Nisan 25, 2023

Heather Pt. 07

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I woke up this morning with mixed feelings about last night. What Heather and I did, the line that was crossed. It couldn’t be uncrossed. I was hard as a rock, of course. But I was worried about the psychological fallout from Heather seeing and hearing her dad in such a debased state.

How badly did I fuck up my daughter last night, I thought, heading to the bathroom. When I pulled my still half-erect cock out to pee, Heather’s G-string fell out of my underwear. What the fuck? I shook my head, trying to remember if I had stuffed those into my underwear, after we played together. I was sure that I hadn’t.

When I had finished my morning piss, I wanted to check the webcam on my laptop. I had been a bit tipsy last night, so I thought it might help me remember how my daughter’s panties found themselves in my underwear. My laptop was gone. I remembered Heather taking the webcam with her, when she left my room last night. But my laptop was still on the bed when I fell asleep. I was sure of that.

I tiptoed down the hall, to Heather’s bedroom. When I quietly opened her door, I saw my laptop on the floor, next to her bed. Heather was still sound asleep on her stomach, under the bed covers. I wanted to pull the covers off and see that body, but I resisted the temptation. I gathered up my laptop and silently returned to my bedroom.

There was a new video created after our time together, last night. The webcam viewer had been left open, when I closed the lid on my laptop. Heather must have forgotten the fact it automatically records when that application is running. I clicked on that video and pushed “Play.”

Heather lay down on her bed, leaning back against some stacked pillows. I noticed she was wearing the panties that I found in my underwear this morning. The rest of my daughter’s clothes lay in a pile, next to her bed. Heather clicked around on the keyboard for a bit. Then I heard our video from last night begin playing.

So you DO like something besides my tits, I heard again. Heather lay my laptop on the bed next to her. She watched the video intently, while rubbing her hand over her breasts, gently caressing them.

I heard, Now, don’t be shy, when Heather pulled the covers off me. Then she moaned and repeated her exact words from last night, whispering, “Gawd, Daddy.”

Heather continued watching and playing with her tits. The moment when I slid my underwear off last night, Kıbrıs Escort I heard Heather whisper, Fuck yes, on the video she was watching.

“Mmm. Give me that big, fucking cock, Daddy,” Heather moaned, sliding her other hand down to her panties.

I heard more of our dialog from last night as Heather became more and more determined with her hands. She heard herself telling me, I want you to see my pussy. Then Heather slid her panties down, just as she had in the video she was watching.

“Yeah, you want this pussy. Don’t you, Daddy?” My horny daughter said, out loud.

Help me take them off, Heather said on last night’s video. I watched as she bent a knee and opened her legs.

“Oooh yes. Touch my leg with your cock. Mmm,” Heather moaned, fingers furiously rubbing her clit.

My cock was about to explode, as I watched Heather getting off from last night’s video. I had to stop stroking and pause the player. When I felt reasonably sure I wouldn’t cum, I pushed “Play” again, keeping my hands off myself.

I’m gonna grab your big cock and rub it all over my tits, Heather said, on our video.

My sexy little girl then added to her own commentary, “Oh yes. Slide your big cock between my tits, Daddy. Titty fuck me right now!”

Heather’s masturbation became more intense as she watched us both reaching our orgasmic climaxes, we had recorded. When she heard, I want you to eat my pussy, while I suck your cock, Heather shoved her fingers inside her pussy and bucked her hips off the bed, cumming in ecstasy.

“Fuck yes,” Heather moaned, laying her head back, eyes closed, her fingers remaining still, inside her pussy.

Our video continued playing as my daughter lay back, quietly moaning and panting for several minutes. When it finally went silent, Heather opened her eyes and raised her head. She picked up her panties off the bed.

It looked like Heather was going to put her little G-string back on, but stopped herself. She looked at the screen one more time, then said, “I’m gonna touch his cock. And, so help me God, if he wakes up, I’m fucking him.”

My video ended with Heather getting off the bed and closing the laptop, stopping the recording. My daughter had come in here while I was asleep…and touched my cock! I thought, as I shot a heavy stream of cum on myself.

I brought up the webcam viewer and looked in on Heather’s room. Lefkoşa Escort She was awake, still laying in bed, scrolling through the screen on her phone. A minute later, my phone chimed.

