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I Thought I was Straight

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Summary: A straight white football player submits to big black roommate.

NOTE 1: This is a Nude Day 2012 contest story so please enjoy and vote. Also, the story is based on ongoing nudity that slowly weakens the straight roommate’s resolve and not actually Nude Day itself.

NOTE 2: Thanks to Estragon for copy-editing and catching a couple plot flaws in the original draft and LaRascasse for plot suggestions.


No seriously, I really did. I spent my whole life prior to college never once considering another guy. Oh sure I noticed how big a guy was or conversely how small, but that was it. I pursued and scored a few women in high school and well, while I’m not a lady killer by any stretch of the imagination, I did ok. But then came college, and then it all changed.


Bubba Smith died a couple of days ago. A heart attack at only 52…just three years older than me. I hadn’t seen him since 2000 when our football team had our 25th reunion since our college championship. Bubba went on to make the NFL after college, while I went to work on Wall Street. We both went on to have successful careers although while everyone in North America knew who Bubba Smith was, I was just another American in an overpopulated world.

Now I am not complaining. I have been married for twenty-eight years, have four kids (two boys and two girls) and I have been quite successful financially; if not rich, definitely upper middle class. We travel a lot, have a beach house in the Hamptons and my oldest is working at my firm, the second graduates college in June, the third is in her second year of college, while the youngest graduates high school this June.

Anyway, enough about my current life, this story is about my past. The year was 1981, and I was going to a college at Alabama. I was on a football scholarship as a receiver and I was roomed at camp with a fourth year linebacker who was being predicted to go in the first round of next year’s draft (which he did by the way ninth overall). He was a great guy and really down to earth at first and helped me learn the ropes at the very brutal training camp. I thought high school practices were gruelling, but in comparison to the first week of college I quickly learned just how different the next level was. They ran way faster and they hit way harder. Being a star in high school, I found the db’s didn’t go for the big hits in practice, but in college I was a nobody that had to prove himself and earn his spot and was pounded every time I had the ball come my way.

Through advice from the guy whose job it was to often crush me, I learned how to read defenses, take a hit and ice my body after. Without Bubba I likely would not have survived.

I saw Bubba naked often and him me, and it was no big deal. You play football or any other sport and you are going to see a lot of dudes’ flaccid cocks. I was quite proud of my seven inches and not remotely humbled by Bubba’s thicker and longer ten inches. It wasn’t a pissing contest. I was born with the equipment God gave me and was thankful for it.

I made the team and Bubba and I were roomed together in a two-bedroom suite. I was incredible happy as I wouldn’t have to deal with a roommate I didn’t know…I just didn’t realize how much I would get to know about Bubba.


They say you don’t really know someone until you live with them and that was definitely the case with Bubba. I learned the first night that Bubba is not a big fan of wearing clothes. He would walk to the shower with only a towel, but it was on his shoulders and not his waist. I was watching sports highlights when he came out of the shower not remotely covering up his junk. He walked over to me and asked, as he dried his hair, “Did the Dodgers win?”

I answered, “Yeah, they crushed the Giants 11-3.”

“Sweet,” Bubba said and continued the conversation, seemingly oblivious to the social conventions he was breaking, “so what are your plans tonight?”

I shrugged, “Finish unpacking, I guess.”

“Fuck that,” he replied, “the Pi Delt’s are having their back to school party and they are always legendary.”

“Sounds fun,” I replied, excited at the possibility of sorority chicks.

“If you can’t get laid there, then you have a serious problem,” he quipped, heading for his room.

I tossed back. “And dude, the towel usually goes around the waist.”

He ignored the comment and returned to his room.

The party was awesome. Although I did not get laid, I met a few really sweet and hot girls. I learned Bubba met one, and her intense moans and screams kept me awake for a good hour.

The next morning, Bubba was at the kitchen table completely naked, having a bowl of cereal. I shook my head slightly but tried to ignore it as I had breakfast.

And that was the cycle we lived for the next two weeks: I was greeted to a naked Bubba having Gaziantep Fetiş Escort breakfast where we chatted about everything. Ignoring he was naked, I went to my classes, I went to practice, I returned to the dorm to eat, study and relax and every night I heard the screams of some random chick being fucked by Bubba…who was clearly a super stud.


