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I Found My Sister’s Thong in Mom’s Office

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Wandering into my mother’s office at our family owned and run corporation, I was in search of a file I needed to work on a client proposal.

Muttering to myself as I looked for it … ‘Where the hell is that damned file? It was right here on Mom’s desk this morning. Maybe it’s in this other drawer. Wait, what the hell is this? Bright pink lace …. fuck, it’s a thong. Shit, did I really need to find Mom’s drawers in Mom’s drawers? Why would she have this in her office? Why would she have this at all? Wait, this isn’t Mom’s. This looks like Alice’s.’

Startled by a voice, I looked up to see my Mother glaring at me. “What are you doing? What is that in your hand?” I hadn’t even heard her come in the room.

Damn, caught. Stammering trying to explain …. “Looking for the Bear’s Cabins file. Is this yours? Or Alice’s?”

“Why would you ask that? How would you know about your sister’s underwear?”

Good question. Now to come up with an answer. “Well, uhhhh, I found them in the laundry once and ….”

“It’s OK, she knows.”

Alice had walked in and interrupted my nearly incoherent attempt at an excuse. I really needed to pay more attention to who was coming and going.

“What do you mean, she knows? Knows what?”

“She knows all about us. I told her everything.”

The stunned look on my face prompted further from my older sister.

“Yes. Everything. And I do mean everything.”

I felt like crawling under the carpet. The thong was no longer the main thing worrying me.

‘Your Father and I suspected something like this,” Mom chimed in. “That last year after school before you went away, you spent far too much time in each other’s rooms for anything else. When your sister confessed to us that you two had been having sex, it wasn’t really that much of a surprise.”

Damn, she really did tell.

“But the bit about you sharing clothes took us a bit by surprise. Wearing her panties and camisoles under your clothes while coming here to the office took some getting used to, but we ended up being OK with it as long as you were both happy.”

Damn, she really DID tell it ALL.

“Don’t worry about it. But now, we have a few things to tell you.”

Over the next half hour or so, they explained as best they could. I had known the company was in trouble, but not the extent. I’d been away at school when it all came down and had only been back a few months. The rest of the family hadn’t figured out how to tell me, so they had apparently devised a plan to get me to stumble into it all and force the disclosure. They had planted the thong in a place they knew I’d find it. I thought I had the big secret, but was about to find out that was only the tip of the iceberg so to speak.

Dad had fumbled things so bad, they’d almost lost everything. Mom figured it out just in time and took over pretty much everything. Years back, we had known she seemed to have a lot of friends and spent almost too many nights ‘out with the girls’. It wasn’t until later that we found out the real story. Not too long before I went away to school, they explained that she had been entertaining clients in a very intimate way. But they didn’t tell me the whole story. When the crisis escalated, she expanded her endeavors and effectively pushed Dad off to the side of the business. Not only that, but she had also recruited my two sisters and a few others into the fold who all became just as active.

Trying to absorb it all, I listened as Mom continued.

“So, now you know a lot more than you did, but do you have any questions?”

How real was this? Or was it some form of weird dream. Mom had just told me she’d been having sex with company clients to help save the business. It had been so successful she had recruited both of my sisters and they were also routinely fucking for the family business. They hadn’t really told me the timeline of it all, or when, or why Alice had betrayed what I thought was our very private secret. But suddenly, things were coming into focus as I looked at them both.

Alice, early twenties, tall and lean with legs that went on for miles and that I had spent a great deal of time fondling and caressing was now standing before me in an outfit that was surely inappropriate for the office. Heels way too high, skirt way too short, blouse way too tight hugging and accentuating the perfectly formed breasts I was all too familiar with. It was thin enough that the nipples I had nibbled on so often were clearly evident. I’d seen her dressed like this a thousand times. Hell, I’d dressed her a thousand times in outfits just like this for her dates. That was part of our adventures. Those times in her room Mom had mentioned … I’d bathe her or shower with her, shave her legs and other parts, then dress her. She had a gaziantep escort kız power over me I couldn’t explain. That’s where the thong came in. Sometimes she’d ask me to to buy things for her dates, things I might like to see a girl wearing. Sometimes, she’d have me buy a duplicate for me to wear while I waited in her bed until she got home from her date. She’d tell me to imagine what the guy was doing to her. That bright pink lace thong was one of those items and it was why I knew it belonged to her.

