Haziran 20, 2023

Hotel Hunting Ground

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Hotel Hunting Ground[user][/Jdanyone]I have always been the type that likes some anonymity to my encounters; there are no entanglements this way. I like how it fulfills a need and I do not ever have to worry about running into the person later at a party as the town that I come from can be small and it seems that everyone knows everyone else.The next town over from where I live has a bawdy past to say the least. Signs advertising 1,000 motel rooms line the freeway from years gone by when the highway used to run right down main street USA. When the freeways replaced the highways bypassing the city, the prostitutes moved in and a cottage industry of cheap motels showing free “adult” movies was born. These hotels have become a favorite hunting ground for the casual sex that I desire, that cannot be found in my city. City ordinances against “booths” in adult bookstores and no sex clubs has resulted in the only anonymous sex being cruising parks or a desolate street, and the police routinely bust married guys. Since I don’t want to end up a registered sex offender I fin the motels a little safer. The old motels are pretty much all the same single story motels in a long skinny rectangle shape. The bedroom is immediately in the front with a single large window further back a bathroom and closet with smaller window. These places are so cheap you get a bar of soap and towels as thick as tissue but nothing else. You are lucky if any other furniture is in the room, and the decor dates back to the 60’s or 70’s but for $60 bucks you get what you pay for. Just out the front window that is directly in front of the bed is the sidewalk connecting all the rooms to the front of the property. Parking is immediately in front of the sidewalk so unless you drive in you must follow the sidewalk when walking.I checked into one of my favorites in this class of sleazy motels ‘the retreat”, for my normal hunting trip. I always prefer rooms close to the office so that you get a fair amount of traffic walking in front of your window. As too far towards the back of the property no one has any reason to be walking down the sidewalk.Upon entering the room, I Escort bayan began striping, my cock tingling with the anticipation of what was to begin as I folded my clothes neatly placing them in a chair until I was naked. I went over to the TV and flipped through the channels finding a ‘fuck flick’, with your average hot-blonde chick getting fucked doggy style. You know the ones where the guy had a huge cock that looks like he will split her in half. He was mercilessly pounding his long thick shaft in and out of her tight rosebud, while she moaned loudly. My 8” cock immediately sprung to attention, telling me it was time for the games to begin. I walked to the window with its 70’s style avocado green d****s and pulled them open so that only about a 1/2 an inch was open, after all I want it to look like I want privacy. I then turned on the AC unit, which is located immediately beneath the window and aimed the vents up so that the fan would periodically cause the d****s to move a little to get the attention of a passer by and open them to make it a little easier to enjoy the show.I moved to the bed, lying upon it, with my hard 8” cock in my hand. I lubed up my prick and began to slowly move my clenched fingers along the shaft, feeling every exposed vein that was engorged with anticipation. With my eyes focused forward, but the ability to see the window out of the corner of my eye I began my game of cat and mouse. I could see shadows as they passed by the window. Some passed quickly or in groups as you could hear them chattering as they passed. Others walked more slowly almost deliberately past the window. It was these that received my attention. They were my prey of the hunting game. Were these men the onetime voyeurs peeking in as they walked past or would they circle back for another look. About 30 minutes into my little game I noticed a young white guy in a black hat, white athletic top and blue shorts pass by the window. I could not tell much else about him as he was only looking in the window momentarily so as to not attract attention. A moment later I noticed what appeared to be the same Bayan escort man walk past again this time moving more slowly and definitely looking in the window to watch. It was the third time when he stopped at the window and reach down towards his waist I gave him a knowing look. I knew I had found my playmate. I walked over to the window, and pulled the d****s open slightly to give him the complete view of my hard body and cock at full attention. I motioned with my head towards the door to see if he would come into the room. I opened the door to find a brown hair, blued eyed athletic college student standing before me. He must have been no older than 24 to my 38 years of age. His blue nylon athletic shorts where already straining attempting to hold back the excited bulge contained within. My eyes quickly traced up his body noticing the well-defined chest being d****d by the athletic top.I pulled him inside and directed him to the bed, quickly closing the d****s for the first time since I have been in the room I made my way to the bed. My ‘Adonis’ was lying on the bed and I quickly buried my face against the nylon fabric, nibbling at the piece of meat contained within. I worked my hands through the leg openings to discover that he was wearing a jock strap, while I continued to massage his leg muscles all the while continuing my focus on his stiff rod, every once in a while sliding a finger under the jock to touch his nut sack.I began to pull at the nylon shorts and they slowly gave way to expose his creamy white flesh and black jock. I again buried my face again against the bulge this time working my way down to between his legs at the base of his balls. As my tongue hit the area where the fabric of the jock gives way to the flesh, he jerked as if someone had suddenly shot his body with an electric charge.I placed my hand under his buttocks and pushed slightly so that he rolled over onto is stomached and I removed the nylon shorts. He had a tight muscular ass the type that displays the dedication to the gym by the dimples contained on either cheek. I could not hold back any longer I had to Escort taste that ass.I placed myself behind him and using my hands parted his smooth checks exposing the target! I leaned in and tasted him as I moved my tongue quickly around his pucker. He reared back into my face telling me that he was enjoying the tongue-lashing he was receiving as my tongue would circle the edges and then brush over the entrance to his love tunnel. I pulled on his legs getting him to rise up into a doggy position as I continued to eat that sweet man ass.I reached under him and felt the growing wet spot on the fabric straining to hold his manhood in. I pulled the fabric to the side and his large balls and cock that was slightly smaller than my own fell out. I grabbed his cock and began rubbing the head of his cock with the pre-cum as he moaned in pleasure begging me to take him into my mouth.I grabbed his jock and pulled him towards me and then pushed him over so that he landed on his back with his rod standing at full attention. I lowered myself onto his rod taking only the head of his shaft into my mouth, but never closing around it. He could feel the hot breath on his head and he began begging that I suck him. I slowly closed my mouth around him and lowered myself to the base swallowing him deep within me. I began to work his love pole varying the depth of his cock could enter my mouth allowing it to enter my mouth slightly and other times burying him to the root. I could taste the sweetness of the pre-cum as it dripped and I continued the sucking. His head was growing inside my mouth and I could feel it quiver with anticipation. My handsome athlete said, “Oh fuck ya, I am going to come”. He the back of my head and forced me to take his shaft to the base as he shot a hot load of cream, directly down my throat. He screamed, “Fuck, fuck, fuck” as he continued to fill my mouth with shot after shot of his baby batter and I lapped it up as if it was cream direct from a cow’s udder.When I felt his body relax and sink into the bed I slowly began to pull of him, running my tongue along the back of his cock until I reached the head and lapped up the remaining cream. I rolled over onto the bed, sexually satisfied.Without a word my jock got up, dressed and walked out the door closing it behind him. As I lay on the bed, I looked at the clock. I thought to myself “awesome” it is an early night yet and the evening has just begun.