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GOOD KISSERJoi was seeing stars. Literally, she was. Her head was spinning, too. Her whole body had just locked up like Master and her muscles were slowly starting to relax. She was coming down off a huge orgasm. It was the Fourth of July. Joi and her fiancé Omari were supposed to be going over to a friend’s house for a barbeque. No chance of that happening now. Joi and Omari had their own fireworks going off.Omari had come home from work that morning to the sight of Joi bent over on his bed doggy-style with her head and shoulders under the covers. Omari dropped his backpack and drove his face into her booty. He gave her the licking of her life and Joi exploded all over his face, hence her present condition.It wasn’t too long ago that Omari had asked Joi to marry him and they decided to move in together. They had been dating for almost a year. If for some unknown reason they would break up, Omari had Joi totally ruined for any other man. The bar was set super high. Omari dotted after Joi and provided for her every need, physically, emotionally, and even financially. He had a great job working for the city and he owned his own townhouse in Prince George County, Maryland. Joi had just moved to the area and was working for a telecommunications company. She was also going to school. They had met on Facebook one night while Joi was bored and surfing. She was looking for a friend on there and came across Omari’s page. She accidentally liked a pic on his page and he soon messaged her. Joi didn’t feel like trying to explain how she ended up liking his pic so she tried to end the conversation. However, Omari’s persistence and personality won her over.Omari really wasn’t her type physically so Joi never understood her eventual attraction to him. Omari was cute instead of handsome. He had a lighter, caramel colored complexion. He wasn’t tall; he was maybe 5’9. He was somewhat chunky with more of a stocky build. He had wide shoulders and big muscular arms and a slight six-pack stomach. Joi went for mostly taller, thinner men. And she liked dreads. Omari had the classic, low-cut Caesar hairstyle. Also, Omari wasn’t what Joi considered well-endowed. He had a thick, curved six inch dick with a fat mushroom head. He could use what he had though, as Joi would find out. But the treasure that Joi discovered about Omari that would turn her out was the man’s hurricane tongue and his love of using it. Talk about a fetish. Once Omari put that thang on her, it was a wrap. Joi was 28 years old. She had done some things in college; experimented with women, some group sex, visited some swinger clubs. She loved toys and had plenty. She considered herself “experienced” in the bedroom. However, she wasn’t ready for what Omari laid on her.Joi always thought that men played lip-service to cunnigulus. They said what they thought a woman needed to hear to get the woman in bed. Once they did, either they weren’t good at it or wouldn’t do it at all. They thought their dicks could do the work. Most of the time, this wasn’t true either. Omari never boasted about his oral prowess. While they talked before actually meeting in person, sex was rarely mentioned. He got to know her well and was a great conversationist. When they did meet in person, he was very soft-spoken when they eventually started talking about sex. However, Joi noticed this naughty twinkle in his eye and it warmed her loins. Sex was very important to her so she had to be sure her time wasn’t being wasted. But she couldn’t deny that the chemistry was there and she was very curious about Omari and what he could do in bed.After about a month of talking and a few dates, Joi came over to Omari’s house for dinner. She discovered that the man could cook and he kept a neat place. Dessert was something special. While Omari was clearing the dinner table and putting the dishes in the dishwasher, Joi turned him and stole a soft kiss. After that, it was on and poppin. Omari took her hand and led Joi to the bedroom. A towel lying at the foot of the bed should’ve been her first clue but it didn’t register in Joi’s brain. Omari took off his shirt and Joi stripped to her bra and panties. She had a nice smooth dark chocolate complexion with perky 36-C cup breasts and small dark chocolate nipples. They were tingling and fully erect in anticipation. Joi was about 5 ft. 2 inches tall and maybe about 120 pounds of sexual fury. She didn’t know what was causing it, but her pussy was on fire as she waited to see what Omari could do.Omari stood bare-chested in front of her and kissed her softly as he guided her back onto the bed. He helped her out of her bra and her panties and muttered softly as he took in her body’s sweet scent.”Oh my.” he breathed. “You’re gorgeous.”He softly kissed the flesh on her shoulders and neck, licking on the soft micro hairs on her skin. Joi trembled in delight at his touch. Omari kissed and sucked on her breast flesh, swirling her nipples around in his hot mouth. Joi arched her back as if to will more of her breasts into his mouth. She squirmed uncontrollably and fought to keep from screaming out.Omari trailed his tongue down between her breasts and down her center until he got to her pelvis. He found that little erogenous zone and licked there too. Joi writhed in pleasure. Omari finally got between her thick thighs and looked down at her love pie. Joi liked to keep her pussy clean-shaven. Her vulva was fat and twitching for attention. The hood of her clit was swollen in anticipation and Omari’s mouth started to water. He looked up at her and Joi saw the devilish look in his eyes. He nuzzled his lips into the soft are to the side of her vulva and beside the hood of her clit. He licked softly and moaned as he did so. His tongue flicked on the flesh and Joi’s pussy began to bubble and foam. He licked up and down along each side of the pussy then sucked softly on the hood of her clit. He sucked her labia into his mouth and swirled the flesh around. He began to taste her nectar as it began to leak out from her vagina.”O-oh f-fuck… W-wh-hat are you d-doing t-t-to me?” Joi stammered as her orgasm started its eruption from deep within her loins.Omari continued feasting on her, moaning incessantly as he enjoyed her. Finally, Joi couldn’t take it anymore.”FFFFFFUUUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKK!!!!” she screamed out as she arched her back and grabbed his head, holding his mouth on her clit. Omari sucked on it and slurped her juices into his mouth.After what seemed like an eternity, Joi’s body relaxed as she came down from her orgasm. Her breasts rose and fell as she panted for breath. Omari just lay