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It was the last weekend of January and the recent heatwave hadn’t let up.  Even by mid-summer standards it was hot!  Gav made the most of the early mornings to run along the beach and work out in the outdoor gym.  It was a significant weekend because his latest batch of students were celebrating their results.  He had put six guys and three girls through his course on “Databases and Systems Analytics”.  All had passed and he had organized a bit of a get together to celebrate their success.  Three of his students, Maddy, Shula and Amy worked for the same company.  They worked on various aspects of the company’s IT solutions overseen by Gav.Gav had been systems analyst for Lucy’s Underwear Show House for 11 years now and the girls were part of his team.  Their new qualification would open up their prospects at Lucy’s or give them opportunities elsewhere.  Gav liked to think of himself as one of the team, rather than the boss of his section.  Everyone liked his relaxed attitude and ready wit; although he could be firm if there were tight deadlines or someone over stepped the mark.  There did tend to be a fairly quick turnover of staff in the lower pay scales, but the course had been his idea, and was an incentive for the staff to go up a grade.  It would also mean that the better people were more likely to have been kept on.The business had grown steadily and was now the foremost lingerie chain in New South Wales. For Gav, it was important to know he had a team with the right skills, whom he could rely on when it was busy.Five of the nine students had said they could come on the little do, which was just a few drinks and nibbles at one of the bars in town.  There had been a suggestion that they could go back to Gav’s for a drink on his patio later.  It had been 26 degrees at 10 PM for the last two nights, and with the mercury promised to peak at 39 C today, it looked like a good bet for an evening in the garden.The good grades achieved by the girls had created a lively atmosphere in the office, all the previous week and everyone was looking forward to the shindig.  Gav thought it would be nice to help them celebrate.  Being just two months off his fortieth birthday he was still young enough to get away with a little banter with his younger colleagues.  The girls were all in their early twenties with active imaginations, and he wasn’t averse to a little practical humour, as long as it didn’t go too far. Gav spent the day doing his best to keep cool and after an afternoon in the Maritime Museum, he had a walk along the water front at Lavender Bay, but by mid-afternoon it was so hot, even with his wide-brimmed hat was scant protection and he headed home.  After a bit of a nap and a shower, he chose a suitable summer shirt and some nice combat-style shorts and headed for the party.He met the team at the Wombat Bar.  One of the guys, Tom had to pull out at the last minute, so they were down to five.  Three of them were the girls from the office.  Gav did his best not to look too admiringly at them, even though they were hot.  Amy had put on a pink and white playsuit, which was the ideal outfit to showcase her shapely legs.  Gav thought playsuits were unnecessarily sexy for going-out clothes, but he wasn’t complaining.  Amy was the most outgoing of the girls and the most flirtatious, although she had never flirted openly with Gav.  She tended to reign it in at work, but would sometimes compliment him on his aftershave and the like.  Her long brown hair had a lovely sheen tonight, and her hazel eyes had an extra twinkle, which Gav noticed.Maddy and Shula were a little more reserved but both very pretty.  Maddy was from England, and her accent was still the butt of certain jokes from time to time, but she got on well with the others and took it in good heart.  She had long strawberry blonde hair, which tonight she had done in two long pigtails, which suited her fair complexion.  She had a nice bust, which was very obvious through her white crop top.  She also had a nice bum, which was accentuated by her close-fitting red and white stripe shorts.  Gav had high hopes for Maddy.  She was conscientious and thoughtful and less likely to be distracted than Amy.Shula was half Indian, with an Aussie Mum.  She was intoxicatingly beautiful with lovely olive skin and striking blue eyes.  She was perhaps the most reserved of the three but had an infectious giggle and Gav always thought she was just a bit too much “butter wouldn’t melt” to be true, sometimes. The other man, Geoff, was a slightly nerdy guy who excelled at his job and had passed Gav’s course with distinction.  