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Incestuous Harem’s Passion Ch. 20

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Incestuous Pleasures Defended

June 28th, 2027 — Elmer Bennett

I fell to my knees before my wife, unable to resist the incestuous ache any longer. Both my women, my wife and daughter, wanted me to do this. Clint Elliston believed it was right, and my wife had come to agree with him through her counseling sessions with Pam Elliston. Since she’d turned eighteen two years ago, I’d been beset by temptation for her and her blatant flirting. My blood boiled.

I couldn’t resist. The last of my morality crumbled away.

I stared at the pair of pink panties my wife wore. Candy’s panties. Our daughter had masturbated in those and given them to my wife to wear. Over the last two years, I had developed a fetish for masturbating in my daughter’s used panties. My wife encouraged it when she found out.

She would stroke Candy’s panties up and down my cock. Then she started wearing them herself and pretending to be Candy. Now…

I pressed my face between Rachel’s thighs. I breathed in my wife’s sweet musk. It was such a similar scent to our daughter’s pussy. I could smell another sweet delight. My daughter’s pussy juices that soaked the crotch of these panties from her masturbation.

I groaned and then licked. My tongue flicked across the gusset of the panties, pressing them into my wife’s pussy folds. Her juices mixed with my daughter’s. An incestuous delight. I shuddered, my hands sliding around my wife’s hips to grab her ass. I gripped her rump. I squeezed tight, holding on and pulling her panty-clad snatch against my mouth.

“Oh, yes, yes, lick our daughter’s juices off those panties,” my wife moaned. “her breasts jiggled in her top. “That’s it. Be a naughty daddy. Enjoy the mix of our flavors.”

“So fucking good,” I groaned, gripping my wife in my strong hands.

My tongue licked and lapped at her. I pressed the panties into the folds of her pussy, soaking the material in her juices. I sucked at the cloth, drawing out both of their cream through the fabric. My wife gasped, her body trembling.

Her moans echoed through our kitchen. This was a wild day. Selected for jury duty on the Elliston trial and now eating my wife’s pussy out with hunger through our daughter’s panties. I feasted on her. I caressed my tongue up and down the groove of her pussy. I pushed the fabric into her pussy lips.

Her labia engulfed the gusset of the panties. Her shaved labia spread on either side. I caressed those naked cuntlips. She gasped as I stroked up to her clit. Her bud pressed hard through the cloth. I sucked on it, savoring the sweet juices staining my mouth.

“Yes, yes, such a bad daddy!” she gasped. “I love it. You’re going to fuck our daughter. Make her into a woman. She’s twenty. She needs to have a man ravish her. She needs her daddy to fuck her hard.”

“Yes!” I growled, gripping my wife’s ass through the panties.

“You’re going to give her such pleasure,” my wife moaned, her voice echoing through the room.

“I’m going to make her explode on my cock!”

“Yes, yes, yes!”

I sucked on her clit. More and more of those sweet juices bled through. My wife’s cunt cream soaked the panties. She attacked her top. She pulled it off, her breasts jiggling in a gray bra. Large and bountiful. She reached the front, unhooked them. The cups sprang away. Her tits spilled out jiggling. Her nipples thrust hard. She grabbed them. Twisted.

Her moans grew throatier and throatier as I sucked on her pussy through her panties. I caressed her cuntlips. I devoured her pussy. I pushed the panties as deep into her hole as I could, drenching them in Rachel’s juices. The incestuous rush of eating my wife’s cunt through our daughter’s panties was incredible.

“Elmer!” my wife gasped. “Oh, yes, yes, Elmer! Just right there! Oh, that’s what I need. Mmm, that’s incredible. I’m going to cum so hard!”

“Good!” I growled.

“Going to soak our daughter’s panties in my juices!” she moaned. “Oh, yes, yes, she’s going to love them. Candy’s waiting for us!”

“Fuck!” I snarled and sucked so hard on her clit.

My wife twisted her nipples. Her face scrunched up in rapture. Then she gasped out loud. She bucked, her tits heaving. Juices gushed through the panties. They bathed my mouth. I groaned, drinking down the sweet flood.

My cock throbbed so hard in my jeans. The ache to slide into my daughter built and built as I drank my wife’s cream. The incestuous need for my sweet Candy surged hot through me. My wife shuddered as she ground those panties on my face as she reached her climax.

“Oh, god, Elmer!” she moaned. “Oh, yes, yes, our daughter needs you. Needs the man of the house to step up and love her!”

“Yes,” I growled and then stood up. I ripped off the dress shirt I put on for jury duty. The buttons burst off. I threw it to the ground, my muscles flexing. Down to just my khaki slacks, I grabbed my wife.

I threw her over my shoulder with ease.

