Mayıs 15, 2023

Hard Day’s Night

ile admin


I baby sit a young boy named Charlie, whose mom is a single mother and works three jobs. Because Mel worked three jobs, I was over there often and it was often confusing when I was working and for how long. One night I got confused and came over, only to be told that Charlie was at a friend’s house and that she had told me that last week. Well I had completely forgot! Mel wasn’t about to let me leave though, Side escort her mothering instinct kicked in and she made me stay for tea “to warm myself from that cold winter’s air”. She looked so beautiful (she was only a few years older than I was) making the tea.”I’m really not that cold, Mel, ” I said, feeling bad.”Of course you are! You’re nipping out!” she said, and manavgat escort bayan reached out to touch one of my nipples, protruding through the thin fabric of my shirt. As soon as she touched me I felt electricity go through my body like a livewire and I realized I was turned on. I’d never considered myself Bi, but I was certainly aroused. Mel must have realized Escort alanya it because she was beginning to breathe heavier, too. I took a sip of my tea, trying to take my mind off the incident, and burnt my tongue. “Ow, shit, ” I cursed under my breath. “Let me help you, ” she said, and the next thing I know Mel was kissing me, her tongue swirling in my mouth. My first reaction was “OMFG what the HELL am I doing?” but my thoughts quickly turned into “OMFG I’m so damn horny!”.We kissed and she reached under my shirt to squeeze my breasts. I reached my hand around and squeezed her ass and she moaned. She pushed me onto the table, the tea flying onto the floor with an irreversible crash.