Mayıs 15, 2023

Into the Abyss–Chapter 11

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As I followed Jan back into the bedroom, my head was spinning from reading Lucy’s texts. She never mentioned Megan, so I had to wonder if they were still together or not. My best guess was that they weren’t. Why else would Lucy be interested in patching things up with me? “Baby, come back to bed with me. I need some more of what’s between your legs.” Jan was sitting on the bed, a glass of wine in her hand. She could tell that something was bothering me, despite my assurances to the contrary. “Where are you, Frank? You look like you’re a million miles away. Come sit with me and tell me what’s on your mind.” I think Jan surprised herself when we made love. She was unsure of how she would perform with me because it had been so long since she was with anyone. She didn’t surprise me, that’s for sure. With the right amount of tenderness, her passion bubbled up to the surface and she showed me that she was all woman, more than capable of satisfying me or any man, for what it’s worth. Now that her initial fears were proven to be groundless, she was eager for round two. I had a feeling that her inner sexual animal was about to make an appearance. But before we could make love again, I had a decision to make. I could keep the texts from Lucy to myself, which would be easy enough to do, but it wouldn’t seem right to keep it from her. Jan was different from any other woman I’ve ever known. She had such a high capacity for love, for genuine love. She decided that I was going to be the focus of all her love, and to begin such a promising relationship by holding things back from her would be more than wrong. It would be everything that Jan wasn’t. Many of my troubles in my life were self-inflicted. I know that Susan had cheated on me long before I did the same to her, but now I wonder if things had been different if I were more attentive to her needs. Things might have been different between us, but maybe not. Either way, I decided right then and there that I wasn’t going to start something that might be truly wonderful with Jan by lying to her. I had to tell her everything, including the text messages I received just a few minutes ago. It was my only chance to be true to Jan as well as myself. I took a long sip of the wine, hoping that it would help. Then I sat down on the bed next to Jan and took her hands in mine. “Jan, I have to tell you something,” I began. “When I get done you might not want to stay here with me, but that’s a chance I have to take. Jan, I’m falling in love with you, but there are some things you need to know. I’m not going Erenköy escort bayan to sit here with you and tell you lies. If I did that I wouldn’t be worthy of your love.” Jan’s eyes filled with tears and her lower lip began to quiver, as if she were aware of bad news to follow. I kissed her hands in order to help put her mind at ease. Over the next several minutes I told her everything about my relationship with Lucy, from where we met right up to sharing our bed with Megan. She knew about some of it, but I decided to give her all of the details. Finally, I told her about the text messages I received when I went in to get the wine. “Jan, I’m in love with you. I know that now. What we did tonight was wonderful, but that’s only a small part of why I love you. Your thoughtfulness, your devotion to Jennifer and the way you accepted me when I was down are some of the reasons. So is your friendly manner and the way I feel completely at ease when I am with you. You make me laugh and you make me want to be a better man, and I love the way we seem to be so right for each other.” Jan couldn’t hold back the tears at this point and they fell down her cheeks as she began to cry. “I’m going to meet with Lucy sometime in the next few days, Jan. But I’m going to tell her that things are over between us. I’m going to tell her that I have found love with the most wonderful woman I’ve ever met.” Jan began to sob openly, and she fell into my arms as I tried to console her. I only hoped that she could see that I wanted to be honest with her and show her that I would never hide anything from her. I kissed her tear-stained cheeks as she sobbed in my arms. Finally she was able to pull away from me and speak. “Oh, Frank, I love you too. I don’t care what you did with Lucy and that other woman. All I care about is you, and the fact that you care enough about me to tell me the truth.” “Jan, I’ve created a lot of my troubles. I know that now. When you agreed to go out with me I told myself that if I had an opportunity to get close to you I wasn’t going to do anything to mess it up. I believe with all my heart that I was tested tonight and I’d like to think that I passed the test. I’m not foolish enough to think that this won’t be the only test I’ll face, but if I can be honest with you and do the right thing I can’t lose. You are someone that comes along once in a lifetime, Jan. Why would I want to jeopardize the chance to make a new life with you?” Jan got up, kissed me and then pushed me back onto the bed. “Why Escort içerenköy don’t you let me show you how much your honesty means to