She giggled in delight, her large breasts pressed into my back. My arm wrapped Kıbrıs Escort around her upper thighs to hold her in place. Her rump, clad in those panties, was right next to my face. She had such a great ass.

Dick throbbing hard, I carried her through the house. I marched with purpose, so eager to throw her down and then ravage Candy while my wife watched. I would fuck our daughter so hard. It would be incredible. My dick twitched and throbbed in my slacks. The ache to unload spurt after spurt of cum into my daughter’s depths consumed me.

I licked my lips, savoring the taste of my wife lingering there. She had such a yummy pussy. Just like our daughter had one.

The stairs creaked. My wife trembled, her legs twitching. She cooed, her hands caressing my back. I reached the top floor and marched to our daughter’s bedroom door, past the bathroom where I had learned the delights of her used panties. I reached her door, threw it open.

She lay on her belly on her bed, playing with her phone. She had on a tennis skirt and a tank top, her legs folded, feet thrust up in the air, toes curling. She tossed her phone to the side and glanced at us.

“Mmm, Daddy, I heard naughty sounds from downstairs,” she cooed. “What were you and Mommy up to?”

“Your mother’s wearing your panties,” I said, swinging Rachel down. “Isn’t that naughty of her?”

“So naughty,” my daughter said. She parted her legs and showed an inviting shadow. “I didn’t have any clean pairs to pull on.” Her legs spread wider. Her shaved pussy appeared, slit barely parting to show off her inner, pink depths. “Now I know why.”

I bent down and ripped the panties off my wife’s hips, pulling them out from between her thick pussy lips. My wife’s shaved cunt appeared, her labia quivering for a moment. Then she stepped out of the panties and I threw them at my daughter.

She trapped them and rolled over onto her back. She pressed her panties into her face, her skirt sliding down her elevated legs. Her pussy beckoned as she inhaled the sweet delights of her mother’s own cunt.

“You soaked these, Mom,” she gasped. “Ooh, she’s such a naughty mother, Daddy.”

“Yes, she is,” I growled, licking my lips. I hungered for my daughter. I would feast on her. I would devour her utterly. My mouth salivated to pounce on her. I advanced, unfastening my belt as I went. Then I reached the bed and grabbed my daughter’s knees.

I thrust them even farther apart. She gasped, her legs spreading wide. She quivered there, her breasts rising and falling beneath her tank top. She had a round face like her mother, but youthful instead of mature. Black hair fanned out over her pink pillow. Her breasts were round, more modest than my wife’s big and lush tits.

The scent of sweet, barely legal pussy filled my nose. I had breathed this scent in on her panties, but now it was fresh. From the source. Finally, I would devour her. I kissed up her right thigh, smooching at her tan flesh. I came closer and closer to that juicy pussy, nearing the tan line left by her bikini bottoms.

She quivered. Moaned. Her mother slid on the bed behind us. Rachel’s fingernails scratched at my lower back as I kissed closer and closer to our daughter’s virgin twat. Candy whimpered as her sweetness called to me.

I pressed my mouth into her pussy and licked. She gasped. Her body arched as I dragged my tongue across her virgin slit. I traveled from taint to the pinnacle, brushing her hard clit in the process. It just peeked out of her lower lips.

“Oh, Daddy, yes!” my daughter moaned in wanton delight. “Mmm, that’s so good. Your tongue feels so amazing!”

“Good,” I growled and licked at her snatch.

I lapped again as my wife’s fingernails scratched to undo the waistband of my khakis. A shiver ran across my skin as she followed my waistband around. I groaned into my daughter’s fresh, young twat and feasted on more of her incestuous juices.

They soaked my lips and mouth. My hands shoved beneath her ass to grip her young rump. I squeezed and kneaded her as I pulled her cunt tight against my face. She shuddered, thighs gripping the sides of my head.

“Daddy! Daddy!” she squealed as my tongue slid over her hymen.

I pressed on that thin membrane that guarded her pure depths. I caressed over it, so eager to be in my daughter. My cock had to escape my pants and boxers. Luckily, my wife knew what I craved. She unsnapped my khakis. Pulled down the zipper. As my tongue caressed up our daughter’s slit to her clit, my wife tugged off my pants.

Candy moaned. Her thighs gripped the side of my head. She held me to her pussy as my tongue explored around her clit. I caressed that little bud. Teased her. I knew what her mother liked. They were so similar. Created in the same gorgeous mold.

“Daddy, you’re going to make me cum!” she moaned, her round titties jiggling in her tank top. Her nipples poked at the thin material.

“Good,” Rachel purred. “Just drench your father’s face. He loves Lefkoşa Escort your pussy juices so much.”

“Mommy!” gasped Candy. “I will! Just drench him! I’m so glad he’s finally loving me!”