between her legs with his head on her thigh. After a few minutes, Joi realize that she had squirted. She struggled to sit up and she noticed Omari’s chin was dripping wet. The man made no effort to wipe her juices off. Joi blinked in wonderment.”How does it taste?” she asked.Omari looked at her with a smile and said, “Delicious.” He leaned back down and gave her clit another soft kiss. A bolt of electricity shot throughout Joi’s body and she stiffened again. Once she relaxed, she pushed his head away.”Oh my God you can’t do that to me again.” she moaned as she turned to her side.Omari looked at her with concern as she didn’t say anything for a good while. Finally, Joi got up and put her clothes on. Omari watched in astonishment as she got her things and prepared to leave.”Hey. Wait. Where are you going???” Omari cried out after her as she left out of his house. Joi said nothing as she left.Omari grabbed his cell phone and called her but Joi did not answer. Hurt and confused, Omari sat down on his sofa. He thought he was doing well with his cooking and his wanting to pleasure her. Maybe he did it too well. But she didn’t have to leave the way she did. He decided that he wasn’t going to call her back. If she wanted to explain herself, she could call.Joi was all fucked up. She still didn’t know what to think as she drove home. No man had ever made her cum like that. She wondered if this was how first-time crack users felt after they came down off their high. Her body was still tingling. She could still feel the remnants of the nut in her toenails and she kicked her feet wildly to shake the sensation. She shook her head as she realized that she was hooked. But she didn’t want a man to have that kind of control over her. Unless she could convince herself to stay away from Omari, she knew she’d be knocking at his door again soon for another fix. She blew out a deep breath as she drove away.That was seven months ago. Joi never got over her addiction. After trying to stay away for a few weeks, she finally caved in and saw Omari again. He had been blowing up her phone trying to figure out what he did wrong. When she finally talked to him, she explained that no one had ever made her feel like that before. Omari suggested that he not do that to her again and Joi sternly corrected him.”No.” she said. “For now on, that tongue is mines. You will not withhold it from me.”Omari just grinned and relented. The two were inseparable after that and fell in love.This morning, Omari sat on the edge of the bed watching Joi as she came down from her orgasm. It was almost 11am and after that, Joi sure as hell didn’t feel like going anywhere. All she wanted was to go to sleep.”No matter how many times you do that to me, I can never get used to it.” she breathed.”I never get tired of doing that.” Omari said softly. “But the sight of you like you were did something to me. What brought that on?”Joi was typically horny all of the time but she woke up early this morning after a particularly erotic dream and couldn’t get back to sleep. She had her laptop in bed with her and began to surf, eventually landing on one of her favorite websites, Nude Africa. She watched some of the movies that had been uploaded and wondered what would it be like for her to have her own movie of her being eaten on there. The thought turned her on even more and she told herself to discuss this with Omari. Here it goes, she thought.”I was on Nude Africa this morning watching videos. I thought about whether or not we should make our own video.” she said.Omari gave her a surprised look then scowled. “I don’t know about that, sweetie.” he said. “Why would you want other people all up in our business?””No one will know it’s us. Our faces will be blurred out. But they will be able to see my pussy and that hurricane tongue of yours.” she grinned.Omari sat there on the edge of the bed quietly as he took all of this in. Joi obviously had given this some thought.”How are we going to record it? I’m not a good cameraman and I can’t hold the camera while I do my thing with you.” he stated flatly.”My camera has a stand. We would just get the right angle set up and zoom in. You would kinda keep your head to the side so that people can see what you’re doing.” Joi said.”Hmmm.” Omari said, rubbing his chin. He mulled it over. Joi was obviously quite excited about this idea and he wanted to make her happy.”Okay, let’s do it.” he said finally.”Really? You want to?” she asked in amazement.”Sure. Obviously you want to do it. And honestly, I’m kinda curious as to how it will turn out.” he said.Joi grinned and jumped up off the bed. She went into the closet and grabbed her digital camera. She made sure there was enough space on the memory chip then looked around. She decided that the dresser would be a good platform. She sat the camera up on the small tripod and focused in on a spot near the foot of the bed. She turned the viewer around so that she could see what the camera was seeing. After checking the camera angle once again, she lay back on the bed with the remote control and made the camera zoom in on her pussy.”Okay, now you can get down there.” she instructed and Omari reluctantly took his place between her thighs.Once he got down there, he took in her womanly scent and his dick stiffened. Joi hit the record button on the remote then dropped it. She knew once Omari got started, she wouldn’t have much control of her faculties.”Okay baby, give it to me.” she breathed in anticipation. Her pussy had already started percolating.”Mmmmm.” Omari moaned and went in.His tongue trailed along her labia, slurping in the flesh and savoring her juices. It flicked up and down her slit, then back down to her quivering anus. Omari nuzzled it lovingly. Joi moaned softly and tried to control what she said while recording. She did not want to say his name. She decided to just keep it generic.”Ooooh shit baby, that’s good.” she encouraged him.Omari kept his face to the side as he worked, licking along her vulva and sucking at the opening. He came over the top of her pussy, sucking the hood of her clit into his mouth from the top. Joi’s pussylips quivered in delight. Omari came back down and slid his tongue into her vagina, darting his tongue in and out quickly. Joi began to bubble over and her juices ran out freely.Omari knew her squirt was building up and he wanted a big one for the camera. He took his finger and softly massaged her vaginal opening, penetrating her slightly. He knew he didn’t need much.”Oh fuck this is going to be a big one!!!” Joi cried out. “But I don’t wanna cum yet baby. Not yet.”Omari didn’t say anything. He again sucked on her labia and the hood of her clit, swirling