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Insatiable i****tuous mothers

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Insatiable i****tuous mothersPRELUDEJill Hastings and Laura Kelly were sunbathing in Jill’s backyard. Both single mothers, who were knockouts in their bikinis, were discussing their dilemma. “What are we going to do Jill to get things back under control?””I don’t know Laura. We certainly opened up a can of worms.””Big worms at that,” Laura replied with a mock chuckle and then said, “Seriously, we can’t go on like this.””I know. You know your son brought two friends over the last time and they screwed my brains out. I have never cum so much in my life or ever had that much semen pumped into my body. They all came three times and filled my vagina, belly and rectum. I was oozing cum for hours after they left.””Your son did the same to me with two of his friends. You do know it is our fault. It was our idea to fuck the other’s son.””I know and we taught them everything, vaginal sex, oral sex and anal sex. Now they can’t get enough of us.”Laura nodded her agreement and said sexily, “I do have to say though that the first time your son fucked my ass it was one glorious cornhole.””I bet and when your son fucked me in the ass the first time he came in record time he was so excited.””So what do we do now? We can’t let them brings friends over to fuck us anytime they are horny. We need to take control.””I agree but how? Tommy wants to have a pool party with your son Jimmy and their friends. He probably expects us to service them.””Had you ever done three guys before at the same time?””No Laura, never three just two. What about you?””No, just two before the last time,” Laura admitted.”This conversation is making me horny. The boys are at the lake today with their friends so they won’t be stopping over.””Let’s go inside Jill and use your special toy you bought. I love that thing,” Laura suggested with excitement in her voice.”You do like that thing don’t you?” Jill agreed.The two beauties gathered up their things and headed into the house. Within minutes they were in Jill’s bed with their favorite dildo. The crazy looking thing had three fake cocks attached to it. Jill had one cock in her pussy and Laura had the other two in her pussy and ass. Laura was on her back with her legs pulled up as Jill fucked her with the fake cocks. Both women would take turns with toy and enjoy multiple orgasms that afternoon.INTRODUCTIONJill Hastings was a 38 year old divorcee who looked young and fitter than her age. She had short blonde hair and a 34-26-35 figure. She stayed in shape swimming and playing tennis and her 5’6″ 120 pound body showed off her efforts. Jill had been divorced for two years and she had made out very well in the settlement as women usually did in California. She did not need to work but she licked doing volunteer work where there was no hassle.Laura Kelly was 39 years old and from a figure standpoint she could have been Jill’s sister. She had long silky brown hair that hung down to her shoulders. She too had divorced several years ago and had also made out well. She worked part time at a dental office and also did some volunteer work.They both had one son from their marriage and both boys were 18 years old and had just graduated from high school. They were on the high school swim team and they had both earned scholarships for swimming. Tommy Hastings and Jimmy Kelly were handsome young men but they had been shy with the girls and not very experienced in the sex department. They had done some heavy petting, kissing, fingering pussies and getting hand jobs but that was the extent of it.Both boys were just over six feet tall and weighed about 170 pounds. They had swimmer’s bodies and they were both fairly well endowed with 7+” cocks. They were good friends and hung out at Tommy’s swimming pool most of the summer. It was at the pool when the mother began noticing their sons and the boys began to notice the hot MILFs. Jill and Laura hated the bar scene and di not like to go clubbing. They also avoided any match maker organizations. They did date a few guys here and there but it was always the same. The guys wanted to get laid and were not concerned about the women’s pleasure. The women were great friends and became lovers as well. Still they missed the real thing and openly discussed their desires. It was Laura who suggested making it with the other’s son. She had noticed the bulge in Tommy’s swim suit one day and she was impressed with his package. Laura told Jill that Jimmy was well hung too and that they should take advantage on the youthful virility. Jill was apprehensive at first but the more she thought about it the more she liked the idea. The women knew that the boys were often checking them out in their bikinis so the interest was there. Laura told Jill that there was so much they could teach the boys and they would have their very own trained lovers. The woman then put their plan of seduction into action.LAURA AND TOMMYJill’s son Tommy was home alone when Laura arrived in the afternoon. He was surprised to see her and explained that his mom was not home.”My mom’s not home,” he said awkwardly when he opened the front door.”That’s okay, I’ll wait for her. I’ll just grab a swim and hit the Jacuzzi while I’m waiting,” Laura replied as she pushed past Tommy and entered the house.Tommy didn’t know what else to do but let her in. He liked Laura and the way she looked but she also made him nervous. Laura walked right out into the private backyard and stripped off all her clothes. Tommy was shocked but also excited to see the shapely Laura naked for the first time. She entered the pool, swam a few laps and then got in the Jacuzzi. Tommy watched her and stroked the huge boner that he now had in his shorts. Laura called out for Tommy and he went outside. “Come on in and keep me company,” she told him.”But you’re naked,” he stammered.”Oh don’t be concerned. Your mom and I sunbathe nude all the time back here. Get those clothes off and join me,” she directed.Tommy stood frozen to the pool deck contemplating what he just heard. “Don’t be shy, come on in here with me,” she said firmly.Tommy hurriedly took off his clothes and got in the hot tub. He was thankful that the bubble covered his privates and hers. He did glance at her breast and they were lovely. He felt his cock getting hard again.Laura sensed his discomfort and made some small talk to relax him a little. It didn’t take her long to shift the conversation to sex.”So Tommy, have you hooked up with any girls for the summer?” she inquired.”I’ve been on a few dates,” he replied.”Your mom told me that she thought you were intimate with a couple of girls last year. So I assume that you have had some experience, is that right?” Laura continued.”Well yes but I can’t believe that my mom told you that,” Tommy replied somewhat shocked.Tommy couldn’t believe that he was having this conversation with his best friend’s naked mother in a Jacuzzi. There was no chance of his erection subsiding soon.”Tommy, do you like me?” Laura asked and then said, “I like you.”Laura slid over to him in the Jacuzzi and Tommy jumped when their skin touched. Laura slid her hand under the water and across his thigh and grabbed hold of his erect cock. Tommy almost came on the spot when she touched him.”Hmm, is this for me,” she teased as she stroked the erect cock.”Please don’t,” Tommy whimpered.”Now you know you don’t mean that. I saw you checking me out all the time and now you have your chance to do something about it,” Laura went on.Tommy gasped as she stroked his cock under the water. He felt like he would cum any minute if she didn’t stop. He tried to think of something else but that was impossible with the beautiful woman stroking his cock. Laura sensed that Tommy was extremely turned on and she didn’t want him to shoot his load in the Jacuzzi. She was actually looking forward to tasting his young sperm.”Tommy sit on the edge of the Jacuzzi,” Laura coaxed him.Tommy lifted his body up out of the water and sat on the edge on the Jacuzzi. His face was beet red but his erect cock gave away his desire. Laura liked his cock it was a little bigger and thicker than her former husband. She smiled at him and held his cock lovingly.”You have a beautiful cock and I am going to enjoy sucking it,” Laura said in a very sultry tone.Tommy was speechless as he watched Laura lower her head and engulf his cock in her warm sensuous mouth. He gasped as she closed her lips around it and then began to bob up and down. Laura deep throated him and he felt her lips touch his pubic hair as she swallowed his entire cock. No one had ever done that before and he almost lost it at that moment.Laura continued to suck his cock and she swirled her tongue around and nibbled the head driving Tommy crazy. Laura sensed that he was close to blowing his load and she cupped his tight balls and massaged them as she tightened her mouth around his cock. That did it and Tommy could feel his cum travel from his balls through his scrotum as he started to cum.”Oh shit, here it is. I’m cumming,” he screamed but it was more of announcement than a warning.Laura stayed glued to his cock and swallowed every drop of his seed as it rushed into her mouth. Tommy came in droves and Laura had to swallow quickly to keep his seed from running out of her mouth. Tommy could not believe how Laura worked his cock and swallowed every drop. None of the girls he had been with ever swallowed his cum. Laura was pleased with his youthful discharge and she knew that he would be hard again in no time so that he could fuck her. Laura sucked and nibbled and teased Tommy to no end. Finally he begged her to stop and he slid back into the Jacuzzi to rest and recover. Laura slid next to him and turned his face toward hers. She kissed him deeply plunging her tongue into his mouth allowing him to sample the after taste of