“I told you he would.” Rachel pulled my pants down to my knees. Then she yanked down my boxers. “Mmm, you have such a gorgeous ass, Elmer. Firemen have such hot bodies, don’t they, Candy?”

“Yes!” my daughter squealed as I sucked on her clit. “Oh, yes, yes!”

My wife rubbed her large tits into my naked ass, her nipples hard points against my meaty rump. I let my wife have her fun as I nibbled on our daughter’s clit. Virgin juices soaked my chin as Candy squirmed. Her breasts jiggled in her tank top.

I growled, “Take off that top. Let me see those cute tits!”

“Yes!” Candy sat up, ripped off her tank top, and then fell back down onto her pillows. Her cute boobies bounced and jiggled.

She squirmed, those tits shaking with their youthful perkiness. I stared up at them, loving the white triangles centered over her pink nipple. The outline from the dainty bikini top that hugged those succulent breasts when she sunbathed.

I licked harder at her pussy. She gasped out in delight as she squirmed. She ground her cunt against my mouth. I groaned, reveling in eating out her twat. I slid my tongue up and down her folds, brushing her clit over and over.

“That’s it,” cooed my wife as she massaged her tits into my ass. “Make our daughter cum like you made me!”

“Then make me into a woman!” Candy howled. “Oh, Daddy, yes, yes, I want your cock in me!”

“Me, too,” I growled.

“Yes, yes, do it, honey!” panted my wife, her breasts rubbing across my back. “Make our sweet and sexy daughter into a woman!”

I sucked hard on my daughter’s clit. I swirled my tongue around her bud. I loved her. I gave my daughter my all. My wife pulled her breasts away. Then she rubbed her hot cunt on my ass, her fingernails scratching at my back.

Candy groaned. She shuddered, her perky boobies jiggling. Then she gasped out in delight. She flooded my mouth like her mother would when climaxing. Juice gushed out of her. I feasted on her. Devoured the virginal cream spilling from my daughter’s cunt.

“Daddy!” she howled.

“Oh, yes, yes, that’s it!” my wife moaned, grinding her hot cunt on my ass. “Lick up our daughter’s juices then fuck her! Pop her cherry!”

“Do it, Daddy!” Candy moaned.

My wife slid along her side and settled herself beside our daughter. They two women kissed. Mother and daughter moaned in wanton delight. I shuddered, lifting my head from my daughter’s pussy to watch their tongues dancing. My wife cupped Candy’s tit.

Candy’s hand slid down my wife’s stomach to slide between her legs. Had they already had sex? Shit.

Dick throbbing, I rose. I brought my cock to my daughter’s virgin pussy. I pressed into her folds as I loomed over her. She broke the kiss with her mother. My wife ducked her head down, sucking one of Candy’s pink nipples into her mouth.

“I’m so ready for you, Daddy,” Candy whimpered. “I’ve been ready for two years.”

“Sorry,” I groaned. “I was raised to think this was wrong. But it’s not.”

“No!” she moaned as my cock pressed on her hymen. “Do it, Daddy!”

My wife sucked on our daughter’s nipple while Candy fingered Rachel’s pussy. My two women were both moaning, groaning. I felt the maidenhead against the tip of my cock. I just had to thrust, and I would tear through my daughter’s virginity.

So I thrust.

I rammed my cock forward. I ripped through her hymen and buried to the hilt in her. She gasped. Her eyes bulged as she felt me all the way in her. Her tight, deflowered cunt squeezed around me. I groaned out my joy.

“Daddy!” she gasped, her thighs wrapping about my waist. “You’re in me.”

Rachel’s mouth popped off my daughter’s nipple. “Where he belongs. In one of us.”

“Yes!” Candy purred.

My wife leaned up and kissed her on the mouth. Their tongues danced and dueled. Candy’s pussy squeezed about my cock. She held me tight as I drew back my hips. I groaned at the wonderful pleasure surging down my dick to my aching balls.

I thrust forward. I slammed my cock hard into my daughter’s juicy pussy. She moaned into the kiss with her mother. Her cunt squeezed about me. That silky, incestuous sheath massaged my dick. It was incredible to be in her.

My balls, full of my fertile seed, smacked into her taint every time I buried back into my little girl. Her tight pussy squeezed around my dick. She held me tight. She gripped me with passion. I groaned, loving every second of burying into her cunt. Of plowing into her amazing snatch.

Her hips stirred from right to left. Her cunt slid around my cock. I groaned with my every thrust into her pussy. With my every plunge. It was an incredible delight to experience. I panted, my heart hammering in my chest as I buried into her again and again.

“Candy!” I groaned.

She broke the kiss with her Girne Escort mother to smile up at me. “Oh, Daddy, I love you so much!”

