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He’s Hiding On The Balcony (Part 2)

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When we last left our characters they were in a rather chic nightclub in Kuta, Bali. A rather handsome young Canadian athlete (William) was trying his luck with a much older and more sophisticated Carol. A few feet away Carol’s husband Paul was watching with interest. We wonder if young Will can succeed, or if he’ll be shot down in flames like his friend Steve has warned him. Our tale continues. ________________________________________ William was surprised to say the least. What the fuck? I’ll buy you a drink? That was unexpected. Will stopped and stared at the gorgeous brunette he had been ogling for far too long. Buy him a drink? William was confused. Failure had transformed into? Well maybe he had a chance? Carol giggled seeing the young man’s apparent confusion. “Well you can talk right? I mean dancing isn’t your only talent,” she paused and batted her eye lashes. “Is it?” The grin she wore was provoking. The newly feisty wife on the prowl was teasing him. She was trying to flirt. It had been so long since she had seriously flirted. Carol wondered if she forgotten how? The handsome young man’s floppy blonde bangs fell across his face. Tina giggled. With an infectious bubbly Aussie accent the surfer chick intervened. Someone needed to save the day. This whole start had been a disaster. Tina knew she needed to rescue the poor jock before it got worse. “What are you drinking?” The Aussie asked. The blonde female surfer giggled and motioned towards the bar tender to get her attention. Tina knew from experience that men were more relaxed and susceptible if women giggled and pretended to be stupid. “Um a beer I guess.” The ripped tennis jock replied. Carol smiled and flicked her brunette hair. She decided to get his name. The horny wife had decided to tame him. In her mind she was riding him already. Women have such deliciously wicked minds. Men have no idea. “So do you have a name?” she ventured. “Or do you just stand around looking blonde and handsome?” The young athletic stud blushed and shuffled his feet. Carol thought he was so adorable. This guy could be her very own faithful puppy dog, but hopefully one with a big hard cock. This might be less a night of breaking-in a stallion, and more one of teaching a puppy dog some new tricks. Oh well both experiences could be wonderful for a woman so deprived of sexual attention. “Ah I’m Will. Well William actually,” he licked his lips nervously. “But everyone calls me Will.” “Nice to meet you Will. I’m Carol,” she turned to gesture to her friend. “And this gorgeous creature is named Tina.” Carol held out her hand. Then she turned and ordered from the bartender. She had already met the cute bartender and knew her name was Ni Luh, or “first born daughter” in Balinese. “Ni Luh can we have a Tiger and two more vodka and Red Bull please.” Once the conversation got going it was easy enough. Carol didn’t much care what they talked about. She was feasting her soft brown eyes on this young man’s muscular young body. God Will was so ripped and his face was so cute. He even had dimples in his cheeks. Carol’s knees got weak. The now aroused wife was so attracted to this boy-toy. “Mommy I like this one, can I bring him home?” Her mind was playing with her pussy. Carol became giddy and her thoughts got silly. She felt so young and sexy. When she first considered straying Paul’s wife had been filled with so many doubts. Carol had thought the “chemistry” part of finding a man to have sex with would be hard—maybe impossible? But now with handsome young Will standing in front of her all she wanted to do was rip his clothes off and jump on his hard rod. Who knew finding a fuck partner would be so easy? Tina helped her new friend at different points by keeping the conversation going. The ditzy blonde surfer was spectacular at filling in any dead air spaces with suitably inane Aussie comments. “Oh my god you’re really a tennis player?” The way Tina said it you might think William was a brain surgeon. The pretty Aussie surfer giggled infectiously. She was helping her rather more awkward older new girlfriend flirt with her prospective new toy-boy. Carol relaxed and appreciated Tina’s help. More than once the two women exchanged knowing glances as if to say, “Yes girl I’m helping you land this one.” Finally a slow song came on. Without any warning Carol pulled her unsuspecting boy-toy onto the dance floor. Knowing her husband was less than twenty feet away made her heart pound. Her body was tingling with a sex driven shivers of desire. Her hubby might not fuck her, but other men surely would. As the attractive wife with curves cuddled into Will’s strong muscular