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I’ll Visit Your Tent Tonight

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Brad Douglas spent much of his 18th summer at a camp in the Adirondack Mountains while his folks traveled around Europe. For the shy teen, it was a chance to learn about nature as well as the opportunity to interact with guys his age.


Chapter One: Observation.

I was in my tent, resting on my back while listening to the sounds of the night. The glow of the fire in the pit out in the clearing was becoming more and more dim with each passing moment, the crackling sounds almost over as the last embers of wood burned out.

What time was it? I didn’t know. I had been the first of us to turn in, and had been waiting in my tent for what seemed like hours. Now it seemed like all of the other guys had retreated to their tents which were scattered around the woods. They were probably either sleeping or jerking off before they went to sleep. That’s what I did sometimes, but not tonight.

I was wide awake, just laying on my back and waiting. Waiting for a man who had said he would be paying me a visit tonight. I didn’t really even know his name. Maxwell, I think, but I didn’t know if that was his first name or his last name.

He wasn’t one of the campers, but had something to do with running the place. He was a real old guy, probably about 40, and up until this afternoon I had never even spoken to him. Spoken to him? Even today all I had said were two words; my name, “Brad” and “Okay” in answer to his question.

Maxwell had caught me down at the camp bathroom. He didn’t catch me jerking off, even though I had done that before down there. He did catch me watching, which was kinda funny when you think about it. Maxwell watches me and catches me watching other guys.

It had been a habit of mine to take a shower down at the communal bath house every afternoon before dinner. Everybody took a shower down there, so my being there was no big deal, but the other guys took a lot less time in the shower than I did.

I would stay in there and scrub up meticulously, washing myself so thoroughly that I was probably the cleanest kid on the planet. It wasn’t because I was all that fastidious, but I hung around down there just so I could observe.

Seeing the other guys naked was something I found fascinating. I never did anything to them like touching or anything, but just looked. There were probably close to 100 guys in the complex, and it was amazing to see the wide variety of bodies on display.

Tall, short, fat, thin and everything in between. Some guys were really hairy, which I thought was neat, probably because I wasn’t. There was one guy who was covered with hair from his neck to his ankles, front and back, and I wondered what it would be like to touch him. Not that I ever would, of course.

Looking at the dicks was the best part for me, however. In the course of the summer I had probably seen every other dick in the camp. Some guys had really little ones, and a few had these really huge ones, and then there were the rest of us in between.

I had always thought that I was pretty average, but the more I looked at everybody else the more I started to think that I might be a little bigger than normal. Of course, I never saw any of them with hard-ons so who knows.

A couple of times I got sort of excited watching down there and started to get an erection, which would have been embarrassing if anybody else had seen it. Nobody had, or at least I don’t think they did, but that was probably because nobody else was checking out other guy’s dicks.

Actually, there is another guy who I think does what I do. He’s a chubby guy with red hair, and a couple of times I’ve caught him looking at me, but he always turns away and scurries out the door. I’ve been tempted to try and talk to him, but I’m just as shy as he is. Too bad, because I could use a friend.

So today I was observing as usual, and after leaving the shower and going to dry off and get dressed I was doing some more watching, when suddenly I noticed this guy looking at me. I got all nervous and flustered and got dressed fast, but he cornered me outside.

“Fun to watch, isn’t it?” he asked me, and all I did was shrug and try to get past him, but he cut me off.

“What’s your name, son?” he asked.

“Brad,” I mumbled, not able to look at him in the eye.

“Like I said, Brad, it’s fun to watch,” Maxwell said. “I do it too. Matter-of-fact, I’ve been watching you too, and I like what I see. You got a boyfriend here in camp?”

I shook my head briskly while thinking, a boyfriend? What does he think I am?

“I’d like to be your friend,” the man said. “I know where you’re at. I’ll visit your tent tonight. We can get better acquainted and I can show you that there are things that are even more fun than looking. Okay?”

Maxwell’s hand came over and rested on my forearm, and that’s all that I really remember of the man. His arm was tan and had lots of black hair on it, and he was wearing a silver Timex watch.

“Brad?” Maxwell said, breaking me out of the trance I was in. “Would you like Taksim Escort me to stop by?”

“Okay,” I croaked meekly.


Chapter Two: There you are.

