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Incestuous Sex is All Around Us Ch. 01

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Incestuous Sex is All Around Us,

Vincent has sex with his MILF of a mother, Vivian, his sexy sister, Veronica, his whore of an aunt, Virginia, his big breasted grandmother, Viola, his MILF of a mother-in-law, Christine, and his sexy sister-in-law, Kathy.

Author’s Note:

Vincent asked me to write this true, multi-chapter story about the incestuous, sexual relationships that happened between him and his mother, his aunt, his sister, his grandmother, and his forbidden sexual relationship with his mother-in-law and his sister-in-law.

# # #


I always read and heard about incestuous sex happening to others but eluding me, incestuous sex has never happened to me. Depending on who sexually solicited me, blessed with a bevy of good-looking, sexy, and shapely female, blood related relatives, I’d welcome the opportunity to have incestuous sex with any of them or all of them. How hot would that be to have forbidden, illicit sex?

When I think about having forbidden, illicit sex, it would be so sexually exciting to have sex with my MILF of a mother, my whore of an aunt, my sexy sister, and/or my busty grandmother. With good genes running in my family, they’re all as beautiful as they are sexy and shapely. Definitely, without having to think twice, I’d have sex with any one of them or all of them. Only, unable to make the first sexual move, I was at a loss on how to sexually seduce them.

I suppose, if I really wanted to have sex with them, I could have made it happen by making my sexual feelings known. If I sexually solicited my mother, my sister, my aunt, and/or my grandmother and made the first, incestuous, sexual moves by touching them, feeling them, and/or groping them, perhaps, they would have had sex with me. Yet, in hindsight, in the way that all of my female relatives in my family are, seemingly, modestly moral, I never thought that any of them would ever want to have incestuous sex with me.

Boy, was I wrong, dead wrong. I had no idea that my mother, my aunt, my sister, and my grandmother were as sexually attracted to me as I was sexually attracted to them. I had no idea that they were all whores ready and willing to have sex with me. I wasted years nervously afraid to touch them and feel them when I could have stripped them all naked and had forbidden sex with them.

Yet, when I think of women, I think of them as good, lovingly wholesome, and totally innocent. When I think of men, I think of them as rude, crude, lewd, vulgar, perverted, and sexually abusive. Call me naïve but I never knew that women could be just as sexually nasty as men are sexually demented.

I didn’t know that women wanted to talk dirty to me as much as I wanted to talk dirty to them. I didn’t know that women wanted me to touch them, feel them, and kiss them as much as they wanted to touch me, feel me, and kiss me. I didn’t know that women wanted to suck me as much as I wanted to lick them. I didn’t know that women wanted to fuck me as much as I wanted to fuck them.

‘Who knew,’ I thought? ‘I didn’t get the email. It would be nice if there was a step-by-manual, much like Chilton’s manual on automotive repair, on how to sexually seduce my female relatives but there isn’t.’

Having never experienced incestuous and/or forbidden sex before, believe me or not, as soon as I turned 21-years-old, the sexual flood gates opened. I had a deluge of sexual offers from my mother, my aunt, my sister, and my grandmother. Then, when I married, I even had forbidden, sexual offers from my MILF of a mother-in-law, my horny, sister-in-law, and even some of my closest, family friends.

‘Go figure,’ I thought.

Mostly women in their forties, women more than twice my age, something that I never experienced before, older women were shamelessly hitting on me.

Enough to make my head spin and make me dizzy with sexual temptation, I couldn’t believe how many women wanted to have sex with me. Admittedly, I’m a good-looking man with a big cock. Yet, is that enough to tempt a woman into wanting to bed me? Shouldn’t it take more than that for a woman to strip herself naked and fall to her knees ready to suck me and allow me to cum in her mouth?

Whether friends of the family, neighbors, or co-workers, especially co-workers, I was surrounded by horny women. Seemingly every woman that I knew, especially older women and especially after having a few drinks, suddenly wanted to have sex with me. Great for my ego, as embarrassed as I was sexually excited, I never knew how many women wanted to get me naked and in bed.

After celebrating my twenty-first birthday, an immediate turn around, everything sexually changed for the good. No longer having to chase after women, women were flashing me their panties, their naked breasts, and sexually teasing me. Women were chasing after me.

‘Go figure,’ I thought while not understanding the sexual phenomenon.