arms she sighed contentedly. Carol wondered if her husband’s tiny cock was hard and throbbing? Was he happy watching his fantasy unfold? The little rod had been so hard and erect at the hotel—small but hard. As the dancing couple shuffled to the slow romantic music Carol relaxed and enjoyed the feeling of being held. The older woman sensed just how tiny and feminine she felt in the arms of this ripped six-foot-two young athlete. The feeling was so different from being held by her short stocky husband who never worked out. The horny wife cuddled in tighter to Will’s broad chest. Carol was feeling increasingly horny. She wanted the signals to be crystal clear to this hard-bodied toy boy. The petite sex-driven wife felt Will’s engorged cock press into her hip. Feeling the size of the massive lump she gulped. God he must be really huge: so much bigger than her husband. Her pussy unconsciously moistened and the aroused wife’s nipples swelled. Carol and Will danced two slow songs together. They felt cossetted in the club’s darkness. It was getting later. The night was beginning to wind down. Young horny couples were pairing off and disappearing into the moonlight to rut and do all sorts of things mom would never approve of. At the end of the second song young Will was Anadolu Yakası Escort in a daze of youthful horny desire. The young tennis stud desperately wanted this older woman he had just met. Carol knew what she was doing. Flirtatiously she drew him in. He was like putty in her hands. The lights on the dance floor were very dim. Carol still knew Paul could see her clearly from his chair at the bar. The petite married but yearning to stray wife tilted her face back. The horny wife was inviting her dancing partner to kiss her. The universal signal of her tilted head was not misunderstood. Will leaned forward. Their lips met. Carol ground her feminine hips into the muscular young tennis player. Oh god she badly needed some hot horny happy sex. It had been so long. Her pelvis rubbed against his swelled hard bulge. The kiss felt soft, warm and wonderful. The aroused wife heard young William emit a husky low groan of pleasure. Playfully she rubbed into him some more. In a sudden impulse of lust William thrust his long thick tongue down her throat. The unexpected tongue almost made her gag. The aroused wife wanted to giggle. Her dancing partner was so eager. But Carol was smiling. The way she felt right now, well eager was good. Yes as a woman she needed eager, she wanted eager, and the more eager the better. Carol rubbed her hands on Will’s back. God his body was so ripped and muscular. She sighed. Will put his warm moist lips to Carol’s ear. The music of the second slow song finally began to fade. “You are so hot.” To have a handsome man almost half her age whisper those stirring words into her ear gave Carol a massive thrill. To feel his hardness pressing into her thigh as they danced was an even bigger rush. She giggled. Carol gave her boy-toy a firm squeeze around the waist. As a woman Paul’s wife couldn’t remember when she last felt this happy, carefree and so light hearted. To be on the hunt for a new fresh male to mate with again, to feel the sexy randomness of life brush up against her like a cat rubbing against her calf: the opportunity to take a chance on life again was such an exhilarating thrill for the long suffering sexually ignored housewife. Yes Paul, let me go, let your wife expand her horizons, let me leave the confines of your timid little world. Let me become the woman I am in my fantasies Carol thought to her self. Carol reached up, put her hand on Will’s neck and pulled his head down. She put her lips to his ear and whispered back. “Hmm you are pretty yummy your self young man.” Carol’s face was flushed with hot desire. She was looking her catch of the night up and down with a hunter’s pride. She was taking in all the sinewy muscles and hard chiselled edges. As a woman she liked what she saw. Will obviously worked hard to get such an amazing body. Well tonight she thought to her self she’d give that body a good workout. “And you are a good kisser. But slower with the tongue.” Carol chuckled. It was a new experience for this older more experienced woman to be the one in control of the relationship. Starting out as high school sweethearts it had all been so fumbling and timid. She had never had a chance to really flower. Only tonight she was starting to relish her sexual power as a woman. Will blushed and looked down. He flushed like a bashful disobedient puppy being chastised by its owner. The horny wife realized she had embarrassed him with her comment about his tongue-down-the-throat move. “No I liked your kiss. Just slower: let’s practice,” she touched his arm in reassurance. “A woman likes a man who