Mart 30, 2024

Harem of Vanity Pt. 02

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American Dad

Hey all, a lot of you have asked where I was going to take this little space pirate adventure, so here’s a little more of it. If you like what I’m doing, please get in touch with me at the address on my contact page, and that goes double if you don’t like what I’m doing. Either way, let me know.


Even though I did nod off a little through the night, I still managed to wake up with a start when he finally stirred away. He looked a little chagrined at my still-stained condition, but said nothing about it. I kept the gun trained on him as he stood up and uncerimoniously pissed into a nearby bush before finally tucking his floppy monster away.

“So how about it stud? You really wanna take me in to the law?”

He fretted, “I’ll never be able to work for Galactic Squad again I don’t. And they’ll promote me for sure if I bring you in. Hell, I might skip Seargant and make Captain. And there’d be money.”

I smirked. “Sounds like an easy decision to me.”

Then I peeled my shirt off, letting my gigantic tits sway free, cocking my head a little as I put my hands on my hips and tilted my pelvis to show off my curves to their maximum displayability.

“You’re right. It is,” he said. “When do we leave?”


We didn’t have much trouble with the Bailiff’s friends. Without activating his distress beacon, which had mysteriously been short-circuited by a torrent of semen the night before, they had no way to narrow our position down. We made it to the drop site at the crest of a large plateau just a few hours after waking up. I had found a good stream to rinse off in, and while I was a bit cold and wet by the time the ship landed, nipples protruding through my jumpsuit like they were making an escape attempt of their own, I was at least no longer covered in any beacon-destroying fluids.

My Dinghy is called The Moonshadow, and I was glad to see her again. It was a little craft made for tight engagements in the depths of space, difficult to land in atmosphere without truly skilled piloting and beautiful to behold. The Moonshadow had its guns and shields stripped out in favor of detection countermeasures, various reflectors and holographic projectors allowed it to blend beautifully in with surroundings visually, while RF-static generators created a signal that seemed like plausible interference from other forms of detection.

It was a crescent up front with the points facing the head of the ship, while elevated wings that were more cosmetic than anything sat at the rear not unlike the spoiler on an ancient car. The hull was a broad rectangle which I’d outfitted with comfortable chairs, a bed for longer trips and entertainment in the form of video and board games. Four could stay comfortably on The Moonshadow so long as someone was driving and at least two of the other three were basically fucking, which in the case of my crew, was pretty much a guarantee.

I walked ahead of the stud when the rear ramp descended to let us on; at this point I pretty much trusted him with my back to him and even if I didn’t, well, I was still holding his gun. Minerva was there to greet me with that shy, wide-eyed grin of hers.

Ahhh Minerva, greatest pilot in the galaxy. She was a mousy thing, with brown hair, brown eyes that she kept behind large thick-rimmed glasses, and a fit body outfitted with perky little tits that would clearly never sag. The poor thing was absolutely smitten with me. I’d saved her from a pair of marauders when she was barely a woman grown and she’d been in awe of me ever since. I don’t know if she was gay her whole life or if she just switched for me, but her service to me was absolute, slavish, and at times kind of wearing on the nerves.

“Oh captain, my captain!” she beamed as she snapped into a crisp salute. I don’t know where she picks these things up.

“Hey Mini, did you keep The Moonshadow warm for me?”

“Yes sir!” She dropped the salute and eyed the bailiff as he crept up behind me. “Oh wow, who’s the beefcake?”

I giggled, realizing that despite having consumed what might have been several quarts of this man’s cum, I didn’t have the first clue what his name was.

“Good question.” I turned to him. “Beefcake? Sound off, Mister!”

He cleared his throat, blushing a little at the sudden attention. Him and Minerva were gonna get along fine if they just shy’d at each other all day.

“Patrolman First Class Torrin Voss, at your service.” He returned her salute. I growled and stalked ahead, tossing his gun aside. Any funny business in here and I could have a containment field around him in nano-seconds, without air holes if the business was funny enough.

“Stop staring at his ludicrously overstuffed crotch and get us back to The Audacity, Mini,” I ordered. She never fucked any of my harem, even when I offered, but she was as impressionable as the next girl.

