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Internet Hook-Up Ch. 03

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I’d like to thank ‘ladyhoneycake’ for helping me in getting this story posted. She was very helpful in repairing errors in my writing that was holding up the posting. Ladyhoneycake…thank you!

Now, on with Part 3

When I got home, I was still floating around somewhere on a euphoric cloud, it was only noon and I had the rest of the day to recover. I went into my home office and turned on the computer, opening AIM automatically. A message popped up from Damon saying, “well slut Bobbie, I see you’ve either made it back to work or decided to take the rest of the day off and are now at home.”

“I’m home and feeling very happy with all that happened today Damon.”

“Nice, are you alone?”


He popped me a smile face.

“Did you like Sam? I thought you might, so that’s why I told him to come by after he saw us in the back yard.”

“Yes, I liked him. I Love you. Sam’s cock is enormous. I never thought I’d be able to take him down my throat the way I did. If he hadn’t forced himself there, I never would’ve experienced such a thick cock. Thank you for bringing him to me.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it” he said, “he loved the way you worked on him.”

“Well, it was a pleasure for me as well”.

Damon then said, “You made me proud Bobbie, and I’m going to reward you for that.”

That made me smile and gave me such a warm comfy feeling inside, knowing that my Black Master was happy with my performance. I so wanted to please him and knew that I would do anything he wanted…just to make him happy. Pleasing him was my only priority and it pleased me to do that.

“Listen”, he wrote, “Sam really wants to fuck you. He didn’t try it this morning because I told him your pussy is mine.”

“Damon, I don’t know if I can take such a thick cock in my pussy. I’m afraid he’ll rip me apart.”

“Bobbie, that’s what you said about me, and look how easy you take me now”.

“I don’t know Damon, if you want me to, then I absolutely will endure anything you ask”.

He wrote back, “That’s my good little white slut. I’ll get back to you soon. Stay logged on.”

I didn’t have to wait very long before Damon came back online. “I told Sam you would be willing to try letting him fuck you, but he would have to take his time stretching you to accommodate his size. He said if he was able to fuck you he would be a very happy old man. And, you would make me real proud if you did it.”

“I mean it Damon; I will endure anything to make you happy”.

“He wanted to know if you could come back to the house now. He said he has a raging hard on just thinking about sinking his old black cock into your hot white boypussy.”

“OK Damon, I’ll see you as soon as my car will get me to your house.”

I was still wearing just my panties, as I have an attached garage, and don’t have to get out Bomonti Escort of my car outside. I put on a pair of my wife’s purple sweat pants over my panties. They were quite tight on me and showed off my ass beautifully. I also pulled on a zip-up sweatshirt and I went out.

I think I broke a land speed record getting to Damon’s. I parked in front of his house and made my way up to his front door. This time, Damon didn’t answer. I rang the bell again, and Damon told me to go to Sam’s house and he would meet me there in a few minutes.

Sam’s house was behind Damon’s, so I either had to walk around his street or go through Damon’s back yard to get there. I opted for the latter, and when I worked my way through the property dividing shrubs, I was in Sam’s yard and there was Sam, on his deck and in his nice sized hot tub. I stood still looking at him as Damon came up behind me and surprised me by placing the pink choker around my neck, then after securing it, his hands pulled my zipper jacket off and he began playing with my nipples. I swooned and leaned back against him, only to find he was completely naked and his cock was pressing against my backside. He said, “You look really hot in those sweat pants. Did you shrink them on purpose to make your ass stand out so well? You are one fine piece of ass Bobbie.”

I smiled and replied, “No, they’re my wife’s”.

He laughed out loud saying, “Damn, you are such a hot little slut, all dressed up in your pink panties and your wife’s pants!”

As his hands were roaming all over my chest, I reached back and took hold of his cock with one hand and began playing with his balls with the other. His face came up beside mine and he stuck his tongue in my ear, slobbering all over it, and then took the whole ear in his mouth as his tongue swirled around making me shudder with anticipation.

He half carried, half led me over to Sam’s patio. He was in the hot tub and was naked. I could see the head of his black cock rising out of the bubbling water, and I began to salivate. Sam took a good long look at me and between seeing what I was wearing, and how I was panting, said, “This is going to be one of the most pleasurable fucks you, or I, ever had. You look so completely ready. Let’s get inside this hot tub and get started.”

I don’t remember how I got into the tub, nor how my wife’s sweat pants and my panties came off, but I do remember walking down the stairs as Sam held my hand and pulled me onto his lap in the hot bubbling water. When I sat on his lap, his hands began caressing me…one playing with my nipple while the other was rubbing my ass in a most soothing way. When he pulled me closer to him he whispered in my ear, “I’m going to take you to heaven”. Then he pressed his lips against mine and filled my mouth with his tongue. I thought I was already in heaven Bomonti Escort Bayan then.

