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Goddess Worship

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This story happened 10 years ago, when I was dating casually, exploring a wide range of sexual experiences.

Her personal ad was straightforward: Big Beautiful Goddess looking for oral worship. I answered without hesitation. After a few messages we exchanged phone numbers. She allowed me to call her.

The first phone conversation is the crucial transition from online to real life. Conversation provides the opportunity to decide whether there is chemistry between strangers. Her voice was cheerful. She had a sense of humor. A mixture of curiosity, excitement and just the right small dose of nervousness made us decide to spontaneously meet the same evening.

Her expectations were clear: I would rim, lick, eat her, and she would provide precise instructions how to do it. There would also be playful verbal humiliation. I shouldn’t expect any gratification in return. Worshipping a Goddess was a reward in itself. I enthusiastically agreed to her conditions. We were both looking forward to a twisted fun playtime.

She lived in an upscale residential complex near the lakeshore. It was summer and therefore not completely dark when I arrived at 9 pm. The last remnants of the sunset were still lingering in the sky when I opened the door that she had left unlocked for me.

As instructed, I went upstairs. Her room was dark, but I could make out her imposing feminine figure on the bed. Kneeling on the floor, my first words were “Good evening, Goddess”. “Hello, little one”, she responded. “Turn around and strip.” She slowly turned the light on while I did my best male stripper act wiggling out of my ripped jeans and t-shirt to reveal my ripped abs (ok, that last part is fantasy). “Good boy” she said approvingly. “Now show me that ass of yours. Squat so I can see that little dick dangling between your balls. If you have any balls, that is.” I was facing the closet opposite her bed, so I couldn’t see her. However, I was eager to give her a good view.

Men can be as self-conscious about their body as women. However, since the sight of a naked woman would make me naturally excited regardless of any real or perceived body imperfections, I realized that it would be quite similar for a woman looking at a naked man. Therefore I exposed myself in a slutty way without hesitation, spreading my legs and lifting my ass so that my cock and cojones (I am a sucker for alliterations) could be seen from behind.

I find it liberating Bycasino to be in the submissive role in the sexual dance with a woman who lets you know that she knows what she wants. She will go for it when she is ready. She will show and tell you what she likes and dislikes. She is not self-conscious, because her body is perfect by definition. As a submissive, I am expected to be both appreciative and honest with her. Therefore I will look for beauty in everything about her and eventually see her as the Goddess she already is.

“Turn around, boy” she commanded. “Why do you have that stupid smile plastered on your face?” she asked as I did. “Because I am so happy to see you” I answered, meekly with a hint of cocky.

I looked at a big, beautiful, black woman. Her body was toned and muscular, her ample breasts perfectly round and firm. Her voice was deep and sexy. As a marketing executive she had lived and travelled abroad extensively, which I found extra alluring. A sophisticated woman who enjoyed having her ass licked. What more could I ask for.

“You like what you see, huh? But stop staring at me for a minute, will you? Your face will be up my ass soon enough. But first I have to make sure that you can follow instructions. See the pile of clothes on the bed? Fold them and put them in the closet.”

It is a delightful task. I understand why many Doms make their subs do it. She can see whether he has a sense of finesse and careful attention. After all, if he would throw her panties carelessly into the drawer, how could he be expected to touch her body right? For him it is a chance to see, feel and smell the fabric that would touch his Goddess daily. Treating her clothes with care and respect is part and prerequisite of worshipping the person.

When I completed my task and turned back to look at the bed, my Goddess was lying on her tummy, facing away from me. Her legs were parted, and her body language indicated without uncertainty that my main task was about to begin. “Shall I worship your ass now?” I asked to make sure. “Yes, dummy” she said in mock annoyance.

Soon I found myself exploring her ass with my eager tongue, following her exact instructions. Like tasting a good wine, she let me appreciate the sight and the smell first, so I could get slowly acquainted with her flavor. Her body scent was natural and faintly hinting of emerging arousal. She made me lick her cheeks and her crack Bycasino giriş first, always very slowly, gradually approaching the precious pink center. She also expected, no, commanded me to vocalize my appreciation, first in words while be holding her sight, then merely in sounds while my tongue was tasting her delicate skin.

