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I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight

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I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight

Authors Note: I ‘borrowed’ the title this time from a Bob Dylan song (my favorite version is the ska collaboration between Robert Palmer and UB40). Thanks as always to those who read and vote or comment. Thanks also go out to Eclecticwoman818 for her assistance with grammar and proper writing form.

A few months after my wife died, I decided I needed something to do at least a couple of evenings a week. Evenings always seemed lonely with just me and the dog in a big, empty house. After considering my options, I decided to volunteer at the local community concert venue. It used to be a downtown movie theater before the 10 screen cinema franchises moved in and put it out of business. Now it was the home of a small community theater group and often served as a spot where lesser known musical acts (at least lesser known to the mainstream music outlets) and “classic” rock musicians would appear. As a volunteer, I could be doing anything, selling tickets, taking tickets at the door, tending bar or a myriad of other jobs.

One Friday evening, I was collecting tickets at the door for what was going to be a very crowded show when when a voice said “Oh, hi, how are you tonight?” I looked up to see Rose, a woman who worked in the local coffee shop and who was always friendly when I stopped in for my morning cup of joe before heading in to work.

“Oh, hi, I’m doing well thanks, and yourself?” I replied with a smile.

“I’m doing well, my mom has my kids for the weekend and my girlfriends dragged me along to get me out of the house.”

“Well enjoy the show” I replied before returning to my assigned duty.

Later, I moved behind the bar to give the cute young bartender a chance for a potty and nicotine break. While she was gone, Rose walked over and ordered a vodka and tonic. As I prepared her drink, she said “I notice you don’t have a wedding ring on anymore, did you get divorced?”

“No”, I replied, “I became a widower about 6 months ago and finally decided that if I was ever going to meet anyone, I should probably take it off.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t realize” she said a bit embarrassed as I handed her her drink. I smiled and told her that she had no way of knowing.

“How long were you married?”

“Almost 40 years. I was never unfaithful, so this whole trying to meet someone I might be interested in thing is a bit foreign to me.”

“Wow, I was married three years and I don’t think my ex was ever faithful for even 40 days.”

“Well, then he was a fool. A good looking young woman like you deserved much better.” I replied, figuring a bit of flirting would make her day as well as mine.

It apparently worked, because she blushed and stammered “I’m not sure sure about good looking, but I’m definitely sure the young part doesn’t apply.”

“Oh, you can’t be older than thirty two, which makes you young in my book.”

“You’d better get those glasses checked mister, I’m 37.”

“I remember 37…..vaguely” I smiled and excused myself to wait on another customer further down the bar. When I got back, Rose had returned to her friends inside.

Kelly returned from her break to take over the bar again, so I wandered around and checked out the bands’ merchandise table and then went through the door to listen to a bit of the show. I saw Rose with a her girlfriends, swaying to the music, and thought to myself that her ass was even nicer than it appeared in her barista uniform.

Later as the crowd was leaving, Rose found me again and asked how long I’d have to stay to clean up. I told her my jobs were to vacuum the lobby and make sure the bar was stocked for tomorrow’s show, but that it should take me only a half hour or so. She said she and her friends were going up the street to have another drink and if I wasn’t busy, why didn’t I stop by. I told her that being seen with a bunch of young females was always good for my ego and that unless something disastrous happened I’d see them there in a little while.

The crowd that night was a little messy and drank more than usual, so it was about forty minutes later before I arrived at the bar and looked around to find Rose. She spotted me before I spotted her and waved me over. I nodded and signaled I was going to get a drink and I’d be right there.               After getting my drink, I went over to the table where she was seated with another woman who appeared about her age, but with not anywhere near as nice a body. Her friend introduced herself as Jeannie and I told her my name was Tom and it was nice to meet her. Rose is about 5′-4″ or 5′-5″ and while not skinny, was definitely not overweight. Her friend was an inch or two shorter and at least 25 pounds heavier. We all chatted for a while about the show, weekend plans, jobs, the weather, etc.

About 11:30, Jeannie said she had to go and asked Rose if she wanted a ride. Rose looked at me and asked that if she needed one, could I give her a ride. I told her certainly and Jeannie gave Rose a knowing smile before Şişli escort turning to leave. Rose told me about her kids, a daughter, 17, and a son who was 15, how her marriage ended in disaster (she caught him in their bed with the neighbors 18 year old daughter) and that she had had a couple of semi-serious relationships over the years, but nothing for the last three or four.

