Nisan 24, 2023

Glazed Like a Doughnut

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(Author note: Originally posted under the pen name Gert_Boekbinder)

Lauren was on her back below me. A sheen of sweat on her forehead; her dark curly hair going in every direction. Her gentle moans had morphed into raw ragged grunts as I pushed into her pussy. The bed gently knocked against the wall from the force of our fucking.

I was close to cumming, but wasn’t quite ready to finish our session. I needed something to take my mind off of it. I reached out and grabbed Lauren’s wrists and pushed them against the mattress. She sighed in pleasure at the sensation.

“Tell me…your…biggest…fantasy,” I managed to blurt out between thrusts.

The electric sensation in my cock was becoming hard to ignore. I knew what she was going to say. This was a discussion we had had many times previously, and her fantasy never changed much.

Lauren let out a noise that was half moan, half giggle. Her eyes remained close.

“My fantasy is to be tied to a table and be drenched in cum.”

“Tell…me….more,” I hissed out.

“I want man after man to cum in me and on me. And I want you there. Telling them what to do to me. I want them to use me. I want to be sopping wet from it. I want…their…cum..dripping…from….me-ahhhhh.”

As she finished speaking her cunt tightened around my dick. She arched her back and cried in pleasure as she came. The thought of being doused in ejaculate tipping her over the edge.

The feeling of my fiancee orgasming below me was to much to endure. With a bark I shot my load into her. Rope after rope of my cum fired into her. I collapsed onto Lauren’s chest and we lay there. The only sound our rapid breathing.

Ten minutes later, I lay alone on the bed. Lauren’s juices drying rapidly on my wilted cock. Lauren sat in front of her dressing table, attacking her makeup with remover. It was late and the only light in the room came from a lamp on the dressing table. In the gloom of our bedroom she was still stunning. Blessed with a slender frame and perky chest, she lit up everywhere she went. Why she had chosen to end up with me was a mystery.

“What, Tim?”

I realised she had spotted me staring and was now looking at me in the reflection of her mirror.

“Nothing. Just looking at a beautiful woman.”

She rolled her eyes and mock gagged at my response. She put down the cotton wool she was using and picked up her hairbrush. As she was wrestling the birds nest her hair had formed, a thought struck me.

“You know your fantasy about having a load of guys…”

I trailed off, unsure of the delicate way to finish that sentence.

“Shower me in their jizz?”

Lauren clearly wasn’t fussed about delicacy.

“Yes that one. Where did that come from? Have you seen a porn with that in or read about it somewhere?”

Lauren shrugged.

“I don’t know really. I know there are those videos where a woman gets covered in cum, but I’ve never watched one. I’ve always liked playing with it once you’ve finished. And I like the way it’s all warm and slimy on my skin. I think I’m just greedy and want as much of it as possible.”

She paused for a second, before continuing

“And of course there is the whole dominance and control thing as well. Being tied up, used and abused. It’s sexy.”

As she was speaking I felt a stirring in my crotch. Apparently I wasn’t as tired after our earlier session as I had thought. Lauren had noticed my dick hardening as well.

“I see you like the fantasy of me being glazed like a doughnut as well, Timothy,” she said, her mouth curling into a smile

“Maybe,” I responded. “Or maybe I just like to hear you talking dirty?”

Lauren raised her eyebrows and then stared at me like a snake stared at a mouse. After a moment, she put her hairbrush down, stood up and took her dressing gown off. She took two paces and joined me on the bed.

“Why don’t we find out then?” She said, “Stand up. And face me,”

I did what I was told. She reached into the bed side table and pulled out our tube of lube. She gestured for me to hold out my hand before depositing a coin size dollop into my palm. My dick at this point jutted out, inches from Lauren’s face. She tossed the lube back into the drawer before laying down on her side.

“Come on then. Cover me in cum,” she said in a mock husky voice.

I gripped my cock and started smearing the lube along it’s length. Lauren watched me with affected indifference. I slowly began to stroke my dick. My hand running up and down my shaft sending tiny bolts of pleasure up my spine.

“That’s right baby. Work that dick. Do it faster.”

I did as I was told and picked up speed. I never usually played with myself at this speed; I usually like to go slow and steady, really draw out the experience. Lauren clearly wanted my cum as quickly as içel seks hikayeleri possible.

