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I jizzed in my pants. This is a true story

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I jizzed in my pants. This is a true storyI heard the Lonely Island song, I Jizzed In My Pants, the other day and it reminded me of one of my first sexual experiences when I did just that. This is a true story…I can’t say how old I was exactly, but let’s just say I was old enough to work but needed a work permit to do so. I worked at a little italian joint washing dishes. There was a waitress there, Rachel, that was sooo fucking beautiful. Picture Raquel Darrian, the gorgeous porn star from the 90’s. I mean, at that age it didn’t take much but a gentle breeze and I was pine-hard, but this girl was really amazing. She was about 20 or so, 5’10”, nice size boobs-a large C cup I’d guess, maybe D’s- with long brown hair, beautiful blue eyes, full lips, and a nice tan complexion. Aside from her nice full ass one of the hottest things about her was her scent. To this day when I smell that perfume I get a raging hard on, and it’s been a good 25 years since this happened. And boy did she tease the shit out of me. There were countless times when she’d get in close to show me something and would “accidentally” push her tits on my arm. You know what I’m talking about. She’d do all kinds of flirty shit like that, that at a later time in my life would have been a clear sign that this chick is into me, but at the time I would try not to pass out from all the blood rushing to my cock. One night at work when we were really busy, she spilled a couple of drops of ranch dressing on her leg while making the salads for some guests. She had on a black skirt and a white blouse that buttoned up the front. It was probably a little small for her because the material stretched across her ample tits so nice that there where gaps between each of the buttons and when viewed from the side I could see her tan skin and the lacy bra material underneath. So she’s holding a salad plate in each hand says, “oops, oh my god, can you help me?” She’s looking down at the drops of dressing that are clinging to her black nylons and then back at me with that mischievous smile. Of course I was there in a flash and got down on a knee to wipe it off but in my haste I left a rag behind at the sink. I kind of looked around for a second and looked up at her. She was just peering down at me over those big fucking tits and smiling. Her perfume was filling the air between us and without thinking I held her calf in my left hand and wiped one of the drops up with my right index finger and just naturally licked it off my finger. For a fleeting second I had a panicked thought that this may have been too personal, but she just stood there, looking down at me like, “and now the other drop” with kind of a hurry up expression on her face. So I reached up again to get the other drop that had landed on her leg a couple of inches above the knee and did the same wipe and lick off my finger as before. This was the closest to a woman’s pussy I had ever been and my fucking ears were hot and ringing. She just said, “thanks sweetie” and was off to the dining Escort bayan room. I went back to the dishes in a foggy haze of lust, replaying the scene over and over in my head the rest of the night.At the end of the night when we were closing and cleaning up I discovered that she was going to be getting a ride from Tony, the cook. I was trying to figure out how this was going to play out because Tony was my ride home and he drove one of those mini-trucks that were popular in the early 90’s. You know, like a small Mazda pick-up that was lowered so low that he actually had to go around man hole covers if they stuck up too much or go through drainage channels in neighborhoods at an angle real slow. Not only would it sc**** on stuff sticking up in the road, but the ride was extremely harsh as well. To top it off, it only had two bucket seats, so I was wondering how the 3 of us were going to get home. I figured I’d just ride in the back or something.We get out to his truck and I started to get in back and Rachel said, “what are you doing? Just sit up here with me, sweetie. We can all fit.”So I get in the passenger seat and try to scoot over as far as possible and she started to get in and said, “no just sit there and I’ll ride on your lap-it’s not that far.” I looked at Tony to see if he was cool with that and he just shrugged and gave me a knowing look. So I moved back over an inch or two and she lowered herself right down onto my lap. She put her purse and jacket in the little area between the seats and tried to shut the door but was to hunched over to reach it. So I strained to reach out for the door with my right hand and with the left I steadied myself by holding onto her little waist. I got the door closed and we were off.The trip to my parent’s house was only about 5 miles away. But I never realized how many little pot holes, divots, and other road imperfections there were in our little city’s streets. We were headed down the main drag which was pretty deserted at such a late hour. Needless to say I started to get a hard on from the moment Rachel even suggested she ride on my lap. The entire ride my cock was smashing into her ass and with every bump she seemed to brace herself and push back into me. I found my hips grinding in a slow and steady rocking motion, but it was as if my body was on autopilot. I didn’t really mean to be doing it, I just was. But she didn’t seem to mind one bit, and I found my mind racing with so many thoughts at once- the feeling of my cock in my jeans pressing into her ass, it was burning and hot and was almost painful at times, the feel of her waist in my hands and how I could adjust my grip on her into gentle squeezes without any protest from her, and the smell of her hair mixed with the scent of her perfume which totally overpowered the usual after-work-sweaty-pizza stink. And I kept thinking, is she doing this on purpose? Does she know what she’s doing to me? Is she liking this? Is this all in my head?My head-swimming Bayan escort was interrupted