I had seen the walk of shame a couple of times, but was stunned when I was grabbing a glass of milk at 1:30 having again been awakened by the screams of a woman. I was soon face to face with Professor White, my first year Psychology Professor. I was shocked, but acted nonchalant when I greeted the clearly just fucked Professor, “Hi, Professor White.”

Her red, red cheeks from her sexual encounter instantly drained to white as she stammered, “H-h-hi, Corey.” After a pause, she said, “I am so, so, so sorry, you had to see me like this.”

Trying to console her, I said, “It is none of my business what you do outside of teaching me, Professor.”

She let out a sigh of release, and gratefully replied, “Thank you very much, Corey.”

Bubba’s voice came out of nowhere, his tone hinting at being an order, “Professor, the least you can do to make sure our boy keeps your secret to himself is a blow job, don’t you think?”

Professor’s face started to go red again.

I started to speak when Bubba threatened, “If you ever want to feel my big cock again in that tight pussy of yours, you will blow my roommate, Professor.”

The way he used the word ‘Professor’ was clearly condescending and showed where the power really lay.

I again went to speak, but was silenced by my chubby, but pretty, forty-something Professor slowly falling to her knees. There was no talking as she pulled down my boxers and took my almost fully erect cock in her hand.

“Suck it, Professor,” Bubba ordered, walking over to watch us, his semi-erect cock shiny, with I assumed the Professor’s juices, swaying freely.

The Professor briefly looked up at me as if apologizing for what she was about to do, before she took my cock in her mouth. It had been over a month since I had been laid, back at home, so feeling a warm mouth around my cock felt amazing. Her eyes closed, she bobbed up and down better than any high school girl who had ever sucked me off.

A mixture of her experienced lips and my lengthy dry spell and I was coating her mouth in less than five minutes. She didn’t slow down swallowing my entire load before allowing my cock to slip out of her mouth.

Bubby, his cock now hard as a rock, asked, “Professor, you are one hot slut. Want my big black cock one more time?”

I was staring at his cock myself fully erect and wondering how it possibly would fit in anybody.

Her face stayed red, but spoke volumes. She desperately wanted his cock again.

He asked, clearly trying to humiliate her in front of me, “Professor, I ain’t no fucking mind reader, tell me do you want my big cock again.”

Clearly mortified at the humiliating treatment, yet just as clearly wanting to be fucked again, she avoided eye contact and whispered, “Yes.”

“Yes, what?” he pushed.

“Yes, I want your cock,” she admitted her face even redder than when she fell to her knees in front of me.

“Crawl back to my room, slut,” he ordered.

She flinched slightly at being called a slut, but obeyed the order without hesitation.

As she crawled, Bubba smiled and looking directly at me said confidently, “Once someone has a taste of Bubba they can never get enough.” He winked smugly and returned to his room.

A minute later, a suddenly very animated Professor White was screaming in ecstasy and blabbering very unlike a professor. “Oh God Bubba, yes, harder. Fill me with your big hard cock,” and “Yeeeees, I’m your slut, your Professor slut”.

I heard Bubba demand, “It is time for me to take your last forbidden hole.”

I moved closer to the door to eavesdrop as I was completely captivated by the power my roommate had over my Professor.

I heard her beg, “Please not there.”

Bubba threatened, “It is up to you, but if you ever want my cock in your tight cunt again you will get on all fours like the fucking whore you are and beg me to take your ass.”

My cock was erect again as I listened, like a pervert, to the violation of my Professor.

I missed some words, before I heard her moans again and realized Bubba was fucking her again. A couple of minutes later and more words from Bubba I could not catch before I heard Professor. “Oh God Bubba, take my ass, I am yours to do with as you pleeeeesse.”

I couldn’t fathom how his cock would fit in her pussy, but her ass? I heard Bubba moving and just made it to the couch before the door opened.

Bubba came out completely naked his fully erect cock standing at attention. He said, “She was really quiet when she was trying to be secretive, but now that the secret is out I insisted she let go.”

“That she is,” I replied casually, as he headed to the bathroom.

He returned with lube and joked, standing directly in front of me, his erect cock inches from my face, “This is a man’s best friend.” His swagger and demeanour was one of such confidence it seemed to me that no one ever said no to him.