She giggled and said “I have a confession to make. I’m really glad Jeannie introduced herself to you because I didn’t know your name until then. At work you’re just the nice guy who is kinda cute, but I was sitting here thinking ‘what am I doing? I invited a guy to have a drink and I don’t even know his name. I was afraid I was going to die from embarrassment by having to ask you your name. And that you’d think I was some kind of slut for asking you to meet us and not knowing your name”

“There was no way for you to know my name, after all, you wear the name tag, I don’t.” I replied smiling.

She started to apologize again for her earlier faux-pas about my ring, but I stopped her as soon as she started. “My wife was sick for a year and a half before she died and I had plenty of time to prepare for the inevitable. It was tough watching her die, but I understood there was absolutely nothing either I or the doctors could do. You had no way of knowing that, so please don’t keep apologizing.”

She smiled and touched my hand “Well I am sorry you had to go through that.”

We finished our drinks a few minutes later and Rose asked if I could give her that ride home now. I quickly agreed since it was only a bit out of my way anyhow. I figured I’d drop her off and maybe we’d make some kind of vague reference about doing it again some time and then I’d go home and jerk off thinking about what might have been. I excused myself to go to the bathroom before we left and once there, I thought that even though I was skeptical, this might lead somewhere so I reached into my pocket for the packet of Cialis I carried whenever I had a volunteer shift. Although I never had the opportunity before, I wanted to be prepared just in case. After swallowing the pill and relieving myself, I returned to Rose and we headed for my car.

As I started the car, the stereo kicked on and Marcia Ball’s version of Louisiana 1927 came on. It’s a beautiful version of Randy Newman’s song about a hurricane. Rose listened for a few minutes while I drove before saying “I’ve never heard this before, but it’s beautiful.”

“Yeah,” I replied, “She really does a soulful version of this song.”

A few minutes and a couple of turns later, we pulled up in front of her house. “Would you like to come in for a few minutes?” she asked then grinned and said “If it’s not too late for you.”

“Watch it or I’ll be forced to find another coffee spot with a hot woman in it.”

“Ha….not in this town.” she laughed as she turned and opened the door. “But bring that CD, I want to hear that song again.

I got out and followed her up to the door and waited while she unlocked it. Inside her older home, which was well kept, but definitely lived in, she stopped for a moment and turned to me. Moving close, she gave me a peck on the cheek and said “The stereo is in the living room, go put that CD in while I kick off my shoes and grab us each a beer.”

She returned as the song began to play and put the beers on coasters on the coffee table and took my hand “Come dance with me.”

I moved with her to the center of the room and slipped my arms around her waist. She pressed in close and I could feel the fullness of her breasts pressed against my chest. Emboldened by her moving her body against mine, I let my one hand slip down to caress her ass as the fingertips of my other moved lightly up and down her spine. She sighed as we moved and I pressed her hips to mine so she could feel the effect that she, and my medicinal helper, were having. As the song ended, she looked up at me and moved close to press her lips to mine. After a brief moment, the tip of my tongue brushed along her lips and she parted them to accept my tongue. As we swirled, sucked and captured each others tongues, I moved my hand between us and covered her breast. As her hard nipple pressed against my palm, I realized she had also taken off her bra when she got us the beer. I squeezed her tit and caught her nipple between my thumb and finger. Pinching it elicited a moan which caused my stiffening cock to press harder against her slightly rounded belly. She broke our kiss, looked at me and quietly said “I need you tonight” before sinking down and working my belt open. She unbuttoned my jeans and slid the zipper down. My cock sprang free as she pushed my jeans down my legs. Rose took me in her hand and ran the tip of her tongue up the underside of my cock before circling the head. Taking me in her mouth, she slowly slid down and took me fully in her mouth as I stroked her hair and floated completely on air. She worked my cock for a couple of minutes before stopping and looking Sultangazi escort bayan up at me “Cum in my mouth, please. I want to taste your cum.”

“If I do, it might take a while before I’m able to go again. Age does have it’s ravages.”