cum. Tommy reached for her and took her in his arms. Tommy fondled her tits, thighs and ass as they kissed. He could feel himself getting erect again as they cuddled, petted and kissed in the Jacuzzi.Laura felt him firming up again and reached for his cock under the water. She thought to herself that there was no substitute for youth. Laura stood up and lifted Tommy to his feet and smiled as she broke their kiss.”Come on, let’s take this to your bedroom where we will be more comfortable,” she said sexily.Tommy followed Laura into the house and upstairs to his bedroom. He never took his eyes off of her shapely legs and killer ass the entire time. They entered the bedroom and Laura turned to face him.”Have you ever eaten pussy before?” she asked.”No I haven’t but I have fingered a few girls and played with their pussies,” Tommy confessed.”Well I will teach you and once the girls know that you eat pussy they will be lining up to date you,” Laura told him.Laura got on her back on the bed and spread her legs. Her hands went down to her pussy and she stroked her quim and opened it for Tommy to see. Tommy just stared at her in all her beauty lying on the bed. Her long brown hair spread across the bed, her firm tits and hard nipples stuck up in the air and her voluptuous tanned body was splayed before him. Laura held her arms open to him and then guided him to her body as he leaned in toward her.Laura coached him through every move of his first cunninglus experience. Tommy buried his tongue in Laura’s pussy shoving it in as if he was fucking her. Laura directed the action and she soon had him nibbling on her clit while he fingered her pussy. Tommy was really getting into the action particularly because of the way he had Laura squirming and tossing on the bed. Laura moved her legs over Tommy’s shoulders and pulled his head closer to her pussy. Tommy held on to Laura shapely buttocks and squeezed and fondled her firm ass cheeks as he ate her pussy.”Oh, oh, yes right there. You got it. Suck it, chew on it, oh eat me, oh!” Laura cried out.Tommy continued to eat her pussy as he held her ass tightly in his hands. He then moved his hands up to her tits and found her hard nipples. Tommy massaged her boobs and twirled her nipples in his fingertips as he continued to munch on her pussy and clit. Laura was tossing and thrusting her pussy into Tommy’s face and calling for him to eat her.”Stick your finger in my ass,” screamed Laura.Tommy had never fingered anyone’s asshole and he was taken back by the demand. He snuck one hand behind Laura’s bottom and toyed with her asshole tickling the tight nether hole.”Wet your finger in my pussy and shove it in my ass,” Laura ordered.Tommy stuck his middle finger in Laura’s pussy and got it good and wet with her juices. He then positioned it at Laura’s asshole and shoved it in. Laura gasped with the abrupt anal penetration but soon had Tommy’s finger buried in her ass. Tommy pumped his finger in and out of Laura’s ass as he continued to maul her pussy with his mouth. Tommy loved the feel of his finger in the warm recess of Laura’s ass.Laura stiffened and gasped aloud as she came on Tommy’s face. Tommy held on to her with his finger still buried in her ass and his mouth glued to her cunt. He felt the waves of orgasm rock Laura’s body and his face was flooded with her cunt juice. Laura kept humping his face until the last of her orgasms passed and she flopped back on the bed.Tommy slipped his finger from her ass and his hands found her breasts again. He stroked her tits and nipples as he gently licked her pussy dry of all her juices. Tommy finished eating her and then sat up kneeling between Laura legs. Tommy followed Laura’s eyes to his cock and then he realized that he was hard again.Laura smiled at him and said, “That was beautiful, an outstanding first performance. Now get that big cock in my pussy and fuck me!”Tommy leaned forward and aimed his cock at Laura’s pussy. He slid in easily to the hilt and reveled in the warmth of her cunt. Tommy began to pump his cock in and out of Laura’s pussy as she wrapped her shapely legs around his back. Laura pulled him in with her legs and positioned herself so that her clit was in constant contact with his cock. Tommy began to pound Laura’s pussy and Laura humped her hips back at him just as hard. The two of them fucked each other frantically breathing heavy and grunting and moaning. Laura had another orgasm but continued to fuck Tommy toward his. Laura lost count of her orgasms before Tommy finally filled her pussy with his spunk. Tommy stiffened and then thrust into her each time he felt his cum ejaculate. Laura rocked with him and she clenched her cunt muscles squeezing every drop of cum from his cock. Tommy collapsed on her body as he felt the last surge of cum leave his cock. Laura held him tight as he relaxed his body. Tommy had never felt so good in his life. He couldn’t believe his good fortune in fucking a woman like Laura even though it was Jimmy’s mom.Laura rolled to her side and Tommy rolled with her. They held to each other and gently caressed each other’s sweaty body. Laura pushed Tommy on his back and then she kissed her way down his chest passed his stomach to his cock. Tommy gasped in surprise when Laura took his cock in her mouth and sucked it clean of their combined juices. Then she moved up his body and kissed him deeply shoving her tongue in his mouth again. Laura wanted to be sure that he got to taste both of them and that he shed any inhibitions that he previously had. Tommy got hard again and Laura smiled to herself. “I can see that you are ready for more action. Have you ever fucked a girl in the ass?” Laura quizzed him.”No I haven’t. I really never thought about it,” Tommy admitted.”I love it in the ass. Will you fuck me in the ass?” Laura asked sexily.”I guess, if you want, yeah sure I’ll do it,” Tommy replied unsurely. Laura smiled at him and then got off the bed. She retrieved some lubricant from the bathroom and handed it to Tommy. Laura then got on all fours and directed Tommy to lube her ass. Tommy got turned on by putting the lotion in her asshole. He enjoyed fingering her hole and caressing her curvy ass. Laura rotated her ass in arousal as Tommy inserted a second finger into her bung hole.”Okay I’m ready for your cock Tommy, fuck me in the ass,” ordered Laura.Tommy knelt behind her and eased his hard cock into her ass. He worked it in slowly and reveled in the methodical penetration of her luscious ass. Tommy had never felt anything like this before. Laura’s ass was a warm tight receptacle. Laura used her sphincter to perfection as she massaged Tommy’s cock in her anal sheath. Tommy caressed both of Laura’s gorgeous ass cheeks as he fucked her ass deeply. They both sensed he was about to cum again and Tommy picked up his pace as Laura squeezed his cock with more intensity.”Cum in my ass, I want your cum in my ass,” Laura cried out.Her words sent Tommy over the edge and he fired his third load of the day into Laura’s hot ass. Laura felt the warm sperm coat her rectal passage, a feeling that she never tired of. She squeezed her anal muscles and milked Tommy’s cock dry of every drop of cum. Tommy continued to fuck her slowly until his cock softened and slipped from her ass. Tommy just looked at her beautiful ass and watched as trickles of cum ran out of it down her thighs and across the lips of her pussy. He flopped down on his bed and stared at the ceiling.He had just made it with his best friend’s mom not once but three times. In just a few hours he had experienced vaginal, oral and anal sex. It was great sex and with a beautiful woman. He looked over at Laura lying on her back and he reached over and caressed her lovely tits. Her nipples hardened and he liked tweaking them. Laura smiled as she knew that he was now hooked on sex with her and she would enjoy him many more times. She hoped that Jill would be as successful with Jimmy.JILL AND JIMMYIt was mid morning and Jimmy was sleeping when he heard the doorbell ring and he was annoyed that his sleep had been disturbed. The bell kept ringing so he assumed his mother wasn’t home Reluctantly Jimmy slipped out of bed and answered the door dressed only in a pair of workout shorts. He had even skipped the underwear thinking that no one he knew except Tommy would be coming in the house. Jimmy opened the door and he was surprised to see Jill standing there.”Good morning sleepy head,” she said as she pushed past Jimmy and walked into the kitchen.”My mom’s not home,” Jimmy said confused at Jill’s rudeness.”I know so I decided to treat you to some goodies,” she said sexily, “I figured that with Laura gone that you could use some home cooked buns.” Laura had told Jill to be assertive with Jimmy. Jill knew exactly where Laura was that morning and right about then she assumed that her son Tommy had his cock buried in Laura’s pussy. Jimmy stared at the very tan attractive woman with blonde hair and hazel eyes. Jill was wearing a yellow outfit that consisted of a halter top and a pair of very tight shorts. It was obvious that she was not wearing a bra and the shorts were so short and tight that the cheeks of her ass hung out slightly. Jimmy actually felt his cock twitch in his shorts. He hadn’t had sex recently except for masturbating. “Thanks for the buns,” Jimmy managed not knowing what else to say as he felt awkward to be alone with Tommy’s mother.”I assumed that you like hot buns,” Jill said teasingly and then she turned her back to Jimmy.Jimmy’s eyes went right to Jill’s ass and he admired the view. That morning she was wearing sandals with high heels which made her look taller and sexier. Jimmy was getting nervous in her presence but he faced a dilemma. If she hung around longer he might embarrass himself by getting an erection that would be visible in his shorts. Jimmy decided to put on a shirt and pants but Jill would not hear of it.”I should get dressed,” he