takes his time.” Carol reached down. She took the young man’s hand. She led him off the dance floor. The way she walked confidently in her heels with long strides anyone watching could tell she was the one in charge. At the bar Paul had been going crazy. He was shifting nervously on his seat watching the whole scene on the dance floor play out. His small penis was throbbing and engorged with blood. When Paul witnessed his wife actually kiss another man in public his heart almost stopped. He let out a tiny whimper of happiness. Paul glanced over again. He saw his wife pulling the young blonde hunk back towards the bar and her new blonde friend. Their eyes connected briefly. Carol gave her husband the prearranged signal. This man was the one. Our plan is a “go.” His heart jumped. Even though this was all planned, still the reality was unexpected. The husband’s entire body was a bundle of nerves. Paul collected him self. He calmed his pounding heart. Finally under control he walked casually over towards the bar. Damn his heart was pounding. It was hard to believe after all these years of dreaming? It was all happening so quickly. Carol was really going to go through with it. “Oh Tina and Will….” The attractive wife turned toward Paul who was casually approaching. “This is a good friend of mine. Paul is married to one of my best friends.” Carol turned and gestured towards her husband. Then she looked back at Will and Tina. “Paul this is my new friend Tina from Australia,” she smiled gesturing next to William. “And this handsome young man is named Will. He’s a professional tennis player on the circuit.” Will blushed and turned away shyly. “Well almost. Earning my ATP points hopefully.” Carol was still holding Will’s hand. She looked Paul right in the eyes. She was daring him to say anything. She was daring him to claim back his wife. Paul did nothing. He just smiled like a goof. So that’s it she thought. My husband really wants to see me fuck this young stud. Well then I shall. Butterflies of excitement were dancing in Carol’s tummy. The horny brunette gave Will’s big paw a reassuring squeeze. She glanced up at her young partner. Carol thought Will looked so cute when he blushed. His dimples would suddenly appear. The young tennis player finally looked up at Paul. They made eye contact and shook Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan his hand. “Oh yeah hi dude. Nice to meet you.” Paul was amazed. It was not only really happening, but his wife had selected a blonde Adonis for her first conquest. His high school sweetheart would soon be with another man. Not simply any other man, but a man half his age and with twice his body. Paul wouldn’t even dare venture to think how large the cock must be between this man’s thick tennis player tree-trunk thighs. “Sure yes nice to meet you too.” Paul kept his voice as steady. He tried to be as calm as he could. Carol’s husband was so nervous. Pretty Tina also reached out her hand and shook Paul’s hand. She thought it felt clammy and nervous. The young blonde Aussie surfer examined Paul more closely. Her female antennae were vibrating wildly. She had a sceptical look on her face. Something was not quite right about this guy. Something was not right about this whole situation. Paul spoke again. “Hey look Carol I’m a bit bushed. I’m heading back to the hotel. You okay on your own?” Carol hugged tightly into Will’s muscular young body. She smiled as Paul spoke to her. The young stud slipped his arm around her slender waist. William pulled her in tight. The Canadian’s huge paw of a hand ended up resting on the curve of Carol’s taut ass. The horny wife blushed slightly as she felt the young man cup her ass with his big hand. This public display of affection was new for her. When Will gave her ass a tiny squeeze it made her heart race. She looked up at her handsome new companion with adoring doe-like eyes. She hugged in tighter. Carol wanted her husband Paul to see just how sexually attracted she was to this new man half his age. “Oh I think William can take care of me.” The coy flirtatious wife was punishing her husband for all the years of neglect. This was her moment to shine as a woman. She was relishing two men wanting her at the same time. But only one would be fully rewarded tonight. The other could only watch. One would fill her and hold her, the other would cower and hide. “Can’t you Will? You will make sure I get safely back to my hotel won’t you?” Carol was grinning. She decided to rub it in further. With a playful glint in her eye she teasingly added a final humiliation for Paul. “I’ll need you to take me all the way to my room Will. I mean right inside to make sure I’m safe.” Will grinned a goofy young stud grin. He couldn’t believe his luck. Would he actually get to