Ekim 17, 2021

Her Pants Were Wet.

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Double Penetration

Her Pants Were Wet.
Claire was at work today and she came home laughing, i said you are in a good mood? she said yes its a good day. i asked why and she said nothing really just a good day.
all week she had this huge grin on her face coming from work? i asked everyday why and everyday she said nothing i’m just happy. i never suspected anything unusual cos she is a happy girl, on the Friday she rang and said she was going to be a little late, that’s ok love i am going to the pub for a couple after work also with the lads so meet you at home i will bring the tea in so no hurry home. good she said see you soon.

i arrived home and she was stood at the kitchen work top drinking a wine, i said to her i have got a pizza here do you want me to plate it up or just as it is, bring it here love and we will eat it as it is. we were eating away and i popped a beer open we were talking away and we finished up our tea, i said to Claire you or me to do the washing up and tidy seen as its been there since this morning before bed or should we leave it,leave it she said lets chill for a bit.

as we walked to the lounge i grabbed her from behind and walked behind her grabbing her boobs and having a little feel i put my hand under her skirt and felt her ass she has a fine big ass like her big titties, Claire laughed and i said what’s funny she said you will see, i reached round the front and she was soaking i mean soaking i rubbed her bald pussy and parted her lips rubbing her pussy up and down, i pulled out my hand and smelt it it was cum?? i said what is this, Claire smiled and said told you it was a good week.

i was like wtf, what you mean. Claire said she had been having meetings all week with directors and staff from other offices from London and Manchester plus they were all stopping up here but one of them really liked me and he was fit! he was a young black man and he was sat next to me and he looked at my wedding ring and said i have always wanted to fuck a married woman like you, i said what you mean like me? Shaun his name was and he said good looking big girl big tits and a ass to die for, i laughed at him and he said no really, i told him my husband Peter wouldn’t be happy with me!

Shaun said he wouldn’t have to know, i smiled and said lets take notes and get on with these meetings. Tuesday the same happened again he said the same thing so when i came home that’s why i was smiling and laughing to myself. ok i said but why you dripping cum, well she said at the last meeting today the big boss said would i go to the hotel and get his documents cos he forgot them and Shaun offered to drive as he said to his boss that he had forgot his phone so the big boss said great idea Shaun you go and get back to me when you arrive back.

we arrived at the hotel and Shaun grabbed my hand and said here quick look at my view from my room, Shaun opened his door and he said look at the view, i walked to the window and as soon as i turned my back Shaun dropped his trousers and was stood there with his black cock hanging down to his thigh, i gulped and said wow that’s nice, touch it if you want i said what about work i didn’t even think about you Peter, Shaun said i told them i would be late back cos i had to go to the bank to sort out something, so we have an hour or more.

Shaun stripped completely stood in front of me holding his cock and said well it won’t get hard itself. i don’t know what came over me but i went down on my knees and started to suck his black cut cock, i was sucking away and he grabbed my hair pulling me up to my feet, he started to undo my shirt buttons releasing my big tits, my shirt hit the floor leaving me in my bra, Shaun said you do the bra whilst i look what’s down there, i was doing the strap and he was pulling my skirt down showing my work knickers big and comfy. he pulled them down to my ankles and i kicked them off, Shaun parted my legs with his hands and started to rub my pussy, i walked backwards and said follow me.

i laid on the bed opened my legs and he started to suck my pussy eating away licking and poking away. i was dripping. Shaun grabbed my legs and pulled me to the end of the bed lifting me in the air a little, i looked down and his flaccid cock was now about 10 inches long and thick, he parted my lips and put his head inside me i could feel my hole stretching like never before. his cock was now all the way in and i was in heaven his hands were squeezing my big tits and he was telling me how hot i was and my body tits and everything was unreal and then he said how lucky my husband was and it hit home i never thought about you once till he said i just wanted that black cock inside me and having the buzz of a younger man want me.

Shaun was pumping away and he said he was cumming but before i could say not inside me he pulled me close towards him and filled me up, i was full of his cum and there was loads, Shaun stood back and said that was unreal we must do it again, i looked at his cock and it was still huge on the semi i wanted it again and i said i would love to when you come back up for a meeting. Peter said but why are you still wet? well she said we had to get back to work and i had no time to wash and i thought if i go to the gym after work shower you would never find out, so i went to the gym and its next door to work and guess who was there. Shaun. yes he was there working out before he went back to the hotel.

we started to talk after i had got showered and he said he would give me a lift home, i told him its ok i get the bus outside and it drops me outside my house, no i insist i will drop you off. so when i got home and you weren’t in i asked him in for a coffee and it happened again he fucked me on the couch so that’s why i’m dripping cum. my cock was rock hard hearing the story and i pushed her forward over the arm of the chair and i pulled her knickers down and fucked her full of his cum it felt so good, Claire was like Ohh yes fuck his cum out off me harder harder, i couldn’t hold back i filled her up as well, i stood back and could see his and my cum dripping out her hole it looked sweet. Claire stood up and said well i better shower again, i will join you love. we laid in bed and i said to Claire why not invite Shaun round for a drink and introduce me to him seen as he’s fucked you and i want to meet the man than i will be seeing fuck you in front of me, Claire looked at me and said what!! yes ring him and tell him i want to watch him fuck you and i can fuck you and finish you off. Claire said she will ring the London office on Monday and organize a meeting down there and we can go and hotel it..so we are booking up soon..