A involuntary moan escaped my lips as my right hand tugged at my cock. My entire crotch felt electrified.

“Oh that’s it. Really go for it baby. Give me your cum. Spray it all over me. Where are gonna shoot it, baby?”

“Where…do…you…want…it?” I managed it to choke out, my breathing now shallow and rapid.

“No, no, no. You’re in charge. I’m your cum-rag to use and abuse.”

The sensation in my cock as I violently jerked it stopped me responding quickly enough for Lauren’s liking.

“Okay. I will give you some options. You can cum on my face, my tits, my belly, or maybe my arse.”

She got to her knees, wrapped her arms around my neck and looked me dead in the eyes.             

“Where are you going to cum on me, Timothy?” she asked in a whisper.

“Face,” was all the response I could give.

Lauren nodded and sat down on the edge of the bed. She wrapped an arm round my waist and pulled me closer. My dick was now at most two inches from her face.

“When you’re ready I want you to cum on my face. Will you do that for me baby? Will you give me all your spunk? I wanna taste it on my lips.”

It was all too much. I felt the familiar tightening in my balls and the spasm in my back. My semen shot from my dick and landed on Lauren’s caramel coloured skin. I groaned in ecstasy.

My cum splattered onto Lauren’s left cheek and her top-lip. She smiled in satisfaction as it did so and lay back on the bed. Her hand came to her face and slowly she rubbed my semen onto her skin. She then brought her hand to her mouth and licked the residue from it.

I stood panting as I watched her play with my emission. At that moment I wished I had more to give her. I wished that my cock could become a hose, and be able to drench her with my love. For every inch of her skin to be soaked with my jizz. Lauren lifted her head and grinned at me.

“I don’t know about you, but I thought that was fucking hot,” she said.

That evening stayed lodged in my memory. The image of my fiancee laying on her back rubbing my seed into her skin was a hard one to dislodge. We had shared our fantasies with each other hundreds of times over the years. The fantasy of being drenched in dozens of men’s spunk wasn’t new or unknown to me. But that evening was the first time we had re-enacted it (on a very minor scale).

A few days later I was sat at work, mulling over two questions. Firstly, how could I go about fulfilling Lauren’s fantasy, and secondly, even if I could somehow arrange it would she be on board?

The second problem seemed to be the simplest. Lauren was always willing to give something a go in the bedroom. Our sexual history attested to that. Given enough time to warm up to the idea (as well as a suitable safeword) she would probably be game.

It was the first that was the most tricky. There were hardly online listings of groups of men interested in this sort of thing. Or at least men who weren’t creepy oddballs.

Some idle Googling on company time turned up a couple of interesting possibilities. The first was something that billed itself as an ‘adult club and spa’. Some additional searching found some online reviews that confirmed my suspicion that it was a swingers club. Surely if anywhere could assemble a group of men ready and willing to fulfil Lauren’s fantasy it would be there?

The second item of interest was something called ‘Pearl Silk’, a lube that was designed to mimic the look and feel of semen as closely as possible. The thought occurred that we could use that as a way of exploring Lauren’s fantasy. If she enjoyed it as much as I think she would, then maybe we could move onto the sex club. And if that was as far as she wanted to go? Fine. It could be a fun kink we could explore just between us.

I added a couple of tubes of lube to the order and clicked ‘Buy’.

Three to five business days later I received a WhatsApp message from Lauren, who worked from home: ‘U GOT PACKAGE. ANYTHING COOL?’.

I fired a message back saying something along the lines of: Yes. Very cool. You can open if if you like’. Lauren was a big kid when it comes to parcels being delivered. Even if it was something boring like printer ink or a box of socks she couldn’t resist opening it.

My phone buzzed again five minutes later: ‘SPUNK LUBE? LOL.”

I couldn’t help smiling at what Lauren’s face looked like as she opened the package. Not what she was expecting to get in the post at all.             


There was no response for a while, and I thought that I might have overstepped the mark. There is after all a difference between having an idle sexual fantasy and your partner actually doing something about it.

Eventually my phone buzzed again: ITS V. REALISTIC. EVEN TASTES RIGHT. I’M GAME’. I broke into a grin, and did my best to pretend to work for the next five hours.

