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“Help Me Out”: A Receptionist earns extr

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“Help Me Out”: A Receptionist earns extrIt was a hot Friday night in the brothel, and it was payday, so it was busy. Martha, working behind the reception desk, had already taken a lot of money and six men were waiting for someone to be ready for them. On the reception room tv, Nicole Sheridan noisily slurped her way through a succession of cocks, and the waiting punters were struggling hard not to pull themselves off too soon. Chad, the manager, came out from behind the little curtain where he had his “office” (his work seemed to consist largely of watching the girls “working” on CCTV”). Chad was abit of a dick, but alright enough to work for- much better than some guys who did the same job.”Hey, Martha”, he whispered, leaning over the reception desk and staring rather more eagerly down her cleavage than she was comfortable with. “We have a problem. All the girls are in on long term appointments and it will be a while before any of these guys get seen””Uh-huh Martha replied, non commitally.”Well, see Jerry there?”, Chad nidded back over his shoulder at the guy nearest behind him, sat on the sofa. “He has only half an hour” Chad continued, “and he will leave and take his money back if we don’t get something done.””So, what?” asked Martha, arching her pencil-thin eyebrow.”So, Jerry is a quickie guy, usually he only wants a blow job. Can you sort him out? Just this once? I will lose a good customer otherwise.” Chad flashed a hopeful smile at his receptionist, whose mouth was open with surprise.Martha had taken the job to pay some pressing bills but had always told herself she would never actually work a cock. But here Escort bayan was a new sitaution.”Come off it Chad” she said, shrugging, “you know I am only here to work behind the front desk, not fuck”.”You won;t be fucking,” replied Chad, insistently. It’s just a bloew job. Just this once. Please. I really need your help, and you can keep all his fee- I will give my cut to you in return for this one favour. I don’t expect you to start doing this all the time.”Martha began to giggle, then stopped herself. “Where?” she said. “All the rooms are busy”.Chad laughed as he realised he had persuaded her. “Well, there’s no where else but here. It’s a live show. The others will be generous, I’m sure, for the chance to watch”.Martha sighed. Now was her last chance to pull out. It was crazy, and a real escalation of her work in the sex trade. Surely it was too much to expect, to suck a complete stranger for money?”OK, Chad” she agreed. “Shut the front door and draw the curtain, put the closed sign up. But Jerry and no more, OK? I am doing you a big favour here. Don’t ask for it all the time”Chad was moving to close the curtain and lock the door before she had even finished speaking. “Guys, turn that porn down. Jerry, you are up. Martha will suck your cock now. You’re a regular, so we have a treat for you!”.Jerry, a middle aged quiet guy, looked flabbergasted, but he stodd up unsteadily and let his towel fall to the ground. It revealed a shaved cock that was already hard, and glistening at the tip. As the other punters turned to watch the live show, someone muted Nicole Sheridan’s yelps.Martha Bayan escort felt a strange sense of power as she came out from behind the desk, hopping as her jeans came off, and the ever-helpful Chad slowly pulled down her knickers. Naked, the pretty, tanned, rounded blonde walked to the middle of the room, beckoning Jerry to come to her. Dropping to her knees, she looked up with a quick smile. “Hi jerry” she said. “I hear you want a blow job.”Martha began pulling his shaft with soft, jerking movements. She saw how excited he was as his bell end shone in the lights. The room fell silent, other than the hum of the cooling fan, and a faint hint of yelps and bedsprings from a nearby bedroom. In there, Martha’s best friend, Silvia, was having her arse probed deeply by a regular punter, straining to fill her bottom with his sperm.Martha’s wanking got a little bit faster, and Jerry threw his head back and closed his eyes. Pulling his foreskin right back, she ran the tip of her tongue around his exposed glans, teasing the line under his cock and scratching his balls. Then, she slowly took his swollen length in her mouth and slowly, slowly, her head began to jerk back wards and forwards. Sirling her tongue round his head, and teasing by whatever means she could, she could sense his mounting delight as he beagn to groan softly, seizing her blonde hair excitedly in his hands and urging his cock deeper into her warm, soft mouth. Martha was turned on by his excitement and began to move faster.Jerry had had sex with many of Chad’s girls down the years but this was one of the best blow jobs Escort he had ever had there. A tingling, insistent burning began to appear at his prostate. He looked down as the pretty blonde sucked him with a perfect mixture of softness and hardness, teasing new pleasureable messages from his well used cock. Martha was single and hadnt sucked a cock for a while, but she knew she was doing well here. Jerry was sweating and twitching slightly, his buttocks moving back and forth in little jerks. She saw his stomach muscles tighten a little bit and his balls withdrew from their sac as the scratched at them. Bobbing her head harder, back and forth, she began to lose the power of reason as she sensed her temporary boyfriend near his climax. Finally she felt his cock began to stiffen hard as teak. She pulled it out and with a squelching sound furiously wanked it. Looking up, she saw Jerry’s features controted in a sweating grimace. Smiling, martha closed her eyes as Jeryy crioed out and the first speck of white appeared on his glans.Jerry, frustrated and sexless for weeks, suddenly came in a huge explosion of colour and sensation. Forgetting the fact that he had an audience, he cried out as if for mercy.”AAAAGGGHHHHH-AAAAAAAAAGGHHH_GOD_FUCCKKKK!!!!!” he roared, as his orgasm threatened to rip his penis from its moorings. The watching punters stared goggle eyes as Jerry let rip several thick curds of hot semen, which spurted over Martha from hairline to navel, dripping in jagged shinmy stream as it tricked down her face and onto her tits. Spontanaeously, they- and the astonished Chad who hadn;t seen Martha in action before, applauded and cheered, and Jerry looked a little embarrassed before paying and going to get his clean-up shower.Martha stayed on her knees, still covered in Jerry’s cooling sperm, coming slowly back to reality. One thing she knew was that she wasn’t a receptionist anymore….