Haziran 6, 2023

good start to an amazing summer

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good start to an amazing summerNote:this is a fake story that I hope you will enjoy. Hi my name is Will and I am 22 ripped because of baseball in college and I have a sleeve tattoo on my left arm I’m 6’4 and a ladies man theirs only one girl I have wanted to have sex with and never have. She’s my stepsister Kim she’s 19 now and this summer I plan to finally get this little goddess to let fuck the shot out of her. She looks almost like my stepmom who I would also fuck really hard their both really short about 5’2 each and they both have nice C cup tits I would say and they both have nice asses like perfect bubble butts like Mia malkova if you all know who that is and it’s also a bonus that they have Brown skin from the Arizona weather all year round. But my stepmom won’t be at home for a couple weeks because of business so it will just be me and Kim at home by are selves . My dad won’t be because he’s in jail for somethings and my stepmother Alice kept ever since he went to jail when I was about 16. But anyway so when I finally get to the house I find Kim outside in the pool and I just froze and couldn’t do nothing but stare she changed a little since I last seen her she had shorter hair to about her shoulders and it was now blonde which made her even more sexy I am a sucker for blonde haired girls. Then she stood up and said are you going to stare allday or are you going to come swim with me I have been waiting for you to get here.so I went and got changed and when I came back out she was just stairing and said look at you all ripped and tattooed up now. Which I new she loved. I said are we going to sit here or are we swimming. She said get in then which I responded ladies first. So she got up and maybe I should have got Ankara escort in first because that ass of here’s looked so sexy in that little bikini.and it made my cock super hard. And I know she noticed you can’t miss it’s like 10inches hard so we got in and small talked for a little bit catching up. Then she asked if I had a girlfriend which I told her no because I was too busy partying and getting laid in college I didn’t want one. She just laughed so I asked her why she didn’t have a boyfriend she responded because I like men not little boys. I just laughed she shut up and go get cleaned up I’ll cook us something to eat so after I went upstairs stairs and got cleaned up and came down to see Kim in some short athletic shorts and a sports bra I couldn’t do nothing but stare and say dat ass though! Oh yeah me and Kim have always been flirty towards each other since we know where not actually brother and sister. We just have never done nothing with each other because I guess we where scared. She just turned around and smiled and started shaking her butt and said yeah I know it’s nice isn’t it. All I could do was shake my head yes. She smiled and said here eat these burgers fatty I called her an asshole so we sat down and ate, after words I was in my room watching a movie when Kim walked in an sat down on my bed and said when did you start working out I told her it was because baseball. She said I bet I’m stronger then you I just laughed and said okay let’s wrestle like when we were younger then she agreed to it. So off we went grabing each other neither of us would give up. So we got in awkward position and her ass was on my cock which made me a little hard. Then she flipped over her tits was Ankara escort bayan all over my face she said how do you like that big boy. I was a smart ass and said yes she said okay she said time out I’m burning up I said wimp. She said okay fine and took her bra off this should help me win I just stared and said are you sure she said let’s see who can get each others clothes off first who ever does wins. I was shocked but I agreed under one condition it stays between us she said okay. I knew now that I would finally get my wish so we started but I didn’t take it easy on her this time I wanted her naked as fast as I could so I rolled her over and took her shorts right off. She had a thong on which set me off and I ripped it right off of her she was completely nude! I yelled I win which she got mad because she lost she said it isn’t fair that I’m naked and your not she said let’s wrestle naked. I said are you sure Kim she said don’t be a baby you know this is what you want so I agreed and took my shorts off and there I was rock hard looking at Kim she just smiled and said someone’s happy. I said well yeah your the sexiest girl I have ever seen. She said shut up and let’s wrestle so I jumped on the bed and she got on top first in like a sixty-nine and she sat up and her as pussy was on my face I couldn’t help but to start licking on her clit she moaned and said will what are you doing I explained I wanted this for a long time she said you can’t handle this I said okay let’s see who ever gets the other to cum first wins.she thought about it and she said okay deal. So I just started eating her out like crazy she which made her moan then she leaned down and started sucking my cock I couldn’t Escort Ankara help but lean back it was the best head I ever had. So I started throat fucking her which made her gag. I then picked her up and laid her on her back and we started kissing I moved down and stated sucking on her pink little nipples and shoved to fingers in her pussy she was so tight I started to finger her really fast which made her moan out will I want your cock please please fuck me so I did what she asked I shoved my cock in but she was so tight I about came right there. But after a moment I got my rthym and started to pick up the pace I said Kim you are so beautiful and kissed her then it happened she came. She just stared she said okay you win faster baby fuck me harder! So I picked her up and fucked her hard so hard she was screaming will your so big which made me shove all ten inches in her pussy which made her cum again! So after a couple minutes I got tired and laid down I said its your turn to do some work she didn’t even wait she climbed on top of me and started ridding me like a pornstar would I said Kim your the best I ever had she got up and turned around and say right on my face! I started eating her out I was sucking her clit licking her ass hole everything she then she started to shake her ass riding my face moaning will I love you will, will oh my goodness don’t stop I just picked her up turned her around and shoved my cock in her mouth that’s it Kim suck it Kim I started to thrust in and out which made her gag over and over then she got up and bent over doggy style I shoved my cock in her tight pussy and fucked her super hard then she said it oh daddy give it to me daddy give me that huge dick it set me off I was about to cut so I pulled out and said suck it baby suck it after about a minute I blew my load right in her mouth she swallowed and said I’m going to take a shower want to come I just smiled and said this summer is going to be awesome!….. I hoped you liked the story comment if you want me to keep it going!