the flesh around in his mouth. His finger softly Bostancı Escort massaged her anus. Joi’s pussyflesh had begun to swell up as her orgasm built. Her body began to tremble. Omari licked up and down slowly. Though his head was to the side, he was sucking on Joi’s entire vulva, his tongue lapping up and down the flesh in his mouth.After about five minutes of this, Joi had to release. She fought not to grab his head but instead let out an a****l growl as she started to spurt her juices. Omari ground his face into her pussy and lapped up all of the juices that exploded out. His face was covered and some of the juices hit the camera. Omari continued to lick for a while more until Joi finished trembling. He then slowly backed away from the camera view. He found the remote control on the bed and stopped the recording. He smiled at Joi as she lay passed out on the bed. He went into the bathroom and cleaned himself up.In the bathroom, Omari took off his jeans and prepared to jump in the shower. He didn’t hear Joi stumble into the bathroom until he felt her soft hands on his back.”Are you okay?” he asked her with a smile on his face.Joi didn’t say anything but she got down on her knees in front of him and stroked his dick. She lovingly took it full into her mouth and sucked. His dick was a perfect size for her. It was nice and thick but not crazy long. She could deep throat him with some effort and he made her feel full. She loved his big mushroom head and she thought of his dick as her personal Tootsie Roll Pop.”Fuck that is good.” Omari moaned as he threw his head back and grabbed Joi’s locks. He gently fucked her mouth and drool was running down her breasts as she sucked.He pushed her head off of his dick and sat the toilet seat cover down. He sat down on top and invited her to climb onto his missile. Joi mounted and slid down on him, using her fingers to open her still wet sticky pussy. She threw her arms around his shoulders as her sugarwalls locked down on him, releasing another torrent of love juice all over his lap. She squeezed as she grinded making her pussy jerk him off.Omari knew he was coming to the point of no return. “Dayuum baby I’m about to blast!!!” he shouted and Joi jumped off his dick and buried it in her throat. She knew this was how he liked to cum but she hadn’t done it in a while. She knew a huge load was forthcoming.”OOOOOOHHHH SSSSHHHHHIIIIITTTT!!!!” Omari screamed as his body stiffened and his release began. Joi did her best to swallow what she could but she eventually let his dick out of her mouth. He continued to spurt manjuice out over her lips as she sucked the head from the side.Omari finally relaxed and looked at Joi, whose mouth was covered with cum. She grabbed some tissue and wiped her mouth then cleaned her face off in the sink. Omari could barely move from the toilet. Joi went back into the bedroom to look at the recording on the camera.”Baby come look at this.” came the shout from the bedroom and Omari had to force himself from the toilet to come in there. He stumbled into the bedroom and plopped down on the bed beside Joi. Joi held the camera over for him to watch the footage being run.”Pretty good don’t you think?” she asked.Omari watched for a minute and nodded.”I just need to do some editing and I’ll do that later on tonight while you’re asleep.” Joi said.Omari nodded again then got up to take a shower.They did end up going to the barbeque, albeit late. There was a fireworks presentation going on afterwards, then the couple came back home. Joi dove right into the camera. Omari had a beer then passed out on the couch.Joi found some video editing software on the internet and though it took her an hour, she completed the small video. She also had to convert it to H.264 to cut down on the size so she could upload it. She logged onto Nude Africa and uploaded the video with the caption, “Good Kisser”. She nudged Omari.”Baby, let’s go to bed.” she said and he got up and followed her into the bedroom.The next day was an off day for Omari and they both woke up late. Omari got up to make them a late breakfast and Joi checked her laptop.Omari was preparing to scramble some eggs and heat up some turkey bacon when he heard a scream.”AIIIIIEEEE!!! OMARI COME QUICK!!!”Omari immediately came to Joi’s side. She had her hand over her mouth and pointed to the laptop.”What?” Omari asked in confusion.Joi once again pointed to the laptop and Omari took a closer look.”Oh shit. You posted the video didn’t you? What are they saying?” he asked. Joi yet again pointed at the laptop. She could not seem to formulate words for what she was reading. Omari looked again and this time began to read.There were a few comments from men talking about how Joi was able to squirt but the majority of the comments were directed at Omari. His jaw dropped as he read most of them.”Good kisser is right.””Shit, I need that tongue in my life like right now!!! Do you share?””I came three times watching this. How come I can’t get oral like that?””Boi, you need to wrap that thang up and sell it. You’ll be a millionaire.””Now THAT is what I call a hurricane tongue.”And it went on and on. Joi was flabbergasted. She didn’t think the video would be such a hit.”Dayum baby. What did you do to all of these women?” Joi snickered.Omari gave her a sheepish look and laughed. “Don’t look at me. This was your idea.” he said.Joi had forgotten that her account on there was linked to her email and she looked at her account. She saw that it had blown up. There were 37 messages from users from the site. She began to read them and her mouth fell open as she did so. Most were praises about how much they liked the video and when will they do another one but a few were of a different nature.Joi began to read one out loud. “Hello sweetness. Congrats on your very sexy video. I’ve never seen anything like it on here. I know you are just bunches of fun to play with, especially with a man like that around. I can only imagine what it would be like to enjoy that magnificent tongue on a regular basis. I know you are beyond spoiled. Where are you located? I would love to borrow your man, specifically his tongue for a while. I will compensate you for the privilege. I mean no disrespect and if you tell me to fuck off I will understand. But if you’re interested, get back at me.” she said.Joi read the email again to make sure she understood what the woman was saying. First she got angry. The nerve of this bitch. She read a couple of more emails and was astonished that they were essentially asking the same thing. When she got through reading her emails, there were seven that pretty much requested that they meet to experience Omari’s oral talents and