stammered.”Nonsense, you look fine. Now just relax and have some warm buns and coffee,” Jill insisted.Jimmy Pendik Escort sat at his kitchen table as Jill served the buns. She stood right along side of Jimmy and her bare leg brushed against his bare arm. Jimmy felt electricity in the room but he was afraid to move his arm away. Jill then brought the coffee over and once again she brushed against Jimmy as she poured the coffee. He could not help it and he felt his cock stiffen in his shorts. Jill smiled when she saw the outline of his erection but she acted as if nothing was unusual. Jill sat at the table with Jimmy and sipped her coffee as he enjoyed the homemade buns. Jill decided it was time for action. She stood up as if to get more coffee but as she did she purposely spilled the coffee into Jimmy’s lap. Jimmy jumped up and when he did the outline of his stiff cock was even more obvious now that his shorts were wet.”Oh my, I am so sorry,” Jill called out and then said, “Let me get that for you.”Jill dropped to her knees and began wiping Jimmy’s shorts with a dish towel. The action did nothing except excite Jimmy even more and cause his cock to remain stiff. Jill moved the towel over Jimmy’s crotch and even grabbed his cock in the towel through his shorts. Jimmy groaned and Jill smiled to herself.”Please don’t bother, I’ll get another pair of shorts and put these in the wash,” Jimmy said almost pleading.”I can do that for you,” Jill said and with that she pulled Jimmy’s shorts down to his knees. Jimmy’s stiff cock leaped out and bobbed in front of Jill’s face. “She took a hold of his cock in the towel and said, “I’ll dry this off first.”Jimmy was at a loss at what to do and then Jill took it to the next step. “You know I think blow drying it would be better.” Then she took Jimmy’s cock in her mouth.Jimmy gasped aloud and stood still in shock when he realized that his best friend’s mother was going to blow him. Jill was a very adept cock sucker and she had Jimmy ready to blow his load in record time. Jimmy could feel the release building in his scrotum and then he warned Jill that he was close. Jill never removed her mouth but welcome Jimmy’s youthful discharge into her mouth. She was prepared for the volume and force of his ejaculation as she had sucked many virile cocks in the past. Jimmy reached for her head and buried his fingers in her soft hair as he fired five to six streams of semen deep into Jill’s mouth. Jill stayed glued to his cock and drank down every drop of semen. Then she milked his cock and drained it of every drop. She nibbled on the head of Jimmy’s cock sending chills through his body. Jimmy had to push her head away as he thought he would faint if she kept it up. Jill then stood up and took a hold of Jimmy’s softening cock in her hand. Then she walked to the bedroom leading Jimmy by his cock. Jimmy still somewhat in shock just followed the beautiful commanding woman. At 38 years of age Jill was not only a beautiful fit woman but she was a fierce lover in bed. They reached Jimmy’s bedroom and Jimmy watched as Jill dropped her clothes and got in the bed. She beckoned to Jimmy with open arms and he joined her in his bed. Until that moment he had never made love to anyone. Jimmy would learn however that it wouldn’t be love making but it would be raw sex with Jill.”I hope you know how to eat pussy because I am in need of a good cunt lapping,” Jill stated.Jimmy didn’t reply but just got between her legs and began licking her pussy. Jill groaned with pleasure as it was apparent that Jimmy knew his way around a pussy with his mouth. Jill loved having her pussy licked whether it was by a man or a woman. Jimmy licked her clit and then flattened his tongue against and rubbed hard. Jill squealed when he did that and she loved the feeling of his stiff tongue. “Put your fingers in my pussy and find my g-spot,” Jill gasped.She loved the combined orgasmic pleasure from her g-spot and clit being stimulated simultaneously. With Jill’s guidance, Jimmy fumbled around in her pussy trying to find her g-spot. Finally Jimmy located the firm hard flesh in her womb and he rubbed it vigorously. Jill felt her orgasm building with the renewed action in her pussy.”Oh my God, that’s it. Rub me there, lick me harder. Oh god I’m cumming,” she screamed.Jill’s body lifted off the bed and she grabbed Jimmy’s head with both hands. Jill held tightly to Jimmy as she thrust her pussy at his mouth. Her love juices gushed into his mouth and he was surprised that he liked the taste of her. Jill finally released Jimmy’s head and she flopped back on the bed. Jimmy looked at the beautiful woman sprawled out in his bed and then he followed her eyes to his cock. Jimmy had another erection but he was unsure what to do next. Jill solved that question for him.”Oh good your hard again. Bring that cock up here and fuck me good,” Jill directed.Jimmy did as he was told even though in the back of his mind he knew it was Tommy’s mother. He crawled between Jill’s and shoved his cock in her pussy. Jill immediately wrapped her legs around Jimmy’s torso and began to fuck him in earnest. Jimmy was putty in this woman’s hands but he loved fucking her and now he did not care who would know. Jimmy started drilling Jill hard and fast and the two of them went at it like a****ls in heat. Jimmy wanted to fuck her into submission at this point but he would learn that Jill was insatiable. Jill made sure that her clit stayed in constant contact with Jimmy’s cock as she worked toward another orgasm.Jill then screamed out loud again as another massive orgasm rocked her body. She held tightly to Jimmy and yelled at him to hold her. Jimmy wrapped his arms around the quivering body and pulled her snugly against him. Jill bit lightly into Jimmy’s shoulder but she did break the skin for which Jimmy was grateful. Then Jill gasped and fell backward onto the bed. Jimmy was still in her and he drove toward his own release. He didn’t think about the consequences as he was now only concerned with his own pleasure.Jill then spoke, “Don’t cum in my pussy. I want you to cum in my ass.”Jimmy was stunned and speechless not sure whether he heard her correctly. Jill repeated her request in a sexy voice, “I love it in the ass. Will you fuck me in the ass?””I guess, if you want,” Jimmy replied somewhat in shock. Jill smiled at him and then got off the bed. She retrieved some lubricant from her shorts and handed it to Jimmy. Jill then got on all fours and directed Jimmy to lube her ass. Jimmy got turned on by putting the lube in her asshole. He enjoyed fingering her anus and caressing her curvy ass. Jill rotated her ass in arousal as Jimmy inserted a second finger into her bung hole. “Okay I’m ready for your cock Jimmy, fuck me in the ass,” ordered Jill.Jimmy knelt behind her and eased his hard cock into her ass. He worked it in slowly and reveled in the methodical penetration of her luscious ass. Jill’s ass was a warm tight receptacle. Jimmy caressed both of Jill’s gorgeous ass cheeks as he fucked her ass deeply. They both sensed he was about to cum again and Jimmy picked up his pace as Jill squeezed his cock with more intensity.”Cum in my ass, I want your cum in my ass,” Jill cried out.Her words sent Jimmy over the edge and he fired another load this time into Jill’s hot ass. Jill felt the warm sperm coat her rectal passage, a feeling that she never tired of. She squeezed her anal muscles and milked Jimmy’s cock dry of every drop of cum. Jimmy continued to fuck her slowly until he rocked back on his haunches and his slipped from her ass. Jimmy just looked at her beautiful ass and watched as his semen oozed out and ran across the lips of her pussy and down her inner thighs.Jimmy collapsed on his bed and rested for several minutes. He never did hear Jill leave his house. As he lay in bed he contemplated what had happened, what he had done. Jimmy was still in shock as everything had happened so fast. He fucked Tommy’s mother and he enjoyed every lust filled minute of it. “Now what?” he wondered to himself.Jimmy, of course had no idea that Tommy was fucking Laura. In fact while Jill was seducing Jimmy, Laura was getting drilled by Tommy. The two mothers had pulled it off and now had each other’s son hooked on sex with them. It could not have worked out better. Both boys proved to be good lovers and they could go for hours.THINGS GET COMPLICATEDJill and Laura continued to have sex with the boys and managed to keep it a secret until that fateful day. Laura was dressed and ready to be picked up by Jill to do some shopping when Tommy showed up at the house. Laura let him in and told him that Jimmy was still sleeping upstairs. “That’s okay, I came to see you anyway,” Tommy told her and she suspected that he was up to something.Laura was dressed in a light weight summer outfit with the skirt cut just below her knees. The suit skirt fit snugly and showed off Laura’s curvy ass. Tommy took in her shapely figure accentuated by the flattering outfit which is why he decided to fuck her before she left the house. Tommy grabbed Laura by the hand and pulled her toward him. He stood up, got behind her and pushed her down on the kitchen table. He felt his cock stiffen immediately and he pulled her skirt up above her hips.”Stop it, stop it his instant. Jimmy’s upstairs and your mom will be here soon,” Laura scolded him.”This won’t take long. I’ll be done before mom arrives,” Tommy replied.Laura was wearing thigh high stockings with elastic tops and she looked incredibly sexy with her skirt pushed up to her waist. Tommy then pulled her panties down to the top of her hose. Laura tried to struggle but Tommy was too strong and he kept her bent over the table. Then he scooped some butter out of the dish and pushed it into her anus. Laura panicked when she realized what he had in mind.”No, please no, not in there, please don’t fuck me there again, not today, please,” Laura whimpered.But Tommy was not