Kasım 15, 2023

I Lucked Out with a Lover in Reno

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I was in Reno doing a company presentation on a Friday and decided to spend the weekend and enjoy life a little. I had been divorced for a while and wanted a change of pace, so I decided that since I’d never been in a gay bar, now was as good a time as any.

I parked in the casino parking lot next door and went in as if I had been doing it all my life. The place wasn’t very busy so I decided to play a little pool game I learned and have a beer. It wasn’t long before a guy asked me if he could join me for a game. He was handsome and very masculine, and quite charming. The way he acted toward me made me sense that he was a strong person who might like a passive man like me.

As we played and I fumbled about, he became quite “touchy – feely” with me, showing me how to hold my cue stick and so on. He even complimented me on how soft my hands were, as he helped me get the proper grip. I even felt comfortable volunteering that, yes, I actually did use lotion on them because I liked the way it made my hands feel!

I couldn’t stop myself from leaning into his gentle brushes on my legs and bottom as he leaned over me to help me get into position for the difficult shots I seemed to create for myself! I was definitely attracted to him, and I wanted him to notice. As time went by it was all I could do to control my craving for his affection without embarrassing myself in front of everyone in the place!

When it was time to take a break from the game he invited me to the bar. He put his hand on my lower back and guided me to two bar stools that were so close together we were touching. He bought us both drinks and we started chatting and getting to get to know each other better.

I began to get cold feet thinking maybe this wasn’t such a good idea. I worried that I would have little control over tonight’s events should they turn sexual. My original plan was only to meet someone, give them a blow job and go home. I really didn’t expect to meet a man who awakened the desire in me to partake in a romantic rendezvous with him, but the idea was very exciting to me!

When I told him I probably had better get going and should head to my hotel, he looked into my eyes and put his hand on mine and said, “Please don’t go.”

I was very flattered that he was interested in me and wasn’t afraid to show it! That simple act of interest was enough to change my mind.

I was relieved that he seemed to “take charge” again once I indicated I would stay. I had never really had a situation where a man was actually courting me. It made things really easy, and I was getting quite comfortable with the idea!

I had butterflies knowing where this might end up, and I just loved that I was being treated as a boyfriend. His touches and his romantic interest in me created a warm sexy feeling that made me want to cling to him.

I think I began to understand how a woman must feel when she is with a man she is interested in and he turns on the charm to “woo” her. I felt very attracted to him and was getting very turned on by the affection he was showing as he fawned over me. As my sexual attraction to him intensified, a soft cloak of femininity seemed to fall over me, as I was reminded by a nervous tingle that I might be soon sharing this virile man’s bed. It was a pleasant role reversal that looking back now, I should not have been surprised that it came so naturally to me.

As we chatted at the bar he kept touching me and putting his hand on my upper leg as I encouraged him with my coquettish behavior. I was a little nervous about him showing this much affection to me in public, but I smiled to let him know I didn’t object. In fact, I wished I had shorts on so I could have felt his naked hand touching my bare flesh! I returned his touches whenever I could.

In fact, I felt safe enough to allow my feminine side to gradually come out of hiding, as I could tell he really liked that about me. It seemed that the more feminine my reactions were to his advances, the more affection I got from him in return.

As we were finishing our drinks he leaned over and nibbled at my earlobe and asked me if I would like to join him Mecidiyeköy Escort for a glass of wine at his apartment. He had me squirming in my seat with anticipation as I smiled and told him sweetly, “I’d love to.”.

When we got there he offered me some wine and turned on some soft music. I was surprised how sexually I reacted to that. The atmospherics of a man caring about me and making me comfortable was turning me on, and the soft music was like an aphrodisiac. The sexual rush I was feeling was exciting and much different from the fleeting hookups I’d had in the past!

He sat on the couch and and motioned to me to sit close to him. He put his arm around me and put his other hand on my leg and began rubbing it. I couldn’t help but snuggle in a little closer to him. It didn’t take long before he moved his hand up and felt my incriminating hardness and began to stroke me slowly. As he pulled me in for my first kiss from a man, I just let it happen as if it was the most natural thing in the world. I couldn’t help but reach over and feel his magnificent staff. It was pretty big around and long, and very hard!

As we made out, he began to remove my clothes. I followed his lead and began to remove his. It wasn’t long and we were completely naked on his couch, wrapped in only a thin blanket!

At that instant I understood what kind of a man I was, and what kind of man I liked, and how I wanted to relate to a lover. I knew then and there I was done with women. I was giddy with lust as I knew that all I wanted to do right now was follow his lead and become the perfect lover for this wonderful man.