The day dragged on but eventually I managed to escape and head home. I walked though the door and, before I had time to drop my bag or take my jacket off, Lauren ran up to me and pulled me in for a deep, lingering kiss.

As she broke the kiss, she pulled on my collar till my ear was level with her mouth.

“Shower,” was all she said.

It was all she needed to say, frankly. I tore off my work stuff and headed straight up stairs. I jumped into the shower and washed the dust and grime of the city off of me. I towelled myself down and splashed a bit of aftershave on before walking into the bedroom.

Lauren was there waiting for me, sitting cross legged on the bed. Like me she was naked.

“So, it’s very lifelike is it?” I asked.

Lauren nodded, uncrossed her legs and stood up.

“Oh yeah. Right consistency and everything. Only thing that’s missing is a man for it to come out of.”

She crossed the floor as she spoke and started to play with my hair.

“Ah, and I suppose that’s where I come in is it?”

“Absolutely,” she responded, just before her lips met mine.

Her free hand slowly travelled to my dick and began to massage it. I felt my blood begin to flow into the organ. After a moment she broke the kiss and dragged me to the bed. She toppled backwards and pulled me with her. We landed on the mattress and kissed while our hands explored each others bodies. Mine roamed to her arse and pulled her pussy into my crotch. She moaned in satisfaction as my cock rubbed against her folds, while I got to feel her tits pressed up against my chest.

I broke the kiss and pushed myself up to my knees. I scanned the room and saw what I was searching for on my bed side table: a tube of Pearl Silk. I reached over Lauren and grabbed it. I flipped the cap off the tube and looked down at Lauren. Her eyes were bright with anticipation.

“Where do you want it?” I asked

“You’re in charge,” she whispered in response.

I lifted my legs over hers so that I was straddling her legs. I took aim and squirted a dollop of the creamy white slime onto her perfect tits. It landed with a faint slap.

“Oh fuck,” she gasped.

I was impressed. If I hadn’t have just squeezed it out of a tube I would have sworn that Lauren had a huge wad of spunk slowly dribbling down over her nipples. Her left hand rose to her tits and smeared the lube across her chest, working the faux-sperm into the soft skin of her breasts. Her right descended to her pussy and began to attack her clit.

“More,” she demanded.

I could do nothing but oblige. As she frigged herself on the bed, eyes closed and mouth slightly open in pleasure, I was struck with indecisiveness. Where should the next load go? Last time I had shot my load directly into face, but there were so many other options. Her belly was an inviting target, as was directly into her crotch. Maybe I should flip her over and fire onto her round arse? Maybe spray it up her back, following the curve of her spine.

In the end I decided to go for realism. I held the bottle next to my cock, it’s nozzle pointing in the same direction, and squeezed.

I had serious misjudged the amount of pressure needed to fire off a ‘load’. A massive streak of lube fired from the tube in an arc over Lauren’s body. Thick stringy ‘cum’ followed a perfect line from her crotch, over her stomach and onto her tits. It then carried on along her neck, onto her face and then into her hair. I had even gotten some on the wall at the head of the bed.

As the lube hit her skin Lauren’s back arched and her mouth opened in a silent cry of pleasure. The lube that splattered on her pussy began to make a loud squelching sound as her fingers forced it inside her cunt. Laurens free hand roamed up and down her body spreading the white goo all over her skin. Her legs were starting to kick and buck and she was making tiny little yelp noises. The noises were usually sign that she was about to have a massive climax.

Her spreading hand finally reached her face. She rubbed the lube across her features and into the tight ringlets of her hair. This was the action that tipped her over the edge. A huge orgasm ripped though her. Her whole body appeared to spasm uncontrollably. She forced her right hand, dripping with pearlescent gunk into her mouth to stop herself from screaming in pleasure.

Somewhere deep in the back of my mind, I noticed that unlike real spunk, the lube was maintaining it’s viscosity. Neither was it drying out. If anything this lube was an improvement on real baby batter. She really did look like had been glazed like a doughnut.

Lauren had finished climaxing and lay on the sodden sheets. Both hands now were playing with the lube; smearing it across her body, picking up clumps of it and then letting it slowly drip down to her flesh. She scooped some lube from her neck and held it up to me.

