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Honeymoon Cuckold Pt. 01

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I put this story in the wrong category, and I apologize to anybody I offended. So don’t make a judgment by the rating on this story just yet.

Update: 7th September 2022.

Warning: This is a twisted and dark fantasy about my Wife and small-dick insecurity. It contains extreme ideals and is generally insensitive. Please do not read if you are easily offended by black cock, sph, bisexual sex, interracial, pussy eating, cum swallowing, and cuckolding. I warned you, so don’t waste your time. It is for a particular audience, so again, if that’s not you, no shame in turning back now. You cannot complain that I did not warn you if this is not your cup of tea.

Sorry in advance for the grammar mistakes. I’m neither native nor the best at writing. Please give me constructive criticism if you have any, and I will learn from you. I’ll edit this story’s mistakes in a later version, so if anyone is interested in helping me, then knock me down. [Check out my profile]

All characters are 18 or older. Now enjoy.


I’ve always thought of myself as straight. I’ve attempted to hook up with pretty girls, but I’ve never been successful. I put this down to my thin build, pale skin, long, untidy blonde hair, and the fact that I didn’t go through puberty until I was almost 18 years old, which left me with practically no body hair.

However, the thing that made me feel bad about myself was something no girl had ever witnessed before college. I despised myself for not looking like the stereotypical alpha man. I was afraid that even if I managed to hook up with a girl from school, she would make fun of me, and then everyone would realize that I was worthless since my dick was tiny. It’s almost 4″ long and thin when aroused. So I chose the safest way to lose my virginity. My first girl was a call girl. I’m 26 years old and work as a software developer at a reputable IT farm. I’m good at my profession. I don’t have to go to the office often since I can work from home.

“Mom, are you serious?” I was on the phone with my mum. “You set me up on a blind date.”

“Hey, you should thank me. Believe it or not, it’s going to be your first time,” Mom replied. “Just be yourself. She is a good girl and knows you are not as masculine as other males.”

“Alright, thank you very much. Now tell me, how are you?”

“I’ve been better. What about you? You’re losing weight every day. Are you even eating food?” Mom asked. “Why don’t you work from your dad’s house?”

“That’s why I left the house in the first place. You two always baby me.”

“Hehe, you’re still our baby,” Mom replied.

“Love you, mom.”

“I love you too,” Mom responded.

Uff, my mom still likes to baby me. But sometimes I love that, like this blind date she arranged for me. I tried before to ask out girls, but it didn’t go well. However, I have to get ready for my date. I shouldn’t screw up this chance to get married. Mom texted me that she is still hunting for a travesti seks hikayeleri husband.

I arrived 30 minutes earlier at the restaurant, and my companion came 10 minutes later. The moment I saw her, I fell in love, not in the restaurant, but on Instagram. We talked for almost 30 minutes before our dinner arrived. Then we started eating and talking about our expectations.

“I’m not going to lie that I’ve never been with a man, but I prefer mama’s boy,” Luna giggled.

“Okay, I’m close to my mom, but I don’t think I’m mama’s boy.”

“Hehe, I was just messing with you. I don’t enjoy being in a relationship where I feel dominated,” Luna giggled.

“So, you’re into a female-led relationship.”

“Mmmm… not exactly or not all the time. I just don’t like the typical male-dominated relationships. There should be understanding. After discussing our thoughts and aspirations, we come to a conclusion,” she responded optimistically.

“That’s exactly how I see the relationship’s goal. For your knowledge, I, too, dislike making decisions on my own.”

I think I’m mama’s boy. If not, how did she find my soulmate and set up a blind date? I don’t like to make every single decision by myself. It’s not that I’m not capable of that; I just don’t want to take the stress. I already take a lot of pressure on my job to finish a project. I don’t want to add any new real-life shits. I think that’s why we call our partner the better half. However, my date was super good with Lina. She liked me and said she’d contact me for the next meet-up. Then, a few months later, we got married.

After two months of marriage, I finally booked a honeymoon in Puerto Rico, U.S.A. It’s close, and we won’t need passports to go there. I completed my office project and planned a 10-day honeymoon getaway. I found my gorgeous wife in the kitchen as soon as I walked into our new home. I kissed her sexy neck and held her from behind.

“Mmm, my little friend is trying to get inside his cave,” Luna teased me. She gave my dick a nickname, and she had no problem with the shape or size of my body. “What is it?”

“Look what I got for you? It’s a gift for both of us but mostly for you.” I handed over our honeymoon package and airline tickets.

“For 9-days. You want to travel the whole island,” she responded with a big smile. “How much money are we spending there?”

“Don’t worry about the money. I got it covered. And it’s not that expensive.”

“Then we have to start packing. Look at my fish curry for a bit; I’ll be right back,” she said.

I took over the kitchen while she started to scan her wardrobe for shopping. That night, we had wild sex. I ate her pussy for at least an hour until she yielded that she couldn’t take it anymore. Then I made a creampie and enjoyed it until she came for one last time. Luna was very open-minded and kinky. We kept trying new things in our married life. After that, we were in bed together in post-orgasmic bliss and started to list our honeymoon to-dos in Puerto Rico.

“Honey, I think carrying dildos and penis sleeves won’t be a good idea,” she asked. “I like your hot, throbbing dick inside me instead of this silicone.”