He had a bit of a thing for Gölbaşı escort bayan Shula, but found himself a fish out of water with the opposite sex.  He had come along because he was working on his social skills, but the way the object of his desire was dressed, he found himself clamming up and it wasn’t the right environment to pluck up courage.  Shula had on a rather short cream dress, which contrasted nicely with her olive-tanned legs.  The terracotta belt, highlighted her slim waist and shapely hips.  Her boobs were small but perky and she hadn’t bothered to wear a bra, which drew the attention of the two men. Gav got the first round in and the small party found a suitable table outside.  There was the smell of sizzling sausages from a nearby street vendor and there was a convivial atmosphere as other people were enjoying the evening, as the heat became a bit more bearable.“It’s a real scorcher!” said Maddy.“Ah you Brits can’t hack our weather,” commented Gav.“Here we go!” said Maddy with long-suffering resignation.“Yeah if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen,” said Geoff, haplessly.“What does that even mean?” asked Maddy.There was a bit of an embarrassed silence.“Well, the beer is cold anyhow,” confirmed Amy, raising her glass.  “Here’s to success and top grades!” she added.Gav joined her and the others clinking glasses.“I think you lot are the best yet,” he said.“I bet you say that to all your students,” said Shula, smiling.“It’s only the second year and two of them didn’t last the course, last year.”“Oh, I didn’t know that,” said Shula.“Say, what say get some of those snags, they’re making me hungry!” exclaimed Amy.“Too right,” agreed Gav.  “When we’ve finished this round, we’ll head over to the water front and take in the tucker en route.”There was general agreement that that was a plan and the little group continued to enjoy the evening sun and the night life. “So a couple of drinks and we’re back to yours for a barbie, yeah?” said Amy.“That’s the idea, yeah.  As long as that appeals.”“I’m in,” said Maddy.“And me!” agreed Shula.“Actually, I might have to give that a miss,” admitted Geoff.”“Oh Geoff!”  exclaimed Amy.“Sorry, I promised I’d go help my cousin.  He’s got a virus.”There was an outburst of giggles at this revelation.“You might be better sending him to the doc,” observed Gav, which drew appreciative laughter from the girls.“With his computer!” said Geoff with exasperation.“It’s okay, Geoff,” said Maddy, “You got to do, what you got to do.”“You need to make sure he has his firewall up to date,” said Gav. “Yeah sure, I know that.”“If you get stuck, bring it in and I’ll take a look, but no promises.”“Okay, thanks.  I would have come…”Gav drained his glass and stood up.“Looks like I will be the only male, later,” he said.“Aww… poor Gav,” said Maddy with undisguised sarcasm.“Yeah, don’t worry we’ll be gentle with you,” said Amy.“Hmmm… you don’t know what you’ll be missing, Geoff,” said Shula.This drew embarrassed glances from the geeky guy, who realised he’d screwed up another chance to impress his pretty colleague.After stopping by the stand with the sizzling sausages the group moved to another bar.  Geoff had drifted off, hoping to put another failed social outing behind him.Gav was now the focus of attention.  He liked Geoff, but he did feel that he had a way of inadvertently stymieing the natural discourse and chemistry of things, but at least he had turned up.  Gav, while no Don Juan was comfortable with the opposite sex and certainly didn’t have any issues spending the evening with three gorgeous girls.  The girls liked Gav and apart from the works Christmas party this was the first time that they had been with him socially, and the first time they had been out on the town. Amy walked with Gav to the next bar and put a friendly hand on his shoulder, as the other two lagged behind in deep conversation.  Amy took the opportunity to extend her appreciation.“Thanks for organizing this, Gav, it’s nice to be able to let your hair down with the main man.”“Is that what you call it?” remarked Gav.“You got to have fun,” she said, cheerfully drumming her fingers down the back of his shirt.“Hmmm… I can see I’m going to have to keep my eye on you,” said Gav.“What, you mean you aren’t anyway?”Gav was thinking of a reply, not a hundred percent sure if her remarks were deliberately cryptic, but was saved by Shula who pointed out that they had reached the next venue.“Same again?” said Gav.There were nods and thumbs up.“More ice in mine, please!” requested Maddy.“Naww… the Pom still burning up!” giggled Amy.“Ha, bloody ha!” rebuked Escort Keçiören Maddy.The place was lively inside with long tubular lights and an art deco style to the mirrors behind the optics.  