to be denied in fact he got more excited as he thought about it. He rubbed his butter covered hand up and down his shaft a few times making it very slick. Then he moved his cock to Laura’s anus and pushed ever so slowly. Laura gasped as the mushroom head cleared her sphincter and slipped into her. Laura, by now, had been butt fucked several times by Tommy so there was no discomfort just the humiliation of it. Tommy began fucking in and out watching his cock slide in and out of Laura’s curvy ass. She looked so vulnerable and so sexy with her skirt up around her waist and her panties down to the stockings. Her ass was framed by her clothing and Tommy loved the look as he worked his cock in and out. Laura just remained still, bent over the table as she awaited the moment when he would cum in her ass again.Tommy was extremely turned on and he did not last long fucking Laura’s ass. His balls tightened, his body stiffened and he plunged his cock all the way in. Tommy fired ropes of cum deep into Laura’s rectum and filled it with his seed. Laura’s anal muscles moved of their own accord and milked Tommy’s cock as it spewed into her. Tommy then eased his cock out and wiped it on a nearby napkin. Unbeknown to the two of them, Jimmy had come downstairs and watched Tommy fuck his mom in the ass. Jimmy had taken out his cock and was stroking it waiting for Tommy to cum. Once Tommy pulled out, Jimmy moved quickly and placed his hand on his mother’s back.”Stay right there mother. You seem to like having a cock in your ass,” Jimmy boldly stated as he eased his cock into his mother’s ass. “Oh, Jimmy no, we shouldn’t,” Laura cried out.”Oh yes we should. You have a lovely ass and we should have done this sooner,” he replied.Tommy got turned on watching Jimmy fuck his mother and he began stroking his cock back to hardness. He then moved toward Laura’s head and offered his cock for her to suck. That is how Jill found them when she entered the house. Laura had her son’s cock in her ass while she sucked on Tommy’s impressive dick. Jill did not know what to do or say so she just stood there and watched.Jimmy spotted Jill and smiled as he spoke, “Jill, get your clothes off. You two won’t be going shopping for awhile.”Jill was stunned by the order but she did as Jimmy said. She knew that Laura and she were busted now and that it was out in the open. Jill resolved herself to go along with orgy and i****t. She took off her clothes and walked over to the table where Laura was taking the two cocks. “Tommy, I want you to fuck your mom in the ass just like I’m fucking my mom. I know she likes it in the ass because I fuck her there all the time.” Jimmy directed.Tommy was a little surprised to hear that his mom and Jimmy had been making it. However it made sense. The two mothers had to plan it which is why he was seduced by Laura. He assumed that Jill had seduced Jimmy. Tommy pulled his mother over to the kitchen table and bent her over next to Laura. He lubed his mother’s ass and slipped his cock into her. The two mothers held hands as their asses were ravaged by their sons.Jill emitted a gasp as Tommy’s cock slid all the way in on the first thrust. He plowed her asshole and fucked her rapidly in search of his much desired release. Jill began to move her hips in an attempt to match Tommy’s thrusts and it was obvious that she was turned on by the situation. Jill was gasping and grunting as Tommy began to really pummel her ass. He picked up the pace even more and held to Jill’s shapely buttocks as their hips slapped noisily together. She was really into it now and the two of them fucked like maniacs. Jill couldn’t believe her own voice when she told her son, “Oh yeah that’s it, that’s the way to fuck my ass. Give it to me, cum in me, cum in my ass,” she screamed.They were all sweating from the physical intensity of their butt fucking. Laura had loosened her top and unhooked her bra to let her tits fall out. The boys slammed into their mothers as their cocks now moved freely in their asses. Tommy felt his orgasm approaching and as much as he wanted to prolong the ass fucking session, he couldn’t. Tommy’s body stiffened and he plunged his cock all the way into Jill’s gorgeous ass. Streams of semen shot into her rectum as Tommy seemed to cum continuously for several minutes.”Oh good, I feel it. Fill me up, fill up my ass,” Jill cried out and then her own orgasm hit her, “Oh shit, here it is, I’m cumming!”Jimmy announced he was cumming as he flooded his mother’s rectum. His seed mingled with that of his best friend’s and Laura was stuffed with semen. Jill’s body thrashed around as Tommy held onto her curvy ass cheeks and kept his cock buried in her ass. Her fingers flew over her pussy and clit as his warm seed flooded her anal passage. Jill then collapsed face down on the table and Tommy’s cock slipped from her ass with an audible pop. Tommy knelt over her as his cock dripped the remaining cum on her curvy ass and Jill wiggled her bottom and squealed in delight.The boys stepped back from their mothers and admired their shapely asses. They looked so sexy. They rubbed their mother’s buttocks lovingly and the women clenched her glute muscles in response. The boys took their mother’s to Laura’s bedroom for more sex and it was hours before they were done. The highlight for the boys was to have the mother in a 69 position eating pussy while the boys drilled the hot asses. Laura and Jill never did get to go shopping that day.JILL’S DEBAUCHERYTommy had his friends over to the house to use the swimming pool. He knew Jimmy was occupied with his mother Laura and that he planned to invite another guy over to fuck her too. That gave Tommy the idea about telling his two friends about his mother and convincing them to fuck her. Tommy imagined his mother with his two friends and himself. He was sure that his mother would love to have three cocks in her at the same time. After all she had already taken his cock in her mouth, pussy and ass. Why not have all her holes stuffed with cock at the same time? Tommy envisioned his friends and he cumming in his mother’s holes at least three times. He was getting hard just from thinking about her having nine loads of spunk in her. Ben and Sam stared at Tommy as they wondered what he was thinking.”Okay guys, here’s the deal. Remember when I told you that I was banging older women?” Tommy asked.Both Sam and Ben nodded in the affirmative.”Well I am now banging two older women and they are friends. So I am willing to share one of them with you guys. How does that sound?” Tommy asked.”Oh man I can’t wait. When do we get to meet her?” Ben asked excitedly.”Tonight right here at the house. We’ll call out for pizza later and you guys can clear it with your parents so that you can crash here tonight,” Tommy told them.”But Tommy, what about your mom, isn’t she going to be home?” Sam inquired.”She sure is after all she’s the older woman,” Tommy announced.Ben and Sam were stunned by Tommy’s statement and just stared in disbelief. Then they smiled and laughed as they were sure that Tommy was putting them on.”Yeah right Tommy, it’s your mother that you have been seeing all this time,” Sam mocked.”Guys you will believe it tonight I promise you. My mother and I have been having incredible sex together lately and I’m fucking Jimmy’s mom too. What better arrangement could there be then to have sex in your own home anytime, anywhere and any way that you want it?” Tommy replied.Ben and Sam were still in shock as they listened to their friend. It had to be true, Tommy would not make something like that up. The two boys could only imagine what it would be like to make it with Tommy’s mom. She was so hot and the image of her in her two piece swimsuit crept into their minds. As they anticipated the evening ahead it was their longest afternoon of the summer.Jill arrived home that evening very tired and very much in need of a drink. Ben and Sam were still there when she arrived home. Jill went into the family room and sat down in the easy chair. Her mini skirt slid up to mid thigh and put her shapely legs on display. Tommy brought her a drink and the three boys joined her in the family room. Sam and Ben could not take their eyes off her shapely legs and they both were sporting boners in anticipation of being between her legs.Jill downed the first drink and Tommy fixed her another one. Jill smiled at the two boys as they seemed fascinated with her legs. She had no idea what was on their minds and she had no idea what Tommy had planned for her. Jill finished her second drink and Tommy fixed her a third.”That’s okay Tommy, two is my limit,” Jill said.”Nonsense mother, you had a tough day you deserve another,” Tommy said handing his mother the cocktail that he made extra strong this time.Jill accepted the drink and smiled as she said, “Just this time then.”Jill slowly sipped the drink and the alcohol was clearly affecting her. Ben and Sam couldn’t take their eyes off of her and continued to stare at her shapely legs. Jill was getting warm and she squirmed in the chair causing her skirt to go even higher up her shapely thighs. Ben and Sam strained to get a peak up her skirt and Tommy laughed to himself knowing that they would see all they wanted before the night was done. Tommy asked her if she was a little warm. “Yes, I am I think it is the alcohol,” she replied.Tommy suggested she take off her suit jacket and he offered to help her. As Jill stood up it was clear that she was feeling the effects of the alcohol and she leaned against her son for support.”Guys I don’t think just the jacket will be enough, why don’t you help me take off the rest of her clothes,” Tommy said to them.Jill just stood there balancing herself against her son as Sam and Ben moved toward her. Sam began to unbutton her blouse as Ben worked on her skirt. Jill weakly protested but she was too far gone to be taken seriously. Ben Pendik Escort Bayan had removed her skirt