Haziran 10, 2023

Heavily Pregnant and in a Sex Shop

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From Behind

Heavily Pregnant and in a Sex ShopThey say impulsive sex is the best sex, and I have a story to tell you, that might tend to make you agree with me.I was seven months pregnant with my daughter, and we had stopped having sex three months before that, which compounded the problem, as most women in that state seem to find an increased libido, possibly due to our bodies being awash with hormones, I wanted sex more than ever and I was not getting any.On the Saturday I went into town, and being seven months pregnant, I felt like a hippopotamus, fat and not too attractive, so I decided to have some shopping therapy, as my husband was away for his two weeks on an oil rig, and I did not feel like being in alone.Later that afternoon, towards 5pm I boarded a bus to go home, and as I sat quietly, my mind drifted onto sex, and being naughty.I could feel myself wetting, I was really horny, and thankfully the bus was nearing my stop, so I got up and left the bus, but to my dismay, it was one stop too soon, so I started walking, and as usual, it started raining, and raining heavily.I crossed the street looking for a cafe or somewhere where I could duck into a shop to keep dry, but everywhere seemed to be closing, then I spotted a shop up off the main road, and went there.I saw lots of videos in window, and felt happy about it, because I liked a good Maltepe Escort movie, so I could browse and rent, so I went inside.I turned to close the door and turned back, to find I was in a sex shop, which was deserted, thankfully, except for the man behind the counter, who stood staring at me, and my big belly sticking out in front of me.’Hello’, I said, slightly embarrassed, ‘it’s raining quite hard’, I continued. It sounded weak, as if I was making an excuse for being in there in the first place.’It’s OK love’, he said, ‘your alone and it’s near closing time anyhow’.He looked to be in his fifties, sort of grandfatherly, with grey hair, and balding. I turned to go back out, and stopped as there was a sudden flash and then a boom, ‘Thunder’, I thought, and I stopped with my hand on the door.’Take your time love’, he suggested, ‘no rush, look around until the rain goes off’, I looked at him, he seemed genuinely concerned, and he walked across to where I stood, reached to the dead-bolt lock, and locked the door, then pulled down a black blind.He looked at me, I was slightly taller than him, ‘Go on, take a look around, there is only us’, and as he spoke he smiled warmly, ‘Like some coffee’, he asked, ‘Sure why not’, I thanked him and he started walking towards the back where the coffee machine was.’You’ll Maltepe Escort Bayan find the dildo over there, lingerie over there, DVD’s there, and viewing booths just back there’, hid arm gesticulating and pointing in each direction, then he was gone, leaving me with a choice, and what a choice, considering that ten minutes ago, I had an overwhelming urge for a fuck.I was hovering around the sex toys, not quite up close and personal, more looking around the shop in general and the ceiling, when he came back out with two cups of coffee.He was smiling broadly, ‘Too shy’, he said in a jocular manner, I just smiled and took the cup.’When did you open’, I asked, as I did not know there was a sex shop so close to my house. ‘Four days ago’, he remarked, ‘no big fan fare’, continued, ‘not everyone’s cup of tea’, he added.’I live just along the street, and never knew anything’, I said honestly, as we stood sipping our coffees.’Do you want to sit down’, he asked in a concerned manner. I shook my head, I felt comfortable, ‘No, I want to look around’, his eyes opened wide as if surprised by my answer, ‘I’m here, so I may as well enjoy it’, I said boldly, and as I did so, I felt that familiar urge take hold between my legs.I handed him the empty cup, and walked towards the toys, ‘Give me an opinion’, he said, Escort Maltepe ‘and I’ll give some freebies’, I looked at him, my knees felt week, and my stomach churned, and I walked up to the display and picked up a ‘Lilo’, silky smooth and multi-function vibrator, ‘I like this’, I said, as he walked back towards me.I handed it to him and he studied it, ‘I used to own one’, and he looked at me, ‘when I was f******n’, I added, my voice was thick like treacle, I think he knew how I felt.’Shall I put some batteries into it’, he asked, ‘You can’t I corrected him, you have to charge it’, and as I spoke he was cutting the thick plastic cover with a pair of scissors, and took it out and handed it back to me.I held it, feeling his eyes on me, and as I pressed the button and held it, the smooth vibrations started and I smiled, ‘It’s working’, I said, feeling faint, as I brought onto my bump, and cunt was screaming into my head, and I blurted out, ‘Do you want to watch me’?’I want to fuck you’, he replied.I put the Lilo on a table where it vibrated like crazy, ‘I want that too’, I said, and started taking my coat, then dress, panties and brassiere off, then stood there watching him looking at my naked body, then him undressing, until he was nude like me.I watched intently as his cock came into sight, he was rock hard, and I swallowed hard, dropped to my knees and assumed the ‘Doggie position’.’I’ll get a condom’, he said, ‘No point’, I replied, ‘Just stick it in and cum, that’s the beauty of being pregnant’, I added, as he sank down and slipped his big cock inside me and began fucking me, and listened as I squealed like a delighted pig.