by Tony swinging into a little late night liquor store to pick up a pack of smokes or something. He parked to the side of the building which wasn’t lit very well, but wasn’t really very dark either. He asked if we needed anything as he jumped out and left the truck running. We both said we were good and he was gone. Just then it dawned on me that I’d never been this alone with any girl, let alone Rachel, a 20 year old knock out. She asked, “are you good, do you wanna get out and stand up for a sec?” “Na, I’m good”, I replied, trying to sound real casual. I’d stopped the grinding motion as we pulled into the parking lot when I was pulled out of my lustful daze.”Oh, I’m sure you’re good”, was all she said. But what did she mean, I wondered. Was she saying it like, “I know you’re good, you’ve been boring a hole in my right ass check since we left” or was it a sarcastic “yeah right you’re good, this can’t be comfortable for you” kind of statement. As I pondered this for a second or two she said, “why did you stop?” I really didn’t know what she was talking about for a second, then I knew. “Huh?” , I said, trying to think of what to say to that. “Why did you stop?”, she asked again. Oh shit! “Uhhh”, was all I could utter. Then she said in a tone of voice I’d never heard before, “I liked it…” I could hear her smile, you know, that little smack sounds when the lips and cheeks part into a smile. She started slowly girding on me. “Uhh, you do?”, I said. “Yeahhh, you’re making my pussy wet.”I nearly fucking exploded. I’d never heard a woman talk like that in real life and I was beside myself.”Feel”, she said as she took my hand and slid it up under her partially hiked up skirt. She guided my hand to her crotch. I couldn’t tell what I was feeling at first. I knew I felt her nylons and then, are those panties or is it skirt material and then Holy Shit! I could feel a really hot, moist spot. She pressed the fingers of my open hand onto her pussy and started grinding harder. I could really feel it then and maybe even hear her wetness. Then we both heard Tony coming back at the same time and quickly composed ourselves. Just before he got to the truck she said, “wipe your fingers on your lip.””What?”, I whispered. I heard what she said but it didn’t register what she was saying.”Your upper lip”, she managed to get out in a low voice as Tony opened the door and got in.He said something about the guy behind the counter and something about it taking so long, but I wasn’t really listening. I was trying to get my shit together and was running what she had said over in my mind. Just before I grabbed back onto her waste I felt the night air touch the wetness on my fingers and it dawned on me what she was getting at. I nonchalantly rubbed my fingers across my upper lip and the bottom of my nose. Now, I thought I was going to die. I could fucking taste her! And smell her! Not just Escort her hair and perfume but her fucking musky I-just-worked-a-five-hour-shift pussy scent! It was musky and sweet at the same time. I was in fucking heaven. Or at least I thought I was, but it turns out I was just on my way there because we still had the car ride home!As soon as we got back on the road it was on. I went back to my slow grinding gyrations, all the while trying not to be too obvious. And she was now slow grinding me back with every gyration. Tony turned on his stereo which was a temporary distraction, but the ridiculously loud bass helped to mask any noises we made as we rubbed on each other.My mind was racing and swimming and with every breath I took I inhaled her sweet, musky funk while my cock ached and throbbed, begging to be released. At this point in my young life I was no stranger to cumming, but I’d never experienced an orgasm with anyone’s input but my own. I kept feeling like I was going to cum, but as soon as I thought it I thought that there’s no way I can cum. I mean, I had on my underwear and pants and I can’t come in my pants, right?Rachel must have sensed that not only was I getting close to my folks house but I was also getting close to cumming. Our gyrations continued but couldn’t be intensified, or Tony would have surely noticed. Then, about 2 blocks from my stop in one casual motion, she shifted her weight to the left, took her right hand from the dashboard and slid it under her right ass cheek and onto my cock. She squeezed my cock through my jeans a couple of times then really wrapped her hand around my cock, pulling it away from it’s pinned position against my leg so she could get her whole hand around it, right through my jeans. She made a milking motion and after a few slow pulls I lost it. I came so fucking hard I got tunnel vision. I could feel my cock pulsing over and over again as it pumped molten hot jizz into my underwear and pants. I realized I needed to breathe and that I’d been holding my breath for some time now. I tried to breathe normally, as normal as possible as I looked out the right hand side window. She gave my cock one last big squeeze as it lay there dying in my pants. We pulled in front of my parent’s house and stopped. Rachel opened the door and climbed off of me. I made a few parting remarks to Tony, the usual, see you at work tomorrow, and thanks for the ride kind of thing. I climbed out of the truck and faced that beautiful girl that had just milked my cock. She just smiled and said in a mocking tone, “Yeah Tony, see you at work tomorrow, and thanks for the ride.” Then she spun around, and with her back to the truck she showed me her hand. Her palm was shining in the glow of the corner street lamp. I k** you not, while looking me dead in the eyes, in one quick motion she cupped her hand over her mouth and rubbed it down past her chin and onto her neck. She gave me a little wink with a smile and said, “Have a good night, sweetie.” They drove off. I looked down at my jeans and saw that there was a fairly large wet patch and was relieved that my folks would be asleep.To this day, when I smell that perfume, or if a nice waitress or other lady calls me “sweetie” my cock literally jerks awake like it’s being startled from a dead sleep.