Mayıs 31, 2023

Jack and Victoria Pt. 11 – The Conclusion

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The anticipation of this day arriving gave me an intense mix of emotions, as this summer held memories that would stay with me the rest of my life. The thought of not having Victoria wasn’t something I was ready to think about, let alone face full on as our summer fling blossomed into something completely different. We were going to spend the whole night together, and I was just going to put any thought of the future aside and just live purely in the moment.

‘The steakhouse again? You trying to get laid or something?’ I laughed at the text from Victoria, but gave a very simple reply back.

‘Yes I am.’ Within a minute a picture came across, and my pace picked up. On my screen was a full body naked Victoria, holding a dress on each side of her body.

‘Black or Gold?’ I looked up and down her body, and just took a deep breath.

‘Black.’ With no other reply, the next couple of hours dragged on as the evening twilight settled in.

A swift knock of the door led me to the sight of Victoria standing in her full brilliance, with the black dress hugging her body tightly. A low heel raised her up towards me a bit, and our embrace held the passion of lovers that had spent years apart.

“You look nice,” Victoria looked at my full outfit, simply black on black with a coat and pants, but casual with a simple white shirt underneath. I opened the passenger door and got Victoria in the car, and couldn’t help notice my pace quicken as I walked around the front of the car with her inside. I stopped for a brief moment and stared back at her, realizing this was real life, and to stay in the moment the best I could. Sometimes the present moment is so beautiful you begin to fear the future might let you down.

The tension rose as we got sat at our table, and conversation was heavy and staggered. Once the first bottle of wine hit our table, and the red wine hit our lips, we couldn’t help but rehash the summer a little bit.

“Victoria I’m not going to lie to you, I don’t remember life before you,” my comment was to the point, and Victoria sat swirling the glass of red wine. “This summer has been the best time of my life, and although we shared ourselves with so many people you were the constant, and I want to truly thank you for everything,” Victoria stared at me, and let a smile creep onto her face.

“Jack, I have to tell you something,” my pace quickened instantly as she spoke, and I stared directly at her. “Right before the summer, I broke off an engagement with a man I thought was my soul mate,” I stared at her and digested her words. “He was kind, caring, fun and honestly the whole package. Yet he became controlling in every aspect of my life, and I couldn’t move forward like that. He was a bit older, accomplished already in his young career, and had everything going for him. It all went to his head, and I was not his focus anymore. When I broke it off he was devastated, but I couldn’t handle not being a priority while being controlled. I got that apartment on my own and went out the first night I had moved in, and that’s when you entered Ankara escort my life. I needed to feel alive again, and that’s what you have done for me. You aren’t a rebound Jack, you are a renewed look on life and the embodiment of what potential life truly has. For what you have done for me, I need to tell you right here, and right now, that I love you for what you’ve done,” I sat completely still taking in everything she was saying, and just became fully present in the moment.

“Victoria I left my high school sweetheart last year and was left with no confidence in myself, and started to truly get down on myself. I had life figured out, and it made everything so much easier. Once the blueprint of the rest of my life went up in flames, I started to think and dream about something that would get me excited again, to make me get out of bed and life every day to the fullest. The confidence you have installed in me has changed my life, and for that Victoria, I need to tell you right here, and right now, that I love you for what you’ve done,” I saw Victoria’s eyes well a little, and the moment held. The waiter came back and broke the moment, and Victoria’s words sparked a fire inside of me.

“We are going to finish this bottle of wine, and we will be ordering our food to go,” Victoria smiled at me, and filled my glass.

When we got to the car, we had to find a way to compose ourselves. The half bottle of red wine coursing through both of us lit us on fire, and once our kiss ended I shimmied Victoria back into the passenger seat. I put the car in reverse, and started to drive home. While driving I lifted her dress, slipped down her panties and slid my middle and ringer finger right inside of her.

She was completely drenched, and started to buck her hips on my fingers as she worked towards a quick and efficient orgasm. Once my hand was soaked and the orgasm subsided, Victoria laid over the middle console and released my dick from my pants, standing straight up and without any hesitation Victoria proceeded to slurp my dick over and over again. The sound alone was causing me to shift and try to stay steady, but the mix of her hand stroking me and the thick saliva I knew I wasn’t going to last long. I stopped at a stoplight and closed my eyes for a moment, and began to pump cum into her eager mouth, which caused her to pick up her pace. My hips started bucking as she continued to stroke me through my orgasm, and in that moment she had swallowed every single drop of cum I had to offer her.

We couldn’t get off of each other when we broke the threshold, and our clothes were quickly on the ground.

“Hold on, I have to pee,” Victoria walked me over to the bathroom and sat down, and brought me in with her. She began to suck my dick while she peed, barely coming up for breath as a complete sexual lust had overcame both of us. When she was done, I picked her up and carried her over to the bed and laid her down. Working the way led by my tongue I slid between her legs, and starting sucking at her clit and the juicy Ankara escort bayan lips of her pussy. I worked a couple of fingers in began to fall into a rhythm that I knew would completely blow her mind.

As her pussy loosened a little allowing me to work, I came up for a moment and looked at her. She was running her fingers through my hair, and smiling back at me.

