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G,R – The Unforgettable 3-Way Ch. 01

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Please note, this is a true story. However, I’ve changed the names, ages, places and occupations to protect the other person’s privacy. I have no shame so enjoy, LOL. Also be aware there is also some male to male sexual contact.


The Unforgettable 3-Way Ch 01

Being open-minded leads to a life altering experience.

My buddy Enrique (Riq) had invited me down to Miami for his 24th birthday. I was still 23 and recently out of the military. I was still sporting that clean cut, high and tight look. Due to his work schedule this was a mid-week trip. His job had non-typical hours with days off being Tuesdays and Wednesdays. He worked the 5pm to 1am shift. I didn’t mind the mid-week as it would be less crowded.

We hit the town it was still pretty packed everywhere we went. There was a salsa club where he knew one of the bouncers, so that’s where we ended up. The club was pretty close to my hotel. Tuesday at 11pm and pretty popping with a full house. When ee hung out I’d usually wingman for him. He was really smart but talking to women was an area he was still working on. And don’t get me wrong I’m not some super ladies’ man. I was just more outgoing, knew how to work my strengths and didn’t let one rejection ruin my night.

The music was flowing and I loved dancing to salsa music. I wasn’t professional level with set routines, I was more freestyle go with the feel type. We talked and danced with a few pair of ladies. As the night went on I knew we both wanted to get laid. I went over and talked to these ladies who went to a nearby college. Sara and Leandra were both 22 and graduating next semester.

I waved Riq over and he was hitting it off with Sara who was the hotter one. Leandra was pretty cute herself but she didn’t seem like she wanted to be there. It seems Sara dragged her there and they had intern interviews early in the morning. Sara wanted to get laid. Well, well, well. Leandra and I both shared the revelation our friends were trying to get laid and we’d “help” them with that.

When a wingman and wingchick both plot, things usually go very well. She and I went with the direct route. We pulled them in and said we were going to go fuck and I know you two want to as well. Riq took Sara back to his place so Leandra would go home and sleep in peace as they lived together. I was good on my own in this bustling city with so many hot women.

1230am rolls around, Riq and Sarah leave together. Once they take off, Leandra gives me a thank you kiss and asks if I’m free tomorrow night. I tell her I’m only in town a few days. Then she leans in to kiss me in an obvious I want you to know that I want to see you again kiss. So we made plans to “meet up” at her place.

After she leaves, an older woman approaches me. Gabriela (Gaby) said she was watching the four of us and wondered why I didn’t leave with the woman that was just kissing me. I explained to her the deal and she laughed saying, “Good friends are hard to come by.” Gaby was good looking but not so much out of my league as a cute but average looking guy myself. She was 31, about 5’7 with heels 5’4 without, long dark tied up hair and her curves 36C chest complimented by a medium round rear.

We started dancing and vibing on the dance floor. She was getting flirty and touchy but I wasn’t complaining. When she got extra touchy that emboldened me to do the same. She didn’t mind at all and even encouraged my hands to roam her body. After about 30 minutes of dancing and clothed foreplay on the dance floor she asks me to go back to hotel room with her.

I agree to go back with her but before we do she tells me there is one catch. Oh hell I thought. Several possibilities popped into my mind but I wasn’t prepared for what her catch actually was. She said her husband gets off on watching her get fucked and if I’m comfortable may turn it into escort videoları a 3-way. He was waiting back in their hotel room.

They worked and lived in a small town where everyone basically knew each other. So they couldn’t indulge in some of their kinky fetishes as word would spread and it would hurt them. Since they were in town for a work thing and in a different city they could to this. It is really too bad they have to hide like this. Society can be so cruel and negatively judgmental.

At first I hesitated; I didn’t think I was getting robbed but was still cautious. She asked if I ever done something like this before and I said sort of. I’d done a FFM and MFM 3-way before. I was more worried about the ground rules and I didn’t want to mess with their relationship. She assured me they do this a few times a year and they are very open-minded. I told her I was also very open-minded but as I later found out we both had 2 different definitions of it. I agreed to go back with her.

As we arrived at their hotel lobby and got on the elevator which happened to be a block from mine. I kissed her with my signature passionate kiss. I was very delighted and felt assured it was legit when she kissed back with similar passion. The elevator trip was short but our kissing spilled out into the hallway. We could hear sounds of music and even some moans in the hallway. I guess a lot of people were fucking on this floor tonight. We made it to her door and when we got inside I met Ramon.