Once the area around her inner sanctum was slick and wet with my saliva, she allowed my tongue to enter her hole. She strongly encouraged me to dive in as deep as possible. My nose was firmly entrenched between her ass cheeks, my eyes were gazing at the bronze-colored valley of her lower back, the dew of her arousal was dropping on my chin, while my mouth was breathing, tasting, consuming what she promised to offer.

She announced that she would feed me her black ambrosia, the most delicious food that exists. While my eager tongue was licking the insides of her rectum in reality, the fruits from her bowels were only an imaginary make-believe suggestion. And yet, if shit had happened while I was completely immersed in worshipping my Goddess, I believe I would have welcomed it. In fact, I was almost disappointed when she finally released me from my ass worship duty and ordered me to go to the bathroom and rinse with mouth wash.

Of course it was the smart and sensible thing to do. As you may guess, my next task was to worship her pussy.

It was delightful to experience the contrast and the similarity between her orifices. Both are so suitable for licking as well as for fucking. The narrow canyon with a smooth slope leading to the mysterious depth of her anal cavity contrasted with the rich vaginal landscape of mountains and valleys. The lush, fragrant forest of her pubic hair around the hills of her outer labia. Scaling those hills revealed a gorgeous view of her inner labia surrounding the lake to her paradise shimmering in silvery wetness. Slightly north I would find urethra springs, the source of her golden nectar. Drinking from that source was another promise not yet fulfilled on our first encounter. Above all reigned mount clitoris, the peak of pleasure she encouraged me to climb.

She gave me similar instructions as before on how to approach this exhilarating height: I was expected to go around in seemingly endless circles before finally arriving at the destination. But while Goddess had my tongue move slowly toward her anal center, she expected speed around her clit, Bycasino güncel giriş like a vibrator turned on high. If the release of her body waste before had only be fantasy, her present orgasm was real, intense and deeply felt.

“Good boy” she sighed in satisfaction. She then surprised me by drawing my face to hers and gave me a kiss on the mouth. Our tongues and lips touched, as she communicated her appreciation of a job well done. Then we cuddled and spooned. “Hold me tight and rub your dick on my lower back” she said eventually. “Dry-hump me and make noises as if you would fuck me until you come”. This was another pleasant surprise, since reciprocation wasn’t expected. However, it fit well with the dynamics of the situation.

A dom rewards her sub for their services by granting them an orgasm. Of course she does not serve her sub in return, but gives permissions and instructions, so she can observe and get to know them better.

In my case she looked away, but she could feel my dick perfectly on her lower back, get a sense of its size and hardness. By instructing me to be vocal, she would also get an idea of how passionate I could be. A perfect test to find out whether I might be suitable as a future lover.

“Doesn’t my ass feel perfect? You wish that you could slip your dick right down between my cheeks and up into my pussy that is sooo wet. But you are not allowed to.” – “Oh yes, Goddess, you are perfect. I wish I could fuck you.” – “Pretend that you are fucking me. Imagine my tight pussy around your cock.” – “Oh Goddess, you are so warm and wet and wonderful” I exclaimed, while the only wetness came from my precum (that’s why they call it dry-humping). “Stop your silly talk. Just make noises. Focus on coming already.” – “Ooh, aah, arrrgh” (insert audio caption here – or not). Fuck, I was coming, rubbing my dick furiously against her back, trying to milk it as I was not allowed to use my hands.

“Oh my. You made quite a mess. Can’t you control yourself?” I fully expected that she would make me clean her back with my tongue, licking off every drop. But she just made me fetch a wash cloth and wipe it off with warm water.

She was full of surprises. We didn’t fuck that night, but she sure fucked with my mind. Thanks to her instigation, my fantasy of ingesting shit while eating her asshole became stronger than my desire to fuck her. I came to understand that both were real prospects in the future.

She let me spend the night. We slept in the same bed and had breakfast together the next morning. We discovered that we could talk about a wide range of topics and see eye to eye on an intellectual level. We would see each other again.