“Wow,” I said, impressed at the power he had.

He looked down at his cock. “Why thank you.”

I stammered, not wanting him to think I meant his cock, “I-I-I meant anal sex, wow, I can’t believe you got her to have anal sex.”

He shrugged, grabbing his cock and swinging it just inches in front of me, “Once they have had my chocolate pleasure wand, they will do anything to have it again and again, including things they never thought they would ever do.”

I kept trying to ignore his huge erection, but it was like driving by an accident, you don’t want to look but you can’t take your eyes of it.

I quipped, “I wish I was that lucky.”

He gave me an odd knowing smile and responded, “Maybe you will get that lucky.”

Before I could respond and clarify I meant to get a hot chick to take it up the ass, he was gone. I was petrified he thought I was implying I wanted his cock.

Seconds later, a loud moan-scream echoed through the dorm as I assumed Professor White was being sodomized willingly. In case there was any doubt, the next words out of her mouth confirmed my assessment. “Fuuuuuck, Bubba, please go slow, my ass is burning.” A minute later the pleading to stop continued. “My ass is so full, please no more.” Over the next twenty minutes, a wide range of sounds and words escaped the lips of my, I thought, conservative Professor including: “Oh God, I can’t take more Bubba you are tearing me apart,” to eventually the screams of pleasure. “Oh yes, Bubba, your cock feels so good in my ass,” and eventually, “Uh-uh, fuck my ass faster, I’m going to commmmmmmme.”

Hearing my Professor orgasm from taking Bubba’s cock in her ass was too much and I rushed to my room and began stroking my cock furiously. My eyed closed, the thoughts began with the Professor begging me to fuck her ass, something no girl had been willing to do up to this point. Yet, as my balls bubbled and I was about to burst it was Bubba’s hard cock that popped into view as I shot my load all over myself.

Once I recovered, I cleaned up my mess and tried to figure out why Bubba’s cock had popped into my head.

It wasn’t like in the porn movies or in many of the stories on Literotica where the second the main character sees a big black cock their mouth begins watering and they instantly want to be a faggot, even though they have been straight their whole life. No, it wasn’t like that all, but for me the beginning of my transition to being Bubba’s personal sex slave started then.


The next day the whole time Professor White was lecturing, all I could think about was the amazing blow job she gave me last night and the fact that she had taken Bubba’s huge cock up her ass. Once class was done, she asked if she could see me in her office.

Once in her office she apologized. “I am so sorry for what you saw and what I did to you.”

I smiled genially. “Don’t apologize Professor, I am not complaining.”

She blushed, looking so innocent, such a contrast to the complete slut she was just hours ago. “He told me you would not be home, but knowing Bubba he wanted you to find out.”

“Why?” I asked, unable to fathom why Bubba would want such a thing.

Avoiding eye contact, she answered, “Bubba loves playing games.”

“How so?” I asked, still trying to wrap my head around my Professor’s submissiveness to Bubba. When she seemed unable to answer, I asked, “How did you end up…” I paused unsure how to word it.

She assisted, her tone hinting at her embarrassment, “He was in my third year Psychology tutorial class on Personality Analysis and wrote his first paper, a personal reflection on why he took this class, on how he wanted to gain more on the average person’s natural inner being to be submissive.”

“Really?” I asked, “That seems preposterous.”

“That was what I thought too. His essay was a list of sexual conquests including his Mother’s best friends, a couple of teachers, a Minster’s wife and dozens of co-eds. His conclusion is what began my descent into submission.”

“Descent into submission,” I repeated, desperately trying to take in all this information.

“Yes, I can’t explain it, but as I read his evidence, a variety of woman of all ages and races, I couldn’t help but feel like I was a part of each of these women,” she explained, her eyes giving away a vulnerability that made me feel for her. After a pause, she finished, “A couple of days later, he noticed how I couldn’t make eye contact with him, and came to my office. Ten minutes later I was under his spell.”

“His spell?” I pushed, curious to understand how such a powerful, academic woman like herself could submit so completely to someone, especially a student.

“Yes, his smug smile and confidence had me overwhelmed. He told me he knew I wanted him and ten minutes later he proved it when he fucked me on my desk.”

