Haziran 20, 2023

Here is a true story about me being caught masturb

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Here is a true story about me being caught masturbI’m a bi sexual 31 year old male who lives at home with my family. I’minto a lot of kinky dirty sex stuff, but I’m a totally masturbation addict.From an early age I always enjoyed doing it in public places, like restroometc… It started when I was at school, and I have been doing it eversince. I been caught a couple of time and it always a big thrill. Thishappened to me a few days ago and I had to share itI finally have a day off work, my first in months and I have the wholehouse to myself. The rest of my family are out at there jobs or busy doingthings, so when I finally got up I didn’t even bother to get dressed. Ilove being naked, and I walked around my house naked and in a very hornymood. I have been single for a few months now. My last girlfriend justwasn’t as sexual as me, and all the kinky stuff I like to do she wasn’tinto. And when I confessed to her that I was bi, and from time to time Iliked to get some cock that really turned her off me. I told my familythat she dumped me and found another guy, as they had no idea about mebeing bi and all the kinky dirty sex stuff I liked and needed. So I wasvery horny and I hadn’t masturbated for a couple of days. I masturbatedaily, but I hadn’t the last few days knowing I would be alone today, and Iwant to save it and have a really good session.I went into the rear yard of my house, still naked but I just loved beingnaked outside. Our back yard had a nice pool and grass area, but was alsopretty private. I had been naked out here many time before and no one everseen me. I started masturbating at an early age, around 10-11 and eversince that time I had got a thrill at being naked in my back yard. It wasanother hot sunny day, and feeling the sun and Escort bayan slightly cool breeze feltgood on my naked body. My cock was still soft at this time, but just beingoutside had started to harden my 6″ uncut cock. Being such a nice day Ithought I would chill out by the pool, and this would also be the placewere I would enjoy my masturbation session.Going back in the house I got a couple of things I need to chill by thepool. I got my self my towel, a nice cool drink and most important of alla sex toys I would use to really enjoy myself. I went to the pool area andlay for awhile on a reclining chair. My naked body was getting hot in thesun, and being naked outside was turning me on. With my eyes closed Islowly started to explore my body with my hands. with my right hand Islowly started to cup my firm balls rubbing and pulling on them softly. Itfelt so good and I could feel my uncut cock starting to harden. Afterdoing this for awhile I moved my hand further down to my ass crack andslowly started to fondle my own ass hole. I stopped to suck on my fingerto make it nice and wet before again placing on my hole and slowly pushingit in to my ass. I slowly began to finger my own ass, and I started tomoan to myself. My cock was so hard now, and I could feel my precum flowfreely form my hard cock. I knew if I want to make this session a good oneand need to stop and calm down. So I took my finger out of my ass, andwalked over to the edge of the pool and jumped in naked. The cool waterdid the trick and swimming naked got my cock back to it normal state. Iswam naked for a few minutes, before I got out and went back to lying on mychair.I lay there with my wet naked body letting the sun try me off. I closed myeye’s Bayan escort and it wasn’t long before my hand was back on my balls and my cockwas growing harder. I went back to my ass and with my finger continued tofinger fuck my ass, only this time I was fucking myself a little harder andit felt amazing. I then got out the sex toys that I had brought of withme, it was large 8″ black dildo that I love up my ass. I then went to theend of the chair and bent over it with my ass high in the air, and with abig pushed forced the whole dildo deep into my own hungry ass. I felt mycock instantly harden and a load of precum drip out of me as the largedildo stretched out my ass hole. I being to fuck the dildo in and out ofmy ass and started to moan with pleasure. I continued to do the forseveral minutes until my cock and balls could take it no more and I knew Ihad to cum and shot my load. With my dildo still in my ass I lay on thebed and took my uncut cock in my hand. I being to move my foreskin up anddown over my wet head. My cock was so hard and I was so turned on that inabout 30 seconds I let out a big moan and the load of my cum shot out ofcock it went so far that it landed on my face. As my cock continued toshoot it hot cum on my naked body I started to thrust the dildo in and outof my ass hole with each shot of cum, it felt so good.Once I had shot my load I pulled the dildo fast out of my now very largeand open ass hole. I then looked at the dildo and saw how wet it was frommy own ass juice. I love the taste of ass and I placed it in my mouth andstarted to give the dildo a good blowjob wishing it was a real cock. Itwas at this point when my please was turned to shock as I saw my next doorneighbor looking Escort over the wall that was no more that 5ft away form me. Ijust froze as I saw him looking at me. The people who live next to us area couple in the early 40s, they both have jobs and are never there duringthe week. They are called Barry and Janelle, and it was Barry who hadcaught me naked giving a blowjob to a dildo, still covered in my own cum.Now Barry is a very attractive looking guy, with a nice body and shortblond hair. He just smiled at me, and asked if I had been enjoying myself.Now this wasn’t the first time I had somebody watch me masturbate, I get athrill from doing it in public but it was the first time that somebody whoI knew had seen. And it’s not as if I was just masturbating, I had beenhaving a pretty kinky session. Feeling rather embarrassed I answered himyes. He then went on to say ” Hope you don’t mind that I watched, but Iwas out in the garden when I heard a splash in the pool and I wondered whoit could be as no one is at home during the day. Anyway when I say yourswimming naked I just couldn’t stop looking”. My mind was racing, whatwould my family think if he ever told them I was feeling a little nervousat this time and to make it worse I was still naked in front of him. Hecontinued to speak ” You looked pretty hot there naked, I have to admit Ienjoyed watching you”. I couldn’t believe what I just heard. He thensmiled at me again and said ” Well maybe I get to watch one of your littlesex shows again, when ever I hear someone in the garden I’ll always makesure to check” He winked at me and then left. I continued to lay therenaked for awhile not believing what had just happened, but the hole throughof being watch was such a thrill for me. I can’t wait for the next time Iget to masturbate naked in my garden again, I hope he we be watching againI will be writting more about my masturbation habits and other sex stuff Ido soon. Please feel free to contact I love to hear for people who enjoymy stories of who just like to talk about sex and masturbation