Kasım 15, 2023

It Got Hot in the Kitchen

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At last I have the courage to write about my sexual experiences. All the stories are true. Only the names have been changed to protect the guilty.


The open relationship Ann and I have worked very well, we are very sexually active with each other. We both liked to have sex with others and then recant our activities to each other. Most times this open activity is organised with both of us knowing details of which one of us has arranged a session and for the other to receive a horny report back. This arrangement was a big turn on for us.

At times one of us would be in a position to have a ‘session’ that we had not discussed , we accepted at times this might happen when we were separated. I might be on a business trip or Ann at open university study week-end. In such cases we tell the other as soon as possible and to recant the ‘story’. We believe that in a relationship the main thing is ‘candidness’ and ‘honesty’.

This was such a case, Ann was at a study week-end in the midlands, I was at home trying to sort out a business move. My business had expanded and I was in a position to look for new premises in which to operate. I had been looking for some weeks in the local press for a 50% bigger work space. That Saturday morning I saw a advert offering workshop space in a town centre location. I read the details which gave a phone contact number. I rang it and spoke to Bill, the owner, we arranged for me to meet him at his flat the other side of town in a hours time. Meanwhile I went and looked around the premises through the windows, it looked ideal for my purposes.

I found the flat and rung the door bell and the door was opened by a man who introduced him self as Bill ,the owner of the workshop. He invited me up stairs into the sitting room. His flat was a two story type, which occupied the first and second floor. The sitting room was well furnished and in general pleasant to be in. I was invited to sit on the three-sitter settee facing a nice coffee table and on the other side a single settee that was facing me.

Bill came back with a paper work and a copy contract for us to discuss. He sat down next to me and we began the detail look at the workshop plan. We discussed the positions of power points, water and drain pipes etc: As we talked a young man entered the room and sat down in the settee opposite me. Bill introduced him to me, his name was john, I stood up and shook hands with him and sat down again.

“John is my step-son who’s staying with me for a while.” Bill said.

John was about 25 years old, a bit younger than me. He was slim with dark hair about average height with piercing blue eyes. Bill continued to talk about the contract details. At times Bill looked down at some aspect on the papers, as he did I looked up at John and caught his eyes, we looked at each other intently. This exchange happened several times during my discussions with Bill. I felt that ‘feeling’ in my groin. John had moved his body a little and was now sat with his legs slightly open with his hands on his knees. Every time I looked up at him his eyes were trance-fix on me.

After 10 minutes of discussion with Bill, John offered to make coffee, I accepted. Bill declined Avrupa Yakası Escort because he had not long had one. John went through the archway into the kitchen. As he walked I noticed he had well fitting jeans which showed off his well shaped arse. He had a attractive manner. That ‘feeling’ in my groin increased. Suddenly Bill’s mobile phone rang. He excused himself to take the call. I sat looking towards the kitchen hoping to see this nice young man making coffee, but he was out of view from were I was sitting. I’m sorry Joe but my foreman who’s in charge of refurbishing a flat is having a problem that needs my attention. I will need to go for 20 – 25 minutes, Bill informed me.

“Do you want to wait till I come back, or perhaps call back some other time?” Bill requested.

“I don’t mine waiting, if that’s OK with John” I said.

Bill shouted through to the kitchen to John about his needing to go away for 20 minutes.

“I shall not be long Joe, – John will look after you” Bill said as he quickly walked down the stairs.

I heard the door open and then close.

I got up of the settee and walked into the kitchen. The kitchen was nice and had new units with oak top work surfaces. The view was also nice, over looking some houses in the fore ground and the sea stretched coastline in the back ground. While waiting for the kettle to boil John explained the layout of the flat. At the end of the kitchen was the bathroom, and up-stairs was two bedrooms with king size beds and a small toilet at the end of the landing.

The kettle now boiled, John made my coffee. I looked at him as he got the milk out of the cooler, bending a little, showing his nice looking arse. He pored the milk into my cup and handed it to me with a smile.

“Your not his step-son are you” I said, taking a sip of my drink.

He looked at me saying “No I’m not” leaning sideways putting his left elbow onto the kitchen units.

We looked at each other in the eye for a few seconds.

I said to him, slowly “His he fucking you?”

He looked down with what seamed embarrassment, then look up at me saying

“Yesss – he is”

I think at this point he felt uncomfortable and moved his body to a position so that his back leaned against the kitchen units with his elbows on the work surfaces and his head lowered as if looking at something on the floor.

“Does he give you proper attention?” I said.

He slowly lifted his head and looked up at me.

“No – not all the time. But I do have a roof over my head” he said with a sad resigned voice.

I felt that feeling in my groin getting stronger, my cock stirring. I sipped my coffee and looking into his eyes wondering what’s my next step. I had judged in the last 20 seconds that this is a very sensitive lad in need of intimate loving. To be cared for, to be fulfilled.

“Would you like some attention now??” I whispered.

He looked up and gave me a big smile, then saying “Yes – I would, but Bill will be back in 15 minutes.”

I put my coffee cup down onto the oak worktops and moved up to him saying “Would you like a ‘blow job’ for now”

“Ooo – yes I would. Bill won’t give me one. He says Avrupa Yakası Escort Bayan he doesn’t like the taste” he said with a gasp.

I stepped in front of him, he arced is back a little and smiled, still with his elbows on the worktops.