and Sam her blouse as she stood there in her bra, panties, and garter belt and nylons.Sam next unclasped her bra freeing her tits and Ben unsnapped and removed her garter belt. Both the guys were sporting erections pushing out their pants like tents. Ben and Sam each removed one of her nylons and then they both slid her panties down and off her legs. Jill’s pussy was sopping wet by now. The guys played with her fingering her pussy and tweaking her tits and nipples. “Let’s take this up to her bedroom guys,” Tommy said leading the way. Jill walked to her bedroom supported by Sam as he played with her tits. Ben walked behind them fondling Jill’s ass.Tommy had Jill lay on her back as the guys removed their clothes. Sam fucked Jill first and then Ben. They were so hot Tommy knew they would cum quickly. Jill was in heat and all of a sudden she couldn’t get enough cock. Tommy fucked his mother next knowing that he would last longer bringing Jill to multiple orgasms while the guys recuperated. Jill was moaning and cumming all over the place when Tommy finally filled her pussy with the third load of cum.Sam and Ben were ready to go again when Tommy told them that we were going to treat Jill to her first triple penetration. Sam and Ben were both about the same size and coupled with her son’s cock, Jill would be filled with 2 feet of cock. Tommy lay on his back and had his mother straddle his cock taking it all the way in her cunt. Tommy told Ben to lube up her asshole with the cream from her nightstand and then he told Sam he could take her mouth. Ben buried his cock in Jill’s ass as Jill sucked Sam’s dick into her mouth. The three boys got a rhythm going and Jill began moaning on Sam’s cock, “Oh this is incredible, fuck me, fuck me in all my holes.”The three of them fucked Jill for hours with each of them cumming in her mouth, ass and pussy. She lay on her bed almost lifeless with cum leaking from all three of her holes. Tommy sent Ben and Sam to the guest room to shower and hit the sack. He told them they would have another crack at his mother in the morning. Tommy went to his own room, showered and turned in for the night. It had gone easier then he expected and he was pleased that his mother was so responsive to the triple fucking. Jill fell asleep with her asshole and pussy overflowing with semen and the taste of cum in her mouth. The next morning the three boys had individual fuck sessions with Jill with their morning erections. Neither of them came in her pussy but they brought her to countless orgasms. Jill didn’t need any alcohol this time and was more than willing to take on the three young hard bodies. Tommy told Jill to lie on her back while he ate her pussy and Sam and Ben sucked on her tits. She went wild and came all over her son’s face. Then Tommy had Ben fuck her pussy until they both orgasmed. Tommy then flipped his mother over on her stomach and told Sam to fuck her in the ass. Ben put his cock in her mouth and Jill coaxed him back to an erection. Sam shot a load in her ass and then Tommy put his mother on her back and fucked her pussy.The boys kept this routine going most of the morning. Next was Ben in her ass, then Sam in her pussy and finally Tommy in her ass. All the time Jill had a cock in her pussy or asshole there was a cock in her mouth as well. Jill once again had three loads of cum in her pussy and asshole. Tommy decided that it was time for her triple treat again and Jill once more was filled with 2 feet of cock. Ben was in her mouth, Sam in her pussy and her son in her ass. The three boys were surprised that morning with their stamina as they rotated through all of Jill’s holes once more. Tommy’s mother was sexually drained, exhausted and almost lifeless as she lay on her bed dripping with cum.Ben and Sam showered, dressed and had a light breakfast while Jill was still in bed. Tommy just threw on a robe as he planned to bathe with his mother after the boys left. Sam and Ben left after breakfast with their balls emptier than they had ever been and they were thankful that they didn’t have plans with their girlfriends that day.Tommy drew a bath for his mother and helped her into the Jacuzzi tub. He dropped his robe and joined her in the tub and his mother leaned back into his body as she soaked in the hot water and soothing jets. Tommy reached around and fondled his mother’s tits and firm tummy as the jets bubbled around their bodies. Not a word was spoken between them as their thoughts were elsewhere.Jill thought about what happened. She still couldn’t believe what she had done and how much she enjoyed it. The young vibrant bodies were tireless as they fucked her in every way imaginable. She would have to call Laura later and tell her what happened. She needed to talk with Laura now that she had slid into a whole new world of debauchery. Jill did not know that Laura had entered her own world of debauchery as well.LAURA’S GUESTSJimmy invited two older friends Art and Dick over to the house. He had told them how hot his mom was in bed and the guys said they would like to fuck her. Jimmy agreed and laid out his plan. The three of them were to hang out at Jimmy’s house and get Jimmy’s mother to drink with them. Jimmy would then disappear and leave Art and Dick alone with his mom. Art and Dick would then put the moves on Laura and try to get her to fuck them both at the same time. Art and Dick were both 20 years old and had had their share of pussy.The four of them sat in the family room drinking and chatting. Laura had gotten over her apprehension with Dick and Art being present. She sipped white wine as they drank beer. Hours passed before it became obvious that Jimmy was no longer in the room. “Where did Jimmy go?” Laura asked all of a sudden showing concern. “Oh he left so that the three of us could be alone,” Dick replied.”What do you mean so we could be alone?” Laura snapped sounding panicky.”Alone so we could have some fun,” Dick answered.”It is time for you boys to leave. Jimmy is not here so you should not be in my home,” Laura said firmly.”Oh come off it Laura. You have already fucked Jimmy and Tommy. So don’t act so uppity,” Art snapped back.”That is none of your business. Now leave this instant,” Laura said her voice cracking showing her nervousness.Dick and Art approached Laura as she stood up and Dick said, “Now just relax and enjoy this as much as you know you will.””Leave me alone. You can’t just come over her and expect to have sex with me,” Laura said in raspy voice.”Sure we can,” Dick snapped. Art and Dick were standing around Laura and they started getting very frisky with her. Laura played the reluctant role and fended off their hands but the boys suspected that she loved the attention. Dick turned her toward him and pulled her tightly against his body. Laura wouldn’t look at him but she didn’t withdraw either. She allowed him to hold her tightly up against his manhood and she was exhilarated by the hard cock pushing below her waist. Dick lowered his mouth to hers holding her head in his strong hands. She felt herself opening her mouth and pushing her tongue out to tussle with the strong opponent pushing into her own mouth. Laura’s lips crushed against the young mouth, her lipstick was being smudged, but she didn’t care as her head was held firmly as the two tongues fought ferociously with one another. Dick’s hand was under her skirt and rubbing the cheeks of her ass. Laura could feel his big hands on her cheeks, pushing and then releasing her bottom, grinding her body onto his impressive manhood. Laura had not forgotten about Art who watched the mock seduction. Laura realized that her skirt was being gently pulled up the backs of her legs. “No Dick, you mustn’t, please, no,” Laura pleaded. Dick replied by kissing her open mouth once more and Laura responded forgetting about her appearance. She could feel that her skirt had been drawn up over her panty covered ass. He squeezed the firmness of each of her cheeks, pulling her onto his cock again, slipping his hands into her panties over her buttocks to feel the skin of her shapely firm ass. Laura cringed as she felt another pair of hands pull her panties down and begin to massage her bottom.”No, no, please, oh no, you mustn’t,” she pleaded unconvincingly. Dick still held her tightly and she knew she was doomed again. As the new hands encircled her waist and caressed her ass, Dick held moved her hand down onto the rock hard cock at the front of his pants. “Take it out Laura,” Dick ordered.As if in a trance Laura fished the big cock out of Dick’s pants and felt the warmth and thickness in her hand as she brought the young cock out in the open. Laura felt another set of fingers explore the lips of her cunt and rub her clit. Just as it had happened many times before with these two sex partners Laura was being led down a sexual path where she was their plaything and object of their desire. Dick moved backwards and bent Laura forward a little so that she could take his vibrant erect cock into her mouth. Laura was now bent over sucking Dick’s prick as she held it in position with her hand. Meanwhile Art was at her rear and with her skirt bunched around her waist he was easing her legs wider apart. Her panties were now somewhere else in the room.Art whispered, “You have a beautiful ass and pussy Laura, so fuckable.”She obediently opened her thighs exposing her cunt lips to Art’s probing fingers. Laura held Dick’s cock perfectly in her mouth as she sucked and nibbled and bobbed up and down on it. She felt Art’s firm hands on the tops of her thighs and then she felt the warm skin of his cock brush against her ass cheeks and prod her cunt lips. The wetness of her body opened her pussy easily and the thickness of Art’s cock pushed aside her lips and slid into her.Laura gasped as Art’s first thrust pushed her forward causing Dick’s cock to hit the back of her throat. She almost gagged but she recovered quickly and returned to