“Yes, yes,” Rachel moaned, squirming as our daughter fingered her pussy. “This is as beautiful as Dr. Elliston said it would be. We’re loving our little girl.”

“We fucking are!” I panted, thrusting hard into my daughter. I leaned down onto my left elbow. Then I pressed my weight on my daughter. She grinned. Her left arm, the right busy with her mother, threw around my neck.

She kissed me.

My wife joined me.

Her soft boobs pressed into my side as we shared our three-way kiss. I pumped away at our daughter’s pussy. I drove my cock into her over and over again. The incestuous pleasure surged through me. It was intense. Amazing. It was a wonderful experience to enjoy. I groaned, driving my dick deep and hard into my daughter.

I fucked her with passion. With enthusiasm. I plunged my cock into her again and again. I reveled in every hard thrust and plunge of my dick into her silky cunt while our three tongues and lips worked together.

Loved each other.

“Daddy! Mommy!”

“I know,” Rachel cooed. “He feels so good in you.”

“So good!” My daughter squirmed. “I’m going to cum on his cock!”

“Good!” I grunted. “That’s what I want to feel. I want you to be a good girl and milk my cock dry.”

“Yes, Daddy!” She grinned up at me. “Every last drop! I’ll empty your balls.”

“Good,” I growled, thrusting with more and more passion into her cunt. I hammered her with powerful thrusts, reveling in the feel of her cunt squeezing around me. That delicious snatch massaged me. Brought me closer and closer to the edge of cumming in her.

“Daddy!” she moaned. “Oh, Daddy, yes!” Her pussy clamped down on me. “That’s so good. Oh, Daddy, I’m going to cum so hard on your dick.”

“Good,” I panted, driving my dick to the hilt in her. “I want to feel that happening. I want your twat just writhing around me.”

“It will be, Daddy!”

I thrust harder. My balls, smacking into my daughter’s taint, brimmed with cum. They grew heavier and heavier. The sweet heaven of my daughter’s cunt gripped me. I never wanted this to end. I wanted to erupt in her. I wanted to spurt so much jizz into her. Just unload all the spunk I could into her delicious snatch.

I would baste her. Flood her. She would be dripping with so much cum. It would be incredible. I groaned, pumping away fast and hard. I buried into my daughter’s snatch. I plundered her cunt with powerful strokes, burying into her over and over again.

She squeezed her pussy down around my dick. Her moans echoed through the room. She squirmed beneath me, her firm, young titties rubbing in my chest. She kissed at my chin, smooching as I drove my cock into her.

“Cum on your daddy!” Rachel moaned, squirming beside us. “This is so hot. Cum on your daddy’s cock!”

“Yes!” Candy howled.

She came.

Her pussy spasmed and writhed around my dick. I groaned as I drove into her depths. Her pussy engulfed me in spasming delight. My balls smacked into her taint. The rapture surged down to my balls.

They erupted.


“Daddy’s cumming in me!” howled my daughter.

“Yes!” my wife moaned and trembled beside us.

Ecstasy slammed through my body. Incestuous joy at finally spilling my cum in my daughter’s pussy consumed me. I growled through every blast and eruption of spunk I spurted into my little girl’s writhing pussy.

Her cunt massaged my cock. Rippled around me. I groaned while my wife panted. All three of us cried out as we shared the beauty of this moment. I felt so close to Rachel and Candy as I erupted into my daughter again and again.

“Yes!” I howled my triumph.


“Beautiful!” panted my wife.

As I spilled the last of my cum into my daughter’s depths, I knew that I would do everything to make sure that Clint was acquitted. I would find him and his family not guilty. There was nothing wrong with this at all.

* * *

Cruzita Martínez — July 19th, 2027

“There are reasons that incest is illegal,” Ed Thomas said as he stood tall and proud, looking almost presidential instead of the lead prosecutor on the case. It was the opening of the trial. The galley was packed with spectators, mostly reporters. The judge had even granted them permission to film.

This was being broadcast live across the internet.

“It’s a violation of nature. It harms those that it touches. Twists them. Warps them. Abuses them.” His voice had a deliberation to it. A cadence that resonated through the courtroom. I sat at the table, nervous, watching the jurors.

Number 17, Jonette Walsh, nodded along with enthusiasm. The Black woman looked like she was on a crusade. That she was here to avenge every wrong in the world. I glanced down at my notes. Mother of two. Social worker. Her children were young adults. Neighbors said she wouldn’t talk about the son who’d disappeared a year ago. Daughter moved out the moment the school year ended.

She fumed all the time now. Furious, though no one interviewed knew about what.

“It’s emotional violence enacted on those closest to you,” Ed continued.

My stomach roiled at Ed’s words. My daughter wasn’t twisted or warped. I wasn’t, either.