I guess you found your laptop. Ha. Sorry I forgot to bring it back, Heather texted.

No worries. Got it. Showering and heading to work, I replied.

I got into the shower and steadied myself, putting both hands against the wall under the warm spray. I want to have sex with my daughter. We both want it, I reasoned. But I’m the grown-up here. I’m the one who has to put a stop to this, before I ruin my relationship with her, the logical part of my brain argued. You can play with Heather, but you can’t fuck her. This is getting out of hand. Your brain is already a fucking mess. Snap out of it!

I stepped out of the shower. My mind was a bit more at ease, having decided to pull the reins back on my incestuous fantasy. When I walked back into my bedroom, Heather was laying on my bed, wearing shorts and a tank top, bra-less. She had the laptop open, playing the video of her solo performance last night. Heather paused the video and looked up at me with wide eyes.

“I did not know it was recording. Please tell me you haven’t watched this,” Heather said.

My surprised expression, mirrored Heather’s as I simply nodded, confirming her question.

“I don’t know what to say. I was just really turned on and I couldn’t stop mys…” Heather started.

I interrupted her, “I know. I just had an argument with myself in the shower, about it.”

Heather sighed, and continued, “I do…I mean…I have thought about it. You know that. But it almost happened, for real, last night. I think I took it all too far.”

“It wasn’t just you, Baby. Believe me, I was really into it too. I could have said ‘no’. But honestly, if we hadn’t…finished…when we did, another ten seconds, and I wouldn’t have been able to stop myself anymore.” That might have been a generous estimation. In reality, I was probably five seconds or less than burying my face in Heather’s pussy, before I came.

“I didn’t stop myself though,” Heather said, looking down at my laptop. “When I told you to ‘stick your cock in my mouth’…I was really telling you to.”

“Oooh God, Heather. We are playing with fire here,” I said softly, as my cock stood straight out in my towel. “And we almost got Magosa Escort burned, last night. We have to be more careful.”

“I know.” Long pause. “Maybe we don’t…talk…like that, so much…next time.”

“Next time? Baby, if we’re naked in bed together again, I will not have the restraint to keep my hands off of you. I know that.”

“So we touch,” Heather looked up at me, and said. “Can’t you just touch me without fucking me?”

My eyes and mouth sprung open. “We played with fire. And now you want to go play in an inferno! I don’t know if I can do that, Heather, can you?”

“I already did. I came in here last night to put my panties in your underwear, just to be funny. But when I wrapped them around your cock, you got super hard. So I stroked you for a long time. I was going to make you cum, but I got scared that you would wake up, so I quit.”

“Ooooh….my God,” I whispered, exhaling hard, and nervously rubbing my forehead.

Heather moved to sit on the edge of the bed, facing me. “It’ll be OK,” she said, quietly. “We can do this. It’s just…touching.” Heather reached her hand out, towards the protrusion in my towel. I took her hand, stopping her.

“OK. I want to do it. But I am not of sound mind right now. I need to go to work and think about something else for a while. This has fried my brain, Sweetheart. And I think we need to see how we feel tonight. OK?”

Heather looked at me sadly. “I’m sorry, Daddy. I’m so embarrassed.”

“Don’t be sorry, Honey. That’s just what I am trying to avoid. I don’t want us to do anything we’ll regret, or be sorry about. Can we talk about it tonight?”

“I’m supposed to spend the night at CJ’s. It’s his night with Tara,” Heather said, discouragingly.

I lifted Heather’s chin, gently, and smiled. “That’s fine. We do not need to rush this. We’ll both be thinking more clearly when you get back. And hey, I’m sure he’ll appreciate how fired up you are, when he gets to have sex with you,” I finished, lightheartedly.

“OK. OK,” Heather laughed, weakly. “I’m taking a copy of our video though. I don’t get to sleep in CJ’s room over there. And you are not going to be the only one who gets to watch it.”

“Fine,” I laughed. “You can send a copy to your laptop while I get dressed.”

I watched Heather walk out of my room. Then I grabbed my cock and choked it hard. Behave! I can’t have you thinking for me right now, I chided.

After I finished getting dressed, I walked to Heather’s room to get my computer. She met me at her door, smiling, and handed me the laptop. “Have a good day at work, Daddy,” Heather said, a bit slyly.

What are you up to, girl? I thought, as I headed out.

End of Part – 7