He shook my hand and told me to have a good time. Ramon was 48 and slightly taller than me at 5’11, thin but built. He gave off a very confident and welcoming demeanor. Gaby says something to him I couldn’t make out and pulls me onto the long L-shaped couch with a chaise. She pulls her dress over her head and I’m in heaven. Her breasts look so good in her black bra.

Being young my eagerness may have got the best of me. I pulled her bra down from both cups covering her breasts. Flipping them in essence upside down on her body. In hindsight I would’ve notice it was a front opening bra that I could’ve just unclasped it. Ramon chuckled, “Looks like he’s hungry.” And I was, hungry to taste and feel them.

While I was enjoying her breasts she was talking dirty to Ramon, “You like seeing this cute young man with his hands all over your wife.” He didn’t respond verbally. I looked over so see he was lightly touching his cock and smiling with approval. Gaby pushes my head down and starts to undress me. Everything came off and she smiled at me unclasping her bra as in next time this is how you do it. And another reason why in my youth I preferred older woman, they’d teach you things and there was less drama.

She pulls me to the edge of the chaise to where my feet was touching the ground. She moved to her knees and started sucking my cock. There was no backing to this part of the chaise. I could now fully see Ramon working his cock and he had a nice one about 7 inches. He was grinning ear to ear so I guess he was really enjoying the show.

Gaby stood up and took of her panties. I see her trimmed V-shape right above her bottom lips. She saw me staring and climbing up onto my face. She lowered herself onto my mouth and I began tasting the “treat” she had presented to me. Now I had picked up some tips from other older woman I had been with on how not every woman likes being pleasured down there the same way and to be careful. There are times when you should let her guide you in the tunnel so to speak. Well this was one of those.

Gaby could tell I needed more practice down there. She gave me directions like less teeth, suck like this, more pressure, lick here, lick there…..that’s it. She appreciated my enthusiasm and willingness to take direction. Once we got into a groove I heard her say to Ramon, “Now he’s gaziantep escort bayan videoları got it, this is what I need. I think you should get a closer look.”

I couldn’t see but knew he was coming closer. What I didn’t expect was what Gaby meant by “closer look”. While she was basically riding my face now I felt a warm mouth over my cock. My eyes shot open and I looked up at her. She looked at me puzzled. Her definition of open-mindedness was that I was down for male to male contact. Mine was being open to new things but this wasn’t on my radar.

At the time I wasn’t gay or attracted to men in general. Despite the initial shock, I didn’t freak out or start anything dumb. Gaby saw that I didn’t freak out and then took control of everything. She began more roughly riding my face as if she was smothering me. She started talking dirty to both of us. “Suck that cock Ramon, take care of his cock while he takes care of my pussy……And you, eat my pussy, eat it you fucker, eat it. Oooooooh that’s it that’s a good boy. I knew you’d be down. Ramon climb on his cock and lets ride him together.”

Then it all happened so fast; I didn’t even have time to react. Ramon sat on my cock. He must have been pre-lubed as I went in fairly easy considering I could feel he was tight. There I was, way in over my head. Gaby was riding my face and Ramon was riding my cock. The whole thing was so raunchy and so hot. My body was relishing at what was happening.

I was determined to enjoy this and not care about what anyone else thinks. He was riding me like a pro. I could feel his hard cock against my stomach. Gaby looked down at me smiling some more. She knew I was enjoying this. My orgasm was building and so was Gaby’s. He started adding extra umph to his hips. He definitely knew what he was doing.

“My husband loves having a cock in his ass. Especially from a young stud like yourself. Don’t you dear, don’t you luv riding this young hard cock for me. Don’t you want his cum to fill your asshole?” Gaby says. “

Yes, honey, I luv having a cock in my ass. I luv pleasuring other men for your enjoyment. I want his young hot cum in my ass. I want him to make me his bitch by filling my ass.” Ramon responded.

With the heat from what was happening and the pleasure I was feeling, it didn’t take long. My cock erupted in his ass and I screamed into her pussy. My vibrations from my screaming set her over the edge. Gaby who had been riding my face this whole time drowned me in her fluids. I had to close my eyes. As her orgasm subsided they both climbed off me.

I laid there as both of them got warm wet towels and cleaned me up. They also cleaned around my asshole and on my rosebud. I thought all my cum went into Ramon’s ass. They asked if I was ok and how long before I could get hard again. I’m not sure what came over me but my answer was, “Well if I had 2 tongues on my cock I usually get harder more quickly.” I couldn’t be any more clear what I wanted.