Minerva fired up the ship and soon we were on a swerving course back up into the atmosphere. The Moonshadow didn’t need giant rocket thrust to Gaziantep Grup Escort escape the planet’s atmosphere, but like most small craft had a supersonically vibrating hull that did the astonishing work of moving through the limits of gravity by shaking upwards in invisible fractions of distance.

It was an effective way of getting to space, but slow.

“We’ve got time to kill,” I announced. “Who wants to eat my pussy?”

“I’m flying the ship!” Minerva complained.

“I knoooww,” I said in a tone that was just dripping with bitch. I don’t know why I’m so mean to Minerva, there’s just something about her complete subservience that rubs me the wrong way.

I shed the jumpsuit and dumped it right into the matter stripper, letting the machine hum away as it broke the garment into component parts for use in matter construction later. I made myself comfortable in one of the beanbag chairs and spread my legs, and really my whole body out, letting Torrin drink in the sight of me. I won’t lie, I know I’m hot and if I’m supposed to have an ounce of modesty about it, the world can go fuck itself.

If I had hit the image I was going for right my platinum hair would be flared out framing my head like a halo against the purple leather texture of the chair, my lithe arms and legs splayed up and down respectively, my huge tits angled just to the left so their obscene profile was on full display, the smooth full lips of my cunt beckoning for attention.

Torrin dropped right to his hands and knees and crawled for me, tongue already lolling from his mouth like he was dying in a desert.

“That’s a good boy,” I mewed as stroked his hair, “show your respect for your new captain.”

What he clearly lacked in experience, he made up for in enthusiasm. His vigorous, full licks up and down my labia sent shivering shudders of pleasure that I felt down to my toes. He worked his tongue deep between them as well, making me give horny little whimpers as he experimented with sliding it in and out. He took minimal guidance to find my engorged clit, and I almost applauded as he began to swab his tongue up and down it.

The longer he worked away at it, the more I met his licks and laps with pelvic tilts and rough tugs of his tousled hair, allowing myself to grind my little button into his jaw with greater and greater pressure, gasping as the cream spilled from me and coated him tongue, lips and chin. He experimented more, using his lips to nibble my labia and clit with more force, sucking the later into his mouth and delicately testing it with his teeth.

That was when I squirted, spattering the rest of his face as I thrashed a bit, gasping for breath, sprinkling him with my sweet honey as he eagerly drank. I deftly wrapped my thighs around his shoulders and abruptly twisted, crudely slapping him to his back, head on the rim of the beanbag chair, then I slid down and mounted his face, dominantly grinding my pussy against his lips. He seemed surprised, but obliged me by licking sucking and biting at my cunt with just as much fervor as he had when he was the one on top.

His hands stroked and grabbed at my ass while he sucked away, lips smacking lewdly against lips, my appreciative moans only growing louder. I smirked at Minerva when shed’ glance back, looking at my hungrily, eyes drawn to my breasts, following the beads of sweat that dripped down them as I let gravity and my cunt really punish the poor policeman. Well, ex-policeman.

When I’d had enough, I slid down his body, letting my still pouring cunt sit on his coiled cock withing his pants, soaking them through so his gigantic bulge was all the more prominent, dropping my tits to his face, letting him feel rewarded by the massive weight of my bosom smearing my cream around his face, then I lowered further and gave him a magnificent full-mouthed kiss, tasting myself in every corner of his face.

He was mine now.


It was two hours later when the ship had finally reached the isolated part of space where The Audacity lay in wait for me. My eyes shone at the sight of her, loving every nook and cranny from the huge Space-Compactor engines at the rear, two arrowheads that would float independently from the rest of the ship when in use. She was beautiful. Next time I’d have to remember to delay my gratification and see if I could hit my biggest orgasm just as the ship came into view, that would be a double-dose for the senses.

Minerva aimed the Moonshadow for the waiting platform on the exterior of the hull, and with just as much skill as she displayed in getting in and out of orbit, alighted in the exact spot. Another bit of dead weight we made room for more stealth equipment by getting rid of was the docking computer; With Minerva at the helm we’d never need it. The moment we were clamped in place I gave her a playful spank.

“Another flawless landing, Mini.”

She flushed at my words and didn’t look right at me; she was probably a bit mad at my little indulgence on our way up, but she’d forgive me when she heard the rest of the story. Sucking that cock the night previous had made me so horny, I needed release badly, and she was in no position to give it to me.