would pay to do so.Omari looked at her with a confused look on his face. “Joi wants wrong?” he asked.Joi didn’t say anything at first. Her mind was calculating. They were saving money to pay for their dream wedding. This could help out a lot. And she was sure that Omari would enjoy it. Well, she thought he would.”Baby,” she said, turning to him and taking his hands in hers. “What would you say if a woman offered to pay for you to eat her pussy?”Omari’s eyes got big and then narrowed. “Is this a trick question?” he asked.Joi shook her head. “I’m being dead serious.” she said.Now Omari became angry. “No you’re not. Not if you love me you aren’t. And I can’t believe you would ask me such a thing.” he said.”I do love you. I love you bunches. And I know you would never do anything to hurt me. I also know you’d do anything to please me. These women here on this site LOVE what you can do. They’re willing to pay good money to get some too.” Joi pleaded.Omari got up and stalked off to the kitchen. Joi waited a couple of minutes then came in there with him. Omari was looking down as he stood near the counter.”I can’t believe you would ask me to do something like that. What if I asked you to suck 50 dicks for $500 a pop? You would be offended too.” he seethed.Joi didn’t say anything. She knew he was right; she would be upset.”Baby we both know women aren’t that way. This will be different. And you know you love licking pussy. I wouldn’t be offended at watching you do what you do. It would be a change of pace for us, you know?” Joi said.”I love licking YOUR pussy. And bringing YOU pleasure.” Omari said softly. “The video was your idea and I did it for you. I didn’t need anyone all up in our business like that. But what you’re asking…” Omari shook his head. “Baby, I don’t know. I would do anything to please you but this is a bit much.”Joi crossed her arms and was silent for a minute. Then she said, “Well let’s reply back to some of them. Let’s see if they’re serious and what they’re willing to pay. Then we’ll discuss it again, okay?” she said.Omari thought about this for a minute then nodded his head. He turned and went back to making breakfast. Joi smiled and kissed him on the cheek and ran back to the laptop. She read through a couple of the emails she was interested in and she replied back with her cell number.Omari had breakfast on the table so they sat down and ate.About two hours later, Joi got a text with a pic attached from one of the women she emailed back. The woman was very sexy and Joi showed Omari. Her name was Onyx and she was married. Omari took a deep breath and blew it out. “Okay let’s call her.” he said.Joi dialed the number and put the call on speaker.”Hi Onyx, how are you doing this afternoon?” Joi said.”Hello there, I’m well and yourself?” Onyx said.”We are well. I have you on speaker so that my fiancé can hear. My name is Joi and his is Omari.” Joi said.”It’s very nice to meet y’all. That was quite some video y’all posted. It caused quite the stir on the site.” Onyx said.”Can you believe that was the first time we’ve ever done anything of that sort?” Joi laughed.”Oh wow. Really? Great job then. I hope you decide to do more. I’d love to see all of you some day.” Onyx said.”Maybe. We will see. So you like what my baby can do huh?” Joi said with a grin. Omari smiled nervously.”Mmmmmm. YESSSSS.” Onyx said and she laughed heartily. “I only wish my husband can perform like that.””Your husband doesn’t like going down on you?” Omari asked.”It’s not that. He’s just lazy when it comes to that. But he loves it when I suck on him.” Onyx said.”You need to train him better.” Joi said.”Yes I do. But I’m not feeling that right now. I want a taste of what you have there.” Onyx said. “And I’ll compensate you for your time.””How much?” Joi asked.There was a hesitation then Onyx said, “$1000.”Omari’s jaw dropped and Joi silently whistled her joy. “Okay, we’re down. Where do you live?””Maryland. PG County.” Onyx said. “I would ask you if you could show my husband some pointers but he’s not much of a listener and an even worse student.”Joi and Omari laughed but deep down they were both flabbergasted that a woman was willing to spend a grand to get her pussy licked right. And it seemed she wasn’t the only one.”Maybe we can do it this Saturday. My husband is traveling for business so he won’t bother us.” Onyx said.Joi looked at Omari and he nodded. “Okay that sounds cool. Saturday it is. Just call me later and let me know what time and your address and we’ll be there.” Joi said.”I sure will. I’ll talk to you later.” Onyx said”Buh bye.” Joi said and ended the call. She turned to Omari. “Well baby, what do you think?” she asked.”I can’t believe that woman is going to spend that kind of money on my tongue. Are you sure you’re down for this?” Omari asked.”I replied to four emails. If all of those women are willing to spend that kind of money, then hell yes I’m down. That’s five grand into our wedding fund. It’ll put us over the hump for our budget.”Omari smiled. He loved seeing his lady happy and if this is what it took to make her happy, he would be the best clit-licker the world would ever know.Not too long after talking to Onyx, Joi got an email reply back from another of the women she replied to. This woman included a pic of herself in the email. She was older but very sexy also. Joi showed Omari the email and pic. The woman’s name was Sheila and she was a widow. She was 60 years old and had been married for over 30 years. Her husband had died last year and she was slowly trying to get back to living again after grieving. She had never been so turned on by a porn video as she was when she saw Joi’s video. She also was willing to pay $1000 for Omari’s services.She listed her phone number and asked Joi to call to set something up if she was interested. Omari nodded his approval and Joi made the call. Sunday would be the date for this adventure. Sheila lived in NW Washington DC.Finally, Joi got an email from an attractive lesbian couple who lived in Lanham MD. Their names were Lisa and Kelli. They saw the video and Lisa bet Kelli that Omari couldn’t make Kelli squirt like she could. Both women had a grand ready for the winner. Joi saw the potential for the $2000 and giggled like crazy. There was a pic attached to the email of the two women. Joi showed Omari the pic and he smiled. Joi emailed the couple back and asked if next week would be okay. She got the reply back that it was and it gave the couple’s cellphone number.Joi never got a reply back from the fourth person she replied to. She guessed that person chickened out.”So we now Bostancı Escort Bayan have three dates.” Joi said. “That’s four grand for us. Are you