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Headache(MF, wife-cheat, husb-voy)I met Wendy at work, she was a legal intern and she instantly knocked me off my feet. I fell for Wendy hard. She was one of the most beautiful women I’d ever seen, with dark blonde hair and a dark tan. Her athletic body and eager outlook on life were just icing on the cake, so to speak. For some reason Wendy, who was 25, took a shine to me even though I had just turned 44 that April. After our relationship became physical, she confided in me that she had always liked older men and that I was her ideal man; that she’d gotten wet in anticipation of what might come, the very first time we met. Wendy was always saying things like that; it was part of her charm for me. The one shadow in our relationship was Wendy’s headaches, she had them at least once a month and they were horrendous, totally immobilizing. It worried me to no end; I made her go to a legion of doctors, trying to find the cause. Apparently Wendy had had these bouts of head pain since c***dhood and although they were a distraction to her, she was able to overcome them with a couple of day’s bed rest. Then to my delight, one day when Wendy felt like she was coming down with one of her headaches – and I’d been out of town on business for 5 days – and we were both horny as hell – she suggested that before her headache came on full blown, that we have sex so that at least we’d be able to stand it for a couple more days while she recovered. I was totally agreeable with this. I was horny enough after a week on the road to poke a hole through concrete. Besides I can never turn Wendy down, knowing what a luscious body she has and how well she uses it in bed. Anyway, we climbed into bed and fucked each other’s brains out. It was so intense that it was almost violent. All the while I was afraid that she would want to stop because of her headache and that fear made me use her harder than usual as I climbed as fast as I could toward orgasm. In the end Wendy just clung to me as I used her tight little body like she was some kind of whore. It was strangely exhilarating using my wife as nothing but a sex object and I guess she felt the same because when I came, she did too. If you had been walking by our house you would have wondered what was going on because we were so over the top that we were actually screaming as we came together. As it turned out, Wendy didn’t have a headache after all. It seemed to just go away. We talked about that because it was the first time that had ever happened. Always in the past once a headache started it always came on strong and devastatingly. All it took was a second episode to discover that all Wendy needed when a headache was coming on was some aspirin and a sound, violent fucking. The latter I was happy to supply and I did so whenever needed. It turned out that if Wendy would just totally submit to my needs and let me enthusiastically fuck her, that her headache would just disappear. Sometimes we needed a couple of sessions back to back to achieve the required result, but I never complained. It was always a pleasure to use my beautiful wife’s perfect body for my pleasure and her pain control. We were both ecstatic about our discovery. Wendy said that if she’d known that energetic sex would stop her headaches she’d have become a nympho and would have ridden out her pain a long time Ankara escort ago. I, on the other hand, was glad that we had discovered this little cure-all after she’d married me. I’ve always been cautiously jealous with my wife and other men. You would be too if Wendy was yours. So anyway, all went well until I had to take an extended trip to Europe to head up a public works project that my company was involved in. It was a 90-billion dollar project and this would be a career builder for me. When I took the job I assumed that Wendy would come with me, after all it would be several months away and I didn’t want to be gone from my doll for that long, I knew I couldn’t be without her lovin’ for so long. But as it turned out Wendy also had a career position in the offing that required that she stay put. She was to head up a major store expansion in Seattle, so as it turned out we would be apart for at least a month and then we’d only be able to see each other for a weekend every few weeks. Ah the price of success. If I’d only known at “what” a price. I knew I was in trouble whet Wendy answered her cell a few weeks into our separation and she sounded drained. I asked her what the trouble was and she said it was one of her headaches. She said that she would be a trooper and work through it. I commiserated with her over the phone, but was worried all the same. Then when I was checking-in the next night to see how she was, it took two call backs to get through. Apparently Wendy was still suffering from her headache and the intensity hadn’t slackened off yet. Same thing the third night. On the forth nigh when I called she sounded bright and chipper. I was happy at first but as our conversation continued she finally confessed that she had to resort to “our special cure” with another man. I was deranged with jealousy. Finally after more than an hour’s conversation I told my beautiful wife that I needed to know exactly what had happened and with whom. I understood that she did what she had to do to cure her severe headache but I needed to know everything so that my imagination wouldn’t make it worse than it already was. That’s when I found out something about myself that I’d never suspected before… Wendy reluctantly told me the store of her forced infidelity: “Sam, you know I love you more than any man I’ve ever known before, don’t you? I only did what I had to do because I felt like I was dying with pain. It was with a stranger, someone we’ll never meet in our circle of friends; actually he was a high school senior from another county. “I met him at the grocery store and I was in so much pain that I proposition him right there in the store. He was shocked, but he readily agreed.” I could imagine that he would. I thought for a moment what I would have done if a beautiful 25 year old woman had proposition me in my senior year at high school. I couldn’t stop myself, I had to ask, “But Wendy, why a high school k**? You could get in trouble doing something like that.” “Even though I was in pain I could think Sam,” she said. “I figured that a high school k** would be less likely to have any diseases and this one, although he was quite handsome, wasn’t the brightest bulb on the block. He was 19 and I figured that no court would run me in for doing it with a 19 year old.” I had to Ankara escort bayan agree with that. “Tell me about the boy honey, I need to know