“Tell me Victoria, what were your favorite parts of this summer?” After my question I went back to work on her clit, and could feel her orgasm building.

“Oh, where do I start Jack,” her speaking was staggered as she was working through the pleasure. “Watching you fuck Amy while she ate my pussy…” she took a breath. “The way you fucked Maria’s tits and covered her in cum,” her breathing was losing pace as her orgasm began. “All the cum you’ve given me and my friends in every single hole we have to…” Victoria stopped and her eyes rolled back in her head, and as she came she completely saturated my face and fingers gripping my hair with her hand.

Before even regaining full composure Victoria had me on my back and was working on my dick. Her sucking and stroking together was lighting me on fire, and she slowed and lifted her head.

“Tell me Jack, what were your favorite parts of this summer?” I smiled and let my head fall back as she went back into rhythm.

“Oh Victoria, well…” As I went to speak she took my whole length all the way down, and her nose rested on my stomach. The involuntary constriction of her throat almost caused me to cum right there, and she slowly withdrew her mouth and came back up for air.

“You were saying?” I laughed as she smiled and stroked.

“Watching you orchestrate a poolside orgy,” I took a breath. “Feeling your tightness while two dicks fucked you at the same time,” Victoria moaned into my dick as memories flooded back in. “Filling your mouth with cum as Randall filled your pussy with cum,” Victoria sped up and sucked with purpose. As she felt cum begin to hit her throat she again took my whole length and I was cumming right down her throat, as my dick was being massaged by the involuntary constriction. I blacked out for a brief moment before coming back to, and Victoria leaned a leg over and straddled me, taking my sensitive dick right into her pussy.

As we fell into rhythm our tongues found each other, and her hips held a steady motion that allowed our over sensitivity to subside. I eventually reached down and put my hands on her hips, and picked up the intensity as I felt my dick yearning for it’s third orgasm of the night. As we fucked and kissed, I felt a soft drop of water hit my cheek, and when I looked up I saw Victoria’s eyes closed, and letting tears loose. I stopped my motion and brought her in, and we held the moment.

“Victoria what’s wrong?” I held her head at my chest, and felt a couple of tears moisten me.

“I don’t want you to leave,” as those words left her mouth, I flipped her over on the bed and stared straight into her eyes.

“Victoria you told me Escort Ankara not to fall for you,” she stared right at me as I spoke. “There was a problem though, because when you told me that, I already had,” Victoria pulled me in, and we fell back into a rhythm once again. Our tongues explored, our hands stayed steady and we fell into a flow state of true love making. Our energy completely realigned in that moment, and our bodies knew it. The motion we held fell fluid, and I was able to feel her orgasm building inside of her as mine grew near.

I broke our embrace and continued thrusting, and stared right into the same eyes that I had yearned to see all summer. “Victoria…” she stared at me, awaiting more words as her hips bucked with mine. “I’m not afraid to say it,” her hands slipped down to my hips and gripped as I spoke, and I put both hands out by her head to stabilize. “I love you Victoria,” the second the words left my mouth she gripped my hips hard, releasing my cum into her pussy with a renewed energy completely filling her, mixing with her own wetness as her legs and hips trembled.

“I love you too Jack,” Victoria pulled me in by the neck and our bodies melded into one, and the night faded away.


“Well, I honestly can say I could never get sick of this view,” the variety of different hues of blue sat on the golden layer of horizon, and the sound of the water created a sense of calm that completely intoxicated me.

“Come lay back down,” Victoria’s voiced was softened by the current surroundings, and her skin felt warm as I laid myself back into her body. She sat up and welcomed me, pulling me back into her arms, and wrapped them around me. The shade from the umbrella caused the colors to shift, and when my eyes adjusted I looked back and stared at the beautiful brunette who stole my heart two summers ago.

“Can we just stay here forever?” Victoria laughed at my ask, and pulled me in tighter.

“Doesn’t sound like a bad idea,” we gazed onto the water with Victoria’s comment, and the day drifted away.

“Two frozen margaritas please,” the bartender at the resort nodded to confirm, and Victoria and I sat at the same spot at the bar that had welcomed us for the last six nights.

“Back to reality tomorrow,” I shook my head at Victoria’s comment, and focused on our drinks that were handed to us.

“Key word tomorrow,” with a cheers the conversation shifted, and we looked around.

“What do you want to do tonight?” My question caused Victoria to survey the scene, and the reply sparked the fire of the night.

“More like who do you want to do tonight,” Victoria motioned across the bar where a young Latin couple had sat, and the girl caught our gaze. “Let’s go,” Victoria took my hand and we walked over, and without any hesitation dove right into conversation.

“Your swimsuit is stunning,” Victoria’s compliment sparked a smile between both of them.

“Thank you so much,” her accent was soft and fluid, and all four of us gazed at each other. “My name is Victoria, and this is Jack. We are here on our honeymoon,” smiles all around as they replied.

“My name is Anita, and this is Juan. We are also on our honeymoon,” more smiles around as the bartender approached.

“You don’t say?” Victoria motioned towards the bar for a round of shots. “Then let’s celebrate together, shall we?”