“It’s OK, you’re always so nice in the morning, always say ‘thanks’ without being a Casanova or a pervert like most of the customers. So I really want to do this to make you feel good and I’ve always liked the taste of a man’s cum.”

Smiling, I said “Well, I’m sure I can find someway to repay the favor.”

“I hope so” she said before returning to take my cock fully in her mouth. She varied her pace now, some times faster with harder suction and sometimes slower like she was making love to my cock with her mouth. I gripped her hair tight and pulled it as my cock started to twitch in her mouth and I felt my balls begin to tighten. My hips began to moving back and forth with more urgency as cum raced up my shaft and shot into her mouth. She kept her lips clamped around me and sucked me dry before swallowing and then licking me clean. I helped her to her feet and hugged her, as much to keep me from falling over as to feel her against me. When I tried to kiss her, she resisted at first but soon relented and allowed me to taste my cum on her tongue. As we finished the kiss she said “I’ve never had a guy want to kiss me so soon afterwards before, if they’ll even kiss me at all.”

I ran my finger along her cheek “You just made an old man feel very special and willingly sucked my cock and swallowed my cum. It would be rude to have you do that for me not even want to kiss you and taste myself on your tongue.”

The look in her eyes told me all I needed to know. I kissed her again as I reached lower and began working her top up. We broke our kiss and she raised her arms as I lifted her top over her head. Her breasts shook as the sweater was removed and her nipples hardened even more in the cooler air. I leaned down and caught her left nipple between my lips and squeezed tight as I ran my tongue rapidly back and forth across the very tip. She moaned a loud “yessss” before suggesting we move to the bedroom. I stepped out of my jeans and we went, her topless and me bottomless, to her bedroom. I pushed her gently down onto the bed and unfastened her pants and worked them down her legs. She had on a nice pair of dark blue lacy panties with a significant wet spot in the crotch. Her eyes were focused on me as I hooked my fingers in the waistband and pulled and rolled them down her lags. Her bush was full and natural and her aroma was a perfume of pleasure. I lifted her right leg and kissed behind her knee as she cooed and purred. Kisses, licks and nips along her inner thigh followed as she spread her legs wider. I ran my finger along her moist outer lips and up under her hood to stroke her clit before moving my hand and repeating the process with the tip of my tongue. My fingers spread her labia exposing her now swollen clit which I licked and sucked as I slid first one and then two fingers into her. Rose reached down and held my head tight to her pussy as her hips started to move up and down urgently. I grazed my teeth over her clit which caused her to jerk and moan louder. As I attacked her clit, my fingers started pumping in and out harder…faster. By now she was moaning loud enough to wake anyone else in the house had they been home. She growled “I’m gonna cum…” as I spread my fingers apart inside her and them moved them up and down alternately. Her hips were bouncing, coating my face with her juices as she held me hard to her pussy before her frenzy overtook her and I felt my fingers drown in her flood. I slid my fingers out and reached up to offer them to her before using my tongue to lap up as much of her cum as possible. Rose sucked and licked my fingers clean and then pulled me up to her and wrapped arms tight around me. “Thank you…it’s been a long time since anyone has done that to me with as much skill and tenderness. Usually guys just want a blowjob or, if they’re lucky, a fuck and then they want to leave or roll over and go to sleep.”

“Well, at my age, all chances at pleasure are to be taken advantage of. And if a woman is willing to please me, them I am more than willing to please her.”

“What is your age, anyhow?” she asked.

“I’m sixty nine” I replied.

“Ooohhhh, my favorite number”

We laid there for a few minutes, enjoying each others company. My finger traced lazily around her left nipple and it hardened and grew again, Rose reached down and stroked my cock and exclaimed with a surprised tone in her voice “You’re still almost hard. My ex would be shriveled up by now and probably snoring as well.”

“It’s one of the miracles of modern medicine, you can stay hard even after you’ve cum. When I first got the prescription, I took one to try it and jerked off. After I came, I couldn’t leave the house for another hour because my cock would’ve caused a tent in my pants.”

She laughed and said Escort Taksim “Let’s see if that really true.” as she stroked me to a full erection in a matter of moments. “Oh, you’re ready to go again.”