“Try it, its nice”.

Curiosity overtook me. I leant down and took her fingers into my mouth. The lube was salty and thick, but not unpleasant. I looked at Lauren and made eye contact. Her face, shiny and soaked, had a broad smile on it.

She slowly drew her fingers from my mouth. Without breaking eye contact with me, she reached down and pushed the same fingers deep inside her cunt. She left them there for just a moment before pulling them out and offering them to me. Her fingers glistened with a combination of the fake cum and her own juices. I opened her mouth and let her push her soiled fingers into my mouth. They tasted wonderful. The saltiness of the mock sperm mixed with the mustiness of her cunt.

My cock at this point was throbbing in anticipation. Pre-cum was smeared all over it’s head. I needed release and I needed It soon. I stood up.

“Get on your knees.”

It wasn’t a request.

Without a word Lauren pushed herself up, turned around and proffered her rear to me. I grasped her slippery hips and pushed my cock inside her. With the amount of lube that landed on her cunt, I eased in without a whisper of resistance. We both gasped as my dick sunk so deep into her that my balls rubbed up against her clit. A fat load of lube, forced out of her pussy by my manhood, dripped from her and landed on our now ruined sheets.

I slowly began to thrust inside her. Her pussy was as wet as I had ever felt it. My cock glided into her with almost no friction what so ever. The sensation was incredible and I knew that I wouldn’t last long. I grabbed the tube of lube from where I had dropped it onto the bed. I held it as high as I could above Lauren and gently squeezed. Thick droplets of the pale gunk splatted onto her back. She inhaled loudly, a mix of surprise and delight.

I lowered my aim slightly and squeezed once more. The lube this time landed on Lauren’s arse. One droplet had managed to bullseye the crack of her arse. I dropped the lube onto the bed. With one hand I tightly gripped Lauren’s hip. With the other I spread the lube across the flawless skin of her back. As I pounded into her cunt, the lube on her backside was smeared across her cheeks and my groin. I could feel the coldness of it as the load that had landed dead centre ran down, across her arsehole and onto my shaft.

“Oh god…god…fuck!” Lauren exclaimed as I ploughed into her. Her back, like her front, was now covered in a thick layer of Pearl Silk. The sensations from my member were becoming too much and I could feel my balls beginning to tighten. I wasn’t going to last long and I needed a grand finale. I needed to add some real seed to the fake spunk that covered every Lauren’s skin.

I pulled out of Lauren’s sloppy womanhood and gave her hip a firm push with my hand. She dutifully rolled onto her back. The bed sheet immediately attached itself to the sticky gunk covering her. I lifted my leg and straddled her chest. Lauren clearly realised what I intended and opened her mouth.

The tip of my shaft hovered a couple of inches from her slimy lips. I took my dick in hand and gave it some incredibly well lubricated strokes. My cock throbbed in my hand. With every stroke pleasure raced along my nerve endings. I felt my muscles twitch and contract in anticipation. After barely a few seconds, my cock erupted. I cryed in pleasure as real semen launched from my gland and landed on Lauren’s tongue and chin. It was indistinguishable from the lube that covered her.

I felt my knees begin to weaken and I rolled off of Lauren before I collapsed on to her. We both lay on a pile made up of bedsheets and fake spunk. Lauren turned her head to look at me.

“That was incredible,” she said between laboured breaths.

“Was it everything you thought it would be?” I responded.

“Oh absolutely. That’s as close to the real thing as you could get.”

As she spoke her hand scooped a dollop of the lube from my crotch. She held it between thumb and forefinger. As she opened and closed her grip the lube stuck to her and became stringy, just like the real thing.

“For arguments sake, If I could somehow organise the real thing — you know you and a dozen spunk filled men — would you be interested?”

Lauren’s eyes narrowed in suspicion.

“Timothy, what are you talking about? What have you done?”

“I haven’t done a thing. Just answer the question. If I could arrange it, would you want to do it?”

My question hung heavy in the air. Lauren’s eyes stared at me, looking for any clue as to what I had been up to. I maintained a blank expression as best I could.

After a long moment of consideration she gave her answer.