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Holiday Romance? Ch. 03

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As Molly and I sat back looking at each other, gasping, our reverie was broken by a noise. It was Gareth laughing. Molly collapsed back into his arms, trembling, and he comforted her after her orgasm, but he was grinning. “It’s OK baby,” he murmured, stroking her hair as she whimpered, “it’s OK. You weren’t expecting that, were you?” His eyes met mine over her tousled hair. Her eyes were closed. “You little spitfire.”

I held his gaze and licked my fingers, tasting Molly on them. She was sweet and almost sherbety. I held them out for him to taste and enjoyed the tickling of his tongue. “I want to taste you next,” I told him. His eyes narrowed and went opaque blue as Molly rolled away onto all fours and he presented himself to me. His cock was proud and rock hard, thick and long. I crawled towards him, stuck out my tongue and gave it a gentle lick. The sound he made in his throat turned me on and he brought his hands down to my head, smoothing and stroking my hair as I gradually took him into my mouth. I held him in my lips and sucked the very tip which made him buck his pelvis. I had wanted to take it slow, to tease him, but I was too greedy. I took him fully and began swirling my tongue around his shaft, holding onto his buttocks and forcing him to fuck my mouth.

I opened my eyes and saw Molly watching us, one hand in her crotch. She spread her legs so that I could see her swollen, wet pussy before she peeled her lips apart and displayed her clit to me. She used one finger so I could see the bright red bud and her finger working against it. This turned me on even more and Gareth saw it too as he began bucking hard against my mouth. He was hot and I could feel him getting even harder. I lashed at his cock and sucked as strongly as I could, desperate for him to come.

But Molly padded over to us and gently pulled my head back so I released Gareth’s dick with a soft pop. I opened my eyes, bewildered and disappointed, before I realised she wanted to share. “Please?” she said. She was asking my permission to suck her husband’s cock and I loved it. I looked at her, hearing him panting and groaning desperately above us, then nodded and held his rod out for her. “Just a few licks,” I told her. “He comes for me.”

Molly agreed and put her lips around the very tip of his penis. She kept her eyes on me the whole time, seeking my approval. I loved being in charge but I wanted his cock in my mouth again, so after a few moments I pushed her away and replaced her head with mine. “Lick him,” I instructed before Anadolu Yakası Escort I began my frantic sucking again. Molly obediently ran her tongue up and down his shaft. Our mouths met and we kissed. Gareth, above us, was crying out. I could taste and feel how close he was to coming, and it was then that I changed my mind. I pulled away from him and Molly fell with me. “Fuck me,” I commanded, spreading my legs wide.

In an instant he lunged at me, desperate for release, with that grin still on his face but his eyes almost crazed. His wife however was in front of him. She dived between my thighs and pushed my legs roughly apart, plunging her tongue into my pussy. “I’ve got to eat you,” she groaned. “I want you so much. I want to make you come.”

The power had reversed again but I didn’t care. Molly’s mouth on my pussy was talented and desperate. She ate me like she was starving, her tongue frantically darting around my lips before plunging into my hole. She pushed her face flat against me, trying to get her tongue in as far as she could. I cried out with the pleasure and rode her tongue like I was riding a small cock. “Fuck me, fuck me,” I shouted, rolling around on the floor completely unabashed. I grasped my own breasts and plucked at my nipples, totally afire. “Oh my God, your beautiful mouth.”

Molly was crying out too, muffling her delight into my soaking cunt which made it even sexier. I bucked at her mouth, grasped at her hair and held her in place. She moved up and focused on my clit, trapping it between her lips and sucking at it as strongly as she’d suckled at my breasts. Her honey-gold hair spilled down between my thighs and it was the sexiest thing I’d ever seen in my life. Gareth, unable to bear it any longer, moved up behind her and plunged his swollen cock into her in one smooth movement, making her gasp. Her mouth was still clamped over my pussy and as he began fucking her she groaned into my flesh but did not let herself get distracted, focusing on giving me pleasure. I grasped her silken curls between my hands and held her face in place as I could feel my orgasm rising. Gareth was grunting and grimacing as he fucked his wife. With every movement he pushed her face further into my pussy.

