Mayıs 12, 2023

His Majesty’s Power

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Ruby was standing infront of the vanity mirror, her perfectly shaped apple bottom ass in full view of Brian, brushing through her thick, wavy hair. Clyde sat at the edge of the bed in front of her, his eyes glued on her, no doubt admiring the marvelous view before him.  “You fucking turned me on when you shut her down during the debate over how silly that show is.”  “Mmm. Is that so, my pet?” She purred, continuing to brush her hair without a pause, fully aware of the power she held over him at this moment.  “Yes, Mistress,” Clyde nearly gasped. It was apparent he had been waiting for this moment for quite some time. “It makes your cock all hard, does it, when I correct other people toward the proper way of thinking?”  “So hard, Mistress. Everyone else is lacking compared to you.”  From his well-positioned hiding place in the closet, Brian could see the smirk bloom across Ruby’s face in the mirror. “My little slut has waited patiently, hasn’t he?” She asked, placing the brush down and bending slowly over the vanity as she gently began to remove her lipstick. The thin jersey fabric of her dress was clinging to the curves of her ass, revealing that she was wearing no underwear. She bent forward farther; Clyde biting his lip in response to the heart shaped view before him. Brian was so absorbed in the scene that he had no choice but to voyeuristic-ally witness and was scared to death that he would be found, that he didn’t initially notice the hard mound within his pants.  “Your slave has tried his best Mistress,” Clyde groaned, his hands clenching the front of the bed, presumably in order to prevent himself from touching his cock.  She straightened her posture and turned around, freezing as she faced him. Her unflinching look was enough to make Clyde drop to his knees immediately.  She moved to take Clyde’s place at the edge of the bed, crossing her legs. Every move she made was so sensual, so slow and inviting. Clyde turned on his knees to face her, his head hung low.  “And when was the last time my little slut touched himself?” She stroked the side of his face, her fingers affectionately gliding over his loosely hung hair and following down along his cheekbone and jawline.  “24 days ago Mistress, when you last allowed me to on Saturday the third,” Clyde responded, his eyes on the floor. “Have you done anything you shouldn’t have?”  “No, Mistress. I’ve been terribly preoccupied with dirty thoughts involving you, though.”  “And what has been on your filthy mind,” her tone was suddenly teasing as she grazed her long index nail down his shirt.  “Awful things, Mistress. Your slave is afraid to say.”  “Tell me, slut.”  “For the past 24 days, Mistress has done an incredible job treating her slave as if he has no sexual needs that your slave has been entertaining thoughts of teaching his Mistress a lesson. He wants to bring Mistress to pain with his cock. He wants her pussy swollen and sore.”  “I see. And what if I bring you to pain with my cock?”  Brian noticed Clyde eagerly lift his head up at that suggestion. “Mistress will really do that?”  “I asked you a question, slave.” Ruby replied, pointing to the floor.  “Sorry, Mistress. Your slave forgot himself Şişli escort in his excitement. Your slave will be pleased beyond words if Mistress decides to do that.”  “Stand up and remove your clothes.”  Clyde stood up and Brian watched as he removed his shirt and pants, looking down at the floor the entire time. Brian felt an urge in his dick at the sight of Clyde’s cock, large and erect, hanging out before him. Ruby was hungrily staring at it and enthusiastically grabbed it, yanking Clyde towards her and startling him, for he nearly tripped. Brian noted the visible rise in Clyde’s chest as Ruby gently stroked his cock while he stood before her. He closed his eyes, tilting his head back as she glided her tongue along his shaft, both her hands cupping his balls. She slowly placed the head in her mouth, squeezing his balls with one hand and using the other to grip the bottom of the shaft. Brian could feel his pre-cum seeping through his pants as he heard the wet noises she made while sucking on the head. Clyde let out a pleasurable groan.  She stopped abruptly. “Get on the floor, slave.”  Clearly disappointed that he had been forced to return to reality, Clyde resumed his ground position.  “Worship me,” she commanded, sticking out her left leg.  “Fuck. Yes, Mistress.” He gently grabbed her outstretched leg, removing her shoe and kissing her foot, stopping at each toe to suck on it. Brian noticed his rushed efforts, however, as he quickly moved his mouth up along her calf as if he was attempting to satisfy an insatiable hunger. He hurriedly switched to the other foot, licking the bottom of her shoe before removing it. “You’re such a sweet slut,” she praised as she ran her hand through his hair. This seemed to excite him and he hungrily moved further up her leg, pushing her dress up and snapping at her thighs. In response to his carnal impulses, Ruby dug her hand into his hair and forcefully yanked his head backwards. “What do you think you’re doing, slut?” She leaned forward, looking into his eyes, her expression stern.  “Sorry, Mistress. My desire for Mistress is uncontrollable. Please, Mistress, may your slave please be allowed to taste his Goddess’ delicious juices?” Clyde’s pleading was quite convincing.  “And why does my little slut want to taste his Mistress? Is it so that you can satisfy your lust?”  “No, Mistress. Your slave wants to bring his Mistress to ecstasy. He wants her to be pleasured, to experience feelings of intensity and delight. Although, he admits that Mistress’ power leaves him feeling like a savage beast.”  A wicked smile erupted on her previously impassive face. “Good, my pet.” She pointed down to the floor and Clyde was immediately sitting with his hands to his side, his thighs apart and his gaze to the floor. Brian couldn’t keep his eyes off of Clyde’s stiff cock. It was so full and erect, just hanging out in front of him as if he were an unaware animal. Brian almost didn’t notice the drool gathering in his mouth. Ruby opened a dresser door and brought out a collar linked to a long piece of rope, which she placed around Clyde’s neck as he remained in his position, fully erect. She then removed her dress, Sultangazi escort bayan allowing it to drop to the floor in front of Clyde while his eyes were locked on the ground.  