But I’d never realized she would wear something like this to the office. Well, maybe she didn’t at first. Maybe she started after Mom had recruited her.

Speaking of Mom, I turned to her and noticed how tight her tailored suit fit, hugging curves a son wasn’t supposed to notice. And how high her heels were. Her makeup, more glamour than office. Eyes smoky, lips bright red and shiny. Noticing me looking, she put her hands on her hips causing her suit jacket to part slightly. Now held closed by only a small chain, it was obvious she wasn’t wearing anything under the jacket. Not even a bra. She’d had all of us while she was still young and despite it all, she clearly still had it. Enough of it that men wanted it and were willing to pay for it with their business.

I felt Alice move up behind me so close her breasts crushed into my back. There, with our Mother looking on, she put her arms around me from behind and slid her hand under the waistband of my pants, almost cooing out loud “Mmmm, I was hoping you were wearing panties”. I turned almost as bright red as Mom’s lipstick.

“Are they yours, or Jill’s?” Mom asked bluntly.

Jill was my wife of less than two years. We’d met at school and hit it off right away. Got married soon after but without her meeting the family first. When we came home, there was some question if she’d fit in. There were some awkward moments at first, but it worked out well. I had no idea how well though. But I was about to find out.

“They’re his. Well, really ours. We share them, just like you told me he and his sister did.”

Fuck it all, I really needed to pay more attention to who was in the room. My wife Jill was now standing beside Mom, looking on as my sister’s hand was in my pants fondling my panty covered cock and answering Mom’s question about who those panties belonged to.

Was my life this fucked up?

“That’s nice” Mom added. ‘Couples should share. Clothes, each other, whatever.”

The ‘each other’ part kind of flew over my head at first. Jill stood there glaring at me apparently wondering if it would sink in. Standing there in …. damn. Another too tight, too short dress. Sort of a skater style, with a very widely flared skirt that stopped above mid-thigh. The face, again over done for work, more suitable for a model doing a high fashion shoot. And the heels. Far too high for work. But this was taking on a theme, the shoes almost seemed like part of the company uniform in a way.

“Yes, that’s right,” she said, “I work for them too, doing the same things.”

I was a bit taken aback as my wife bluntly told me she was also getting fucked by company clients.

“She’s been a very valuable asset in her short time here.” Mom interjected. “We’ve gained a few lucrative contracts due to her special talents, some of which you’re not aware of … yet.”

There was something else though. A glint of something in the sunlight streaming through the office windows. Something between her thighs, below her hemline. At first, I though maybe a chain belt, but no, it was dangling from under her skirt.

As if anticipating my question, Mom spoke, “Don’t ask about that. We know everything about you, but there are many things you don’t know about us. That’s one of them. You’ll find out in due time, but not now.”

“I have to go now,” Jill said, “my appointment is waiting and they don’t like to be kept waiting. I’ll see you at home later tonight and we’ll talk some more. It looks like you’re in good hands for now.”

In good hands? Oh yeah, my sister’s hand was still in my pants. I watched as my wife strutted on those killer heels towards the door, that dangling chain swishing across her toned and taut legs to meet who knows who, to do who knows what.

“Alice, we have to go now too. We both have clients to service.’ Mom made it sound extra slutty somehow in her directions, but then added “Go home now. Goldie will be there in a little while. Be sure to do as she says. It’s VERY important that you do as she says. Exactly as she says,” Mom closed with a stern look on her face.

Alice pulled her hand out of my pants and raised her finger, shiny with precum to her lips, rubbing it across them, almost like lip gloss.

The escort kız gaziantep two of them left together, walking side by side, those outrageous heels doing wonderful things for their legs and asses.