The orgasm built up from my needy cunt and exploded through my body, making me throw my head from side to side as I screamed out my pleasure. Molly clung onto me, her lips secure around my clit. She was holding my thighs back to allow herself full access and she Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan didn’t let go or let up even when Gareth cried, “I’m coming, oh fuck” and spurted into her. He bucked three or four times, grasping her hips tightly to steady himself, making sure he filled her with seed. My clit was sensitive and I twitched but I didn’t pull away from Molly; Gareth coming had turned me on even more and I felt that a second orgasm was rising. She forced it out of me, determinedly licking through my twitches and yelps, knowing my body better than I did. The orgasm blossomed again. It was sharper and shorter but sweeter than the first, so pleasurable it made me want to cry.

Gareth and I lay back, both of us gasping. Molly held her face on my pussy, and then kissed it very very gently, licking the very edge of my lips and soothing me. I put a hand down and stroked her hair. She looked up, smiled at me, and then padded over to her husband who was still recovering.

“Fuck me,” he murmured, “that was intense.” They laughed together and she snuggled into him on the rug.

We lay there, the three of us, sweat cooling on our skin. It took me a while to get my breath back. Eventually I got up and poured myself a glass of wine, gulping it down. I was thirsty and exhausted. I looked over and them, curled up together, and felt suddenly alienated. They were so close. I was on the outside. I wanted to put my clothes on, to cover up my nakedness, and I reached for my dress.

Molly’s eyes were shut, but Gareth’s opened. We gazed at each other. Molly was curled into his arms, her cheek nestled on his shoulder, her long eyelashes drooping on her rosy cheeks. She seemed to be sleeping. I stood still and let him look at me. I liked feeling his eyes wander up and down. I held my breasts and displayed them to him before parting my legs and allowing my hand to wander, teasingly, down to my pubic hair. I licked my finger and very carefully touched the outside of my tender pussy. It was wet and I sucked my finger dry.

I looked down his body and saw his erection returning. I dropped my dress and came towards him. He carefully edged himself away from his wife and began pulling at his cock, his eyes never leaving mine. I came onto all fours and positioned myself over him. This was what I wanted most of all. My pussy was empty and needy.

Gareth grasped my hips and I sank down onto his cock. I couldn’t resist a moan of delight. Oh I felt so stretched, so full. I closed my Escort Anadolu Yakası eyes and sat up straight, taking him in. I groaned again and Gareth put his hand over my mouth. We weren’t supposed to be doing this. But neither of us could help it. I began riding him, slowly at first, enjoying him filling every inch of me. I rocked from side to side so he could feel just how wet I was, even now. Molly slumbered on, unaware as her husband fucked me inches away from her. He moved his hand from my mouth and played with my breasts, pinching my nipples. I arched my back and ground my pelvis into him. I couldn’t get him in deep enough. For a while we moved together, eyes fixed on each other, but I felt my orgasm begin to build once more and my rhythm became ragged and faster. I started to move more frantically. Now his cock was finally in me, I could feel it almost sharpening as he got closer to his own climax. The fan hit my damp skin and cooled me, making every inch of me feel more alive than I had ever been. That delicious cock satisfied me so utterly. I felt beautiful and wild as I bounced on top of him. I was so very, very close when I felt his hand touch my clit and trap it between his fingers. That was what it took to send me over. I lost control, shuddered and had to put my hand over my mouth to muffle my cries. I felt a great pressure rise within me, as if I wanted to pee myself. I tried to hold it in but the pleasure was too great and I allowed myself to let go and gushed over his cock, soaking him. Allowing that muscle to relax brought me tremendous ecstasy and I realised later that I had ejaculated for the first time. Seconds later, he joined me, his cock hard as iron and red hot. I felt him pumping me full of seed and I milked him with my pelvic muscles, determined to squeeze every last drop out of him. I wanted his balls empty. I wanted it all.

As I slowly came back down to earth, opening my eyes and taking big breaths of air, a mouth joined mine. It was Molly’s, and the hand which had coaxed such pleasure from me was hers. She had been awake throughout the whole thing. For a second, I felt shame and embarrassment, but her kiss was sweet and comforting. She was happy that we had enjoyed each other. She drew away and poured three glasses of water, which we all badly needed.

They led me to their bed. Gareth lay out on his back and gathered us both into his arms but after a few moments Molly slid down the bed, gently opened my legs and, lazily, fed from my pussy, idly licking up Gareth’s semen as it seeped out of my lips. It was loving and tender rather than sexual. I was too tired to come again, but her gentle probing mouth was a comfort to my twitching, raw cunt and I petted her hair, thanking her. I fell asleep with Gareth’s chest rising and falling evenly against my ear, and Molly’s mouth nuzzling in between my thighs.