I never thought that I’d be the focused, sexual attention of so very many good-looking and sexy women. Hard to say no, after sexually submitting to them, Girne Escort my life would never be the same. Fortunately for me, not making any of them pregnant, or I would have been trapped in a loveless marriage.

# # #

It all started when my friends took me to a strip club to celebrate my twenty-first birthday. My first time going to a strip club, as if this was my version of Heaven, I was in Heaven. With me having a thing for topless women, especially big, breasted women, and especially when they’re dancing, I was overwhelmed by all of the topless strippers. I’ve never seen as many naked breasts of all sizes and erect nipples in my life.

Drinking and partying too much in celebration of my birthday, I staggered home through the backdoor drunk albeit sexually satisfied and totally happy. No longer a teenager, officially, I was now a man. I could drink whenever I wanted and as much as I wanted. I could go to a strip club anytime I was in the mood.

I couldn’t wait to dream of big, naked breasts and erect nipples. I couldn’t wait to masturbate myself over all of the topless women that I saw. Now I knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I wanted to own and manage a strip club. I wanted topless and naked women doing me sexual favors while begging me to put them on stage.

‘I’m sorry. I can’t put you on stage,’ I Imagined saying.

I imagined her looking at me with disappointment.

‘Why not,’ I imagined her responding? ‘Aren’t my tits big enough,’ I imagined her saying while removing her top and bra and cupping her big tits in both hands to show me her big, naked breasts?

I stared at her big, naked breasts while fondling her huge tits and pulling, turning, and twisting her erect nipples.

‘How would that look for a mother stripping in front of her son,’ I imagined saying to my mother who suddenly wanted to be a stripper because I bought a strip club?

‘They’d say that it was hot for a mother to strip for her son,’ I imagined my mother saying.

# # #

Smart enough and blessed with the common sense to know that I was too drunk to drive home, fortunately, I wasn’t driving. My friends picked me up, drove me to the strip club, and drove me home. As I previously had written, having never been to a strip club before, too young to go to one but now that I’m 21-years-old, as long as I showed my ID, I was good to go.

A whole new world of strippers and sex, albeit pay as you play, opened up to me. I loved their sexually revealing costumes. I loved their sexual fantasies of who they pretended to be while dressing the part. I was overwhelmed with the possibility of not only dating strippers but also marrying one.

‘And, tell me, what does your misses do for a living,’ I imagined my friends, strangers, and co-workers asking me?

Proud to answer the question, I imagined smiling a sexually satisfied smile.

‘She’s a stripper,’ I imagined telling everyone that my wife, Chrystal, Tiffany, Brandy, Candy, Lola, Cherry, Kitty, or Jade was a stripper. ‘She loves stripping off her clothes while dancing around a pole for men who throw money at her. Then, later, with her a great, little cocksucker and good in bed, she loves sucking cock and fucking for money,’ I imagined saying while shocking everyone that I told.’

I imagined everyone I told that my wife was a stripper looking at me with shock, that is, until I gave them her business card.

‘She’s available for private parties,’ I imagined saying.

# # #

My friends took me to a private, gentleman’s club, an exclusive place fashioned after a Playboy Club, for my birthday. All of the women, including the waitresses and bartenders, were topless. They paid for a stripper to give me a lap dance, and paid for another stripper to show me a good time in the private, VIP lounge.

My friends gave me the best birthday of my life. Yet, oddly and unbelievable enough, shocking me and taking me by surprise, I never expected what was to happen later. The real sexual fun didn’t start until after I arrived home.

# # #

Incestuous Sex is all Around Us

Chapter 1:

Sex with my mother’s 39-year-old, kid sister, my sexy, redheaded, aunt Virginia.

Something they do nearly every night with my aunt moving in and living with us, my mother was downstairs with her sister talking, laughing, drinking coffee, and smoking cigarettes. With them both chain smokers, interestingly enough, neither one of them drank alcohol. Coffee was their beverage of choice.

As soon as I entered the house through the backdoor, and walked through the hazy cloud of blue smoke, with them staying up late while waiting for me to come home, I had their full attention.

“Happy birthday, Vinnie,” they both said in unison while staring at me as if I was naked.

Too drunk to acknowledge them, I raised my hand and waved. With it late, very late, after 2 am in the morning, I was unaccustomed to being up so late. Too tired to be social, I just wanted to go to bed. Ready to fall asleep where I stood, Magosa Escort too much drinking and partying with strippers, I just needed this drunken, birthday, celebration party to end.

“How was the strip club,” asked my mother?