Goldie was my other sister, a year older than Alice. Better looking too, if that was possible, but we hadn’t gotten along very well and had not had much to say to each other for a while since she was pretty much a royal bitch. She had a major attitude and it didn’t set well with me. I had no idea what Mom meant or what was in store.

Two hours had passed and no word. Then three. I was about to give up and go to bed, but I was curious about when Jill would be home and what she would be willing to tell me. Apparently Mom was fully in control and they all did, or didn’t do as she said. I was still trying to process it all when the door opened and Goldie walked in. I knew the door was locked or I thought I knew. She held a key in front of her.

“Mom gave it to me. I’ll be in and out of here for a while whenever I feel like it.”

Well, la-de-fucking-da to you too Bitch.

“Mom called and told me she gave you instructions to do as I say. Is that correct?”

“Well, yeah, something along those lines.”

“Don’t give me any of your shit. I ask a question, you say yes or no, got it?”

“Fuck you, this is my house.”

“You will, but not tonight, and your house of not, it’s Mom’s rules. Now say yes or no, do you understand I’m in charge tonight?”

Did my other sister just tell me we were going to fuck too?

“I’m waiting asshole. Do you understand?”

“Uh, yeah, OK.”

“Close enough for now, but you’ll come around. Now get undressed.”

“Excuse me?”

“No backtalk asshole, strip. Now.”

OK, I’m game … what the fuck, why not? Pulling off my shirt, I reached for my pants … Oh fuck … the panties.

“What are you waiting for? Drop’em.”

OK, what the hell, here we go.

A slight sneer came across her face, “Cool panties asshole. My little bother in panties …. fuck. OK, pull them down, no wait, I will.”

She walked over and put her hand in the waist band, then jerked them down making my cock bounce a bit almost hitting her in the face.

“OK, now finish getting undressed and stand up straight.”

I pulled my shoes and socks off, then the pants and panties now wadded up around my ankles. I was now fully nude in front of my fully dressed older sister. She reached into her bag and pulled out a small whiff of something and handed it to me.

“Put this on.”

Shaking it out, I discovered it was a sheer nightie best described as a babydoll. I looked at her with wide eyes.

“PUT IT ON. NOW. You’ve been wearing Alice’s panties and lingerie for years, so this is no different.”

Yeah, but it was different somehow. I hadn’t been told to wear those. But I went ahead just to play the game. I was kind of curious to see where this was going.

“Good. Mom will be pleased. Now come over here and undress me.” she directed as she turned her back to me.

OK, this was getting more interesting. At least dressed, she seemed to have a better body than either Alice or Jill which was saying a lot since they both were nearly perfect in every way. I moved to her and lifted the sweatshirt over her head from behind. I slid her sweat pants down over her ass and legs to the floor. Damn, what an ass and legs they were too. She had kicked her casual shoes off earlier. All she had on that I could see amounted to not much more than some sort of string thing running between her ass cheeks and up her back over her shoulders. Turning around, the front was basically a one piece swimsuit that just barely covered her nipples and lower mound, leaving almost all of her tits exposed. I reached for the shoulder straps to pull the rest off, but she stopped me.

“You’ve seen enough for now.”

Well, yeah, like 98% of her incredible body. She obviously worked on it a lot. Not an ounce of extra anything anywhere. Not a wrinkle or defect or any kind. The fullest, firmest, most perfectly upstanding breasts you could imagine stared at me with only the tiniest of covering. I reached out to touch them.

“NO! I didn’t tell you to do that. You don’t touch me unless I tell you to. Do you understand?”

“Yes.” I replied grudgingly.

“Good. Now kneel down. Start at my feet and run your hands up my legs.”

I sure as hell wasn’t going to balk at that and did as commanded. I got as far as her waist when she turned around.

“Spend extra time on my ass and get to know it well.”

It was an incredible ass indeed. Firm, well defined and flawless. I cupped the cheeks and stroked them, running my fingers along the crack. After gaziantep escort kızlar a couple of minutes she stopped me and turned around again, now facing those terrific tits towards me again.

“Start at my waist and run your hands up my sides.”

