Eylül 14, 2023

I had No Idea

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After the divorce, life just went sour. I was afraid of relationships after just getting out of an abusive relationship. I didn’t really date, didn’t want to. The kids were grown and on their own. I rented a nice little house in a quiet neighborhood. I thought for sure nothing bad could happen to me there.

I advertised for a roommate because the rent was high. I was very careful with checking out people who were prospective candidates. That’s when I saw the e-mail from Robin. She was divorced, just getting back on her feet, and I thought she would make an excellent roommate. We got together for dinner because I wanted to know her better before she moved in. Her story sounded much like my own. She seemed perfect, so we made the arrangements, agreed on who would do what and moved her in.

While we sat one night a couple of weeks later watching a very sexy romantic movie, a bottle of wine between us, Robin slid close to me and put her arm around me. I didn’t think anything of it. She was a very nice person and I was feeling pretty good from the wine, so I just relaxed against her. She gently tilted my chin and kissed me full on the lips, her tongue sliding in to caress my tongue. My whole body jumped with the electric sexual thrill. I kissed her back, wanting Bostancı Escort to caress her lips with my own. Not thinking, not caring, just loving the feel of her.

She gently pushed me back against the arm of the couch, lying on top of me. I could feel her breasts tight against my own, her bare satin smooth legs entwined with mine. I held her tight as I slid my hand down the back of her panties, squeezing her ass, running my finger up the crack. I don’t know where my boldness came from. I had never done anything like this in my life, but I knew with no uncertainty that I didn’t want to stop.

She sat up and pulled my nightie over my head. My senses exploded as she kissed and licked my nipples, her hand sliding beneath my panties and between my thighs. She bit my nipple as her finger slid inside me, making me hot and wet. Between my slippery pussy lips, she played with my clit until I moaned softly.

I was aching for her touch when she slid my panties down my legs. I put one foot up on the back of the couch and raised my hot, soaking wet pussy to her lips. Her tongue swirled over my clit and inside me. I felt her finger slide into my tight little asshole setting me on fire. I was throbbing, pushing myself against her face, Anadolu Yakası Escort wanting more, ready to cum when she stopped. I was confused as to why she had stopped since I was so hot I was ready to explode.

She quickly undressed as I sat up. I had never done anything like this, but I was guided by desire for her. I kissed her hard as I slid my hand between her thighs. I had never touched another woman this way and was amazed at how electrified it made me feel to slide my fingers over her clit and deep inside her. I licked her nipples and gently nibbled them. I slid my hand farther back and shoved my finger into her ass. I was amazed at how tight and hot she was.

I wanted to taste her. I slid off the couch as she bent over, leaning on the back of the couch. Her ass and pussy right in my face. I gave her an experimental lick and loved the taste of her, hot and wet in my mouth. I pushed my tongue inside her wet pussy licking and sucking the juice from her vagina. Even bolder, I pulled the cheeks of her ass apart and started licking her tight little asshole and shoved my tongue inside. I could hear her moan as she pushed back against my face. I put three fingers in her vagina as I kept licking and sucking her ass. I felt her Ataşehir Escort stiffen as she squealed my name and quickly I put my mouth over her, feeling the cum gush from her hot pussy into my mouth.

Feeling unbelievably hot and still wanting more I laid back as she picked up a dildo and started licking my ass again. Raising her head, she told me to play with my myself while she fucked my ass with the dildo. I had never had any type of anal sex before and I was afraid to try it. She was so gentle, pushing it in a little at a time, while she watched me caress my clit and slide my fingers into my vagina. Faster and faster I caressed myself until I realized she had pushed the entire dildo inside me, fucking me gently. It escalated quickly. I told her I was ready to cum. Still fucking me with the dildo she leaned down and started licking my vagina as I felt my cum pour into her mouth. I was stunned.

I pushed her back and started swirling my tongue over her clit as I pushed the dildo into her ass. As she reached down to caress herself, I licked her vagina, pushing, and pulling the dildo in and out of her ass. She shuddered as I felt her cum hot and wet on my lips, licking up every drop with my tongue.

As the storm of passion slowly faded, I laid beside her, holding her close, caressing her as she caressed my body with her hand. A new life had opened for me, whether love or lust, it made no difference to me at this time of sharing a new reality. I just wanted to hold tight to this night of pleasure and pleasurable surprises.