He said, “Lets go into my bedroom, Honey.” I had never been called “Honey” by a man before! It made me feel very desirable and sexy. I smiled an eager smile as he took my hand in his and led me naked into his bedroom! Walking behind him, hand in hand, I couldn’t help but put a little wiggle in my walk in anticipation of him taking me to his bed.

We lay on the bed and made out for a little while as he ran his soft hands over my body. I got up my nerve and moved down and began to lick his shaved balls and hard cock. I couldn’t wait to take him in my mouth. I rolled each, then both of his balls in my mouth and licked the sides and bottom of his cock. I was eager to please him and eagerly took his cock in my mouth, trying to give him the best blow job I was capable of giving. It was the perfect size and I loved the wonderful feel of it in my mouth! I felt as if I were on a cloud! I must have been doing a good job, because he said he was getting close and stopped me.

He slid down and began to work his magic and lick all over my cock. He proceeded to suck on me, and then began to roll my nipples between his fingers until I couldn’t stand it anymore! He stopped and looked up into my eyes and told me “It’s OK, Honey. I want you to.” I just relaxed and let my cum pulse into his loving mouth.

He held me in his mouth until I was spent and the twitching stopped, and then to my surprise he moved up on top of me and began to kiss me deeply, sharing my cum with me. I had never done that before, but as far as I was concerned, anything he wanted to do was OK with me!

As we returned to making out, he rubbed something slippery on my hole, and then began to rub it gently back and forth, adding to my excitement. He continued doing that as we made out, getting me more and more aroused, as I breathed more heavily with lustful breaths. He lovingly positioned me on my stomach and then moved on top of me with his legs inside of mine and began kissing my neck as his cock probed for my virgin hole. I loved feeling of his weight on me as I became the delicate captive of this strong virile male preparing me to accept his offering.

When his cock finally found my virgin entrance he pushed in slightly and then held it there. As if on cue, the feeling of his cock just beginning to gently stretch the entrance to my virgin pussy made me become even more submissive and compliant. I knew I was powerless to stop him now, even if I wanted to. I just calmed myself and let him slowly slip in deeper as I cooed Mecidiyeköy Escort Bayan to him sweetly, letting him know I was ripe to be bred.

Ever so gently he teased me a little thrust at a time, whispering sweetly into my ear as I signaled my eagerness by lifting my hips. He stopped to let me adjust when the head was finally in before we began our mating dance of slow in and out movements, each one a little deeper than the last. Finally when he was fully in, for the first time I got to experience the unique feeling of a man’s heavy balls resting on my buttocks as a testament to my complete and absolute surrender.

He gently bit my neck, and put his arm around my throat and growled playfully as if to display his sexual dominance and let me fully comprehend my submission to him. He would squeeze his cock bigger to make sure I felt it as he whispered to me that he was going fill my pussy with his seed. I wanted nothing more than to receive my new lovers gift, and I squeezed my pussy to show my approval.

I really loved the feeling of him pumping into me. We went about our intercourse as if it was the most natural thing in the world. It wasn’t long enough and he began to hold me tighter and pump more deeply, and before I realized what was happening I felt his cock pulsing deeply inside of me. At that moment, I felt I had finally become the feminine partner in our relationship by receiving his seed. I still can feel the pulses to this day! I wanted his love and I wanted to be his lover and I was trilled that he sensed I was ripe to become his.

As new lovers I especially appreciated our nice “after sex” shower knowing my pussy was still full of his cum – he told me that lovers show each other respect by leaving the cum inside. He lovingly washed me with vanilla and honey scented gel and kissed all over my body. He even dried me and combed my longish hair straight back and kissed me all over my body, especially my ticklish places as he went! I never had anyone make me feel more desirable and so sexy in my life!

We moved out into the living room to enjoy another glass of wine. We were sitting snuggled in our blanket listening to the music and making out as the mood struck us. I smugly reveled in the knowledge that I was carrying his sperm and they were alive and swimming inside of me! I was thoroughly enchanted with what I had just experienced.

I heard a clicking at the front door as his female roommate came home. I was starting to freak out since I didn’t know how to act and felt quite “busted”. But sensing my discomfort, he put his arm around me and introduced me to her as his boyfriend. I smiled as sweet of a smile as I could muster and squeaked out a weak “hello”. For the first time I was “outed” and not at all ashamed to be obviously gay in front of a third person.

She said we looked very cute together, and she’d be leaving again soon to let us have our privacy back. She could tell we were naked as the blanket showed our shoulders and barely covered our laps. I moved my legs under me and leaned into him and put my hand on his leg. Our clothes were sitting on the floor in an incriminating pile right in front of us.