Ah, Polyamory, that brave moment in the 21rst century when mankind looked to the monogamous relationships they’d enjoyed for so long, and said to itself, “You know what? This isn’t *complicated* enough.” and what was now the societal norm was born. It was rare to find couples that stayed couples anymore, though most relationships stayed a twosome for at least a few years. Then partners were gradually added, and while Minerva considered me to be her prime and most important relationship, I had never shown the same deference for her.

In fact, I had yet to find someone I would consider prime, and in the vanity that is my namesake, I suspect I’ll never find an individual who will strike me as being particularly worthy of that. But hey, I was still going to suck and fuck my way through the universe looking. What else is life for if not that?

Once locked into place, the ship sank in about halfway, the hull absorbing the Moonshadow into a sort of bump on the armored plating that covered the Audacity. It was time to introduce the new stud to the rest of the crew.


As we walked, I poked my head into the armory, where sure enough, I found Fiona oiling some of the munitions we’d seized over the years.

“Captain, you’re back.” She didn’t sound pleased or displeased, merely stating a fact. I could almost hear Torrin’s eyes crawling over her muscular frame. He was doing what all men inevitably did with her; compare themselves, and find themselves wanting. Fiona is all muscle that hit the gym and got got muscles of its own. She’s worked hard for it, and has also seen nanogenetic treatments that push the edges of her potential.

“Fiona, Torrin. Torrin, Fiona Rubanka. You need anyone’s ass kicked, you come to her. Oh, and don’t do anything that makes me want to kick your ass, because she’s the one I’m going to get to do it.”

“Got it,” he said, shaking gingerly, wincing a little as she crushed his hand in hers, bowing slightly to alleviate their height difference since she towered over him at seven feet. Her similarly enhanced J-cup breasts did their best to steal some attention from the muscles and height as his eyes found themselves level with the cleavage of her tank-top.

“So how big is it?” she asked, talking not to him, but to me.

“Haven’t measured yet girl, but I think he’s the new harem King.”

She looked appraisingly at his crotch and licked her lips. On a less intimidating woman this might have been alluring, but from her it seemed downright predatory.

“Back to your duties, bitch,” I commanded as I pulled him back into the corridor.


Our path took us by the engines, so I poked my head in. Nal wasn’t in a great place for introductions, her lithe body prone on a roller-dolly as she got beneath some component that makes my ship run or something. Torrin admired the curiously firm breasts that were visible through her bulky jumpsuit. They weren’t as big as mine, but slightly larger than Ms. Rubanka’s, and completely artificial. Nal’s whole body was.

“Hey Nal, don’t mind me, I’m just walking the new meat on board.”

“Understood, Captain.” Her voice was muffled by engine noise, but clear enough in that strange stereophonic voice of hers. She would show less interest in him than other crew members would. While she sometimes seemed to take enjoyment in taking what she dubbed “her least necessary organs” for a spin, she was generally more interested in making mechanical love to the Audacity than she was in fucking.


“What do you think I should feed this one?” Bianca was flying right up in his face when she asked the question. My cook was a mere 6 inches tall, and if her race did not command considerable Kinesthetic Telekinetic abilities, (the fancy way of saying she can mentally lift things she touches) there’s no way she’d be able to hang in a human kitchen. Hell, first pot she’d get trapped under she’d die.

She paused appraisingly at the notable bulge that traveled down one of his thighs, seeming to gauge her height against that of his monstrous member.

“I bet he eats a lot,” she marveled, and I got the sense she was no longer talking about Torrin as a whole. For her size, Bianca had a hot little body, all curves and membranous wings and hair. Her antanae were known to droop when she was tired or angry, but as excited as she was now, were sticking straight up.

“Just the regular amount I suppose, “he murmured. “What kind of food do you eat around here?”

“Whatever Captain big-tits here happens to get on board,” she shot back, rudely sitting atop my left breast.

“Yup, and you’ll both be damned thankful for it.” She didn’t see my hand sneaking alongside her, nor the position it was in, but she sure as hell gave a yelp when I FLICKED her off of me.


