Mayıs 11, 2023

Her Car Broke Down, Chapter 2

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Julie crawled slowly and seductively around to get between my spread legs. She wiggled her ass as she crawled and kept her eyes on me the whole time, acting just like a stripper or pornstar! When she was in position, she licked her lips and took hold of the base of my eager cock.She ran a fingertip around the rim and over the head of my cock, feeling the soft velvety texture and scooping up the drop of precum that had formed at the tip. She rubbed it between her fingers for a second, feeling the slipperiness and then she licked it off her finger.”Mmm…” she said, “you taste scrumptious!” Then she bent over and went to work. She licked up and down my shaft, making sure every inch on my meat pole was coated with her saliva. She nuzzled my nuts and sucked each one into her warm mouth, bathing it lovingly with her soft tongue.When she was satisfied my nuts had gotten her full appreciation, she ran her tongue back up the underside of my shaft to the swollen, angry, purple head. She circled the rim of my cockhead and then laved over the top.I began moaning audibly as she worked. It had been a while since I’d had a woman go down on me–work and the lack of suitable partners had made a definite dent in my love life. But now I had a beautiful, available, and very willing woman giving her all to make up for all that.Julie looked up at me to see how I was enjoying her. I smiled and mouthed the words “You’re beautiful.” at her. She smiled in response then, keeping her eyes locked on mine, she opened those soft, wet, ruby-colored lips and took the head of my cock inside. She stopped at the head for now, licking it while she held it in place.The sensation was wonderful! Then she began slowly sliding more and more if it into her mouth, taking me deeper into that warm wetness. She took me about halfway into her mouth before she began slowly bobbing up and down while she sucked.My hand instinctively reached up and my fingers entwined in her soft golden hair, guiding her head in the rate, rhythm, and depth I most liked. She followed Bostancı Escort my lead like a trained professional dancer follows her partner.”You keep that up darlin’ and I’m gonna bust a nut before we ever get to the good part!” I said. “It’s been some time since I had anyone like this, and you are damn good at what you’re doing!””Well, we can’t have that, now can we?” she said, popping my throbbing cock out of her mouth. She gave the head one more quick kiss, and then she raised up and rolled backward onto her back.Julie gripped the waistband of her panties and slid them off her hips and down her legs ending with her spreading her legs wide to show me her sweet, wet pussy. And she had a lovely little box too–neatly tucked with just the edges of her lips sticking out of the slit.I could see a telltale glistening on those lips, letting me know she was as into this as I was. Watching my face for my reaction, she pulled her pussy apart, spreading herself and letting me see the shiny pink interior. God, she was hot!”Now, Charlie, I want that big fat cock inside me,” she said, “right here!” She slipped her index finger into her hole to show me in no uncertain terms where I belonged. And I was more than willing to go just where she showed me too!She rolled back onto her knees and moved to straddle my hips. She was facing me and she reached behind her to grab my rock hard cock and point the tip at her hungry pussy.She lowered herself until the tip just parted her pussy lips and rested right at the edge of her opening. She bit her bottom lip and drew a deep breath. Then she lowered herself further, feeling me opening her up and stretch her tunnel as I slid deeper into her.”Ohhh, Charrrlieee…” she moaned as she felt me burrowing into her center. I reached up and took one of her well-formed and delectable 34C tits in each hand, sinking my fingers into the soft, malleable flesh and brushing my thumbs over the hard, rose-colored nipples.”Yesss! Oh, Charlie, play with my tits! Bostancı Escort Bayan Pinch and play with my nipples! Please! Oh, that makes me so hot and so wet!” she moaned.As I obliged her, she slid further down, enveloping my cock in her hot, steamy sleeve. I could feel her pussy walls hugging me and squeezing me, trying to coax my cock into releasing its precious load.With one hand behind her, she massaged my nuts, urging them to give up their gift. With her other, she began fingering her hard clit, rubbing it in an effort to reach her own orgasm.Julie began grinding on my lap. She had taken me fully inside her–something not every girl in my past has been able to do. But she was in heaven, grinding and squirming with my hard cock inside her.And the feeling on my end was just as nice. Both of us were moaning and panting as we got closer and closer to the edge of our orgasms.I pulled Julie’s upper body down closer to me so I could lick and suck on those tender buds. Julie moaned her approval as my mouth fastened over one. I took the nub between my teeth biting it gently and playfully.”Oh God, Charlie! Bite that nipple! Bite it hard, baby! Oh, fuck yes! I love it!” she cried out. She pulled my head up into her bosom hard letting me know I was being too gentle–Julie liked it a little rough apparently! So I bit down a little harder and this caused a great shudder to race through her body.”Oh fuck, Charlie! Oh, baby, I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum all over that great big cock of yours! Oh please, make me cum! Please, baby, please make me cum!” she cried, the desperation in her voice clear.I began fucking my beautiful girl,  thrusting upward as hard as I could, driving my cock deeper into her, and slamming my hips into her. The force of my thrusts also caused my abdomen to crush into her clit, adding a happy electrical jolt each time I did it.It took about a dozen of these thrusts before I felt her pussy walls clamp down hard, signaling her plunge over the edge of her orgasmic Escort Bostancı precipice.”OHHH, FUUCKK CHAAARRRLIEEE!!” Julie screamed out. She flooded her womb with pussy juices and I felt them gush past my still pumping cock, spilling out all over my cock, balls, and thighs. I felt the warm liquid run between my legs and knew that the mattress below me was now soaking wet as well.But that was of no matter; what I was concerned with right now was this wildly gyrating beauty on top of me. Julie was screaming out her pleasure even as she was tearing at her tits and flinging her head around, whipping her blond hair into a white tornado.It would have been disturbing had I not known the cause of her possession. Finally, exhausted, she fell to one side and lay there on her back. She was gasping for breath and trembling as the last few spasms exited her frazzled body.We lay side by side as she came down from her orgasms and I kissed her ever so gently. “Julie, that was terrific. I hope you liked it,” I said.”I’ll say! You were terrific. I want you to do that to me ten times a day,” she giggled.”Well honey, that would be doing more than I am capable of. What do you say if I agree to do it to you as often as my cock can stand it?””Yes and I’ll do whatever you want me to,” she said.Oh boy, that promise would cover a lot! I thought, smiling at the possibilities.I let her rest for awhile holding her and stroking her soft blond hair. I had to admit, she felt damn good laying there next to me, her soft, warm, and exquisitely perfumed body pressed against me.I could have laid there forever. I bought an RV so I could travel and enjoy my retirement–well I didn’t have to go any further and I was thoroughly enjoying my retirement right where I was.”This is nice, Charlie… I’m really glad you stopped to help me back in Durham. Who would have thought a day that started out so shitty could end so wonderfully!” she said.”And who would have thought that stopping to help a stranded motorist could have resulted in the best sex I have ever had!” I added with a wide grin.She turned to face me and propped herself up on one elbow. “Really, Charlie? I’m the best you ever had? I doubt that–a guy like you with your looks and experience must have had a lot of different girls and a lot who were better at sex than me!” she said, skeptically.