Doing as directed, I got to her armpits and she told me to stop.

“If you hadn’t tried to touch my tits earlier, I’d tell you to now. But you did, and you have to understand there are consequences. Do you understand?”

I could only whimper out a weak ‘Yes’.

“Good, now it’s my turn. Stand still.”

Repeating the scene, she started at my feet and worked up. The difference being she was doing it as much with her long manicured nails as anything else. They were sending all sorts of tingles and chills though me. Getting to my waist, she reached around behind me and ran those nails over my ass, then up my sides under the nightie. She moved around behind me and stroked my ass more directly, running her nails between my cheeks.

“You’ll need some time in the gym to tighten up. I’ll arrange the sessions starting next week. We have a lot of work to do to get you in shape.”

“In shape for what?” I made the mistake of inquiring.

I felt the pain of my mistake instantly as she dug her nails into my ass.

“I ask the questions asshole, get it?”

“Yes” I cringed.

She moved back around in front of me and crouched down. So far, she had all but ignored my cock, not even mentioning it at all despite it being rock hard and standing straight out, drizzling just a bit. Now I felt those nails again, first on the underside of the balls, then moving up and under the shaft. Both hands, all eight finger tips, gently but firmly moving outward towards the tip. Then she did something I didn’t expect at all. Opening her mouth, she took the head in between her teeth and closed them on the shaft just behind the head. For a moment, she held there, finger tips and teeth only, her hot breath passing and she inhaled and exhaled a few times. Then I felt her tongue lapping just the very tip. She suddenly pulled off and stood up, pulling me to her tightly and forcing her lips onto mine and driving her tongue into my mouth, her nails digging into my back. The tits, the tits, godammit those tits, those magnificent tits were crushed against my chest.

Just as suddenly, she stood back and put a few feet between us.

“You’ve fucked one of your sisters several times and now your other sister has had your cock in her mouth. How do you feel about that?”

“I think it’s wonderful and weird at the same time.”

“Weird, how, weird that you’ve fucked one sister? Or weird that you haven’t fucked the other one too?”

“Both, I guess.”

“You guess asshole? You don’t know how weird it is to fuck your sisters? It it weird that both of your sisters, your mother and your wife all fuck clients for company contracts?”

“Yeah, I guess that’s weird too.”

“Again with the guess asshole? What would you say if I told you your father also fucks clients for contracts?”

“I’d say that’s weird too and that I didn’t know it.”

“And what would you say if I told you that you’re being trained to fuck clients for contracts too?”


“Yes. Trained. That’s what these sessions will be for. Training you to fuck women for contracts. And training you to do other things too.”

“Other things?” I asked, somewhat hesitantly.

“Yes, other things, but that will come later. For now, I see that your cock is still hard. That’s a good sign of staying power. Do you want to fuck me? Do you want to put your cock in your other sister’s cunt?”

“Yes, I do.”

“Tough shit asshole, not tonight. Maybe in our next session. Jill and Alice tell me you do OK, but not great. Not good enough for clients. But I’m going to change that. Your big sister is going to teach you how to fuck good enough for clients. Do you understand?”


“Good. Now lay back on the sofa. I’m going to suck your cock and make you come in my mouth. I’m going to swallow most of it, but I’ll dribble a little on your nightie just for effect.”

And she did just that, taking the whole length in one motion, all the way to the root. She began to work it aggressively, bobbing up and down at first, her teeth scraping gently as she went. She pulled all the way off and looked up at me. Our eyes met as she took it between her lips again and much more slowly this time, worked all the way down the shaft using her lips only. She then started a full length in and out motion, all the way down, then all the way off, brief tongue lap, then back down, slowly at first, then faster, almost like she was using it to fuck her own face. I held off as long as I could, then pumped her mouth full.

True to her word, she took it all, but dribbled just a bit on the nightie.

“Now I’m going to dress myself and leave. And you’re going to lay right there in that nightie with your sister’s lipstick on your cock and wait for your wife to come home after she gets fucked by her client. Do you understand?”


“Oh and don’t be too surprised if Mom’s with her.”