A large bust of Queen Victoria took centre stage with the tables arranged outwards from there. They found a free table with high bar stools and continued their conversation. Gav dabbed a little grease from the sausage from the corner of his mouth and took a long draught of his ice cool beer.“This week has seemed like forever,” said Shula  I think it’s the heat.“I was thinking that, too,” agreed Maddy.  “So happy it’s the weekend.”“Yeah and you have tomorrow to recover,” added Amy.Maddy clinked her glass against Amy’s.“Party on!” said Maddy, beaming.“Yeah, and I bet Gav has some fun laid on for later!” exclaimed Amy, raising a pointed finger and looking at Gav enticingly. “I’m not dancing on the table in my grundies!” Said Gav.There was a chorus of giggles at this remark.“I might, though!” Shula blurted out.“Shula!” said Maddy, as if reprimanding a naughty school girl.“Only kidding,” added Shula, giggling.Amy gave her Asian friend a knowing look.“Dark horse that one,” said Amy.This caused a brief awkward moment, as Shula contemplated if this was an insult or not.  Maddy who had just swallowed a little wine half choked, half spurted and everyone laughed at the apparently ridiculous notion of the straight-laced Shula dancing half-naked on the table.“I dare you,” challenged Amy.“Dare me what?” asked Shula.“To dance on the table in your panties.”“You’re drunk! derided Shula.“I am so not drunk.  I’ve barely had a drink.”Shula came back, feeling the need to bounce the challenge.“I dare you to dance on the table in your panties.”“Accepted!”“Yeah, cos you’re wearing panties!” mocked Maddy.Gav watched the scene unfold, secretly enjoying the naughty exchange.“What does that mean?” demanded Amy.“Amy no-knickers.”“What? Exclaimed Amy!  “Where did that come from?”“Just saying…” Maddy interjected.Shula found this very amusing and was giggling over her glass.“I really am going to have my hands full, tonight,” remarked Gav to no one in particular.“Go on then…” said Maddy.“What, here?” queried Amy.“Why not?”“No, I’m not uninhibited enough yet.”“At Gav’s then!”“Eh hang on!” said Gav.“Why not, I want to see Amy dance in her panties!” giggled ShulaGav got the feeling that the alcohol had kicked in to the point that he had three very hot girls to contend with.  Amy had the look of a girl who was expecting to have a very good night and was taking the other two with her.  There was something about their body language that made him curious as to how far it would go.  He knew them all well enough from work, or so he thought, but he wasn’t sure if his easy-going style meant that the boundaries were well and truly blurred.  He was excited and anxious at the same time, but he thought he was adult enough to go with the flow and worry about it in the morning.“Hold that thought!” said Amy, draining her glass.“Right who’s for some cold ones and pork ribs.”“Ooh pork ribs!” exclaimed Maddy.“Had some slow-cooking from this arvo!”“Gav, you’re the best!” complimented Amy.After an inevitable pause for nose powdering, Gav joined them outside and the group piled into a taxi and headed for Gav’s pad in an up-market area of town.  He had a nice bungalow with a spacious patio in the back and tasteful garden furniture; a landscaped area for the BBQ and a couple of steps that led down to a little swimming pool. Gav invited the girls to make themselves comfortable, as he went to get the food and beer. “I’ve got all the dressing and stuff, hang on.”The girls were very relaxed and Shula and Maddy were seated side by side on the swing seat, while Amy was opposite Gav’s chair on one of the two garden recliners.  There was bubbly chit chat and frequent giggly outbursts as they shared dirty jokes.“Hope you like the tucker, girls!” enthused Gav, appearing with a tray of food and a four pack.There were multiple “splisss” sounds as the girls opened the tins of beer and the chatter subsided briefly as everyone nibbled on the ribs.“Hmmm, top nosh,” said Maddy.There were thumbs up from Amy and Shula as Gav leaned over from his seat and turned on the LED lights, as the sun began to set.“Mmm…hmm,” said Shula smacking her lips.  “Very nice.  You’re really looking after us, Gav.”“I do my best,” said Gav, accepting the compliment.“Yep, you’re the host with the most!” agreed Maddy.“Is that even a thing?” queried Amy.“What?”“A host with a most?”“The most, cloth ears!”“It’s hostess, host doesn’t work!”“Okay, whatever, Kızılay escort smarty pants.”“I thought you said I didn’t wear pants!”“Actually I said panties, fruit loop!”“Eh… eh… girls it’s just a phrase!  