“It’s ok, Professor,” I tried to comfort her, my erect cock begging for action, adding, “Your secret is safe with me.”

“Thanks,” she replied, with a weak half smile.

I left her alone and returned home to yet another surprise.


Bubba was on the couch, watching Family Feud while Adam Jones, our starting quarterback, sucked his cock.

Bubba, seeing me staring at them, smiled, acting as if he wasn’t getting a blow job by a guy, “So how was class with my, I mean our, Professor Pet?”

“Fine,” I replied, not wanting to share the Professor and my conversation, although I was also unable to take my eyes off the sight in front of me.

Noticing my obvious shock, Bubba smiled, “Sorry, we didn’t make it to the bedroom. Adam was just too hungry for my cock.”

I could see Adam’s face go red, but he didn’t quit bobbing up and down on Bubba’s big hard cock. I should have left and gone to my room immediately, but I could feel my cock betraying me as it grew in my pants. Soon my massive erection in my pants had me frozen in shocked voyeuristic awe.

Bubba looked directly at me as he instructed, “Swallow it all, faggot. Be the good little cocksucker I trained you to be.”

The word ‘faggot’ jolted me back to reality as I felt as if he was talking to me and I was no faggot. I high-tailed it to my room where I closed the door and tried to put into perspective what I had just seen. Our second year quarterback, and his first year as our starter, was gay. Replayed Bubba’s words in my head ‘trained you to be.’ What the hell did he mean by that and why did he find it necessary to say it in front of me?


I heard door close and assumed that Adam was gone. I sighed as I wondered how I was going to deal with this. Bubba’s constant nakedness as well as his sex life was becoming really uncomfortable. Before I had time to formulate a game plan to talk about it, Bubba walked into my room unannounced, still completely naked. Although I tried to ignore it, I was unable to not take quick glances at his huge cock.

He began talking as if a conversation while completely naked with his roommate was normal. He apologized again for getting caught, yet the smug smile on his face implied otherwise. “Sorry, man, but Adam wanted some good luck cum.”

I shouldn’t have asked, shouldn’t have taken the bait, but I did. “Good luck cum?”

Bubba laughed big and loud like he always did as he explained, “Yeah, well Adam was my roommate last year and he became convinced swallowing my cum was good luck.”

“That is absurd,” I flippantly remarked, attempting to show I wasn’t remotely buying this absurd rationale.

“I thought so too at first,” he shrugged, “but after swallowing my load before our first game last year, he threw for three touchdowns and rushed for one more after our starter got knocked in the first quarter and Adam has been the starter ever since.”

“So you are telling me that Adam actually believes he gets good luck from…” I paused, not even sure how to word it.

“From sucking my cock,” he casually finished for me. “Yep, that is exactly what I am saying.”

“That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard,” I repeated, ignoring the raging hard-on in my pants.

“Adam is very superstitious,” Bubba explained, shrugging before adding, “plus truth be told he is just a natural cocksucker.”

“I can’t believe it, I would ever have guessed he was gay” I said.

“He isn’t gay, he is dating the Tamara,” Bubba pointed out, before adding, “He thought he was straight too when he first started rooming with me.”

Before I could respond to yet another shocking revelation and the implied innuendo he just implied he was gone.

Looking at the clock, I realized I only had half an hour before I had to be at the field. It was our home opener and although I wasn’t starting I was dressing. So I ignored the awkward situation I had been put in and focused on the game.


We won 49-6. Bubba’s theory gained some solid evidence as Adam threw six touchdown passes, the last to me in the blowout victory. We celebrated our victory like we had won the Super Bowl and I staggered to my room after two in the morning drunk as a skunk.

I walked in the room and Bubba was naked, as usual, his cock just hanging between his legs. It wasn’t hard, but it wasn’t soft either. He greeted and tossed me a football, “I thought you would want your first touchdown ball.”

In my drunken state I bobbled the ball and it fell to the ground. “Thanks,” I slurred, unable to take my eyes off his cock, my mind flashing to Adam between his legs in the exact spot just hours ago.

Bubba smiled, “It’s ok, dude.”

“W-w-what is OK?” I stammered, my eyes still glued at his now growing cock.