Eylül 3, 2021

Hooking up with my Ex’s mom (online)

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Hooking up with my Ex’s mom (online)
“$300 than you can fuck me, cum inside me, anything. We’ll keep this as a secret and nobody has to know about it”
Tempting.. From all the photo she had i can only imagine how great it’ll be like. But i wasn’t going to pay to get laid or if you think about that’s basically prostitution.
Still i played along and got her to send me a couple more photos of her along with 2 other videos. While watching one of the video right away i notice the room.. It looks exactly like one of my ex’s mother’s room (In their apartment there was only one room and we used to fuck in there a lot) same looking closet, low level bed, how everything is position i swear it had to be it holy shit. I went back looking for resemblance and some of the pictures she sent me personally had the same tattoo on her arm (She used to always go out clubbing/to the bar wearing dresses or shirts showing a lot of skin.*She’s divorce) It had to be.
For a minute i didn’t know what to do. One part of me tells me to stop texting her. Let it be. Fuck it.
The other half of me couldn’t just follow through.
And be honest she’s hot. She’s one of those Thick Asian (Hmong) milf, 5’3/5’2, let’s just say if you see her walk In a dress it’ll blow your mind. How her ass bounces by just walking it’ll make you picture a million. Trust me.
It’s crazy, there was times i wonder how she’ll look like under those dresses or what i wanted to do.. Now i got an actual footage. Maybe I can pretend not knowing its her and meet up. Or maybe blackmail her into this. something had to work. I didn’t think very long and i had to give it a shot. Let’s meet up.

“Room number?”
At the motel sweating did i go mad stupid or what? Not knowing how things would go i was freaking out and almost bail out. But im already here..plus i already paid for the night. Fuck.
Went into my car, rolled up a sweet, smoked, couple more bowls, smoked, im finally calm trying to think this through.. What is there to think Fuck it.
(Sneaking in a bottle water full of goose)
Not too long about only 10mins I got inside she text me “Im here” Than soon the knocking.
Cap off, pour myself a shot, here goes nothing.
Shocked, she’s looking at me in all type of confused look not knowing how to react “ohhhmmmmmmmhey? waittt?? Am I.., what are you doing here??? I mean sorry am i in the wrong room??”
202? Come in,
“You’re Dominic??.. aren’t you Genila ex boyfriend?..? Never mind. Nothing, Just never mind.
Walking away i quickly chases after her
Hey look, you’re al..
“NO you look. I’m Genila’s mom and im sure you know that too.. let’s just go home. Forget about this. nothing happened and were not going to do anything”
So what? You’re just gon leave after i paid for the service tonight?
“Well.. Im sorry but that’s not really my problem”
Well alright. Fuck it. *Walking back* I’m just saying you know i got photos of you right?
And they’ll know it’s me? *smiling* Are you trying to blackmail me is that what you’re trying to do here?”
Having the same tattoo on your arm, your..
“My tattoo??? What about m… You knew it was me?! you know what? You’re fucking sick. I cannot believe you”
Than on the goes. She left.

About half an hour she texted me making a deal. “You promise to delete the pictures if i come back there” “Hello??”
Not long after the texts she came back. Trying to delete the photo off my phone first. “we had deal and i’ll let you delete it after we’re done”
“Really???” As frustrated as she was already.. “OMFG fuck! Fine .”
Taking off her jacket, pulling me towards her as she tries to take off her pants raising her leg high “Is this what you want?? Here. Do it”
“Eyes on me.” she wouldn’t even let me get a good look at her.
Putting her legs to the side i walked over to where she was laying down “NOO. I’m not doing..”
Sshhhh. Combing her hair back i pulled her closer. Jerking me off she was pissed. Giving me a quick blowjob i can tell she wanted to get this over with.. but i just smoked. Still high, drunk of the couple shots i took i knew it was gon be a long night.

She got ontop on me trying to quickly make me cum by rushing It. After a few slower strokes she went at it. Dropping it, she moved my hands off And didn’t want me to touch her. Nor take off her clothes.. At least not yet.
Closing her eyes she stopped, leaning her head back, i begin to quickly pound her pussy using the bed for support.
Trying not to moan she avoiding looking at me closing her eyes.
Moving my hip in a round motion feeling her pussy she leaned against me “You’re really enjoying this?? Mmm?”
Grinding her pussy on me,
I flipped her bareback. Spreading her legs wide open, arms around her, i pounded her pussy so hard and even harder when you tries not to moan. “MmmMmmmMmahH shiiit”
Looking in my eyes she was was holding me back,
Harder i pounded her slamming her pussy I placed her hand on her clit.
Folding her legs cris crossed,
Looking at her pussy she was creaming on my dick she was wet.
Fucking her you can hear her pussy loudly.
There on I lift her up carrying her using her “MMAwwhhh swhshiittt shittt ouawhh” holding me tigher I begin to let use her weight against her.
“You gon take off your shirt for me” “mm? No??”
I lift her higher and forcing her motion to meet mine convincing her.
As much as i wanted to cum or how hard and quick i fucked her. I couldn’t cum. (high) it must of been a good hour of me constantly pounding her i made her do the work for it. After cowgirl I came inside her. (Doggys style) working it she notice, (Loud pussy noises from my cum inside”) You came inside me? You fucking asshole..”
Laying back down catching her breath
“How were you so fucken hard?? Fuccken lasted too long i almost came before you geeez” “Phone??”
While deleting the picture she asked me
“Be honest,.. Have you ever slept with Geilina?…”
“Actually no. Don’t answer me that”
You want a shot?
“You could of offer me that earlier”

Lying back down she fingered herself trying to get the cum out
Still hard i got on top of her held one leg aside.
“Nooo were done here”
In the middle of what she was saying i slip back inside her.
“Ughhh really??”
It felt so good as in a sloppy second i bet.
“My pussy swored.. be gentle this time okay? Not too hard.”
That was the last time we spoked.
She forgot about the 300. I got what i wanted.. She got her deal. It was one of a night.