licking and sucking every inch of the beautiful cock in her mouth. Laura thought how she must look at the moment in her family room, her skirt up around her middle and being fucked doggy style while gobbling a giant cock down her throat.Jimmy, who had not left the house, stood hidden watching the scene. He was stroking his manhood through his shorts, not wanting to miss a second of the wonderful display of his friend’s assault on his mother’s shapely body. Jimmy could see Art’s cock entering with long, regular, penetrating strokes that almost lifted Laura off her feet. Art held her firmly by her hips and Dick held onto her head. Jimmy watched Dick’s thick cock as it slipped down into her throat before easing out to momentarily rest between her lips and then slide back down again. Neither of them was rushing the experience as they wanted to enjoy Laura’s body. They wanted to savor her submissiveness and the eagerness with which she had given herself over to their sexual advances. Laura was helpless in their dual grasp and beautifully exposed. She secretly wanted it to go on and on, thrilling her and fucking her deeply. She didn’t think about it any longer, she just listened to her body and went with the flow. As she sucked, nibbled and pushed back onto the young cocks in her the feeling was incredible.Laura groaned as Art rammed up into her cunt with each thrust and Dick held her hair gently as he controlled her head movements over his cock. Dick held his cock with one hand as it moved in and out between Laura’s willing lips, until finally he had reached his pinnacle, then he withdrew slightly and held Laura firmly so that he could shoot in her mouth and over her face. Laura was in such an aroused state from the cock pounding into her at the rear that she paid no attention to Dick’s positioning. Then his thick ejaculation shot into her mouth and splashed all over her face. Dick held his cock close so that his milky seed hit Laura’s cheeks, chin and forehead. Laura also felt the liquid enter her mouth as she held her lips open in an attempt to capture it all. She felt the fountain spew all over her face and her tongue darted out to lick round her lips. She felt the warmth as cum dribbled down her face as Dick held her head in place. He then pushed his wilting member back into her mouth again and urged her to suck him dry.”Lick it, Laura, lick me clean,” Dick ordered and Laura obligingly sucked and licked until every drop was taken into her mouth. Art still held Laura and he was still thrusting his vibrant cock into her from behind. Jimmy now wanted to enjoy the woman who was their plaything once again.”Let’s take her up to your bedroom,” said Dick as he watched Art enjoying himself.Art eased himself out of Laura’s succulent body. Laura raised herself to a standing position and Art enveloped his arms around her waist to tease her cunt lips with his fingers again. Laura was on a high as she had almost been brought to orgasm. She held Art’s fingers on her cunt and she guided them to her bedroom. She felt wonderful and knew that she must have looked stunningly sexual to the boys. She didn’t care that her skirt was bunched up around her waist, or even that her face showed traces of Dick’s dried semen. Laura still held Art’s fingers tight onto her vaginal lips as the three of them entered the bedroom. Once in the bedroom the three of them removed all of their remaining clothes.Laura was opening her legs wider to accept Art’s intruding fingers. She was overcome with desire and she wanted to rub her own clit frantically. She wanted so badly to cum.”Oh please, please, fuck me, just fuck me,” Laura pleaded.Art was grasping her bullet-like nipples, tweaking and pulling them playfully. Laura was enjoying the tug on her nipples and the fingers up inside her cunt. Her eyes closed and she emitted audible sighs of enjoyment. “Do you want to lay down Laura? I am sure that you are ready to lie down, are you?” Art asked already knowing the answer.Art and Dick gently guided Laura to Art’s bed and had her lie comfortably on her back. The three teenagers stood at the side and the foot of her bed. She looked sexy and vulnerable in their presence. Laura’s fingers made their way back to her pussy and she caressed her clit as she watched Dick climb up from the foot of the bed and kneel between her thighs. He leaned in towards her and moved his face close to her pussy.”Oh my God, oh no, oh yes,” gasped the wanton teen as she felt the first caress of Dick’s firm tongue on the wetness of her cunt. His tongue pushed her lips open and darted in and out. Dick then licked and pushed at her protruding clit, sending Laura into spasms. Laura’s hips lifted up and down off the bed to meet Dick’s lapping tongue as he gripped her open thighs and licked, slurped and nibbled her pussy. Every now and then Dick would push his fingers into her to open her cunt lips.”Do you like this Laura? Do you like being licked and finger fucked,” whispered Art as her head thrashed from side to side and her hips arched up even higher.”Yes, yes, it’s fantastic,” she gasped.”Good Laura, then take this,” Art said as he lifted her head off the pillow with one hand and fed his throbbing cock into her eager mouth.”Go on Laura, take some more into your mouth. You know you love it,” Art added as almost his entire vibrant young pecker disappeared down into Laura’s eager throat.She moved her head up and down rapidly on Art’s cock, pumping in and out of her mouth with her neck supported by Art’s large hand. She bucked up and down to meet Dick’s tongue as it explored the very innards of her cunt. Her breathing was coming in short gasps as her free hand held Dick’s head firmly into her cunt.Dick moved away from Laura’s pussy and delayed her orgasm prolonging her need to cum. Laura’s fingers dashed back to her wet open pussy and frantically rubbed her raging clit. Dick had gathered his second wind, and his young cock was rampant again after watching her move and gasp on the bed, pleading for her release. Dick came and knelt between Laura’s luscious open thighs and played at the open lips with his fingers. He pushed two digits into her warm hole going a little farther each time, then three fingers, then four, each time going that little bit further. “Do you want me to fuck you, Laura? Do you want to cum, do you?” Dick asked as he finally pushed his fingers deep into the inners of Laura’s open legs and used his thumb to toy with her clitoris. She was rapturous, bucking and grunting through her full mouth, grasping Art’s cock and swallowing as deeply as she could, and her breasts moved beautifully as her body shook to the movements on the bed. Dick’s fingers were hidden in the folds of Laura’s cunt, and then he slowly withdrew but held the lips wide open so he could see the wonderful juices that lay at the entrance to Laura’s body. His fingers were running with Laura’s fluids, and Dick gently rubbed one of them down the crease in Laura’s bottom and pushed gently at her firm anus. Laura let out a little gasp but then continued with the task of sucking the cock in her throat. Dick eased his finger further into Laura’s ass. Laura was focused on the strong boy’s finger in her ass and her own need to cum when she felt the familiar signs of a cock pulsing in her mouth. Art was there, his strokes had quickened dramatically, and he too holding on to her head more firmly. Laura realized that she was going to get more cum in her mouth as Art slipped out and held his cock over her face. “Keep your mouth open, Laura, that’s it,” directed Art as the first spurt fired back into Laura’s mouth.Art couldn’t control himself and the rest of his spunk went everywhere, hitting Laura’s chin and forehead and cheeks. Her face was covered and soaked again, and she smiled as she flicked her tongue at the throbbing cock. Dick’s finger was still nestled wonderfully up Laura’s ass, but she still hadn’t come herself, and she was now frantic. Jimmy had come from nowhere and climbed into the bed next to mother. He lay on his back with his big cock standing up like a pole. Dick smiled when he saw Jimmy and realized that Jimmy was going to fuck his mother. Dick told Laura to sit on Jimmy’s cock as he slipped his intrusive finger out of her ass. Dick and Art moved Laura cautiously over Jimmy’s torso and slowly lowered her body onto his. Jimmy pushed the helmet of his cock at her open cunt lips. Laura moaned as she lowered her torso and felt her son’s marvelous cock thrust inside her. Jimmy held her shapely hips as Laura felt his rod go into her pussy like a knife through warm butter. The two of them began to fuck, up and down, in and out. Laura’s sexually charged body spasmed each time she descended onto the wonderful weapon that was finally hammering her pussy. Finally she was getting what she craved, a good fucking and now she was ready to give in to any abuse of her body by these three naughty boys. Laura then felt Dick’s wonderful finger re-enter her ass which heightened her thrills even more.”Oh yes, yes, ah,” Laura gasped and Dick had to hold his finger firmly in Laura’s bottom as she bucked furiously up and down on Jimmy’s penetrating cock in her cunt. “Come on Laura, you want it, you want two cocks in your body, fucking you hard, going right up inside you together. Come on Laura say it, say what you want,” Dick and Jimmy said enticing her. “Yes, yes, go on, please, fuck me, both of you, fuck me in my ass,” Laura cried out. Laura felt Dick’s finger gradually slide out of her ass although it didn’t stop her from continuing to enjoy the big cock thrusting up into her as Jimmy held her hips and brought her down on him every other second. The solid hardness of Dick’s wonderful rampant cock was prodding between her ass Escort Pendik cheeks and Laura felt it touch her anus. Dick put his hands around her waist to steady himself as his cock at her rear pushed hard against her ass. It opened her anus beautifully