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“Hurry and do it.” She said.

“We can’t do it here, we’ll get caught.” I said.

“No, we won’t if you quit fooling around. I need it, now.” My future wife was whispering to me as we stood behind the kitchen counter looking into the living room where her parents, an aunt and uncle and her sister and brother-in-law were watching TV. She wanted me to fuck her right there, taking a chance that we might get caught. That was part of the thrill for her. She had a thing about fucking in public places where we might get caught, but this was our most daring. We weren’t married yet, so for me, the thought of getting caught by her parents fucking their daughter was very scary. I didn’t want to piss-off her father and mother. I’m sure they suspected, but didn’t know for sure that I was fucking her regularly. But she could control me with her pussy and she knew I’d do anything she asked, for a piece of her wonderful ass. She pushed her ass against me and felt my hard cock.

Having daring sex was a turn-on for both of us. We’d had sex in the car in a parking lot one afternoon, with shoppers walking all around us. Ankara bayan escort I had played with her pussy in a bar while we were talking to some friends. We’d left a party early so we could stop and screw in the backseat on the way home. Another time, I had slipped my cock into while we were swimming in a lake with people all around. It was a good thing she was on birth-control pills.

I was staying in their guest room but my lover would join me in bed in the morning after her dad went to work and her mom went shopping. I fucked her in the living room one evening when they were out with friends. I wondered if her folks were really so naïve as to think their daughter was behaving when I was around, but it would be another thing if we were actually caught screwing.

Now she wanted me to fuck her while her parents and other relatives were just a few feet away. While I was scared, my desire to fuck her every chance I had took precedence.

I moved up behind her, unzipped my fly and took my hard cock out of my pants. She was wearing a short skirt with panties. I reached under and Escort bayan Ankara pulled the panties to the side and worked my cock until it was at her opening. I pushed in. It slid in easily. Her pussy was warm and wet. It felt so good to have my cock inside her. She bit her lip to keep quiet, but was clearly excited. I pumped her back and forth. She was tight around my prick and her juices dripped from her horny vagina and ran all over my cock and down her legs.

While we were doing this, she engaged in some casual conversation with the others in the room. By doing so, it drew their attention toward us. I made like I was just holding her from behind, but I was fucking her pussy whenever they looked away. My cock was hard as a rock and I stopped a few times to keep from coming. She would move her hips back into me and I would begin to pump her again. Anyone paying close attention could tell what we were doing.

Finally, I blasted my come into her wonderful cunt. She came too and made some noises that undoubtedly could be heard by the others in the room. Fortunately, they were engrossed Bayan escort Ankara in the TV show. Her sister gave her a knowing smile, however. She was onto us.

My lover excused herself to go to the bathroom to clean her pussy. I had a wet spot on the front of my pants from my leaking dick so I went to change my pants.

As always would happen, fucking in public only made us hornier for each other. We read and watched TV until everyone had gone to bed. It was difficult for me to keep my hands off of her for those few hours. Finally, after everyone else had gone to bed, we did it in the den. Even then, there was a chance of being seen or heard. I took a chance and stripped her naked. That excited her even more. When I put my dick in her for the third time that day (We’d done it that morning too) it seemed like my cock had been hard all day. We made passionate love on the floor of the den with the TV covering the noise we made. At one point, we heard noise upstairs and thought that maybe her parents were awake and going to come downstairs for something. We continued to fuck, the danger being even greater. I came in her warm cunt once again and she jerked and gasped with another orgasm as well. I moved off of her and admired her naked body lying on the floor with my semen dripping out of her.

We were inexperienced at fucking, but we were learning fast. Boy, did I like to fuck this wonderful and exciting woman.