Let’s not fall out about it!” said Gav, standing and calming the situation.Maddy sniggered at Amy and took a swig of beer. “It’s okay,” Gav, “We’re just fooling,” said Amy.Gav cleared away the empty plates and returned with four more beers.“Thanks, Gav, so how about we play that game!” suggested Amy.“Game?” said Gav.“Yeah, I seem to remember something about you and your panties on the table,” observed Shula.“True… true but it has to be within the game.”“What game?” asked Maddy.“Truth or dare,” proclaimed Amy.“I’m in,” said Shula, giggling.“I don’t know…” said Maddy, cautiously. “I know your games!”Gav had nipped away briefly and had missed this conversation.“Come on Maddy, it’ll be fun!”“I guess.”“Yeah!  Let’s do it!” I wanna see Amy in her panties,” said Shula, who had become uncharacteristically forward.“Okay, but it’s up to Gav, it’s his house,” said Maddy.”“What difference does… eh Gav, you’re back.  We’re playing truth or dare,” said Amy.“Are we?”“Are you in?” said Shula.  “Say you’re in.”“Yeah… um, I suppose I’m in.”“Yay!  Right, who’s first,” said Shula, tossing her long black hair to one side and putting a hand on Maddy’s shoulder.“Let’s write them down, names in a hat and a truth and a dare.  We take turns,” said Amy.“It’s too complicated,” Shula contradicted.  “Let’s just go in turns.”“That works for me.  It makes sense,” said Gav.“Okay, good,” agreed Amy.“Say, is this one of those where we all wind up nekkid,” joked Gav.“Oh yeah, I hope so,” laughed Shula.“Shula you’re drunk!” accused Maddy.“I’m not even wobbly yet,” said Shula defensively.Amy sat back and put one foot on her chair. Gav glanced up and realised he had a clear view up the gap of her thigh.  He couldn’t quite tell if she was wearing any panties or not.  It also occurred that if she were to dance in her panties or otherwise, she would need to take off the entire garment.  The thought sent the hairs prickling on his head.“Okay, so who’s first?” asked Amy.“I’ll go,” said Gav. “Cool, let’s do this,” said Shula.“Okay,” he said, looking from girl to girl.  “Amy, truth or dare?”“Truth!”The other girls looked at their friend.“Right… ummm, did you ever go through a red light?”“What?”“Ha just kidding.  Did you ever go skinny dipping?”“Better.  Yeah, I did, but everyone has at some time, yeah?”“Okay, well give a guy a chance, I’m just warming up.”He looked over to Shula, who was sitting in a most un-lady-like fashion.  She had drawn up her knees, with her legs open and was waving her legs from side to side absent-mindedly.  This gave Gav intermittent views up her short dress and of her skimpy pink panties.  He tried not to look but it was too late.“Okay your turn, Shula,” said Amy.“Ah goodo!  Umm… Amy.”“Me again?”“Is that against the rules?” queried Gav.“It’s okay,” said Amy.  “Dare.”“Haa!  You know what’s coming, don’t you!”“It wouldn’t be something about panties?” asked Gav with a tone of sarcasm.“Yup!  Dance on the table in your panties.”Gav looked at Amy, seriously, immediately realising that she might go through with it.“We never established if she was wearing any!” said Maddy pointedly.“No, but Shula is,” said Gav, probably a little louder than he had intended.“Eh!” exclaimed Shula.“Have you been looking up Shula’s skirt?” accused Maddy, pointing a finger and then collapsing back onto the swing seat, giggling.“Gav!” exclaimed Shula with a giggle.Amy had now stood up and was fiddling with the catch on the back of her playsuit.“Give me a hand, Gav.”“So you’re actually going to do this?”“Sure I am.”“Okay… do you want me to avert my gaze or something?” asked Gav comically.“Ummm…no!”Gav undid the buttons at the back of her garment.  He stood back and watched as Amy wriggled out of the flimsy material.  Her bra was holding up a clearly first-class pair of boobs.  Gav watched her remove her playsuit, next revealing her toned tummy and then her panties. “Whoo!  Do you work out?” complimented Gav, looking at her toned legs.“Ooh Gav, flattery will get you everywhere,” said Amy.Gav thought it was early in the game to have someone down to their undies.  The thought of how far it might go, given the girls’ tipsy state made his heart beat faster. He watched as Amy climbed onto the table, an action that caused her panties gusset to bury itself between her pussy lips and Gav had the first twinge of lust as she stood up and adjusted her nether regions.  The other two girls began to sing and clap, urging Amy to do a tap dance on the table.  Amy was animated but ungraceful, almost slipping off the edge of the table at one point causing a sharp intake of breath from her audience.  Eventually, Gav helped her down and gave her his own little applause.  He looked down and surveyed the tantalizingly close view of her cleavage.