Damon was also in the hot tub, but I was completely unaware of his presence and he never interrupted Sam or made any attempt to join in. After some time kissing and snaking his tongue all around inside my mouth, Sam said, “I want you to take Damon’s cock in your mouth while I prepare your pussy for my Black Cock. Stand up, turn around and face Damon, and bend down at the waist and suck his Black Cock.”

I did what I was told, and as I took Damon’s Black Cock in my mouth, I felt a warm blast of air against my ass…then a hot wet tongue, and that was about all I could stand as I shot a load right into the bubbling water. I shuddered as I did so.

Sam chuckled saying, ” You sure have one hot little pussyboy here Damon. He shot his load just as my tongue hit his pussy.” Then he said to me, “Bobbie, I’m going to get your pussy ready just like I would any other girls’ pussy. I’m going to eat you until you scream.”

With that, he ate me for what seemed like hours, but was actually only minutes, and I screamed. I screamed and screamed, and unbelievably, came again. I must’ve passed out for a bit because my next bit of recognition was feeling Sam’s two hands on my ass, and two fingers of each hand prying my whole open and feeling his tongue driving deep up my pussy. I also recognized that any screaming I did was muffled by Damon’s black cock filling my throat so; it must’ve felt wonderful for him while I was screaming on his cock. He suddenly grew in my mouth, his body stiffened, and he shot several blasts of his black seed down my throat moaning as sexily as he was massaging the back of my head. After I sucked the remaining few strands of cum from him, I worked my tongue under the foreskin of his softening cock, making sure he was clean and I got all of his offering.

Then Sam’s hands left my ass cheeks, withdrawing his fingers from my stretched hole, and replaced his hands on my hips, pulling me back towards him. He said, “OK slut, position yourself on me and go down my black pipe at your own speed. You should be open enough to slide completely down quite easily now.”

As I lined his cock up with my boypussy, Sam wrapped his hands around me and started tweaking my nipples…driving me mad with lust. Damon came up to me and began kissing me passionately. I pressed back a bit…allowing Sam’s cock to let my pussy know it was about to be filled with the longest, thickest, blackest shaved cock it’s ever had. There was suddenly a searing pain coming from the very center of my soul, and I screamed into Damon’s mouth. Sam put his mouth to my ear and whispered, “Easy baby girl, easy.”

Hearing him refer to me a ‘girl’ brought me to a new level of slut heaven. Suddenly all the pain was gone, only to be replaced Escort Bomonti by never before felt pleasure. I backed myself onto Sam’s cock in one slow push, gasping at the sensation of being so completely filled. Sam moaned and said, “That’s it baby; take my big black cock all the way. I can feel my balls against yours and I know I’m deeper in you than anyone has ever been before. You are truly a slut for Black Cock now. I’m going to breed your pussy…and you’ll never be able to get enough Black Cock. I’m going to ruin you from ever wanting to have sex with your wife…or any white man. You will be a Black Mans toy from now on, Uggghhhh! Now, take my seed. UUUGGGgggghhhhh!”

Sam came for what seemed hours…but was actually only about 3 minutes, which is a very long time. I know sometimes you can feel the cum exploding out inside you, but I couldn’t feel Sam’s. Perhaps he was too far inside me. He pulled his limp dick out of my totally stretched pussy. Limp, he was still about 7 inches, but not as thick as when he’s hard. I didn’t have to be told, in fact I eagerly turned and cleaned his cock completely with my mouth, licking all my ass juice and cum from his tool and sucking the chunky remains from him.

He picked my head up off his cock and looked at me and said, “You want to drink my essence again slut?”

I replied, “It would be my pleasure Sir”.

With that, he stood up and took aim. “Open that slut mouth bitch!”

I opened as wide as I could and stuck my tongue out. He moved forward and placed the head of his cock on my outstretched tongue and started a slow stream while he held my head with one hand, and his cock with the other. It was so erotically humiliating to be kneeling on the hot tub floor, with this magnificent 70 year old black man using me as his personal urinal. He said to me, “Take hold of my cock and direct the flow wherever you think you should be marked by a Black Mans Piss.”

I reached up and replaced his hand with mine, then took his cock and showered myself completely with his pissing cock. I finish by standing up and having his piss stream all over my ‘clit’. When his piss hit my ‘clit’, I exploded in a shaking, shuddering orgasm…but no more than a dribble of cum came out.

After we both finished, Damon told me “Get dressed, go home, and don’t clean up. I want you to stay marked until your wife comes home. Once she’s home, you can clean yourself.”

I was starting to panic, thinking she would find out about my bi side. But, I obeyed Damon. I was home for half an hour before my wife arrived. She said hi, and kissed me. Then she went into the kitchen to prepare dinner. I went upstairs and showered my black mans marking off, but it was only a surface cleansing. I knew I was marked as a Black Cock slut for life. I masturbated in the shower thinking of the day’s events and the future events to come. My little ‘clit’ erupted again…spilling only a few dribbling drops. I was truly a Black Cock Slut for life.

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