Mayıs 6, 2023

It’s a funny world

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This is a true story. Names have been changed to protect the key players.My wife, Sue, was short but very well built. Everywhere that we went other men could be seen to eye her off and it was obvious to me that she enjoyed all the attention. She loved sex. I was a bit of a stud in my day when it came to endurance so we would often have several sex sessions in a night.At the time of this story we had 2 children, a boy and a girl, and we had decided that we would have no more children. We enjoyed our life together, and I had not considered sex outside our marriage. I believed at that time that Sue was also true to our marriage.Henry was a tall and very confident individual possibly reflecting his German background. I had got to know him through my work. We had become friends because whenever there was something that needed to be done that required assistance he was there, and I never needed to ask.Henry had confided in me that he had trouble sexually because his wife, Veronica, no longer excited him. He was approaching 60 years old and I had formed the opinion that Henry thought he was losing his sexual drive. Sue also told me that Veronica was sexually frustrated as Henry did not show interest in her and at times she was very unhappy.It was natural that our wives had become good friends. Whenever either couple held a party the other couple were the first to be invited.We all loved music whether slow or rock and roll. At parties, we not only danced with our partners but equally with each other’s partners. I would be the first to admit that although Henry and Veronica were more than ten years older than Sue and I, I found Veronica very attractive although I would never make an inappropriate approach to Veronica out of respect for my good friend, Henry.It was just prior to Christmas Ümraniye Escort and we were partying on well at Henry and Veronica’s place. We had all had a lot to drink and the party was nearing an end as everyone had left except for Sue and I. We had been dancing with each other’s partners to a Neil Diamond song when Henry took my wife and sat down with her leaving Veronica and I still dancing closely together.As I looked toward Henry, I saw Sue move over to sit on his lap, and as she did so I had seen Sue raise the back of her dress as she sat down. It was obvious to me that she had done this to give him access to her pussy. I immediately remembered an earlier conversation with Sue where she had told me that when Henry had been dancing with her he had become erect and she told me that he was huge. I had enquired as to how big and she said it felt like he was eleven or twelve inches long and also seemed to be very thick.I continued to dance closely with Veronica but moved so that I maximized my view of Henry with my wife but tried to let them think that I was not watching.Occasionally I saw Sue look our way as if to check that we were not watching. Although I had a deep feeling of jealousy I could not help but get excited. Veronica could not help but notice this and pulled back slightly, looked down, smiled at me and then pulled me tightly to her moving in such a way that my cock was now pressing between her legs. This added to my excitement. She must have noticed this as she said quietly, “Enjoy the moment but don’t expect more.” I slowed the dancing and moved so that I had a clear view of Henry and Sue.It was then that I saw Sue rise up, put her hand beneath her and then slowly lower herself and I knew that Sue had guided Henry’s cock Ümraniye Escort Bayan so that he had entered her.As I have had a vasectomy I knew that Sue was not using any birth control. My brain was in a whirl. What should I do? When was her last period? Was it last week or the week before? Damn, I think she is close to her danger time. Is he wearing a condom? I don’t think he has had the opportunity to put one on. Should I stop it? If I don’t will he pull out? Surely she would not risk it this close to ovulating.I then remembered that when we sex that afternoon I had gone down on her and her pussy had excreted almost jelly like fluids and I suddenly knew that if I didn’t stop her the chance of her getting pregnant was extremely high. Perhaps with his loss of sex drive he may not be able to cum. Maybe she is betting on that.In my confusion I thought if I tell Veronica what I think she may move to stop it so I whispered quietly, “Sue is sitting on Henry’s lap and I think he has just entered her.”Veronica was silent for a while and then replied, “Sue is helping my marriage by trying to get Henry excited. Last time she danced closely with him it was the first time in more than a year that he has had sex with me. I cannot live in a sexless marriage. I’m only 50 year old and my desire for sex has never been higher. Please don’t stop them this is the only hope for me to keep our marriage together.””But Veronica she is fertile. What if he comes in her? She will get pregnant.””We have talked about this. She knows what she is doing. Trust her, Goyse.”With this Veronica pulled me even tighter and took my hand and placed it on her left breast. Meanwhile I continued to watch my wife and could see that Henry had hunched slightly. Sue had pushed Escort Ümraniye her self fully down on him and was moving very slowly and slightly forward then back with her eyes closed. This continued for some time until I suddenly saw Henry close his eyes and lurch forward. “Veronica, I think he is about to cum. We have to stop it.”Veronica looked me in the eyes and said, “It’s okay. She knows what she is doing. You must trust her”Henry’s arms were around Sue and he started to give short thrusts while lifting slightly off the seat. At this stage if Sue had tried to get away she had no chance, but from her expression I could tell that getting away was the last thing on her mind. Henry’s expression added to my belief that he was cumming and cumming strongly inside my wife.Henry then seemed to go limp and slumped as if his body had turned to jelly. His arms dropped and Sue lifted off him lifting her skirt up as she did so. I had moved us close as this was happening and saw his huge cock leave her body soaked in white cream. A large lump of cum fell from her hole to the floor. It alone was more than I had ever cum in one shot and who knows how much was still deep in her pussy.Sue had not exaggerated the size of his cock. It was huge, larger than any I had ever seen. Henry put it away and walked up the stairs not saying a word. He went to bed and didn’t come back down stairs that night.Veronica pulled away from me and went to Sue. She put her arms around her and kissed her.Sue said, “I’m sorry Veronica but once he entered me I started cumming and cumming and cumming and simply could not stop.” With this she slumped to the floor crying taking Veronica with her. I lay down beside them with Veronica’s ass pushed up against my crotch. My raging cock was engorged and seemed to me to be twice as big as it had ever been.Sue got up and said, “I’ve got to clean myself.” She headed towards the toilet.I called after her and said, “I can do it!” She ignored me and kept going.Veronica had turned towards me and kissed me. I reached down and pulled her skirt over her head leaving her in bra and panties.