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Insatiable at Work Ch. 12: Gardening

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Bryan had to work over the weekend and Tara needed a little help with their garden. Without any hesitation, I arrived just after lunch…I kind’a knew it would likely lead to something more…it always did. It had been a long weekend so I was really happy when I was able to sneak away a little earlier than usual.

We had just gotten an inch or two and it was one of those hot summer days…muggy couldn’t begin to describe the humidity. Though, it’s never really good to plant in mud, she reminded me to bring wellies, in case things did get sloppy. Fortunately, she had already done the bed-prep and things were in good shape. We were planting a mixed border along the woods and up one side…rounding the back corner of the garden. It complemented the spring border up near the house.

After planting three trees, a couple dozen shrubs and 30 or 40 perennials, we were starting to wear down. We talked over the design and the palette, especially her choice of Panicle Hydrangea; there are so many to choose from. I watched her meticulously dead head each of them.

“That’s perfect, Tara.”

“Wait till we finish up the mulch…it should be amazing.”

She looked at me, “It’s because I had a good teacher. You’re wired to be a teacher. You were an amazing boss, too…but you’re a really good at education…always thought you were sexy, though…a sexy teacher.”

Blushing now, I smiled, “Tara…thank you; that makes me feel good…especially the sexy part. Every teacher wants to be sexy!”

She laughed, “When you were my boss, I always thought you were really cute when you were teaching…or when you found an opportunity…or…uhhh…a teaching moment, you always talked about. You always showed passion.”

“I was a perfect teacher’s pet, because I was into it. You made it cool to geek-out over plants. And…I was really into you, too…even before I stumbled across your photos.”

“Really? That was freaky. I guess I knew that or assumed that, but maybe we’ve never discussed it till know. It was pretty heavy when we started things…shit…I’ll never forget that day under the birch or the first time the three of us got together. Fuck…that’s major heat!”

“You know…I still enjoy this…being your teacher’s pet, for botany…and sex. I want it all!”

“I know…I know you do…you’re my hot, little A+ student, always wanting extra credit…or I mean sex,” as I reached over to rub the perky curve of her ass.

We chuckled and she added, “Oh sweetie…don’t forget Bryan…he’ll wanna be a teacher’s pet, too.”

Grinning, I replied “You can both be teacher’s pets. I hope you weren’t planning on going anywhere tonight.”

“Not a chance, sweetie…I’m your teacher’s pet all night.”

“Fuck…sorry…I really gotta take a piss.”

Tara looked over to say, “Ummm…I’ve watched Bryan pee and its kind a hot…can I watch?”


“Yea…you think it’s weird don’t you?”

She froze to watch, as I fumbled to pull it out…it was stiffening from just the thought of her watching. “No…no…it’s all good…you can watch, but maybe you wanna…uh…hold it, too?”

Her eyes widened as she awkwardly reached over to hold it and wait for me to start. More than familiar with every other aspect of my manhood, I think it was weird for her to help a guy pee. It was just a new experience. I softly moaned in relief as a heavy, golden stream flowed from the tip and out over the ground; it generated a soft hissing or pattering when it hit the ground. She seemed transfixed, with her mouth open and watching, as she carefully waved it back and forth to leave a serpentine trail. She took her other hand and ran it through the stream; she squealed a little, when it splashed against her hand and sprayed up over her arm, “Holy shit! It’s so hot! It comes out hard…you really had to go.”

“Yea, guess I did.”

When the flow subsided, I placed a hand over hers and shook out the last drops. I laughed and said, “There, that’s how a guy pisses…any questions?”

She giggled a little, instead of answering, and awkwardly slipped the dripping fingers into her mouth. While savoring pee, she pulled her shorts and panties aside to push a couple fingers deep into herself.

“Fuck…Tara! That’s fuckin’ sexy as hell…you need some…I think I need to take care of that.”

Just inside the screen room, I sat her up on the potting bench, and covered her mouth with mine. I kissed down over her neck and grabbed hungry mouthfuls of breast, sucking at those hot nipples. I took over the finger-fucking, till I could get my face between her legs. She continued to hold her shorts and panties, off to one side, while I buried my tongue into the warmth and wetness. Still wearing the wellies and resting on the very edge of the potting bench, she opened her legs, wide, and moaned as I sucked her clit between my lips. “Robbie…love that…mmmm…keep that up. Mmmmmm…love it…yesssssss…mmmmm, god that’s fucking incredible…keep it up…mmmm…mmmmmmmm…mmmmmm!”

I ate her…licked her…sucked her…buried my face, till she screamed, “Cummmming…oohh bayan escort god, Robbieeeeee, cumming! Yer making me cummmmmmm!”