Embarrassed to tell my mother that I had a lap dance and had sex, albeit protected sex with a stripper, I kept my answers short. I was ashamed for my mother to know that I was perverted enough to have paid sex with strippers. Next, I’ll be hiring prostitutes to sexually pleasure me. Yet, something that all men go through before finding a woman to marry and have children, I knew that it was just a phase and a rite of passage that I must go through to explore my sexuality.

“It was good. It was fun,” I said slurring my words. “Excuse me. I think I’m a little drunk,” I said with a laugh, a burp, and a hiccup. “I need to go to bed. Good night.”

# # #

In the way that she had always done, especially since I turned 18-years-old, my aunt stared at me while undressing me with her eyes. Clearly, she was horny. Clearly, she was sexually frustrated. Clearly, she was sexually attracted to me.

Embarrassing me, my aunt continued staring at as if I was naked. With her continued stare making me uncomfortable, as if she wanted to strip me naked and have incestuous sex with me, she continually stared at me in that sexually forbidden way. Only, with me too sexually inexperienced, I didn’t know how to respond to sexually seduce my aunt.

Sexually teasing me, she stared at me in a way that made me want to have sex with her. I’d love to have sex with my redheaded aunt. I’ve love for her to blow me. I’d love to cum in her mouth. I’d love to strip her naked and fuck her.

Yet, to be honest, I was as sexually attracted to my aunt as I was sexually attracted to my mother and as they were both, seemingly, sexually attracted to me. Alas, as modest as I was shy, I was unable to make the first move. I didn’t know how to go about bedding my aunt and/or my mother.

Yet, if they made the first move and offered me sex, I’d have to be nuts to turn them down. If they ever sexually solicited me, I’d wholeheartedly accept their sexual invitation. After having sex with a stripper, I’d definitely have sex with my mother and/or with my aunt.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my aunt and I love my mother; I really do. They’re both so pretty. They’re both so sexy. They’re both so shapely. Giving me countless erections, they motivate me to masturbate over them while imagining them naked and having sex with me. Sexually teasing me while sexually frustrating me, my aunt was always saying erotically provocative and sexually inappropriate things.

My mother always scolded her for talking dirty to me but I suspected that, wishing she could talk dirty to me, too, my mother enjoyed the dirty talk as much as I did as well. I suspected that, if my mother could talk dirty to me and say sexually provocative things without guilt and shame, she’d talk dirty to me, too. Never considering the thought before, difficult to believe that about my mother and my aunt now, I started to suspect that they were both whores, incestuous whores.

“Did you get lucky,” asked my aunt?

She moved her hand up and down as if she was giving me a hand job. Then, she lifted her hand to her mouth and moved her hand back and forth as if she was giving me a blowjob. Graphically naughty, making sure that I got her meaning, while continuing to move her hand back and forth in front of her mouth, she pushed her cheek out and in with her tongue as if she had my erect cock in her mouth. My aunt was such a whore but I didn’t care. Glad that she was, I truly loved her.

‘With my aunt giving me an erection from watching her pretending to give a blowjob, she drove me sexually crazy,’ I thought while wishing I could strip her naked and have incestuous sex with beautiful, naked body.

Only, with her way beyond me sexually, out of my league, I didn’t have the nerve or the sexual experience to make that kind of sexual move on my aunt. Wishing I could make out with her while feeling her everywhere through her clothes, I’ve always wanted to French kiss my aunt. I’ve always wanted to slowly strip my aunt naked, totally naked. I’ve always wanted my aunt to blow me. While putting a gentle hand behind her pretty head, I wished I could cum in her mouth.

# # #

Yet, as if there was a full moon, something unexpectedly odd happened. Now that she was living in the same house with us, making me feel uncomfortable, my aunt was always trying to put the make on me. Hugging me, kissing me, and rubbing her shapely body up against me, she always flashed me and exposed herself to me.

Whether deliberately or unintentionally, she never buttoned a button by her crotch. With her wearing nude pantyhose instead of panties, whenever she put her hands in her pockets or sat while facing me, she parted and pulled her skirt wide open. She flashed me her patch of red, trimmed, pubic hair. Unable to remove my eyes from my Kıbrıs Escort aunt’s naked pussy, instead of making a move to sexually seduce her, all that I could do was stare.

‘I just saw my aunt’s naked pussy. I can’t believe I saw my aunt’s naked pussy,’ I thought while staring at all that I could see of her nearly, naked, pantyhose clad cunt.

