Haziran 10, 2023

I got off early

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I got off earlyI got off work around one in the morning and hit the closest gas station on the way home. I had some green at lunch with the boss so I was hungry and thirsty… chocolate milk I thought. I went to the cooler and of course some guy was partly blocking the door. Dave was black, looked a little older than me, shorter but pretty stocky about 230lbs. Big beard, big hairy arms, big hairy muscles, big hairy ass, big and hairy all around and a bit of a gut, but mostly muscular. I gave him about two seconds to decide before I reached past him, excuse, myself and opened the door grabbing the biggest jug of chocolate milk they had. As I stood up he said in a rough and degrading voice, “You like milk boy?” Feeling good from before I ignore the tone and say, “yep best thing for a dry mouth.” He chuckles and cockily replies, “Dry mouth, huh? I got all the milk you can handle.” I was somewhat dull after no sleep and help from my boss and thought it was sarcasm. “Oh, you got some brews?” “Sure, I got a few pints we can have first.” I thought for a few and said, “I’m off for the weekend, what the hell.” My name’s Steve.” Putting out my hand. “Dave.” He replied. I put the milk back and followed him back to his place. We had 3 or 4 pints and I was feeling good. He asked if I wanted a tour and led me around his place. We went out on his patio and lit up and he fired up the grill. As he pulled the meat off he said, “You like Anadolu Yakası Escort meat, boy?”, in the same tone as with the milk. “Hell yeah.” I said. He then replied, “Yeah, I could tell the moment I saw you. I’m gonna give you all the milk and meat you can handle then, you can eat. He set the platter on the table unzipped his pants and dropped them as he turned.It wasn’t until the moment I saw his huge fucking cock spring up out of his jeans that I realized I had been letting him hit on me and I was FLIRTING with this guy the whole time. All the training and worship vids had paid off at once. One minute I had no idea what was going on and the next I was floored. I dropped to my knees so fast I tore my jeans. I crawled to his big hairy, veiny cock as fast as I could and pressed as much of my face and tongue against it as I could while I licked up and down 11 fat black inches, as fat as my fucking wrist. I’m not even joking. He hurt me. I didn’t eat dinner until the next night. Dave did though. That big dicked bastard ate and taunted me while my throat served his cock. “Want some of this meat boy? It’s getting cold.” Knowing full and well I could barely keep my mouth from that meat long enough to breath, but I managed out a breathless “Thank you” out pretty regular. A little later getting fucked like a BITCH on all fours while he played Halo with some guys on xbox. He Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan humiliated me and made me tell his friends the play by play on the game and the night. His friends would call me a faggot while Dave took turns on my throat and ass. He fucking plowed my ass with his black dick ignoring my pleas to slow down or not go so deep. It hurt so deep inside my ass. He just pounded harder and faster the more I begged, until I cried. And when the first tears left my cheeks I came harder than I’ve ever came in my life, I came from my ass and it shot through my ass and into my dick make it feel like it was going to explode. Then, I invited his friends. Two of his friends were from his neighborhood and were there within the hour and black. I felt a tremor of shock deep inside my raw cum-filled, gaping hole the second I saw the cocks on these thugs. One was as long as David, but not as fat. The other was a little fatter and a little shorter than his friend. We all knew I belonged to David’s dick. They turned me out. Fucking wrecked my ass and my throat. No condoms. Just chugging load after load of milk from these big black cocks. They took forever to run dry, but I got it all. I got fucked so full of cum I stopped counting when I ran out of fingers and toes.Six hours later I would fall asleep in his lap, on his bed, sucking that giant dick. Waking several times Escort Anadolu Yakası from horny dreams of cock to quench my thirst and drift off sucking like a little baby again. When I finally did get so hungry I had to eat. My voice was gone to a whisper and it hurt to swallow. I did though, several more times before Dave’s friends. They all hammered my poor sore butthole first thing in the morning. I woke up and sucked David’s cum into my throat. Then, he threw me on the floor, flipped me over and pulled my ass to doggy and said, “Give Daddy that ass, boy.” I cooed, “Please David, fuck your Daddy seed into me as deep as you can.” Thinking it’d be nice to warm up my poor bruised butthole on something a little smaller. David told me after they left, while he fuck another one of his and their loads into me. “I wanted you to gape wide and deep so they could feel what a loose faggot you are. I knew you were sore and would cry, but you like to cry when you cum. You only cum when it hurts, don’t you faggot? I pleaded with tears on my cheeks. “Please David, hurt my butt with your big black cock.” He said your funny Doug, Doug Funny.” Then laughs and fucked my ass so I hit it so hard I had to stand to eat my dinner…. cold…. a day later while what looked 20 loads pooled under my well cleaned out, gaped and dripping ass. Tasted like not enough. After I licked the floor clean for desert, I looked at David over my shoulder and asked if I could move in. He said, “I’ll think about it.” I whined, “Please, David…uhn..” He made me cry again. Then left me there passed out from exhaustion balls empty, full of cum, covered in tears and black seed with a loose, gaping, throbbing butt. I woke up later with his cock stretching my even sorer hole. What a great weekend.