“We’ve just got enough time” I exclaimed.

I dropped down in front of him onto one knee. I put my hands onto his thighs and looked at the growing bulge just four inches in front of me. ‘It was stretching his jeans, it wants release from the denim prison’ I said to myself with heart pounding, blood gushing through my veins. With my right hand I began to slide down his zip. John must have leaned back more because a gap of two inches appeared between his shirt and trousers. I could see a thin wedge shaped patch of hair above the belt line. ‘Oo I will soon have my nose nestled in this bush’- I thought.

The zip down, I undid his buttons, one, two, three and then four. I could see his light blue under pants through the gap. With two hands I un-clasp the trouser top and slowly slid them down to the floor. John gave a quiver, I sensed he was looking down at the way I was un-dressing him. I put my hands back onto his thighs. Ooo the view of this young mans body. He was hairy, as I thought he would be. His hardness was showing through the under-pants. There was a wet patch where his cock head was. I drunk in the view for a few seconds, then proceed to remove the underwear by using two fingers to slide them down, all the way to the floor.

He lifted his legs up one by one so could remove underwear and trousers and threw them to one side. He had repositioned his legs, they were now wider apart making his cock level with my mouth. I put my hands back onto his thighs and looked at this heart pounding view. I did not touch him immediately, just looked. He was semi-cut, the foreskin stretched back laying at the back of his cock head and a vein travelling down to its base. His balls were small and tightly tucked to his body. His dick was average in size and I knew I will be able to go all the way down on him without gagging. I moved my nose closer, then smelling a kind of cologne. ‘He does take care of himself’- I thought. I moved my nose through the hair, on one side of his cock, which was now standing straight up, then the other side. I sniffed all I could of his aroma.

He made some guttural noise and his dick twitched in anticipation of what was going to happen to him. I became aware of the time and began my decent onto his cock and balls. I first slid my tongue up from the balls along his dick, reaching the tip. I did this a few times, each time my tongue slid up his cock it quivered, then I slipped my mouth over the head. Still with my hands on his thighs my mouth bent his man meat horizontal and slowly pushed. At this point I looked up to see him looking down at his cock disappearing into my cavern. With his mouth part-open he positioned his left hand onto my head. He didn’t push, just held it there, going with my mouth. At times I would nestle my nose on his groin and feel the tip touch the back of my throat.

“Ooo Joe – this is lovely. Yes – Sooo lovely” he croaked.

He twitched again, I judged his load was ready Escort Avrupa Yakası to shoot. Because this was my first time with John I decided to taste his spunk, too let him shoot onto my tongue his wad. I quickened my mouths assault on him at the same time slid my right hand finger under his balls to the anus, he shuffled his legs wider which allowed me to touch the rose bud which was well puckered indicating he’s having regular sex. ‘Yes’ – I thought ‘I would love to tongue his pucker some time soon’. I rimmed my finger around his pucker hole, dipping the finger end inside.

He was now only seconds away from squirting. I pressed on his anus then –

“Aaaah – Yeeees” he gasped.

He suddenly gripped my hair tightly. I flattened my tongue in such away his cock head was on it. I shortened my strokes and my mouth griped him harder. The first wad sprayed all over my tongue. It was lovely and sticky with a strong salty taste, I pressed harder on his arse hole and slid my mouth farther down his cock until my nose was among his hairs. The second shot of spunk hit the back of my throat with such force my reflex action forced me to swallow it whole. The third string filled the front of my mouth, I continued to work him until his cock started to soften and his hand gripping my hair relaxed off. My mouth worked the last of his spunk from his balls, he was now dry. I decided no to attempt to kiss his cum back as I got up because of his unknown tastes.

I stood up and faced him with a smile.

“Wow – That’s the best blow-job I’ve ever had” bursted John, while holding his dick and looking into my face with glee.

I reached out, grabbed his left hand and guided it to my bulge and held it there, inviting him to release me.

“Did you like that” I said.

“Yesss i did” John said softly.

“Would you like more attention from me” I said with authority.

Before he could answerer we heard the front door open. We looked at each other for a second.

“He’s back – Its Bill” stuttered John.

John picked up his clothes and sped into the bathroom next to the kitchen. I could hear Bill climbing the stairs, I adjusted myself the best I could bearing in mind my terrific ‘hard on’ still un-released. I turned facing the window, leaning against the work units pretending to ‘take-in the view’ and drinking my now near cold coffee with heart still pounding as Bill entered the kitchen.

“Has John been looking after you” he said.

“O, yes – he’s made me some coffee and we talked about things in general” I said as a matter of fact.

He wanted to know where he was, I pointed to the bathroom door just as John came out.

“We need to make a date for you to view the workshop, – shall we fix a appointment now” Bill said to me.

This was made for next Friday at 11 am, meeting on site. I shook Bill’s hand and made my way down the stairs to the front door.

“I’ll See Joe out ” said John to Bill.

John followed me down the stairs leading to the door. As I Step outside, John stood directly behind me and put his hand onto my shoulder whispering –

“That was great – Will you fuck me sometime” he said.

John told me that Bill is away in two weeks time for 4 days on a business trip and could I come round and make a ‘proper job’ on him. Also he was sorry that he wasn’t able to finish me off.

“I laughed “saying you own me one.

We exchanged phone numbers, John promising to phone me soon as Bill goes on his trip.