Still shuddering from pleasure, she laid back to recover and catch a breath; and I spun her around to lay her head back off the edge.

“Honey, you’re not done!” She answered with a little squeal and I pushed into her mouth, pretty much supporting her head with my hardon. My pumping increased rapidly while she went at it again, thrusting fingers back into her pussy. It’s so fucking hot to watch…one of life’s rich pleasures, watching a hot babe masturbate…fuck!

“God damn, Tara…yer fucking horny…I wish Bryan were here…you need both…two cocks!” Then I spotted a dibber, “Uhhhh…use this…you can use the dibber (Before I continue, I want to clarify the dibber was spotless, with no soil…my garden tools seldom that clean).”

Still hanging on my cock, I spread her fingers apart and placed it in her hand. Once she got a good grip, she shoved it deep and started pumping. Watching her with the newfound sex toy, I yelled, “Fuck that’s hot!” My hips pumped back and forth and I watched her masturbate, now with a garden tool. My hands gripped her head tighter and I began fucking with long, deep strokes. “Taraaa…take it…fuck me…with yer face…suck it…work it. I think you like the dibber…feels good in your pussy…a nice fit…fuck yourself…fuck it, hard.”

Fucking her face and watching her masturbate was way too much to take…I could feel it coming on, already. I wanted to stretch this out and enjoy every minute, but it wasn’t going to happen. “Fuck…fuck, I’m cumming,” I groaned loudly as the hot, thick man-juice flowed. I pulled out and let the last of it spray over her face, in long white streaks.”

I continued to support her head, while she licked over her lips, trying to get it all; I scooped seed from her face and pushed it into her mouth. “Mmmm, love that…cum…neeeed it…all,” she swirled it around her mouth and swallowed the precious load.

So horny and turned on, she just continued pumping with herself.

“Tara, let me take over, honey,” I spun her back around to put her pussy back on the edge of the bench. Still wearing her shorts/boots, her legs were splayed open with her feet resting on the edge.

I stroked her with the dibber and sucked at her clit…it was like a little pebble emerging from the hood. She moaned, “Robbie, Robbie…that feels fucking gooooood! Keep workin’ me…like that…I need it…so bad! So fuckin’ hornnnny…fuck…mmmmm, fuck me…fuck me!”

I left the tool in her and massaged her breasts, grabbing, squeezing and pulling at her nipples. Fuck they were beautiful…Tara was beautiful! Just fucking beautiful! At this point, my dick was almost back, going from that soft, rubbery stage to rock-hard erection. We were both ready to replace the garden toy. I threw it up on bench and, with her incredible moans…intense moans, I shoved myself back in. She fumbled around for the dibber and shoved it into her mouth…dripping with her sex, she savored thoughts of dick filling her mouth.

After a long stretch of fucking…hard fucking, she started rubbing herself and bucking her hips against me, our pubes audibly slapped against one another. She felt the swollen head…every vein…as I pounded myself into her. Every detail yielded pleasure sliding through those tight-stretched lips “Mmmmm that dick…mmmmm…ooooh godddd…mmmmm…it’s nice…mmmmmm.

Working with me and being fucked hard, I watched her face express passion, desire, intense pleasure. “Mmmmmm…fuck me…ooooooh…oooohhhh…ohhh, fuck me…fuck me…yer makin’ me cummm…again…cumming!”

Finally she came, this time panting and almost screaming, as the orgasm passed through her body. “Fuck meeeee…fuck meeeeee…fuck meeeeeee…cummmming…mmmmmmmm! Mmmmmmmm…cummmmmming…cummmmmming!”

My dick couldn’t hold it and began streaming hot seed into her belly. She tightened her grip and said “Goddd Robbie, I love when you shoot in me…it’s so fucking warm.”

After what I’d describe as a strong, exhausting orgasm, I spoke through my laughter, “Shittttt that was fucking hot…always thought that tool was underused. Did you like it?”

She hopped down from the bench, re-arranging her panties and shorts, and gasped a little before saying, “Never took my boots off…we fuckin’ know how to do it in the garden. Don’t ya think…uhhh…we need to garden together more often!”

Her big smile was met with my grin, “What do you think, sweetie?”

We went in to take quick shower and waited for Bryan to get home. Dinner was under control, so we sat down with some wine, discussed what we wanted to do that night, especially what we wanted to do with Bryan. After all he was on all weekend…I think he was taking Monday off…so this was the start of his weekend. We had dinner ready and I handed him a cold beer when he walked in the door.

