley, Eli’s girlfriend. What is your name?”

The blonde stood and said, ” My name is not important today as I am told by your Daddy, but to make you comfortable, its Brooke.”

“Daddy, what is going on?” Riley whispered as she eyed the both of them.

Eli said nothing as he took Riley’s hand and took her to the fun room. Riley notice Brooke followed. But before she could ask what was going on, Eli tied her to the chair in the corner, gagged her and left her there. Riley was so confused. She had no idea what was going on.

Neither Brooke or Eli spoke as he took her to the bed and stripped her. She had a plump, round ass and taut tits. Riley noticed they were easily smaller than her own but even more perkier. She began to struggle against her restraints. Eli looked at her as he continued to tie Brooke to the bed.

“I am tired of your complaining. Tonight you will see that you are the only one for me. You will learn your lesson.” Eli bit out.

Eli pulled out his floggers, whips and canes. He warmed up Brooke’s plump ass until she begged for more. The dragon tail whip came next. He aimed for her ass and smacked several times. He was determined to mark her as he tried to do to Riley many times. Occasionally he would glance at Riley and blow her a kiss as he knew how pissed kadıköy travesti off she was.

Brooke yelped and screamed as each hit came. She wasn’t able to take as much as Riley but she tried. When the cane came, her ass was sore and she was ready to give up. Eli hit her 10 times in the same spot and she safe worded. She couldn’t handle it. Her Dom never took her that far and she was grateful. But her Dom had loaned her out for tonight, so she had to be good.

Riley was almost in tears when the spanking stopped. She watched Eli walk over the to night stand and pull out a condom. Her eyes shot open as she watched Brooke put it on Eli. Riley all but screamed in anger. She couldn’t watch this. She couldn’t believe he would make her do this. To her amazement, Eli walked to her.

“This girl is just a release. She is not important to me and she knows it. I am not important to her. Once I fuck her, she is leaving. She is not you, nor will she ever be. You are who I come to for the important things. You hold my heart. You are my future.” he whispered.

Eli walked over to Brooke and violently shoved his big, thick cock into her. He pounded her into the bed and grunted with each thrust. Riley watched as tears ran down her face. The sex was different. She didn’t see passion. It was primal…animalistic. It looked like it was just two people having sex to have sex. Eli knew Riley couldn’t take him have private relations such as cuddling and slow sex with others. She couldn’t take the thought of either of them being anadolu yakası travesti intimate with others the way they were with each other. He saw how much it broke her. He had to show her it wasn’t like that. For them to maintain the open relationship they had, he had to make her see she was his only one.

Finally, after what seemed ages, the two were done. Brooke had screamed and came all over Eli’s cock as he pumped his release to an end. The two cleaned up and he walked Brooke to the door. Riley was in tears when Eli came back. He allowed her to have her moment as he changed the bed sheets and fetched her from the chair. Riley hit him in the chest over and over again to let out her anger. She called him every name she could think of under the sun. But in the end she fell silent.

“Daddy, why did you make me watch that? I really don’t like you for it.” she sobbed as she laid in his arms.

“Because as I said before, you needed it. The other girls don’t hold a candle to you. I was looking at you most of the time but your stubbornness would not allow you to se it. Yes, I enjoy different things, but at the end of the day, you are my last thought before bed. You are my first thought when I wake up. You are my babygirl. Not her or anyone else. You have my heart and no matter what, no one else will ever have it. You had to see that to believe it, whether you liked it or not. Yes, we both flirt and you’ll wonder, but I am yours. Do you believe me?”

Riley realized he put himself in a position to lose her in making her watch. He was with her now and always has been. Finally she understood what he meant. She looked up to his pretty green eyes and whispered, “Yes Daddy, I believe you. I understand what you did. Just keep reminding me I’m yours and you’re mine. I’m damaged and need it. But I thank you for showing me the way. I love you Daddy.”

“I love you too sweetheart.”