fuck this attractive older woman? He’d surely won the cock lottery tonight. Steve would be so fucking jealous. The meaning of what Carol had just said was not lost on the handsome young puppy. He couldn’t wipe the huge grin off his face. Paul continued with the agreed script. His cock was hard. “Okay well I’m pushing off then. Have fun Carol.” Paul walked away to exit the now subdued nightclub. Carol leaned in close to Will to whisper in his ear. “Paul knows my husband, but it’s okay. I’m on my own on this holiday.” Carol felt her young toy-boy’s body tense at the whispered word “husband”. She hugged him with a second squeeze of reassurance. “Don’t worry Will. I’m all yours tonight.” Carol whispered in his ear in a soft sultry voice. Will’s brain was dumbfounded. He had his arm around a married woman? He had just squeezed the ass of a married woman. Really? His big cock was throbbing. The young Canadian was pretty certain they were going to fuck? Holy cow! How would he ever explain all this to Steve? “Um I need to go to the bathroom.” Will excused him self to go to the washroom. He was so nervous he needed to pee. Carol dipped her head to whisper into Tina’s ear. “Hey Tina I’m going to take Will back to my hotel.” Carol felt funny saying the words. It all felt so new. Like a new world almost? Taking a man who wasn’t Paul back to her room to rip off her clothes? And to do what exactly? She smiled. Oh to play with her naked body of course? It made her flush with desire just to say the words. She continued. “It was so nice to meet you Tina.” Tina was smiling and nodded to her new friend. “Likewise. I really like you,” Tina flicked her blonde hair. It was a habit she had. “Have lots of fun with Will. He looks like a terrific fuck.” Carol blushed. She still wasn’t used to sex being discussed so openly. “Hey also….” Tina looked so beautiful when she smiled. Carol felt that funny feeling in her tummy again. “Yeah what Tina?” “Well I really liked kissing you. I mean I did that because I wanted to. Not just to rescue you from that old creep.” The attractive Aussie paused not knowing how much to admit to Carol. She was older and clearly a bit uptight. Yet Tina ventured further. There was an attraction. “Well just so you know. You are really pretty and I liked kissing you.” Carol blushed a hotter shade of pink. She had liked the kiss too. Could she admit it? Was she bisexual? So many new thoughts swum around in her confused brain: Carol almost choked on the words. But in her new spirit of honesty the wife seeking new adventures forced the words out past her pink lip-gloss coated lips. “I liked the kiss too.” Carol’s body felt hot and tingly. She was so nervous making the admission. Her heart fluttered along with her tummy. “Let’s meet up again Tina?” Carol had just blurted it out? The misbehaving cat was out of the bag now. Tina beamed a big white smile. Tina was no more than twenty-two, but Carol found her very attractive. The way Tina was so honest and straightforward about her sexuality inspired her. Carol wanted to become a new more empowered woman. The wife reshaping her life decided to be more pussy-truthful in the future. Yes let’s be more pussy-friendly she decided. “Yeah let’s do that Carol. I want to hear all about how you get on with Will. I hope he’s as good as he looks,” the blonde Aussie squeezed Carol’s hand tenderly. “It would be such Escort Anadolu Yakası a bummer if he’s a dud in bed.” Both women giggled. Tina leaned in close still holding Carol’s hand. In a low confidential whisper she finally asked about what was bothering her. “Look something bothered me about Paul.” Carol’s female antennae perked up on alert. “He’s not the husband of your friend is he?” Carol’s face turned hot pink. She had been caught in her lie. “Um…..” Carol was in uncharted waters now. But she liked Tina and trusted her. The horny wife decided to just go with the truth. “No….he’s…..” “He’s your husband isn’t he?” Tina finished her sentence for her before the guilty wife could force it out. The bashful look in Carol’s eyes was answer enough for the young hot blonde Aussie. “Guilty as charged,” was written all over Carol’s face. The vivacious blonde surfer immediately giggled madly. Tina was clearly quite flabbergasted by this turn of events, but still unfazed. Carol hadn’t expected her new friend to giggle. She was a whore after all. She was a slutty wife about to fuck a man half her age? “Oh my god you are so kinky Carol.” Tina squeezed Carol’s hand playfully. Her face lit up with a gleeful happiness. “You’re so totally cool for a married chick. Hey let’s get together soon. Fuck hehe! You are such a cool lady.” Will returned from the bathroom. Carol’s tennis stud was looking even more handsome than she remembered him. The handsome Canadian