“Thanks dude…I’m glad to see you’re still here…I look forward to it,” and he hugged me. “Well, what’s up?”

“You, tell us about your day, first…then we’ll tell you about ours…and we can discuss what we have planned for you this evening.”

We went into kitchen and I helped Tara, while he shared his day with us; Tara grilled salmon and I made roasted potatoes with salsa verde. We cut up fruit to make a fruit salad

He put his beer down and asked if he could help.

“Maybe go cut some fresh mint and rinse it…we’re almost done.”

Glued to every detail of our gardening, he hurried right back…he wanted every detail and thought surely there would be some potting bench sex or pee-sex in his future. Something any guy would enjoy.

After a long, relaxing dinner, we watched a movie with Tara snuggling between us on the couch. When we took drinks out to the patio, Tara looked at us and declared she was horny and Bryan missed out on the gardening; he just smiles at the two of us, knowing where things were headed.

“We need to do something about that.”

“Fuck yes, we need to do something!”

We laid him out on the chaise; his ass was right at the edge and she knelt between his legs. She grabbed him, “Look at that hot man…this dick…Honey, you’ll be getting everything you need tonight!” Already hard, she flicked her tongue over the head, before wrapping her lips around it and burying her face in his pubes. I stroked myself to hardness and watched her push him to moans of pleasure…it’s always hot to watch them.

Joining the fun, I straddled the chaise to put myself in his face and he raised his head, to take it in his mouth. Working his lips and tongue over its length, getting it all shiny with spit, he grabbed for my ass, to get more. “Fuck I got more for ya, buddy!” Leaning forward, I worked it deeper to satisfy him.

It wasn’t long before his breathing was strained. Stabbing her mouth and throat, she pushed him to the edge, working it harder and harder. Moaning with increasing intensity, he was tensing up and ready to cum. I looked back to see her pull off a little, now just nibbling on the very tip…of that beautiful, swollen, purple head. I knew that’d do it…he was going to drop a load, soon…really soon. I said, “Mmmm Tara, that looks freakin’ tasty,” and just kept pumping into his face, moving my hips back and forth and moaning.

She pulled the dick from her mouth and screamed, “Baby…cum for me…cum for me!” Targeting her chest, she blasted his seed all over those perky tits. With Bryan finishing, I pulled out and said, “Sweetie, play with that pussy and let us watch…I wanna watch…yer so fucking hot!”

She grinned and sensuously ran her hands through the cum, rubbing those hard nips as she spread it over herself. We watched her hands continue down over her abs, sensuously tracing circles around her belly button. Down…down further, her fingers grazed through the tight trim and down between her legs. She moaned, as she spread her thighs and sank her fingers into the wetness. Her thighs spread wide for us, while she rubbed her fingers over her clit…gently…slowly moving in circles over the bead. Still a little tender from garden sex, earlier that day, she took things a little slower than usual. She smiled sweetly and raised her fingers up to her lips, spitting over them to add more lube to the juice. Again, she sensuously started rubbing for us, tight circular strokes and faster. Her tight, little body quivered as if she felt the waves of what was coming. We stood over her and stroked…it didn’t take long for Bryan to get it back up…maybe he never really got soft (I guess I wasn’t watching). We told him all about the watersports, but he was still a little oblivious, when she said, “I wouldn’t mind if you guys rinsed me.” But, I knew exactly what she wanted. I thought it was going to be hard to piss, because I was rock-hard, but finally, it came…I was able to squeeze out a tiny stream, at first. She squealed when it splashed over her body and I worked up to some major beer pee…I let loose a big, hot spray that completely soaked her. It ran all over her body and I groaned my relief, “Mmmm, that feels good…you like it?”

“Oooooooh fuck…yeesssss! Wash me good…it’s like a hot bath!”

From Bryan we got, “Mmmmmm…fuckin’ love it…dude, I got some too!”

Still a little more to go, I pushed out the final trailing spurts into her mouth. As I shook off the last drops, off to my left, another spray splashed over her. Bryan was in the game with a couple beers worth, too…it sprayed over her shoulder.

She shrieked with major excitement, “Mmmm, my hubby’s washing me…love all that warm… pee!” As Bryan finished, the hand between her legs was a blur and her body quivered with intense moaning. ‘Fuck…I love it…cumming…I’m cumming…fuck, that’s it.”

When they both finished, he leaned in to suck at her lips and taste her kiss. Watching them exchange the taste of my piss, was the end for me…I jerked my load over her. It wasn’t much (being that it was my third, for the day)…a few big gooey drops rolled down over her tits.