something about him.” “Well, like I said he was handsome, looked something like a young skinny version of John Travolta. I wasn’t all that interested in his body other than as a pain relief vehicle, but I do admit that when we went to a motel and he stripped naked I had to admire him, he definitely worked out a lot.” I was a jealous man, a really jealous man. Some fucking teenager had screwed my beautiful luscious wife and I felt like hunting the guy down and beating him to death. “Looking back honey,” Wendy said. “He wasn’t anywhere near as good as you. And it took three times before he actually could keep from cumming long enough to satisfy my needs. I’ll admit that once he settled down and got down to business he did a fine job and I felt well and fully fucked and my headache was history.” What was I going to do? How should I react to this? My wife, my wonderful sexy beautiful wife had just fucked a teenage boy at least three times in one session and I was having to listen to it. I couldn’t help myself, it was strange but I had a huge erection and I wanted to know more details. I wanted to know how Wendy felt while the little bastard was plugging her. “Honey, tell me how you felt, tell me how he was, give me every detail you can remember, I really need to know this.” “Are you sure Sam? I’m embarrassed telling you about this and I can’t see how this will help.” “You just let me decide that!” I bit my tongue, I didn’t want to sound harsh, even though that’s the way I felt. I continued on in a milder manner, “I really need the details or I’ll imagine things ten times worse.” “Well, okay… We, we went into the motel room; I had gotten the key while he waited in my car. The room was not all that clean, it didn’t seem like they did much upkeep, and the bed sheets were warn, you could see cigarette hole burns in the bedspread and stuff like that. “I told the boy to take his clothes off and I sat on the bed to watch, but he said that I should take my clothes off first since I was the one who asked him to come. “My head was pounding so I didn’t argue and I stood up and stripped my clothes off and he watched me wide-eyed then he stripped off too. I enjoyed the fact that he was stiff right away and pretty long like you. I think he trimmed his pubic hair or else he didn’t have much naturally because I could see his balls and they seemed to have just a little fuzz on them. “Once we were naked… this is embarrassing, but keep in mind that I was hurting pretty bad. I climbed up on the bed and invited him to fuck my brains out. Yes I said, “C’mon stud, fuck my brains out.” And of course he didn’t hesitate he jumped me and without so much as a thank you ma’am he pushed his stiff dick in me and began fucking me like a male dog in heat.” I wanted to crack that brat’s head in two – and my cock was throbbing at the image of this boy mounting my nubile woman and fucking her like some kind of mad man. I could picture his ass clinching as he humped and thrust his teenage tool in and out of my wife’s slick pussy. I shivered at the thought. “Um, well… he came almost at once. You know… I didn’t make him wear a condom, I was afraid any Escort Ankara variation from what we did might make it not work, and I figured that once I was into this I really wanted it to work, what with all the nakedness, and sex, and all… “I admit that it was a bit thrilling to have this strange male cumming in me. His body tensed and he gasped as he shot his cum into me. It looked like he was having a seizure or something, his face was bright red and he was breathing so heard I was really worried for a moment. “But I guess that’s the way teenagers are these days because in only a few minutes he was ready again and this time I pushed him down on to the sweaty mattress and climbed on top of him. I figured even if he couldn’t hold out as long as you do I should be able to get a nice orgasm out of that long pole of his. “I was right of course. The second time around he came almost as fast as the first, but this time I was in control and I rode him like a cow girl at a rodeo. Even though I could feel his cum gushing into me and then running out of me to pool between our connected parts, I kept riding him until my orgasm hit me like a freight train and finally I had to slump over him and lie on top of him heaving for breath until I finally calmed down enough to get a sense of how my head was feeling and to realize that the ache was reseeding. “Honey, I knew I needed one more bout with that k**. If it had been a man like you, I would have been fine with one go, but he didn’t know how a man does it and I pretty much had to show him every step of the way.” My brain was numb by now and my underwear was coated with my cum. To my amazement I’d cum as my wife described her orgasm while impaled on that teenager’s stiff cock. I’d cum my pants like a teenager myself. I wanted to strangle that lucky little bastard, that son of a bitch who plowed the slick furrow of my lovely wife’s pussy. “I-I… guess I begged him to fuck me one more time. I wanted to make sure that my headache was gone for good. It didn’t really take much convincing, I think he would have paid me if I’d asked, just so he could do it again, but he didn’t have to because I was feeling pretty good about half way through that last time. “I have to admit darling, that that boy was giving me a really good time finally. After all the false starts and everything, that last time he really went at me and he sustained his effort so that I felt really and truly fucked by the time he finally blew his load inside me again. “I remember gripping him with my legs to hold him in me as he came, and I felt so excited that I came with him and we were grunting and groaning and having such a good time by then that I almost felt like he was you. You know, at that point he was as good a lover as you are. I guess he was a quick learner.” By this time I was standing in the middle of my hotel room, thousands of miles away, with my pants down around my ankles and my throbbing cock still dripping cum onto the rug from the most intense cum I’d ever had in my life. I realized in that moment as my wife finished the last of her story. As she told me that she’d kissed the boy and hugged him and thanked him and then gave him a ride home. At that moment – I knew without a doubt that I wanted to “see” my wife fucking another man, maybe even that little shit. I had never been more turned on in my life than while my wife was telling me how another guy had fucked her and how much she’d enjoyed it. I knew that I had to actually see them together; it was too exciting to pass up. Now all I had to do was talk her into doing this little act of hers again, while I watched…