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Sherry and I had always had an amazing sex life. There was little we hadn’t tried and she was just an extremely adventurous and exciting woman. We also both love masturbation; either masturbating each other or ourselves. I knew that she masturbated when I wasn’t able to be with her and I also knew that the way she did it alone would be totally different for how she did it when we were together. For years I wanted to be the ‘fly on the wall’ when she masturbated alone. I had such wonderful visions of what she would look like. So, I made a plan. She knew that I would be leaving town for a few days and all I had to do was add an extra day on to the trip and hope for the best. I told her that I would return on Saturday morning.

I snuck back into town early Friday afternoon and got home with lots of time to spare. It couldn’t have been a more perfect day. The weather had been extremely hot and Sherry was always at her very horniest during hot weather so I was absolutely sure she would want to masturbate as soon as she got home from work.

I was hiding in my closet with the door open just a crack and had a perfect view of the bed. Like clockwork, she arrived home at 4:45 PM. She came into the bedroom and immediately shed all her clothes. I could sense from the way she was removing her clothes that I was right in my assumption.

Then she left the room and headed for the bathroom. I heard the shower go on and my heart dropped – she also loved to masturbate in the shower and I might miss the whole thing. Oh well, if I did then there would always be another time. I heard her in the shower and she was singing Escort Beylikdüzü her heart out. A few minutes later I could hear her changing the pattern on the showerhead and I knew what was about to happen. The pulsating showerhead would give her almost an instant orgasm. As expected, very quickly I heard her muffling a scream of pleasure. Disappointed, I wondered what I should do next. I certainly didn’t relish spending the night in the closet.

But, quickly she came back into the bedroom and went directly to her headboard and removed her vibrator. It was so hot she never even pulled back the covers but just lay on top of the bed. She reached up and put a CD on. The sounds that came out were hypnotic. It was the most incredible harp with a thunderstorm in the background. She lubed up the vibrator and spread her legs.

She was very careful about the placement of the vibrator. It was so slow and sensuous I could not believe my eyes. She was moving in perfect time with the music. She didn’t insert the vibrator but rather just slid up and down her crack. Meanwhile, her other hand was caressing her breast. Her eyes were closed and she was feeling every movement she made and every note that played – it was like a perfectly orchestrated dance.

The music changed but the tempo remained the same. Now she was running her hand lightly down her chest and to her thighs and her hips gyrating ever so slowly. I was mesmerized. She was in her own little world and I had never seen anything like it. When we masturbated together a lot of our pleasure was in seeing what we Beyoğlu escort were doing to the other. This time she was doing it just for herself and it was so beautiful to watch.

I realized very quickly that this was ever so special. She was making love to herself and not just trying to satisfy an urge. Every movement seemed deliberate. I know Sherry, when she uses a vibrator she cums very quickly. I could see nothing that would indicate that she was avoiding an orgasm. She was just totally enjoying her body.

By now, my cock was rock hard and I just had to start stroking. She was not inserting the vibrator at all and yet I could see that she was getting incredibly wet. Wave after wave she kept going at a steady pace and keeping in time with the music. Normally by now she would have cum several times over. It was like she wasn’t reaching for the orgasm but reaching for everything her body was feeling and holding off the orgasm.

I heard continual soft moans and groans and noticed beads of perspiration forming on her face. I knew that I was not going to be able to hold back because I had never seen anything so wonderful in my entire life. I reached down and grabbed a sock off the floor and put it over the head of my cock. I would have to be very quiet or I would give myself away.

It was well over 45 minutes when I started to recognize the excitement in her face and body. Her entire body blushes just as she reaches a mind blowing orgasm and this was bound to be the case after carrying on as long as she had. Finally she slipped the vibrator inside but only stroked Bomonti escort bayan a few times while her other hand circled her clit. I could hear her wetness slapping in time with her movements. Again, she removed the vibrator from her pussy and inserted two fingers while the vibrator teased her clit. This time I thought for sure she was going to cum. Her moans were getting higher pitched.

But, I was wrong again. She removed her fingers and very sensuously put them in her mouth and sucked on them. Her nipples were totally erect now and as the tempo of the music picked up, I lost my battle and quietly came in my sock! All of a sudden her hips went straight up in the air and she let out the most incredible groan and her whole body colored. Almost immediately her body started to quiver but she never stopped. Again, a very low and throaty groan escaped and again she continued. Time after time after time; it was like one continuous orgasm after another; each one seeming to be better than the last one. Finally a totally guttural sound and her body collapsed on the bed completely sated. She turned off the vibrator and put it on the night stand. I could see that she was lying in a puddle of her love juices. Afterwards, she just lay down and closed her eyes and went into a deep sleep.

I crept quietly out of the closet and went into the other room where I had stashed my clothes. I took them into the bathroom and washed up. Softly I crept back into our bedroom and leaned over and gave her a kiss. She awoke very startled “Oh my God, you’re here. You weren’t to be back until tomorrow.”

“Oh honey, I just couldn’t stay away from you any longer. I just had to come home. What’s new?” I undressed and climbed in beside her for a cuddle. This evening was a dream come true for me and I will remember it always. Will I ever tell her I was there – I’m not sure. We’ll just have to wait for that chapter to unfold.