Brian was hard as a rock. Her body was delicious: her tits perky and her waist tiny. All he could think of was breaking out of his hiding spot and folding her legs back as he jammed his cock in her.  Ruby scooted backwards onto the bed, tugging the rope and leading Clyde onto the bed with her.  “You know your job, slut. Serve your Goddess,” she instructed as she rested against a pile of pillows.  Clyde paused, on all fours, feasting upon her body with his eyes. Within seconds his hands were forcefully rubbing along her feet and calves, a look of sheer ravenous desire in his eyes as they met hers. He suddenly dived for her thighs, sucking lengthily at her soft inner skin, leaving dark purple marks. It was clear that Clyde had been fantasizing about this moment for quite a while, for his hands were uncontrollably rubbing and squeezing every inch of Ruby’s body. Rather than chastise Clyde for his beastly behavior, Ruby closed her eyes and pinched her nipples tightly. Clyde lifted his head, groaning thirstily before he went straight for her cunt. His tongue glided broadly over her pussy lips. Ruby let out a soft moan. Brian absorbedly watched Clyde lick her vigorously and suck on her clit. After minutes of eating her pussy, he abruptly took both of his hands and forcibly pushed her thighs back, gripping them in place violently as he stuck his tongue deep into her dripping pussy, fucking her with it while she let out short breaths. She grabbed a chunk of his hair and yanked his head back so that his tongue was no longer inside of her. Holding his head, she grinded her cunt onto his face. Within minutes she arched her back, gripping his head tightly with her thighs, which were shaking slightly as she moaned in relief at her release.  Clyde continued to lick the juices flowing out of her. She gently lifted his chin upwards. “Let’s see how hungry my dirty little beast is for his Mistress.”  “Mistress, your slave could devour you.” Clyde’s chest was heaving from his heavy breathing.  She bent over, her ass in the air. Brian’s dick was throbbing now. Images flashed through his mind of rubbing his aching cock, glistening and coated in his pre-cum, between her ass cheeks. He wanted so badly to stroke himself but stopped himself out of fear that he might be heard.  “Then devour me, slave.”  Clyde didn’t hesitate to take a hold of each of her ass cheeks, spreading them apart and licking along her crack. Brian could see her cunt juices shining down her thighs. Clyde was quite literally devouring her ass like a rabid animal. Ruby’s pleasured moans seemed to excite him, for he violently grabbed her waist, shoving her head down and angling her ass as close to his face as possible. He impatiently shoved two fingers into her dripping cunt and penetrated her asshole with his tongue.  “Slut!” Ruby attempted to reprimand, but the word escaped her in a mere pleasured gasp. Brian could hear how wet she was, her pussy making wet slopping sounds each time Clyde Escort Taksim thrust his fingers inside. Her subsequent lustful moans continued to betray her as Clyde fucked her faster with his fingers, syncing them with his tongue which was slamming deep into her asshole. “Unnnhh!” She screamed in pure ecstasy as her body tensed. But she soon quickly brought herself out of her ecstatically pleasing orgasm as she reached around, yanking harshly on Clyde’s rope-collar, causing him to fall on his side.  “I believe you need a little lesson in self-control.” Ruby tried to hide the breathlessness in her voice after such an intense orgasm. “It’s a pity you need such, given the 24-day-no-touching you’ve observed.”  “Your slut is sorry, Mistress,” Clyde’s voice indicated no remorse; however, he immediately assumed his original position, with his head down. “All he wants to do is pleasure Mistress…he got lost in his desire to please her.”  “My little slut also seems to think he can dominate his Mistress at his own leisure. Lay on your stomach slave.”  “Yes, Mistress.”  Ruby brought out a 15 foot length piece of rope and straddled him, lifting his arms and tying his wrists together above his head. Shifting to sit on his back, she faced his feet, tying his ankles together as well.  “I don’t care how sexually frustrated you are, slave. I expect better from you.”  “Sorry, Mistress.”  “Sorry?” She bent over slightly, grabbing a crop resting against the nightstand. “I was mistaken in thinking you needn’t be restrained while pleasuring me. Apparently, you aren’t ready for such a degree of freedom.”  “Isn’t Mistress being a bit unfair? All your slut wants to do is be used as your pleasure toy.”  Placing the crop down, she grabbed his head firmly and turned it to the side, stuffing a ball gag in his mouth and then securing it around the back of his head. “Shh, pet.” She said softly. “This does bring me pleasure. And you can stop pretending you don’t love getting your cute little ass all nice and red.”  Ruby got off his backside and stood to the side of the bed, holding the riding crop up between her arms. Clyde’s head was turned to the side, facing her. She stared at him for a few brief moments before she lifted the crop and struck it crisply down across both his cheeks. Clyde did not flinch. Brian craned his neck in an attempt to get a better view of what was happening. He pressed his face against the louvers of the closet door, his fingers gripping the wide spaces between them in an effort to steady his position. One of his finger’s slipped and made the slightest noise. He held his breath, his heart beating in his ears. Certainly Ruby was standing utterly still because she was pacing her strikes, not because she had heard a noise coming from the direction of her closet. Brian watched, holding his breath, noticing that she had turned her head slightly, as if searching for another sound. Brian felt beads of sweat slide down the side of his face.  To his great relief, she turned her head back to Clyde and struck him again, this time with great force. Clyde let out a muffled moan in response. Ruby barely waited seconds before she struck again with the same amount of force. She did so over and over while Clyde writhed beneath her, his ass cheeks a bright red. Seemingly satisfied with the red sight before her, she placed the crop down on the floor beside the bed. Bending, she licked broadly over Clyde’s stinging cheeks. He winced beneath her tongue, expecting another lash.