I was beginning to think that Maxwell wasn’t going to come. The only sound outside was coming from a loon on the other side of the lake and the only light was coming from the moon. It was a pretty warm night so all I was wearing was my pajama bottoms.

Was that what you were supposed to wear when a man comes to visit you in your tent? I didn’t know, because this was all new to me. I had never done anything with any other guy, and the only dates I had with girls went no farther than playing above the waist, although I did get my hand under Lisa Coffey’s bra once.

Maybe I got it all wrong. I do that sometimes. Maybe the man just wanted to talk, or even worse, was something like those guys that I had accidentally let in to the house back home. Jehovah’s Witnesses, I think they were, and they wouldn’t leave until Mom threw them out when she got home.

I had been laying on my back with my hands locked behind my neck for so long that my fingers were starting to get numb, and was just about to move around when I heard the sound of a twig snapping. Someone was moving around outside.

I froze in place when the faint rustling grew louder. Now I could see the dim glow of a lantern, and as the light bobbed closer to my tent I shut my eyes tightly. The flap of the tent. I had left it open but now I wished I didn’t. This was a bad idea and when I heard the tent door flap being lifted I wanted to scream, but didn’t.

“There you are, Brad,” said Maxwell.

The tent my mother had bought me was supposed to sleep 4, but I couldn’t imagine how that could happen in this cramped square. Even now, the tent was crowded, and from the sounds I was hearing from beside me Maxwell was taking his clothes off.

I could have looked, because the lantern was still on dimly, but I was asleep, or pretending to be. The way my chest was heaving made that seem like a ludicrous plan, but it was all I had. More rustling of clothes was followed by a sound that sent shivers up and down my spine.

The zipper on the tent door was being pulled down, and it sounded as loud as a lion’s roar. I was trapped, and now Maxwell was easing himself down next to me, so close that I could feel the heat from his body.

“Let’s see here,” I heard Maxwell say, and as he spoke I felt the sheet that I had pulled up to my neck come down – all the way down and off of us.

“Nice,” I hear Maxwell say, and the touch of his hand on my chest made me jump in surprise. “Don’t be scared. I would never hurt you”

I could feel his breath on my chest, and when I took a little peek out of the corner of my eye I was able to see him laying on his side next to me, just rubbing my chest gently before I squeezed my eyes shut again.

“You sure are the shy one,” I heard him say, and now I could smell his breath, which had a spearmint scent to it.

Something was wet on my nipple. Maxwell’s mouth. I felt him nibbling on my little nub, sucking and licking while his hands were traveling all over me. His left hand was sliding around on my stomach, going right to the elastic of my pajamas before moving back up again, while his right hand was resting on my shoulder, his thumb stroking the sparse patch of hairs under my arm.

Now his hand was unsnapping my pajamas and sliding underneath the elastic and going lower, his fingers raking through my tuft of pubic hair. My dick was shriveled up in fear when he found it, but after he wrapped his hand around it and began to pull on me, it started to respond.

“Ooh, that’s so nice,” Maxwell said, and when I peeked out again I watched his tongue leave my nipple and slide up and over to my armpit, where his tongue resumed what his thumb had been doing.

“Like that, don’t you Brad?” Maxwell asked as my cock surged in his hand, and after the initial shock and tickling sensation, I found that the licking he was giving my armpit was something that I liked a lot.

“Oh my, you’re quite a big fella, aren’t you?” Maxwell said as he stroked my cock, now fully erect and pulsating in his grip. “Let’s these off of you.”

I had stopped pretending to sleep, and now was seeing Maxwell for the first time. He was about my height and weight, but his skin was an olive color and he had a hairy chest and legs. His dick was hard and bobbing out in front of him as he pulled off my pajama bottoms.

Maxwell wasn’t circumcised, which made his dick scary looking, but it wasn’t really big, not quite as long as mine and lots thinner. After he got the pajamas off my ankles he saw me staring at his cock and smiled.

“Never been with a uncut guy before, Brad?” Maxwell asked, his hand coming down and stroking his dick, which made the head appear and then disappear under the foreskin again.

“No,” I finally managed to say. “Never been with nobody.”

Maxwell did a double take, looking at me like I was Taksim Escort Bayan from another planet.

“You’ve never been with another guy?” he asked, and when I shook my head no he then asked, “Girl?”


“You mean to say that you’ve never had anybody do this to this wonderful cock of yours?” he smiled while his hand slid up and down my dick.