ready for this?””I’m fine. The question is are you ready for this?” Omari asked.”What do you mean? Hell yes, I’m down for this.” Joi said.”I’m not so sure. You’re all gung ho right now because you’re thinking of the money. But once we’re in the mix, how will you feel about seeing me with another woman? I know how I would feel seeing you with another man.” Omari countered.Joi dismissed his concerns. “I’m fine. You just be ready when the times comes.” she said but after saying that, Joi wondered if what Omari said would come true. She guessed she would find out soon enough.Joi and Omari were supposed to be at Onyx’s house Saturday at 8pm and that evening, Joi and Omari got in their car for the drive. They were both quiet in their thoughts during the drive. They arrived at Onyx’s huge house in Oxon Hill MD and knocked on the door. Onyx answered with a glass of wine in her hand. She was wearing a sheer nightgown which showed clearly she had on nothing underneath. She nodded her approval of the couple and invited them in.Onyx was 43 years old. She was tall and had a very lean, athletic build. She had been married for 12 years to her husband who seemed to be married to his job as a lawyer with a lobbyist firm in DC. He pretty much left the woman alone to her own devices. Onyx tried to be faithful by staying fit and appeasing her husband but she was largely ignored. A woman has needs just like men did though. This oral experience was her way of semi-cheating. She wasn’t going to fuck Omari so in her mind, she was okay.”Mmmm, just what the doctor ordered.” Onyx purred. She sounded just like Julie Newmar’s Catwoman but looked like a very young Eartha Kitt. “Would either of you two like a drink?””No thank you.” Omari politely declined. Joi said she would have a glass of wine. Her nervousness had taken over after seeing the sexy Onyx in person.Onyx poured Joi a glass of Chardonnay and motioned for the couple to follow her upstairs to the master bedroom.”Welcome to my little piece of paradise.” Onyx said as they entered the suite. The furniture was all white. The bed was huge with a sheer white canopy. It was a bed fit for a princess. Remembering the husband’s absence, Joi thought how lonely the bed would feel with no one to share it with.Joi sat down on the chaise lounge chair in one corner of the room. Omari remained standing. He looked at Onyx, who downed the rest of her wine and came in front of him. At six feet, she seemed to tower over him. Onyx reached to her shoulders and untied the satin straps to her gown. It fell to her feet, baring her body. She was beautiful. She had a light complexion like Omari. Her breasts were small but her nipples stood erect and ready. The rest of her body was slim with her hips slightly flared away from her waist. Her belly was taut and her legs long. A small tuff of fine pubic hair rose from her crotch that was otherwise shaved smooth.”Where do you want me?” she purred.”Where ever you feel comfortable. This is all about you, not about me.” Omari said softly. He removed his shirt revealing his bare chest and Onyx licked her lips in lust as she made herself comfortable on the bed. Watching the interaction between the two, Joi felt a twinge of jealousy. She had not counted on this. Perhaps Omari was right.Onyx lay back and opened her legs. Her hand slipped down and began to massage the hood of her clit. Omari slowly crawled onto the bed and made himself comfortable between her legs. He closed his eyes and took a deep whiff of her exotic scent. He pushed her legs back and kissed the crevice between the right side of her pussy and her thigh. He blew his hot breath on the area and began kiss and lick there. Onyx began to squirm and pant. Omari licked up her thigh to her pelvic area then around the mons down to the other thigh. He sucked in the flesh of one side of her vulva and then the other. Onyx’s clit was swollen and ready. Omari flicked his tongue across it for a few seconds and Onyx convulsed.”Oh shit.” she murmured as her pussy began to foam.Omari sucked in her pussy flesh at the bottom and licked his way up towards the top near her clit and Onyx lost it. Her back arched as her first orgasm overtook her. She couldn’t speak or cry out and the floodgates opened from her vagina as her juices gushed. Omari began to lick relentlessly up and down her labia, slurping the juices than ran from within and bathing the rest of her pussy with them. He darted his tongue in and out of her opening, driving Onyx crazy. Several times she put her hand on his head to hold it on a spot but couldn’t keep it there.”Oh my God!!!!” she screamed in passion as orgasm after orgasm assaulted her senses.Omari slid her clit between his teeth and let his tongue vibrate over it from behind. This was too much for Onyx and her squirt erupted forth into his mouth. Omari released her clit and sucked her whole vulva into his mouth. He swished the flesh around warmly and let her juices flow freely down his gullet. He stayed like this for ten minutes, letting the orgasms flow through Onyx’s body one right after another. It was like a tantric experience for her. Eventually, the orgasms slowed and ebbed to a stop and Omari sat up. Onyx lay back on the bed, spent and out of breath. Omari continued to watch her. He looked over at Joi, who was watching intensely.After about 15 minutes, Onyx stirred and turned to her side with her eyes closed.”Are you okay?” Omari asked, gently prodding her.Onyx’s eye opened and she saw Joi sitting patiently on the chaise. Onyx sat up and stared at Omari intensely. She shook her head and shuddered.”Dayum boi. That is a lethal weapon you have there.” she whispered. Omari looked at Joi and smiled.Onyx slid off of the bed and picked up her purse, which was sitting on the nightstand. She pulled out 15 crisp 100 dollar bills and handed them to Joi. She turned to Omari and smiled.”The extra $500 is a bonus. I’m hoping we can do this again some other time.” Onyx said hopefully.”That is something I would have to talk to my fiancé about. But you are most generous.” Omari said diplomatically.Onyx nodded her acceptance and watched in lust as Omari put back on his shirt. Once he was dressed, Omari and Joi said their goodbyes and left the residence.They got into the car and prepared to drive home. Joi asked, “Did you enjoy it? Licking her pussy?”Omari looked at her and blinked once. “Yes, I did.” he said then drove off. Neither one said anything else on the drive home. Joi received a text from Onyx thanking her for an amazing experience.That next day, they were supposed to see Sheila at 4pm. She lived in NW DC and it didn’t take long for Omari to find her townhouse. They walked up the steps and