They both grinned at each other. Ramon pulls me so that my rear is at the edge of the chaise. Gaby climbs up into a 69 position with me. Her and Ramon are kissing each other and my cock. They share an erotic moment around my cock together. I guess this is how they spice up their marriage. 2 tongues are sliding up my cock in unison. Both licking away at the tip of my cock. The feeling is amazing.

Gaby grabs my shaft and takes my shaft deep into her mouth. At the same time he moves my sac, slightly lifts my left leg and starts to taste my rear entrance with his mouth and tongue. My mind was whirling around in pleasure. She was deep throating my hard cock while he was rimming my hole. I swear my cock got rock harder the more he was tonguing my hole. The sensation was fantastic.

Then they took it another step or should I say finger gaziantep escort videoları further as Ramon slid a wet finger in my hole. I tensed up at first. This a was new feeling for me but not unpleasant. Gaby kept telling me to breathe and relax my body. “Let it come to you. Let him take your asshole for a fun ride.” Gaby said to me. This evening became a night of learning and new experiences.

As my body relaxed, he slipped in another finger. Now I was feeling what other women who I finger fucked felt. As each time I got comfortable with his fingers in, he started to speed up finger fucking me. Gaby and Ramon were kissing in such a hot embrace. She was stroking my cock with one hand and he was fingering my ass with one of his hands. Just watching them together sharing my body was such a wonderful sensation for my eyes and mind.

Ramon stands up and shoves his hard throbbing cock in Gaby’s mouth. He was about an inch bigger and close in girth to me. I was never attracted to men or another cock before but his was so smooth and it looked very appealing. My mind was racing with thoughts I never had before. All this time they were pleasing me I am eagerly eating and fingering her pussy.

Now it was my turn to be more aggressive. I slid one of my fingers into her rear entrance. Not shocked that I didn’t have difficulty going in. She seemed very clean and well prepared back there as well. Gaby sounded different when I entered her rear, there was more aggression in her voice. She lifted up a bit and said to Ramon, “Another man has a finger in your wife’s ass and making me happy. All while you have your fingers in his. Maybe you should….” She stopped in mid-sentence and just winked at him.

Gaby went back down to deep throating me. I lost track of Ramon as I put another finger in her ass. “I want something bigger in my ass!” She moans out. But, before I know what was happening, my legs were being lifted in the air and a hard cock was at my anal entrance. There was no turning back. The tip went it in and he was gentle. Holy fuck was all I was thinking now. Inch after inch his rock-solid cock is sliding into me. I thought to myself, could I take his whole shaft all the way in my ass.

Once he got all the way in he held it there for me to get used to. I let out a huge sigh. Gaby was still sucking my cock while all this was happening. The mix of pleasure and pain, as his cock did hurt a little going in. He did a great job warming and lubing up my hole. And the way he went in was so gentlemanly of him. He really knew what he was doing and I’m taking notes.

As soon as I relaxed more with his cock in me, he started pumping while she was sucking. I don’t know how much longer I could hold it. Just as I thought I had never felt these thrills going through my body, another new thrill hits. Gaby stops sucking my cock, turns to face me, reaches for my cock and inserts it into her ass. Wow, just Wow. I was flabbergasted. The feeling of Gaby riding my cock with it in her ass combined that with her husband’s cock slamming into my ass is one of the most phenomenal sensations I’ve ever had.

My explosion hit and was so massive. The feeling in me was so hard to describe. Overwhelmed by the whole mind-blowing experience I erupted into her ass and shortly after his eruption triggered and there were these primal screams we were all sharing into the wind. My orgasm overpowered my senses, my body and my mind. I could still feel him fully hard and non-stop pumping into me.

Gaby had leaned in and started kissing me again. This time though her kissing felt like a reward for a job well done. She moved my hands to her breasts and I ran my hands all over. We stayed like this for a while. Then she lifted up saying she was going to rest for the remainder of the night. Gaby was totally in control, like she had been the whole night.

Ramon finally drained, had pulled out of me and laid down on the floor. Gaby asked if this was my first experience with a man and I just nodded. I laid there not fully composed. Gaby grabbed a blanket and placed it over me lovingly. She grabbed another one and laid on the rug on the floor with her husband. Without any more words or actions we all simply laid there, sleeping into the morning.