“Just me,” I said.

“Then I guess that nobody has ever done this to you either,” he said just before his head bowed and I watched his mouth open.

“Aw!” I groaned as Maxwell’s lips slid down my cock.

“Ssh!” Maxwell said after his head flew up off of me, leaving my dick glistening with his saliva, his warningreminding me of the other campers who were in the vicinity.

I nodded and Maxwell’s mouth went back down on my dick, his head bobbing up and down before looking up at me for my reaction. I was now up on my elbows, watching Maxwell stroke my dick, his thumb rubbing the tip where a bead of cum had formed.

“You want to cum, don’t you?” He asked, and when I nodded yes, his head went back down.

His hand was kneading my balls while his lips went almost all the way down the shaft of my dick and his tongue did – who knows what. It was over in a flash, and when my cock started spurting cum Maxwell just swallowed away without blinking, and didn’t let up until I was limp.


Chapter Three: Now what?

Maxwell got up on his knees, his cock still hard and swaying in front of him as he looked down to me. Finally he moved up and slid against me once again, the hairs on his legs tickling as they rubbed against me.

“You don’t have to do anything to me if you don’t want to,” Maxwell said, but the meaning was clear.

“I’ll try, ” I said, and Maxwell smiled and rolled onto his back.

“Do anything you want to me,” he offered. “I’m happy to let you learn on me.”

Now I was kneeling beside him, and rubbed my hand all over his chest, enjoying the feel of the crinkly fur against my fingers. Looking down lower, Maxwell’s dick was pointing up towards me, still hard.

I was embarrassed that my hand was shaking so badly as I reached for it, and when I finally held it Maxwell sighed. His dick felt so much different than mine did. It was a lot thinner, for one thing, and when I pulled down on the foreskin I noticed that the head of his dick was shaped like the nose cone of a rocket.

The foreskin fascinated me, and for the longest time I just kept stroking his cock and watching it slide up and down. Maxwell seemed to enjoy watching me jerk him off as much as I was in doing it, but I wanted to try to do something else.

The problem was that every time I lowered my head I chickened out. Finally after about a half dozen false starts Maxwell figured out what was going on and smiled at me.

“You don’t have to if you don’t want to,” He whispered.

“I want to, it’s just that…”

“I won’t cum, if that’s what you’re afraid of,” he said.

That was indeed what I was afraid of, and after Maxwell said that, the next time my head went down, my mouth opened and I let his dick slide between my lips.

His dick was a little musky in smell and taste, but nothing unbearable, and for the next ten minutes or so I gave the man what had to be the worst head in history. I tried real hard, but I knew I wasn’t doing it very well.

I would gag when his dick went in too far, and sometimes my teeth would scrape him, but Maxwell was very understanding. Finally, he lifted my head off of his dick and got up on his knees.

“I can – you know,” I offered, motioning that I could jerk him off he he would like.

“I’ve got a better idea,” Maxwell whispered, and maneuvered us around so I was on my stomach.

He rubbed my back for a few minutes, and then his hands went lower. He spread my buttocks apart and then I felt his finger rubbing against my asshole.

“Relax, Brad,” I heard Maxwell say just before his finger slid into me. “Ooh, you’re so tight. Does this feel nice?”

“Yes,” I grunted, enjoying the sensation of his long bony finger spinning in and out of me, and when his finger finally came out I was sorry that it had.

Maxwell was moving around, and I could hear him brushing up against the tent wall as he tried to maneuver in the cramped quarters. Then my butt cheeks were being separated again, but this time what was rubbing against my anus was not Maxwell’s finger, but his tongue.

He was pushing his face into the crack of my ass while trying to burrow his tongue as far into me as he could, and if I had thought that the finger was enjoyable, I learned that it was nothing like this.

“Thought you would like that,” Maxwell said, and I could hear what sounded like him fishing something out of his clothing.

After a minute, my ass was opened wide again and a whole different feeling came over me. Something cool and greasy was on Maxwell’s finger, and this made it easier for him to work it in and out of me. I got used to it and was soon thrusting Escort Taksim my butt back into his finger.

“Oh!” I gasped when I felt something stretch me out more, a second finger.

“Ssh,” Maxwell reminded me, and now the two fingers were slowly corkscrewing in and out of my ass.