rang the doorbell. They heard “Come in, it’s open.” and Omari opened the door.”Please make yourselves comfortable. I’ll be right down.” the voice came from upstairs. Omari and Joi sat down on the couch in the nicely furnished living room. A brown tabby cat approached Joi and meowed. Joi’s face wrinkled up in distaste and she immediately felt like she began to itch. She hated cats. Omari gave her a look that said chill out and they saw Sheila come down the stairs.She was wearing a kimono robe that barely covered her butt and hardly covered her ample bosom. She was a thick dark chocolate honey with serious curves. She had a very pretty face with high cheekbones. She didn’t need much make-up.”I see you met Arthur.” Sheila said with a smile as she watched the cat scurry away. “He’s my only companion these days.””Cats put up with humans. It’s really their world and we’re just along for the ride. They do make good companions.” Omari said. Joi said nothing because she had nothing nice to say about cats.”Yes, you’re right Omari but there’s no better companion for a woman than a man.” Sheila said with a smile. “You’re a cutie.”Omari blushed and smiled. Again, Joi felt that green envy pop up in her consciousness and she fought it off.”Yum-my.” Sheila giggled and took Omari’s hand. She began to quickly lead him upstairs and Joi followed.When they got into her bedroom, Joi found a place on the edge of the bed to sit down and watch. Sheila stood in front of Omari and took off her kimono robe and let it fall to the carpet. Omari watched her full, luscious 44 DDD breasts rise and fall with her breaths. She had a bit of tummy with thick thighs and a big round booty. Altogether, she was a pretty well put-together woman for her age. Omari thought she was gorgeous and he told her so.”You look delectable.” Omari said with a smile. Sheila grinned and threw her arms around his neck. Omari’s hands roamed all over Sheila’s generous body. Joi watched with no reaction but inside she was seething. Omari was actually enjoying himself with these women.Sheila lay back at the head of the bed and Omari took off his shirt. He got between Sheila’s legs and cupped her large bosom. Sheila held her breasts up to help him and Omari began to feast on her large chocolate nipples. Sheila squealed in pleasure with his touch. Omari lingered on each breast, his tongue circling her areolas. The fat nipples swelled in his mouth and he felt her body shuddering.”Oh shit that feels good daddy, please don’t stop.” Sheila cried out as her pussy juices began to bubble. She wrapped her thick legs around his waist as he suckled each breast.Joi watched Omari come off Sheila’s breasts and began to make his way down to her wanton pussy. She decided she couldn’t watch anymore. She quietly got up and left the bedroom and went downstairs to sit in the living room. She fully didn’t expect to feel this way but Omari was enjoying himself too much with these women. Then again, all of this was her idea. Did she open Pandora’s Box? She sat there and waited for them to come down.Omari opened Sheila’s generous thighs and laid his eyes on her juicy pussy. She had neatly trimmed her pubic area but Omari wasn’t a fan of hair. He would get through it though and he dived in right away. He lapped up and down her labia and darted his tongue in and out of her love hole. Sheila had long been ready for him and now her juices flowed even more from within. Omari pushed her legs back farther and tongued her twitching anus.”Oh my goodness that feels wonderful!!!” Sheila cried out. Her ample bottom was so very soft and Omari made her turn over on her knees doggy-style. He opened her butt cheeks and he tongued her ass even deeper. He then licked up and down her pouting pussy. Orgasm after orgasm flowed through Sheila’s body and she lolled her head back and forth wildly while she mumbled incessantly. It was as if she had lost control of her body.Omari smacked her ass hard as he munched on her pussy from the back. He sucked her clit into his mouth and that pushed Sheila over the brink.”OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH!!!!” she screamed and a torrent of squirt juice hit Omari square in the face. Sheila immediately collapsed on the bed and passed out.Omari sat back on the bed and admired his handiwork. The smile left his face when he noticed Joi wasn’t in the room anymore. He sighed and went into the bathroom. He cleaned himself up then went back to the bed to retrieve his shirt.After putting it on, he went over and softly kissed Sheila on the forehead.”Sheila, Sheila.” Omari said softly.”Huh? Whut?” Sheila mumbled and Omari smiled. He went downstairs and saw Joi sitting on the couch with a frown on her face.Omari sighed and sat down beside his fiancé. He took her hands in his and looked at her.”Are you okay?” he asked.Joi gave him an evil look and didn’t say anything. After about ten minutes, Sheila came downstairs. She was wearing the kimono robe again. She had a huge grin on her face. She handed a manila envelope to Joi and turned to Omari.”Thank you Omari. I loved every second of it. You come just as advertised.” Sheila said, hugging him.”Uhhh, thanks.” Omari said with a sheepish smile.Joi peeked in the envelope and her eyes got huge. She fingered through the $100 bills and counted 12 of them. Her grin spread from ear to ear.”Thanks Sheila.” she said.”It was worth every penny.” Sheila said. Omari and Joi said their goodbyes and left.Joi was giggling like a maniac as they got into the car and began to drive home. Omari didn’t have anything to smile about. He knew what bothered his girlfriend earlier and he knew the money only temporarily made her forget.When they got home, Omari sat down on the couch and looked at Joi. Joi kicked off her shoes and turned on the TV. After a few minutes, it was obvious to Omari she didn’t want to talk about how she was feeling.”Well?” Omari said to her as she continued to ignore him. “Aren’t you going to say anything to me?”Joi still didn’t say anything. She sat back on the couch staring at the TV.Omari seethed. “I knew this was a bad idea.” he breathed. “I’m not doing anymore dates.””We’ve already made a date with the lesbian couple.” Joi said to him. “We can’t pull out now.””We need to talk about this!” Omari exclaimed.”NO WE DON’T.” Joi cried out. “Let me deal with what I’m feeling. I’ll be fine.” she continued, letting out a sigh.Omari stared at her for a minute. He hated seeing her this way and he hated even more that he was the cause Escort Bostancı of it. He hung his head then got up and grabbed his car keys. He headed for the door.”Where are you going?” Joi asked.”I need to clear my head. I’m going for a drive.” Omari