looked taller, more chiselled and more edible than any man she had ever seen. “What are you two laughing about?” Will looked at the two women feeling left out of the conversation. Carol slid her feminine arm around his torso again. She hugged her slender body into him tightly. Men she knew were like puppy dogs and needed constant reassurance. “Don’t worry young man it’s nothing to do with you,” she batted her lashes coyly. “So can you take me back to my hotel now?” Will nodded as his goofy wonderful grin and dimples reappeared. Carol inclined her head towards William’s friend Steve. “What about your friend? Won’t he miss you?” William chuckled. “Oh gosh Steve? Haha he’ll be shocked as hell.” Carol giggled and looked up. She liked how tall he was. “Why’s that?” “Oh you know guys talk. He said I didn’t have a chance in hell with you.” Carol looked over and scanned Steve up and down. The wife about to commit adultery assessed Will’s friend. She had to admit that while Will was the more attractive of the two, Steve also had his good qualities. “Oh and why’s that exactly?” “Well Steve thinks you have the best ass in the whole nightclub,” Will looked down into Carol’s big brown eyes. “He said that you’re way out of my league.” Carol felt her cheeks getting hot. Really? She had the finest ass in the whole nightclub? The now interested wife looked over towards Steve again. She decided he was pretty hot. Well I wouldn’t throw him out of my bed, that’s for sure, the horny wife thought to her self. Carol made a mental note to learn more about Steve. The new couple said goodbye to Tina. Will gave a nod and a wink towards his friend Steve as Carol led him out of the nightclub. Hand-in-hand they went onto the street to hail a cab to go back to the resort. Before they could get into a cab Carol looked up at Will. “Let’s try that kiss one more time.” __________________________________________________________ Back at the resort Paul was positioned on the balcony. He was waiting anxiously according to plan. As Carol took the taxi back she couldn’t hold young William off very well. The young sexually aroused tennis player kept making out with her in the cab. It felt like being sixteen all over again. Carol giggled thinking back of what it was like sucking face. Her pussy was getting really wet. Carol’s nipples were poking out of the bra and sheer top like hard points. Will was making all kinds of soft animal pre-sex sounds. His large paw-like hands wandered curiously across her firm body. “Hmmm baby, just wait till we get to my room.” Carol whispered. She was trying to calm her young lover down. Will couldn’t wait though. His kisses got hotter and hotter and more passionate. Carol also got more curious and aroused. It felt good for her ego to have a young man who seemingly couldn’t resist her. She found Will’s lack of control flattering. The attractive aroused wife’s hand slipped gently into Will’s lap. She playfully rubbed his erection through his jeans. Fuck he was big. Paul would certainly get a show tonight Carol thought naughtily in her brain. Her husband wanted to watch? Well she was going to put on a show for him to remember. The closer the cab got to the resort, the more desperate Carol became for sex. All this touching and kissing was driving her wild. It had been so long. Her body craved a strong young man who wanted her. Carol wanted Will to just truly fuck and ravish her. Her heart was racing. Her skin was tingling. Her pussy was wet and her nipples were aching. “Bite me, suck me, pinch me, twist me,” her nipples seemed to be screaming in her brain. Carol playfully teased her new toy-boy by flicking her tongue teasingly in his mouth. Desperately nervous from all the waiting Paul almost jumped when he heard the hotel room’s door handle move. The balcony was completely dark. It was eerily quiet outside. The cicadas and night bugs could be heard humming in the tropical bushes below him. The skulking husband knew the laughing pair coming into the room couldn’t see him, but still he almost jumped out of his skin. Paul ducked down behind the wicker chair. He wanted to make certain he was well hidden away. His heart was pounding like a sledgehammer. He watched anxiously as the door slowly opened. Fuck it was really happening? A fantasy hidden for years was actually happening. The door swung open slowly. They were holding hands and laughing. Will scooped an arm behind Carol and kissed her deeply. Pauls’ wife returned the kiss and pressed her sexy body into the young man she had picked-up at the club. Paul was in disbelief. Giggling playfully Carol broke away from the kiss and skipped away from the pursuing tennis stud. Carol looking so attractive in her sexy black and white mini skirt moved quickly to the bedside away from the window.