As they chatted, he pulled me in for a sweet peck on the lips right in front of her and I just melted into him. In plain view, I brazenly slipped my hand under the blanket and placed my hand on his hard cock which inadvertently peeked out of the top of the blanket for her to see before he moved the blanket back to cover up. It was almost as if I was jealous of her and wanted her to see that he belonged to me.

I felt a little strange knowing that she must have known that we had just made love, and I suspect she knew by the way I was acting so possessively that I must have just had just lost my virginity. She had to have noticed by the way I was clinging to him that he was very important to me.

When she went into the bedroom to change, he put on his undies and followed her. I could see them talking though the door. She was smiling and seemed agreeable to whatever they were talking about.

She gathered up her things and left with a “You Escort Mecidiyeköy guys have fun, OK. I’ll be home around 12:00.”

He took off his underwear and asked me if I’d like to spend the night and I quickly agreed. Then he asked me if I’d do him a favor by wearing a nightie to bed for him. I looked at him about to say no, but he asked me again – “Please? Just for me.” It took me about one nanosecond to agree – anything he wanted was fine with me. Secretly, I was thrilled!

When I agreed to that, he had one other request. “Can I paint your toenails too, Honey? Please? I won’t ask anything else. I think it will be really sexy.” I just didn’t have it in me to say no.

He went back in her room and got some nail polish and sat on the table in front of me and put each foot on his bare knee and painted my piggies a bright red, first one, then the other occasionally giving my soles a ticklish kiss, and the underside of my toes a sensuous lick. I kept peeking at them whenever I could. I was amazed how nice my pretty toes made my feet look!

When they were dry, he took my hand and led me back into his bedroom and excused himself again and went back into her bedroom and returned with a really frilly powder blue baby-doll type nightie with a matching pair of frilly bikini bottoms and a cute shorty bathrobe – “In case you need it later.” he said. I put on the nightie top first, then the panties, and I smiled when he said I looked really sexy. It fit really nicely and it felt wonderful, and I was pleased to see in the mirror that my butt cheeks cutely peeked out the bottoms. I was hard as a rock when he patted the bed beside him, telling me with a sweet seductive smile, “Come to bed, Honey”. I smiled back and slipped into his waiting arms, sneaking another peek at my pretty toes.

We went to bed we made out some more. He seemed to sense that I loved him rubbing me all over, feeling the fabric on my body and slipping his hands into my panties. Gradually, he moved us into a 69 position and we sucked and licked and sucked some more until we both came at the same time! I felt indescribably wonderful and really special as I eagerly swallowed my lover’s cum for the first time.

I fell asleep with my head on his chest and my arm over him. I woke up with him sensuously rubbing my bottom as he worked my panties down and then rubbed some lube on my formerly virgin hole. He began pushing against my boy pussy with his hard cock as we spooned and it slipped in with little resistance. I was very relieved that I accommodated him so easily.

He pulled out and told me to get on my back. He took my panties off the rest of the way and bent my legs back and put a pillow under me. Whatever modesty I tried to retain by not flashing him my boy pussy had vanished! My legs were spread wide open, naughtily presenting my gaping boy pussy to him for our love making. He mounted me and easily entered deeply and began stroking purposefully. He tried to take his time but soon came, blessing me with another precious measure of his manly liquid. I was in heaven!

We got up he asked me not to change yet, so I put on the shorty bathrobe his roommate loaned me to cover my nighty. His roommate was at the table having coffee and we joined her. He chose to wear his underwear and an undershirt. At first I felt a little nervous, but after a few seconds for some reason I felt quite OK with the way I must have looked in her shorty bathrobe, with my bottom peeking out of my panties and my pretty toes all bright red and shiny. After all, she had to know what I was all about by now.

She could see the collar of the nighty and reached over and touched it and asked me how it fit. I blushed and said it was a perfect fit and thanked her for loaning it to me. She looked into my eyes and smiled a knowing smile, as I smiled sweetly back wondering if she knew I was carrying his sperm just as she had done for her lovers. I think we had a connection…

He put his hand on my leg under the bathrobe and replied with a smirk “Everything fit just fine.”. I blushed bright crimson, and she giggled and put her hand on my knee and told me I was a lucky guy and she’d be happy to take me shopping any time I’d like if I’d like to build up a wardrobe!

I blushed a little more, and said thank you and replied that I can’t wait to make another trip up here to see them!

When we said our goodbye’s I promised to come up the following weekend and stay with him again.