said and left the house.Joi let out a sigh and threw her head back. Inside, she was furious at him but she had no one to blame but herself. It absolutely ate her up inside that he was having fun with these women. But what did she expect from him? Omari was a good man but he was human. How could he not have fun with these beautiful attractive women naked and wanting him? That bitch Onyx would’ve fucked him right there in front of her. She didn’t see what he did with chunky Sheila but he seemed to enjoy them big ole titties she had. Was he man a chubby-chaser??? She shook her head vehemently. She had to get these thoughts out of her head. All of this was her doing. All Omari wanted to do was make her happy. And the money was great. They had $2700 in cash for three hours of work and another possible $2000 coming later on. And that was only the emails she had replied to. There were other women asking the same thing of Omari.Joi let out a hardy laugh and she shook her head. She couldn’t believe she was pimping out her fiancé. She smiled. Omari really did love her. She knew this. She didn’t need to realize that he was doing all of this for her. He loved her regardless. But she couldn’t let him continue to think she was upset with him because of all of this. When he came back home, she would apologize and make it up to him.Omari had driven out to the local park and was watching k**s play basketball. He looked forward to being a father and he wondered what kind of mother Joi would be. Shit, he didn’t even know if she wanted k**s. The subject had not yet come up. First they’d have to get through this little life episode. Well, there was nothing little about it.They had one more date to go but Omari didn’t want to do it. It hurt him that Joi was upset about him just being a man and enjoying the flesh of beautiful sexy women when it was presented to him. None of this was his idea. He had never even considered cheating on Joi. It did bother him that he enjoyed pleasuring those women. But the ends justified the means. With the money from the dates, they’d have over $8000 in their wedding fund. Joi could have the wedding of her dreams. But would it be worth the stress it was causing right now? Ultimately, the answer was no. Omari thought that what they had right now was enough. When he got home, he would put his foot down and tell Joi he wasn’t doing the last date. He watched the k**s play one more game then he got into his car and drove back home.When Omari came through the door, he saw Joi was pretty much sitting where he had left her. He came over and sat down next to her.”Joi, we need to talk about this.” he said.”Yes, we do. Let me talk. You listen.” she said and waited for his response.When Omari didn’t say anything, she continued. “First of all, I want to say that I’m sorry for letting you feel like I was angry with you for doing what came natural.” she said.Omari’s face softened when he heard this and he listened further.”The thought of us doing a video turned me on so much but I should never have posted it online. I could’ve just kept it for my own personal viewing but that wasn’t enough. And then the idea of me pimping you out to these women…” Joi stopped and shook her head. “I wasn’t prepared for the jealousy I felt watching you with them. I thought I could handle it but I couldn’t. You seemed to be having fun playing with them and I couldn’t take it.””I was doing…” Omari began but Joi shushed him.”I know. You were doing it for us. I know baby. I asked you to do it.” she said.Her phone received a text and she looked at it. It was from the lesbian couple. They were trying to set up a date. Joi looked at Omari.”This is the lesbian couple. They want to see you tomorrow evening.” Joi said.Omari began to shake his head no but Joi continued. “No baby let’s do this one last one. We promised. Trust me, I’m good. I promise I am. I won’t get mad at you. Let’s get this two grand and we’ll be done.”Omari sighed and gave her a look that said he didn’t know about this. “Baby, I’m totally not feeling this.” he said.”I promise I’ll be okay. Look, I know you love me and I’m the only one you want. I love you too, even more so because of what you’re doing for me. You don’t have anything else to prove to me how much you love me.” Joi said.Omari was quiet for a while. He finally agreed to do the date. Joi smiled and texted the lesbian couple back that they would meet tomorrow evening.That next night, they drove to the apartment of the lesbian couple. Kelli answered the door and hugged them both warmly. She was a pretty, freckle-faced woman with bushy dreadlocks, light skin and glasses. She was of average height but with a petite shape. She was wearing a green sundress and sandals. Lisa came from the kitchen to greet them. She was short and thick with darker skin and killer curves. She had a short haircut, almost like Omari’s. The hairstyle seemed to accentuate her oval shaped face, her big beautiful green eyes and her full gracious mouth.They all sat down on the couch and talked. The couple openly ogled Joi with lust. Lisa reached over and lightly stroked Joi’s arm.”Mmmm, you look yummy too. Are you bisexual?” Lisa asked.Joi smiled nervously. “No, I’m afraid I’m strictly dickly.” she laughed.”Well, there’s a first time for everything.” Kelli giggled.Joi didn’t say anything. She didn’t want them to know she had experimented with women before. It just wasn’t her thing.”So…” Kelli began. “I know what my lady likes. When we saw that video, my first thoughts were that you’re a natural. I noticed how you know exactly where your lady likes to be licked and you knew all of her erogenous zones. I give you big props for that. Most men don’t know what any of that stuff means.”Omari just smiled and nodded. Joi smiled also. “That’s my baby.” she co-signed.”Well, I bet Lisa that he can’t do that with any other woman. He just knows your body.” Kelli said, pointing to Joi.Omari finally spoke. “Well babygirl, that’s a bet you’re going to lose.” he said confidently.Both Kelli and Lisa stared at him. Omari stared back with a straight face. Joi just smiled to herself.”Shall I prove it to you?” Omari asked.”Please do.” Lisa said.”Lead the way.” Omari said and he and Joi followed the couple into their bedroom.They had already decided that Lisa was going to be first. She was wearing some tight gray gym shorts and a t-shirt. Omari watched her walk over to the bed and quickly got naked. Her curvy, dark chocolate body was beautiful and her pubes were shaved smooth. She climbed onto the bed at the head and lay back on one side. Joi and Kelli sat down on the other side, watching intensely.This time, Omari didn’t take off his shirt. His eyes drank