After seeing her red patch of pubic hair, I’m unembarrassed to write that I masturbated over licking my aunt’s pussy while fingering and masturbating her naked cunt. Definitely, if offered, I’d eat my aunt’s pussy while masturbating her. I’d love nothing more than to rub her clit while finger fucking her pussy.

With her always leaning over me, and never wearing a bra, while filling my nose with her perfume, I saw every freckle on her naked tits. I saw her erect nipples. Even though her breasts were small compared to my mother’s big breasts, I loved my aunt’s shapely, B cup breasts.

Memorizing them, I saw the shape and the size of her modest, naked breasts, along with her erect nipples. I continually masturbated myself over my aunt while imagining her naked and having sex with me. I lost count of how many times she flashed me her naked breasts and her red, trimmed, pubic hair. Knowing full well what she was doing to me, while wondering if she’d make the next, sexual step and have sex with me, she was such a sexy, sexual tease.

Needing to go to bed before I couldn’t make it up the stairs, I ignored her question. Barely acknowledging my mother and/or my aunt, after staggering in the house drunk, while holding onto the banister, I carefully and slowly walked upstairs as I was an 80-year-old man. As soon as I entered my room, forgetting to turn off the hall light, I closed my bedroom door. I stripped myself naked and went to bed. Making me dizzy, I needed the room to stop spinning.

Way beyond being tired, I needed to lay down. Hot from the alcohol, instead of climbing beneath the covers, I laid on top of the covers while naked until I cooled down. After feeling so hot, it felt good to strip naked. It finally felt good to be alone in my room and laying on my bed without clothes.

I thought of the sexy fun that I had with strippers. I replayed all that sexually happened tonight while I slowly stroked my naked prick to a nice erection. I only wished that my aunt and/or my mother were in my room with me. I’d love for them to see my naked prick. I’d love for them to stroke my naked cock. I’d love for them to suck me and allow me to cum in their mouths.

Only, nothing more than an incestuous fantasy, my mother and/or my aunt would never stroke my erect, naked prick. They’d definitely would never suck my erect prick. That would never happen.

They’re both good women. They’re not whores. Neither one of them would ever sexual and forbiddingly touch me. How dare I even think those nasty, sexual thoughts? What’s wrong with me to want to expose myself to my loving mother and to my sexy aunt? What’s wrong with me to want my mother and/or my aunt to stroke my prick while sucking my prick? What’s wrong with me to want to cum in their mouths?

# # #

Then, something I never expected my aunt and/or mother to do, they waited for me to fall asleep. Talking, giggling, whispering, laughing, and shushing one another, while trying to be quiet, they hatched their devious, sexual plan. I knew something was up as I knew that they were up to no good.

With me a fast sleeper, usually falling asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow, but not tonight. Tonight, I was too wired. With my mind filled with topless strippers dancing around a pole, I was still horny.

They waited about 15 minutes before I heard them follow me upstairs.

‘Something they’ve never done before, my mother and my aunt were coming upstairs together,’ I thought.

Once I heard them coming upstairs, pretending that I was sound asleep, I knew they’d be coming in my room. With me naked, I didn’t care. If I was anything, I was as sexually excited as I was horny. I wanted my mother and my aunt to see me naked. I wanted them to see my naked, erect cock.

After stroking myself to a modest erection, again, I wanted to them to see my naked, semi-erect prick. Hoping beyond hope, I hoped my aunt or my mother would take it upon themselves to barge in my room without knocking. I hoped that my mother and/or my aunt would fondle my naked prick and stroke my naked prick. I’d love my mother or my aunt to give me a hand job. In the way that my aunt was pretending to give a blowjob, I’d love for my aunt to give me a blowjob.

‘How hot would that be if my mother and/or my aunt gave me a hand job,’ I thought while continuing to stroke myself harder and faster before they opened my bedroom door. ‘How hot would that be for my mother and/or my aunt to suck my cock and allow me to cum in their beautiful mouths?’

# # #

Already half asleep, invading my privacy, again, something they’ve never done before, my 39-year-old aunt and 43-year-old mother opened my bedroom door without knocking. Trying to be quiet so as not to awaken me, they barged in my bedroom while talking, laughing, giggling, whispering, and shushing one another. Then, when they saw that I was naked, as stunned as they were sexually aroused, they fell silent, totally silent, while staring at all that they were seeing of me.