“It helps when my partner is very sexy, too” I replied as I rolled over to give her breast attention with my mouth. Her tits were not huge, probably a 34 or 36 C, but she had half dollar sized areolas and her nipples swelled to about a half inch when fully extended. I sucked her breast in deep and bit down on it. Gently at first, but steadily increasing the pressure until my teeth were leaving a mark on her skin. I raked my teeth down her breast and captured her nipple between them. Raising my head up with her nipple still between my teeth, her breast stretched upward before I released it and watched it bounce back and jiggle.

“Oh, gawd, yessss…I love it when a man bites on my boobs.”

I lifted up and settled my hips over hers and prepared to mount her. Her hand guided me to the entrance and I slowly pushed inside. Her pussy was still wet from before and I sank fully into her with no resistance. “Oh, yes, you fill me just right…. not too big…..not too small.” she sighed. I lingered for a moment until sliding back until just my head remained inside her. I hooked my arms behind her knees and as I slid deep again, raised her legs to give me the optimum angle to penetrate her. Each time I was fully inside, I rocked my hips so that my pubic bone ground against her clit, causing her to gasp and rock back against me. We fucked slowly for a few minutes before I heard her moan “Harder please and faster. I’m getting close and I want to cum on that wonderful cock.”

I increased my rhythm and started snapping my hips forward just before I was fully engulfed which caused her to buck with more urgency. I leaned down to kiss her and drove my tongue into her mouth at the same pace as my cock. She groaned unintelligibly against my mouth as I felt her pussy tighten before coating my cock with her cum. I kept pumping for a few minutes before telling her “On your knees, I’m going to take you doggie and fill that sweet pussy.”

I pulled my cock out and she complied instantly to my request. I smacked her ass twice which elicited loud gasps before grabbing her hips and driving deep into her again. I could feel another orgasm building as my hips drove against her ass with each thrust. Reaching up with one hand, I grabbed a fistfull of her long brown hair and pulled it as I began the journey to the promised land.

The room was filled with the sounds of our lust. Grunts, groans, the slap of my hips hitting her ass, the squishy sounds of her pussy being plungered. Finally I drove in deep and stiffened as I pulled her hair hard.. My cock spasmed and cum coated her walls and mixed with her cum. Panting, I collapsed against her back and kissed her shoulder blades. I let my cock slip from her sopping wet pussy and stretched out next to her, still breathless. Rose smiled at me and kissed the tip of my nose before moving down and gently licking me completely clean.

When she finished, she crawled back and snuggled against me “Can you stay the whole night?”

I sighed and told her no, I had to get home so the dog could go out and also that I had an appointment in the morning to get my car serviced.

“Well, in that case, can I cook you dinner tomorrow night? The kids won’t be home until Sunday and I’m really a pretty good cook.”

“I don’t know about your cooking, but I can tell you you’re a really good fuck” I teased.

She punched my arm playfully “You’re not so bad yourself.”

After a few more minutes of kissing and snuggling, I told her that I really did have to go and got up to get dressed. After agreeing to come back at six the next evening for dinner and making her promise I could have her for dessert, I left after one last long kiss and drove home to let the dog out and fell into a deep sleep with her scent still on my fingers.

The next morning I took the car to the shop and walked the dog over to the farmer’s market while we waited for a call from the mechanic. While the dog enjoyed some home baked cookies from one of the vendors, I sat on a bench and sipped some coffee. My mind was a blur…last night was great, but she’s half your age….It’s turning out to be a terrific weekend, but enjoy it for what it is, don’t think she’s in love with an an old fart like you….she was a great fuck though. I was stirred out of mixed emotions by my phone ringing, my car was done so we headed back. On the way home, I stopped and picked up a bottle of Rioja to go with the paella Rose was preparing for dinner. After an afternoon nap, a shower and a change of clothes, I arrived at Rose’s house at 6:00. She answered the door in a lightweight but very feminine summer dress. A kiss and hug further revealed that she had foregone a bra tonight as well.

“We have a little while before I have to start cooking” she said as we broke the kiss.

I placed my hands lightly on her shoulders and she dropped to her knees immediately before I even applied any pressure. As Rose unbuckled and unzipped me, I thought that this woman must have a massive pent up horniness as quick as she was to go down on me. “I love your cock” she said before devouring me and giving me a blowjob worthy of a porn star.