We ran into Sarah Ashworth as we followed yet another winding corridor. I made quick introductions while Torrin’s tongue tried to fall out of his mouth. I had to admit she was looking awfully fetching in her casual outfit, white blouse straining around those KK-cup breasts, black hair framing her small-featured face neatly, skirt playfully whipping around those lush hips.

“Captain, I’m glad you’re back. We need to talk about the accounts.”

I scowled. “I don’t see how there could be a problem, we’ve had almost a dozen successful missions in a row, haven’t we?”

“Yes, Captain, but, well, you keep bringing back men and toys and things. We haven’t absconded with any money in quite some time.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll figure something out.”

“And I’ll worry,” she shot back.


Finally we arrived on the bridge. The moment I’d set foot on the cold voice of the computer announced my presence, “Captain on the Bridge.”

Adrea stood up from my chair and turned, facing us with a slight bow.

“Welcome back, Nova,” she said. She had earned the right to not call me captain long ago and she seemed to take great pride in it.

She looked Torrin over a moment, and he her. I knew what was happening to him. His brain was being assaulted by the veritable flood of pheromones she emitted at all times, her species, the Eadi was the most evolved towards co-existence in all the known universe. Records suggested her kind had come about in a densely populated planet with hundreds of competing intelligent bipedal species, and as natural selection had played out over the centuries they were the only race left standing. Not because they were the smartest or the most skilled at violent conquest, but because all the others had so eagerly fucked their way through the Eadi Gene Pool that their traits were the only to stay dominant.

She was milk white in skin tone with pronounced veins of purple that carried her alien blood all over the lush body. Her bone-white hair was long and loose and fell clear to her waist. Her eyes were a striking indigo, almost glowing as they roamed approvingly over Torrin’s body. While her eyes roamed, his had found a more permanent home in the vast valley of cleavage created by her dress. The enormous milk jugs she called breasts were the closest to rivaling mine, firm LLL cups that to my great infuriation never sagged an inch. Even I wanted her most of the time.

Oh I wouldn’t call myself bisexual, I’m Pansexual, in that I will have sex with anything, up to and including actual pans.

A slow blush crept over Torrin’s face as his pants took on a curious shape, the obvious erection down one leg completely betraying his lust for my Liaisons Officer and second-in-command.

“Would you like me to take him to Uthra?” Adrea, asked.

“That won’t be necessary, I’m going to walk him there myself in a moment. You can hang onto command.”

Torrin followed me awkwardly to the rear of the bridge where I introduced him to our ship’s requisite green woman.

“And this delicate flower-“

“Shut up,” she said.

“Is Chrysanthia, but because that’s stupid long, we just all call her ‘Chrys’.”

“Hi, Chrys,” said Torrin.

“Shut up,” she said again, very clearly ignoring him as she peered into dual-lenses of a nanoscope.

“She’s telling us to shut up because she doesn’t like plant jokes despite shamelessly photosynthesising before you right now.”

“Shut up,” she said again. It wasn’t growing more urgent, just a casual, dismissive sort of noise I’d heard her make many times. Oh I’d get her to croon a different tune if and when I wanted her to, believe me on that.

He studies her a moment or two, enjoying her curves as he had the others, though understandably less impressed. Apart from the vermilion tint to her skin, she wasn’t really more notable than the other off-world curiosities he’d seen so far. Of course he didn’t know that she could gradually shape-shift to take whatever form she wanted, but he’d learn, specially when it was time for her to seek fertilization.

I took Torrin’s arm and led him with me. Minerva took her post at the ostentatious wooden steering-wheel of the Audacity. It was totally unnecessary of course, but I’d had it specially added. Ships should have wheels; it’s just that simple.


Finally, I walked him down the many flights of stairs (what can I say? All the technology to take us past the speed of light without dying and yet we cannot seem to get our elevators to go any faster than the time it takes us to climb. Go figure) to where his quarters would be. There was a hiss of air as the large double-doors slid away from one another, giving him his first view of large shared room of the harem.

He marveled at all the men, mostly tall, mostly muscular, all interesting to me or the other female crew members in some way or another, lounged or chatted in various huge pillows, couches, while others sprawled in large beds, reading. Some were garbed in no more than robes or tank-tops and shorts, while others had dressed up a bit more in uniforms for dates scheduled later that night.