and slowly moved into Laura’s body. She felt so wicked and so erotic as if she were high on a sexual d**g. She was in heaven, just pure heaven. Slowly and surely, Dick held Laura’s waist and pushed in and out, each time going in a little further until his penis was deep inside Laura’s bottom. His pubic hairs brushed against her shapely bottom as his cock filled her asshole. No sounds were audible from Laura as she held her breath with the two big cocks implanted deeply within her. Jimmy and Dick moved steadfastly and surely up and down, in and out, back and forth. They held to her hips and waist to keep her in place and allowed their cocks to grind away. She was pushing hard down onto Jimmy as he pounded up into her cunt and she tried to hold herself firmly so that she could get the full benefit of Dick’s ass fucking. “Laura, do you want it deeper up your ass?” Dick asked her.”Yes, yes, deeper, fuck me up my ass deeper,” She screamed and then momentarily felt ashamed of her own language. The boys were controlling their movements very well but Laura was out of control as she raced toward a shattering orgasm. Dick and Jimmy were determined to go on and on, enjoying Jimmy’s mother who was now at their mercy. “Harder, harder, please just fuck me harder,” she was screaming now as two boys just smiled and carried on their rhythmic fucking of her hot body. Art was thoroughly entranced by the whole episode going on in front of his eyes, and it hadn’t taken long for his youthful body to come alive again. He watched the attractive Laura being fucked up her ass and at the same time up her gloriously ripe cunt by his two buddies. Laura was totally out of control and Art wanted to enjoy her some more himself. Art could hear her gasping and whimpering at the same time as his two friends still fucked her with all their energy. Art could also see that Laura was experiencing a magnificent orgasm which she obviously had no control over. Laura couldn’t stop herself. It was stupendous as waves of ecstasy rolled over her causing her body to shake with tremors. Laura’s nails dug into Jimmy’s shoulders as she went through her magnificent orgasm, the feelings were unstoppable. Art was suddenly at the head of her bed in front of her face.”Come on, Laura do me again,” Art directed.Laura saw the rock hard cock being offered to her mouth. Jimmy held her arms at her side and Laura had no option but to part her lips and allow Art to once more fill her mouth with his throbbing prick. Art didn’t wait for Laura to start sucking his cock but instead he held her head and started to fuck her wet mouth as though it was her ass or her cunt. Laura did not object and she took the cock in and out of her mouth, enjoying the thrill of a third cock thrusting into another one of her orifices. Laura heard their voices although she was unsure what each one was saying.”This is it, Laura just what you wanted. Three cocks inside you at once, three young cocks fucking you at once. What’s it like, Laura, is it good? Go on Laura, fuck us all, fuck three cocks at once, Laura, feel our hot spunk spurt into your body at once.” They chided. Laura knew that they wouldn’t stop until they had shot three loads of cum inside her. It didn’t matter though, it wasn’t about them now; it was about her. She got those squirmy feelings in her belly again and she knew she was on course for another wonderful orgasm. The three boys were pounding her hard again and she could only grunt as Art’s cock fully occupied her mouth. The other two boys were humping her body up and down onto their cocks that were hitting her holes with such force. Laura had never been so erotically abused with three mighty cocks deep in her body.”Get ready Laura, we’re going to cum inside you,” one of them said.Laura had lost all control over her actions. She looked into Art’s eyes as he held her head more firmly and she allowed his cock to stretch her lips wide apart. She used her tongue to play and poke at his tool as it sped in and out of her throat and she knew that he would be cumming soon. The boy’s actions were such that Laura knew that this time they would truly not stop until they had all ejaculated again and she received their powerful loads gushing into her. Laura was already sore and it was still early in the evening. She knew she was in for a long night given the recuperative powers of these young studs.Dick suddenly stopped thrusting into Laura’s bottom and held onto her tightly. She could feel a warm sensation inside her ass and she realized that the first ejaculation was being fired into her. The other two did not slow up and from their rapid strokes she knew they were close as well. Jimmy grunted from under her and almost stopped completely as he held Laura’s body down firmly on his thighs. A few more short strokes and he pushed up into her body groaning as his spunk gushed into her cunt. She could feel the liquids spurt up into her pussy and her ass and then the two cocks rested within her. The excitement had pushed Laura over the top again and, she frantically rubbed her clit against Jimmy’s cock while it was still hard in her. Art sensed his two friends had cum to a standstill so he pushed harder and faster in and out of Laura’s willing mouth until he finally lost control. He held Laura’s head against him with his cock stuffed in her open mouth as he ejaculated. Laura tried to anticipate the inevitable but it was still rather a shock as a torrent of milky, thick liquid fired into her throat and all around her mouth. She gulped and swallowed as quickly as she could. Her fingers were back at her clit and they flew backward and forward across the hard nub of skin as she swished the warm liquid around in her mouth. She shuddered and opened her lips a little wider to let out a sigh causing a trace of white semen to trickle over her lips. Laura didn’t care as she had climaxed again and again, over and over beautifully, erotically and shamelessly.Laura was ravaged over and over that evening as the boys stayed with her until they had all had a shot at her ass, pussy and mouth. Laura felt cum drenched and she knew that each of the boys had cum at least four times before they were done with her. Laura had countless orgasms and she couldn’t remember when they stopped fucking her and left her alone in bed. As she lay there she heard voices down stairs and she knew they were drinking and talking. Laura then had the startling recall that her son Jimmy had joined the group sex act and that he had cum in all her holes as well. She would never look at her son the same way again. She would call Jill tomorrow. Laura then fell asleep as cum dried on her ravished body. CONSTANCE’S ADMISSSIONJill and Laura discussed their dilemma and they decided to call their friend Constance who was also a counselor. Constance made an appointment to see them and she was anxious to hear what was bothering her friends. Jill and Laura went through their explanation about how everything started and then recently got out of control. Constance was all ears and then she smiled at her two friends and shared her situation with them.”I have a confession to make. My son Art and I have been carrying on for over a year now. He is a good lover as you now know Laura,” Constance admitted.”No way, that’s unbelievable,” Jill said in shock.”I’m afraid so and I love it. We do al the things you described that you do with your boys. Isn’t it wonderful? They are so young and so virile and cum so much,” Constance went on.”So you are okay with us having sex with our sons,” Laura questioned.”Of course I am and I would like to meet them. I would love to have sex with your boys along with Art. We should have a party too,” Constance replied excitedly.”What about the other guys? How do we put them off?” Jill asked.”Simple. Tell the boys it will just be the six of us having sex. No outsiders, just our sons or we will cut them off,” Constance advised.”I’m not sure that I want to cut Jimmy and Tommy off but I understand your point,” Laura added.”When you tell them that Art will be joining in and that they will be having weekly foursomes with us, I think they will cooperate,” Constance told them.”I’m all for it. We’ll tell the boys today,” Jill agreed.”Good, I can’t wait to break the good news to Art. We will make up a schedule for the boys to visit us,” Constance concluded.The three women then agreed on the best days to entertain their three sons in a foursome. Other days the boys would be having one on one sex with their mothers. Jill and Laura left Constance’s office somewhat relieved but also very surprised about their friend’s admission and suggested solution. THE SUMMER ENDS WITH AN ORGYFor the remaining few weeks of the summer the three mothers and three sons had become very comfortable with their sexuality. They fell into a routine that satisfied all of their urges and desires. The boys would fuck their own mother at home often in the morning with their morning erections. Each mother would be sexually sated before they left their bed.On Wednesdays the three boys joined Jill poolside where they all sunbathed in the nude. The three boys would apply suntan lotion to Jill hot body and get her worked up. Their fingers would probe and enter Jill’s anus and pussy as her tits and nipples were fondled. Once she couldn’t take any more foreplay Jill was positioned so that she could take all three cocks at once. The boys rotated positions all afternoon so that each one of them had a shot at Jill’s mouth, ass and pussy. By late afternoon, Jill was drained and she had at least nine loads of cum in her body.The boys visited Constance on Saturday and Laura on Sunday. The triple penetrations were carried out with those two mothers as well. Jill and Laura would get together on Saturday while Constance spent the day with the days. Jill and Laura experimented with the collection of sex toys while Constance was getting her three holes filled by the