“I know, but without cock sleeve, I came so fast.”

“We’ve discussed this before: sex isn’t everything in marriage. Plus, the doctor said you’re healthy, and we can make babies too. I’m okay with my vibrators,” she reacted gently. “I know you love to see me having multiple orgasms, but I just don’t like dildos, babe. You can still make me cum by eating my pussy.”

“I have an idea, but it’s crazy. How about we open our relationship for a couple of weeks?”

“You want to see me with another man? Are you joking or testing me?” Luna asked curiously. “I told you, I knew you had a small dick before our first date. I’m not a size queen.”

“I know, but I feel sometimes you need a big cock inside you. I want to see your pussy get all the attention it deserves.”

“Are you suggesting… cuckold,” she grinned.

“The porn we watched didn’t look bad. Dominated by an alpha male in the bed, it’s not a bad idea to try.”

“Hey, if I wanted to make you a cucky. Then, I wouldn’t date you in the first place. When we started to have sex, to be honest, I craved some big cock, but that’s just from my experience. I’m getting used to your small dick now,” she comforted me. “Listen, I fucked a few guys with big, thick cocks, and they felt super good. But those guys were real dickheads. Now tell me what fetish you are still hiding from me. Before our child learns the word “Slut,” we will explore all of our fetishes and fantasies.”

“How do you always read me?”

“If you really love someone as you love me, you’ll find out what they really want from you,” she responded with love. “Just like you found out, I need a big cock.”

“I’m into sph. I don’t know how it got to me, but it came anyway.”

“And you think I didn’t know? Why do you think I call your dick my little friend?” Luna said with a naughty smile. “I’ve noticed you enjoy it more when I refer to your dick as a tiny one.”

“I know that look. What else did you find out about me?”

“That’ll be a surprise for you. Now let’s sleep. Tomorrow we have lots of things to do,” Luna replied with sleepy eyes. “And always remember, you may not be the tallest or toughest man, but you lavishly indulge me and go out of your way to make me happy.”


We were caught off guard by the beauty of our resort as soon as we arrived. The moment we entered our room, we jumped on the perfect bed to ruin it perfectly. I’m quick in bed, but this time I broke my record.

“That was too quick,” Luna mentioned.

“You’re looking extra hot today. Can I eat my creampie now?”

“Not so fast, honey. I have a surprise for you,” Luna grinned.

“What are you waiting for, babe? I like my creampie fresh and hot.” Then Luna took her phone and texted someone. And right after that text, I heard someone enter our hotel room and close the door. It was a guy, a naked guy.

“You always wanted to see your wife crushed under a muscular man. Okay, now today is your lucky day,” she winked. “And he has a big, thick cock too.”

A hot black naked man brought us drinks. I wasn’t sure where to look, cock, eyes, abs, or shoulder. As he walked toward us, I couldn’t help but notice the enormous cock that swung between his legs. It went halfway down his thigh and was as thick as my wrist. He then took a position to my right, putting his big, thick cock at eye level with mine. It was truly enormous. I kept wanting to look but did my best to stay focused.

“Look at those big balls. If you want, our bull can make you a big load of creampie,” Luna whispered in my ear. She was correct; those were egg-sized balls. I was wondering how much cum he could store there. Only one of his testicles was large enough to dwarf my entire nut sack.

The man held the drink precisely beside his big, fat cock and gave us the option of which flavor we should take first. His huge black cock was only inches away from me. My hand accidentally grazed his cock while I took a drink from his hand. Then I handed it over to my wife and went for the second one, and this time I was careful. His body was so warm, and his cock was legitimately hotter. I could feel the warmth on my face.

“So, you want to see that cock deep inside me, babe?” Luna smiled. “Hitting my womb until my body shook like a vibrator and pushed it out with a squirt.”

“It’s so big and thick. Are you sure you can take it? Spending our honeymoon nights in a hospital won’t be a good idea now.”

“Hehe, if you help me, I’m sure I can take its whole length,” she moaned at the end of the sentence. “And I’m not going to make you a cucky who will jerk off from the corner. We’re having a threesome.”

“Threesome or not, compared to his cock, I’m already a cuck.”

“Then it is a win-win situation,” she replied. “Now it’s up to you. I’m OK with it whether you choose to embrace your present now or wait a bit longer. I’m already missing your cum eating mouth down there.”

“Hi, I’m David,” he extended his hand to my wife for a handshake or maybe wanted to kiss her married hand.

Now he leaned toward me, and his big, black cock was very close to my face. I could feel the taste of his cock in the air. And the smell of his balls was dominating my mind. I inhaled it more unconsciously. It was very musky and heavy. At the same time, my penis was literally throbbing under the sheets and dripping precum. At the time, although being in decent health and shape, I was almost feeling fragile due to my small size. I suppose I weighed around 140 pounds and was 5’6″ tall, which made me slender and boyish. The man standing next to me was massive and broad, almost 6’2″ tall and with tremendous muscles. He was a man’s man and maybe a former college athlete or bodybuilder. The smell of his masculinity was making me more feminine. I couldn’t believe my penis was so close to cum just by watching an alpha male.

To be continued.

*I kept my first piece of a series brief in order to provide glimpses of the plot.*