in the beautiful woman lying on the bed waiting for him and he got between her legs.”Mmmmm….” he moaned as he took in her scent. She smelled like peaches and his mouth watered. He began to gently kiss and suck on Lisa’s 34 DD breasts and her erect nipples. He took his time, sucking sometimes hard or gentle, trying to figure out what she liked. He felt her body tremble when he nibbled a bit on her nipples and he knew she liked it a little rough. Her skin was ridiculously soft and he felt like he could just eat her up.Lisa had forgotten about everything and was moaning with pleasure. She didn’t expect the soft touch of this man on top of her and she didn’t want him to stop. He even got it right that she liked a touch of roughness. She subconsciously reached down and felt his dick through his jeans, something she hadn’t had in her hands in more than ten years.Omari made his way down her soft waist, kissing and sucking on the flesh. He sucked hard enough to leave hickies but he didn’t see any while he worked. He parted her soft thighs and looked at the smooth-shaven bubbling pussy waiting for his touch. He covered it completely with his mouth and sucked the flesh in. An electric pulse shot through Lisa’s body and she arched her back with the first explosive orgasm of the night. Omari tasted her sweet juices and he lapped up and down her vagina and wallowed his face in it. He sucked firmly on the swollen hood of her clit and that little man poked his head out to be fiercely licked. Omari’s tongue flickered over it and Lisa’s body convulsed.”OH FUCCCKKK!!!” she shouted as she began her squirt. He had made her cum so fast that her brain barely had time to register what was going on. Her body was on auto-pilot with its reaction.She was delicious. Omari slurped her pussy flesh up and down and darted his tongue in and out of her love hole. Lisa continued to scream out as she tried to hold Omari’s head on her clit.”SUCK THE CLIT!!! PPPPPLLLLEEEASSSE SUCK THE CLLLLLIIITTT!!!” she screamed and Omari obliged. He took the clit in his teeth and flicked his tongue across it like a rattlesnake.It was a wrap. Lisa’s eyes got huge as her squirted erupted onto Omari’s face and mouth. She felt every muscle lock up briefly then relaxed. She lay there panting for breath as stars floated around in her eyes.Kelli was flabbergasted. “Baby, are you okay?” she asked the still panting Lisa. She continued to lay there silently staring at the ceiling.Joi giggled to herself. That’s one grand to collect, she thought. One more to go.Kelli looked at Omari, who had Lisa’s cum dripping from his chin. A slight smile came across his face. Kelli got off the bed and came around to the side Omari was lying on. She grabbed the bottom of her dress and pulled it up over her shoulders and off, revealing her naked body. Her breasts were smaller but her nipples were bigger than Lisa’s. She also had a full bush of pubic hair. Omari tried not to show it but inwardly he frowned. He didn’t like pubic hair. He was glad Joi was shaved bare.Kelli had a stern look on her face. She pushed Omari back onto the bed and climbed onto him. She continued on and straddled his chest. She reached down and held his head back. Omari knew what was coming next and he didn’t fight her. Kelli inched forward and mounted Omari’s face. She held his head with one hand and pulled back on the thatch of pubic hair with the other. Her clit fully exposed, she ground it down on Omari’s mouth and he sucked at will. Kelli threw her head back in awe at the sensation. Omari buzzed like a bumblebee as she sucked and the vibration he made was like a toy.”Oh my.” Kelli mumbled as she broke down on top of him. Her juices began to flow all over his face as he sucked harder on her clit.”That is the fucking SHIT…” she moaned as another orgasm washed over her. “You’s a bad mufucka aren’t you?” she said through gritted teeth.She got up on her feet and squatted over his tongue. Once again, Omari anticipated what she wanted and his powerful tongue came out like a switchblade. Kelli slid her pussy down on his tongue and she fucked herself on it.”Unnnggh.” she grimaced as she played with her clit while fucking herself. Joi watched in amazement. Omari was using his tongue like a dildo. She had never thought of this and she wanted badly to try it. She couldn’t wait to get home.Kelli was feeling it. Her eruption was building up to a crescendo and she was unstoppable in pursuing it. Omari’s missile of a tongue was still standing strong. She grabbed the sides of Omari’s head and bounced relentlessly on it. Suddenly a bright light flashed across Kelli’s eyes and all of her senses exploded. She threw down one more powerful thrust and her body started to quake.”FFFFFFFUUUUUCCCCCKKKKK!!!” she screamed as her squirt unloaded on Omari’s face.Omari wasn’t prepared for the amount of juice she unleashed. He almost drowned in it. He threw her off of him as he sat up and coughed violently. Kelli landed beside Lisa, who had now regained her composure and they held onto each other. Omari coughed hard for another minute and eventually caught his breath. His face and shoulders were wet with squirt juice. He looked at Joi, who was still in shock at what she had just witnessed.Lisa and Kelli looked at each other and kissed softly.”Are you okay baby?” Lisa asked.”Shit, we should be asking him that.” Kelli said and smiled at Omari, who was still breathing hard. He smiled back at them.”I almost killed you, man.” Kelli said with a laugh. “That was off the fucking rafters.””Yes it was.” Lisa said softly. “That deserves a round of applause.”Kelli reached over and opened the drawer to the nightstand. She pulled out an envelope and handed it to Joi. Joi looked inside and visually counted the 20 $100 bills inside.”Can I use your bathroom to clean up?” Omari asked. Lisa pointed towards the door and Omari went inside. Their eyes turned to Joi.”Are you sure we can’t convince you to a threesome some day?” Kelli asked with a smile.”Nah, I’m good. I’m flattered though.” Joi said with a smile, getting up off of the bed.Omari came out of the bathroom. His shirt was soaked but he was headed home anyway. He and Joi said their goodbyes and left the apartment.Outside, they got into the car to head home. Joi put her hand on Omari’s arm.”Baby, that was fabulous. But I’ll never ask you to do something like that again. I can’t stand the thought of sharing you anymore. I’m keeping that dick and hurricane tongue all to myself. Deal?” she said.Omari smiled and replied, “That is a deal.” He started the car and drove off.Joi grinned and said, “Now you do realize of course that I’m going to ride that tongue when we get home right?”They both laughed.