boys. On Sunday it was Laura’s to spend the day with the three boys while Constance and Jill got together.On the final weekend before the boys headed off to college and they wanted to have party before they left for school. Constance suggested a pool party at Jill’s house and the boys were all for it. The six of them spent the day sunbathing and taking dips in the pool. Jill made frozen daiquiris for the women and the boys drank beer. Laura started off wearing a hot pink bikini that did justice to her hard body and firm boobs. Jill had chosen a black bikini. Constance wore a white bikini that really showed off her tan and it was also a little transparent when wet. More than once the mothers spotted one of their sons checking them out. In a way it made the mothers feel good to be desired by these virile young men. It got close to dinner time they had a cookout. The next couple of hours were spent cooking and eating burgers, hot dogs and salads. The boys helped us clean up after the cookout and they were done in no time. After dinner everyone stretched out in chairs relaxing and drinking before the games began. It was Constance who came up with the idea to make believe that the sons were seducing the mothers for the very first time. It was still warm out so everyone remained in their bathing suits and took occasional dips in the pool. When Constance emerged from the pool the outline of her pussy was visible in her transparent bikini as were her hard nipples. Jill noticed that the boys were sporting boners in their bathing suits. Tommy put on some soft music. The area around the pool was lit dimly with torches and by the few lights under the water. It was winding down to a very nice relaxing evening. Laura, Constance and Jill sat in one grouping sipping cocktails and making small talk while the guys huddled together drinking beer and planning their approach.”Come on ladies and dance with us,” Tommy said.He took Laura by the hand and led her out to the pool deck. Art offered his hand to Constance and she was also ushered out to the pool deck. Jimmy held out his hand and asked Jill to dance. The number of daiquiris that the mothers had consumed that day made it easier for them to relax and enjoy the dance. Jimmy led Jill out to the pool deck and took her in his arms and they began to dance. It was a nice soft slow song that we danced to.It was called it dancing but everyone really just stood close to each other and swayed with the music. Jimmy had one hand in the middle of Jill’s back and he pulled her to him causing her tits to flatten out against his young hard chest. Jill felt his other hand slowly, hesitantly slide down her back and come to rest at the top of her ass. Jimmy then pulled Jill’s hips to his and she felt the bulge of his young hard cock in his swim suit. Jill pressed her hips to his and let her pussy mound grind against his cock. They continued this way through the rest of the song and into the next. As Jill was dancing with Jimmy she watched as Art led Constance into the pool and then they moved to the far end. Jill watched as they kissed as if they were lovers. It looked like Constance said something to Art and they finally came back out of the pool. Jill noticed Constance readjust her tiny bikini bottom and then she saw Art lick his fingers. Jill smiled as she realized the games had begun. Art had been fingering Constance’s pussy in the pool. Then Jill noticed that Art had a sizeable erection visible under his swim suit.Jill looked around for her son Tommy. Laura was dancing with Tommy and they were pressed together so tightly a breeze of air couldn’t pass between them. Their hands were roaming freely over each other’s backs and asses. Art and Constance were dancing and they were pressed tightly together with their hands roaming all over each other. It was obvious that he had his hands on her hips grinding his cock against her pussy. Constance had her lips locked to Art’s in a deep French kiss. Art let his hands come up her smooth tummy and cup her barely confined tits through her wet bikini bra. Art kissed Constance’s neck and then they tongue wrestled.Laura and Tommy continued their dance and Tommy had both hands inside the bottom of Laura’s bikini. They moved as one to the music. Jill could still feel Jimmy’s hard cock pressed against my pussy mound. She looked up into Jimmy’s eyes and smiled. Jill licked her lips and kissed him, lightly at first but then deeply. Her tongue was exploring his mouth and she felt him moan around her tongue. Jill felt his hard cock throb against her pussy. She then felt Jimmy’s lips press against the side of her neck as his hands moved up her waist and grabbed her tits. Jill looked around to check on everyone else and saw that she and Jimmy were behind the others.Constance was already naked and on her knees. Art was standing with his cock at her face. She was sucking on Art while she gently rubbed his bloated balls. Art was slowly fucking her pretty face. Laura was in the process of removing her swim suit bottoms. Her tits were already exposed. Tommy was on his knees in front of her, helping her step out of them. Her eyes were closed and she was lost in her passion. As soon as her bottoms were off, Tommy leaned forward and pressed his mouth firmly against her pussy and began to eat her, as he had done many times. Tommy showed his mother that they taught him well to eat pussy.Once that Jill realized that she was behind everyone else, she decided to go for it. She reached for Jimmy’s hard dick and squeezed it. Jimmy’s hand found the ties on her bikini bra and pulled it down. Jill’s tits popped out into his hands and he massaged then briefly before removing the bikini bottoms. Jimmy pulled the bikini off and then got on his knees behind Jill. She felt Jimmy gently push at her knees and she spread her legs for him. Jill felt his tongue swabbing her ass and then exploring between her ass cheeks. Jimmy was experienced now beyond his years with anal sex. He loved Jill’s ass and he showed his appreciation with his lips and tongue. Jill felt Jimmy’s tongue probing her asshole as his fingers diddled her pussy. She was so turned on that her pussy juice was running down her thighs like water.Laura was on her back on a flat pool lounger chair. Tommy was between her thighs, fucking her deeply. His hard cock glistened with her pussy juices as it entered and left her cunt. Her hips rose and fell in time with his thrusts. Art was on his back and Constance was lying down on top of his muscular chest, her thighs open wide with his big cock in her tightly stretched pussy. Jill felt the head of Jimmy’s swollen cock run up and down her slit a couple of times. Then she felt Jimmy’s cock head open her labia and slide into her hot pussy. Jill could feel the heat radiate from his cock as he entered her. He pushed slowly prolonging his entry and teasing her as his cock filled her. The ridge of Jimmy’s cock head caused tingles throughout her vagina and Jill felt his pubic hair tickle her ass. Jimmy then really began to fuck her as he grabbed her hips and thrust hard into her pussy. Laura cried out with her first orgasm of the evening as Tommy shot an enormous load in her pussy. Then it was Constance who announced she was cumming as Art drilled her pussy. Jill felt her own orgasm approach and then she felt Jimmy’s release which sent her over the edge. When Jill and Laura recovered they noticed that Tommy and Jimmy had joined Art. Art was still fucking Constance’s hot cunt and now Jimmy was fucking her fine ass. Tommy was standing in front of Constance fucking her mouth. Jill and Laura were still amazed at Constance’s sexual ability and her lack of inhibition. Tommy had his hands on Constance’s shoulders as he fucked her in the mouth. Jimmy had his hands on Constance’s hips and was fucking her up the ass. Constance had her hands on either side of Art’s shoulders and was fucking his cock. It was another wild scene.Jill and Constance cuddled together as they watched their friend Constance got fucked by the three boys. It wasn’t long before Jill and Laura got turned on again and turned to each other. They kissed and fondled each other’s tits and fingered each other’s pussy. Then they moved into a 69 position so they could feast on each other’s pussy. Laura and Jill were cumming in each other’s mouth within minutes. While Jill and Laura were cumming, they were vaguely aware of Constance’s almost a****l howls of passion and orgasm. Tommy’s load of white thick semen was all over Constance’s face and running down her neck onto her firm tits. Art continued to thrust up into her pussy while Jimmy filled her ass. Jimmy threw his head back and thrust hard up into Constance’s bowels. It was obvious that he was pumping wad after wad of cum into her ass. Jimmy pulled out and his load leaked out from Constance’s stretched asshole and ran down to her pussy and onto Art’s thrusting cock. Art pushed his cock hard up into Constance’s cunt and shouted as he came. Constance continued to ride up and down Art’s cock as her own orgasm swept over her. There was cum all over Constance. She had cum on her face, her tits, leaking out her ass, and dripping from her cunt. Constance loved the big wads of cum filling her holes and covering her body. All these years that they were friends Jill and Laura never realized that Constance was such a cum-slut.Everyone crashed at Jill’s house that night and in the morning as people stirred one by one they resumed their sex marathon. By the mid afternoon every one was done. The women were exhausted and their bodies were tender. The boys had nothing left as their balls were empty. On Monday all three sons would be off to college but they were already looking forward to Thanksgiving break Constance promised the six of them would celebrate Thanksgiving at her home. While the boys were away the three mothers would keep themselves entertained with Jill’s collection of sex toys.