me?” Jan began kissing me along my face and down my chest, stopping to suck and bite on my nipples. I tried to play with her tits, but she pushed my hands away and continued tracing kisses down my stomach. I was already getting quite hard, and when Jan got to my cock I was rock hard. She softly stroked me, feeling my hardness. She used one hand to work the shaft, while she gently scraped her nails along it with the other. The feeling was unbearable, and it only got better when she took me into her mouth, her tongue massaging the head as she sucked hard on my prick. She allowed me to escape only long enough to speak. “Do you like it so far, baby? This time I want all of your cum in my mouth, but not before I ride you like the bull you are.” I was right about Jan getting aggressive the second time around. She resumed sucking my cock, but only to drive me crazy. Once she was ready she rose to her knees and straddled my throbbing dick, easing down on it slowly as I watched it disappear inside her warm, wet pussy. Jan was in total control, riding my long, hard cock as she played with her tits, squeezing her nipples as she moaned her approval. “Oh, Frank, I think I like it with me on top. You are so deep inside me this way. I love how you fill my pussy, baby. I’m cumming already!’ She may be cumming, but she didn’t stop gyrating atop my pole, bobbing up and down as if she had an itch and fucking me was the only relief. Faster and faster she moved, her muscles gripping my cock as she began to pant and grunt. “I’m cumming again, love. You are so good, so good and hard.” Watching her ride my cock, her hands on her breasts, her head thrown back in ecstacy, only hurried my own orgasm. I wouldn’t be able to keep from cumming very much longer. “Baby, you’re making me too hot! I’m ready to fill you with cum, honey!” Jan quickly got off my cock and began to suck it, stroking me with one hand as she prepared to take my cum in her mouth. Just as she backed off to catch her breath I began to spurt hot cum. Jan took a shot in the lips, but opened up and gobbled me down her throat, my cum painting her tonsils with its stickiness. Jan’s eyes widened at the amount of my juice she was taking, and she fought to keep it all in. Some of it leaked out the sides of her mouth, but she held tight to my cock until I was empty. She looked at me right in the eyes and swallowed all that Tuzla escort I had given her, smiling as she did so. After that little display she cleaned the rest of my cum from my dick, taking huge globs of it onto her tongue. As she finished, she bent down and kissed me so that she could share what she still had with me. Her lips and tongue were coated with my sticky seed and I could taste myself on her. Finally, she collapsed into my arms, completely spent from our lovemaking. As we lay there comforting each other, I asked her if she was going to spend the night. “I want to,” she said, “but I don’t know if I should. I know Jennifer is probably still up and will understand if I stay, but I want to wait before I stay the night. Maybe you could stay with me next time.” “That’s alright, Jan,” I told her. “Jennifer will want to hear all about your evening. I’ll drive you back in a little bit. That way I get to kiss you goodnight at your front door. That seems appropriate right now, don’t you think?” “I think it’s old fashioned, and I love the idea. You won’t mind if I give Jennifer the lowdown on our evening, will you?” “Of course not. I think Jennifer will be upset if you don’t tell her about it.” We lay there for another 15 minutes or so, and then we got ourselves cleaned up and dressed. Jan was beaming as I opened her door to help her get in my car. I was happy myself. I had done the right thing tonight, and it made me feel good. When we arrived at Jan’s house there was a light on in the living room and a small light was on near the porch. I opened Jan’s door and helped her from the car. I held her hand as we walked up the sidewalk to her porch. Jan stopped and turned to me. “I can’t tell you what this evening meant to me, Frank. I feel like a woman again, thanks to you. You know, I meant what I said earlier. I do love you. It’s been a long time since anyone has meant enough to me to say those words, so you’d better believe it when I say it to you.” “And I love you, Jan. You are one in a million and I’m the one you want. How do you think that makes me feel?” We stood near the door and embraced. I tilted Jan’s head up toward me and kissed her. Not a smoldering, passionate kiss, but one that told her that I would be there for her. Strong enough to get her attention, yet tender enough to let her know that I would treat her the way a woman should be treated. We broke the kiss and said goodnight to each other. I stood there until she was safely inside before I walked to my car. It was a special evening indeed. After a very peaceful night of sleep I woke up on Sunday morning totally refreshed. The sun was shining and it reflected my disposition. For the first time in a very long time I had good reason for optimism. I had the love of a good woman, my sham of a marriage was one step closer to ending and the future was free of uncertainty.