It felt so good that when he pulled them out I made a sound of protest, because if he had kept doing that I thought I was going to cum again.

“Bite down on something,” Maxwell whispered, grabbing a sweatshirt of mine from the corner of the tent. “Here.”

“What?” I asked just before he wedged some of the garment into my mouth.

“Please be quiet,” Maxwell said while he climbed on top of me, his hairy sweaty body covering me.

Then I felt something else. Something greasy like his finger was but bigger than that. Bigger than two fingers.

This sound I made was embarrassing, the noise reminiscent of a pig squealing, and it was lucky that I was gagged or else I would have woke up the entire campground.

“Okay?” Maxwell said. “You like my cock in your ass like this? Does it hurt?”

“Yeah. A little,” I managed to say when I spat out my shirt. “Please on’t put it all in. Too big.”

“It is all the way in, Brad. See? I’m not very big. Certainly not as big as you are.”

I felt the long prong slid back almost all the way out of me before Maxwell slowly slid it back in.


“That’s it Brad. I knew you’d like it,” Maxwell said.

He was right. Once I got used to it, I loved the way his cock slid in and out of my ass, and combined with my own cock being pushed into my sleeping bag, I was about to cum when he suddenly stopped.

“Can you get up on your knees for me?” he asked, and I did, even managing to keep him inside of me most of the way.

Maxwell mounted me again and this time the penetration was easier. Soon he was thrusting into me a little harder, and in this position he seemed to be going deeper.

“You DO like this,” Maxwell hissed, reaching around and finding my cock hard as steel.

Now he was pumping my cock with his fist while thrusting deep into my ass. Something had to give, and it was me. I stifled my groan as best I good while my cock erupted.

“Look,” Maxwell said to me after I stopped cumming. “The wall in front of you.”

Ropes of my cum has splattered on the wall of the tent, and I chuckled along with Maxwell at the weird pattern that I had to remember to clean afterward.

“Want me to stop?” Maxwell asked.

“No,” I said quickly. “I love it. I could do this all night.”

“You’ll be sorry you said that,” Maxwell said, and he then proceeded to do his best to wear me out.

The problem was I didn’t think he could wear me out because I loved it, and this from someone who had never had anything up there before now, not even a finger. We switched positions as much as we could in the cramped quarters, and he took my ass from every angle, probing me deep and hard.

“Gonna cum,” Maxwell finally grunted, and then I felt his cock jerk inside of me followed by a soothing warmth which filled my bowels, and it was over.

“I didn’t hurt you, did I Brad?” Maxwell asked. “Was I too rough?”

“No,” I assured him. “It was really good.”

“I’m glad,” he said. “I wish I could stay but I have to get back to my cabin. My wife will wonder what happened to me.”

“Um,” I said as he got his sweat suit back on. “I’m sorry but I don’t know your name. Is it Maxwell?”

“Yes. John Maxwell,” he said, sticking out his hand and chuckling softly. “Funny to shake hands after all that.”

He unzipped the tent door and looked around. All was quiet and the other tents scattered through the woods were dark and silent.

“Look Brad, I have to go away for a few days with my wife. When I get back, if you would like I could stop back here again some night.”

“Sure!” I said.

“See you then.” John Maxwell said as he climbed out of the tent and disappeared into the night along with the faint glow of the lantern.


Chapter Four: Missing Mr. Maxwell

The next morning my butt tingled, but all I could think about during the day was having Mr. Maxwell put his cock into me again. I loved having him suck my dick too, but I also wondered what it would be like to do that to another guy. Would Mr. Maxwell let me put my dick in his ass?

As we hiked Rocky Point, all I could think about was imagining the other hikers naked and picturing sticking their cocks in my ass. I was still thinking about it when I hit the showers when we returned.

The bathhouse was rather quiet, and it sounded like only one shower was on, but I did my usual routine which consisted of pulling on my dick until it got as big is it would while still dangling down. I entered the long rectangular shower room and saw that there was only one other guy in there.

It was the chubby guy that seemed to like to look as much as I did. Feeling so horny like I did, I was more than happy to let him, so I picked a shower head close to him and nodded when our eyes met.

As I let the spray hit my face I glanced over at the kid and saw that his eyes were fixed right at my crotch. Since he wasn’t paying attention to my face, I gave his body a quick look over. He was about 5’8″ and probably 200 pounds.