We all showered and bathed each other; Bryan and I worked soap over her entire body. We figured she needed some pampering, so we toweled her dry and rubbed her down with lotion. We enjoyed it as much, or more than, she did. When we finally got to bed, Tara literally had nothing left; she hardly had the energy to move. We both kissed her good night and fell off to sleep, all snuggled together.

Later in the night, I woke up to someone rubbing on me. At first, I thought it was probably Tara (she gets horny in the middle of the night…don’t we all), but I looked over to see Bryan grinning. He whispered, “I can’t sleep…can I come over there, with you?”

I smiled and nodded, “Don’t wake her…she had a huge day…and night…she’s exhausted.”

His hands roamed all over me, rubbing my chest…admiring and stroking my dick. It didn’t take long before he was lapping and sucking at the tip. It felt good and I wanted to moan, but we tried to keep it down. Cupping my balls as he licked the underside, I took his head between my hands and shoved his hungering face down onto it. Here we’re fucking around, right next to Tara, in the same bed…it felt strangely out of control. I don’t know why, but it just did…she loved our relationship and if she’d awaken, she’d want to watch…or join in. I eventually concluded that it was all good…it didn’t take long for me to chill out and let go…shit, he was good with a dick in his mouth. Fuck…it felt good!

I let out a muffled groans; when our eyes met, he grinned wickedly and pumped me to another fucking orgasm… a weak, very weak, trail ran down over his hand.

Completely drained and likely dehydrated, I drifted off, thinking how could I ever be more satisfied? They were amazing lovers…keeping me young…fuck, the whole day was one extended orgy. The last thing I remember, before falling asleep, he was sucking the last few drops from the tip.

That next morning, Tara and I woke up about the same time. Awakening with morning wood, of course, and ready to go…I smiled, “Sweetie, how’d you like some?”

“Oh Rob, if you only knew.” “You gave me a workout and I’m a little a sore, but I really want more.” came a soft, whispered reply. Very discreetly she laughed, “I guess the more I get, the more I want.”

Before long, Bryan and I were kneeled over her and stroking, one on each side. It was a replay from last night, almost…this time, though, there was no urine. We teased her, bouncing and thumping ourselves over her body. She took turns at sucking wood, sometimes pushing them together and lapping at both. We pushed her legs aside and Bryan buried his face, moaning and smacking as he sucked clit. She gasped and moaned, as his tongue probed deeper into the heat. Her hips bumped and rocked to meet him…she was so turned on, her legs tightened against his face. It was like she didn’t want him to get away…but, he certainly had no intention of stopping.

She took my dick in her hand, grasping tight to feel the throb. Already beading, she moaned as she took it…the drool was nourishing for her needs. She could barely catch her breath, with my cock in her mouth and Bryan between her legs. Making out with her pussy like a wild man, lapping…sucking…nibbling; Bryan was driving her fucking crazy. Tara, the center of attention…from both ends, she was getting what she needed. She was in fucking heaven…fucking cock-slut heaven!

Eventually, we pulled her up to her knees and fucked from both ends. He started to pound her from behind and I tried to equal him with thrusts into her mouth. I stood at the edge of the bed and fucked hard. It seemed like we were both close…I knew I was, so I looked into his eyes, “Dude, can I have some…fuck it looks sweet.”

“You bet…it is sweet…let’s switch,” and he slammed her with one last thrust, before taking my place. When I slid into her, our moans filled me with even more urgency…more need…I was horny, on steroids.

Before Bryan penetrated her, “Oh god, fuck me, boys…fuck me…so horny…I need it…love my…my boys…my two big cocks in the morning!”

I grabbed at her hips and pummeled that sweet, little thing; my dick felt incredible, even empowered, as it rammed her cervix. Fueled with intense, morning wood, I was so fucking horny and on-edge…we all were. She fucked back and moaned for as much as we could give.

“Fuck girl…you do need it…we’ll give you some dick…we fuckin’ need it, too…need that tight pussy…uuugghh,” I grunted and felt myself tensing. I thrust hard, before pulling off to beat off a load over her ass. Meager after all the activity, but nevertheless…a load. We weren’t done, though…Tara (and Bryan) still needed some relief, so I pushed back in to finish. Nowhere near soft, I continued pounding on that hungry little crack…fuck she need cock. Almost in sync, we all worked together to satisfy each other. I hammered it deep inside and screamed, “I fuckin’ love this!” She was squeezing me in rhythmic pulses until I felt her stiffen…she was there…ready for her turn. Bryan was still pumping into her face but she was grunting, cumming and bucking like some animal, in heat. Her breathing got closer to normal, while her husband jumped up on the bed and stroked his load, over mine.